Kamaz 53215 – description and properties

Description and technical properties of the Kamaz-53215

Auto Kamaz-53215

Various traction devices are extremely in demand today, as they can be used in various areas of human activity: mining, construction, etc.

Therefore, Kamaz-53215 is one of the most popular models on the market. Low cost and high quality of assembly sometimes make it indispensable.

The consecutive modification of the truck is equipped with a fairly powerful traction engine and labeled 740.31 240. Since it is a diesel engine, it has a cooling system (with cooling stream).

The power plant has the following operating parameters:

  • Torque – 909 h×m (at shaft angular acceleration of 1,300 rpm);
  • Total number of working cylinders – 8;
  • Compression ratio (maximum) – 17 units;
  • Power – 240 hp. S. at 2,200 rpm;
  • Combustion chamber volume – 10,800 cc;
  • V.M.T. BK N.M.T. tract length – 120 mm.

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Despite the fact that the standard of the engine is considered already outdated, the device is still assigned to the environmental class. The amount of harmful substances it emits into the atmosphere with the exhaust is minimal.

The manufacturer has recently made a restyling of the model 53215. The most important innovation in the modified version is the engine. Its capacity is 320 liters. C. However, this model has been produced in limited edition and very rarely seen on the streets.

A characteristic feature of the engine is a fairly large allowable roll:

  • The maximum permissible longitudinal roll is 20 degrees;
  • The maximum allowable cross roll is 10 degrees.

It is these parameters that allow this truck to overcome extremely problematic street terrain associated with heterogeneous terrain.

Engine for KAMAZ-53215

The motorcycle tour is quite large. Oil changes should be made at least every 16,000 km. This parameter may vary depending on operating conditions.

If the Kamaz works in conditions of constant humidity, the oil should be changed more often in case of high temperature fluctuations. In dry climates, in which temperature variations are minimal, it is possible to operate the truck for 20,000 km.

The necessary volume of lubricant required for normal operation of the machine’s engine is 28 liters. The maximum allowable cold jacket temperature is 95 degrees.

The tank volume can vary in different modifications – 350 and 500 liters. Due to the high performance of the engine, a heavy load can easily overcome 25% of the slope without difficulty when fully loaded.

The turning radius is 9.8 m, which is very small, considering the overall dimensions of the truck.

Consumption, given the working volume of the engine, is not so high:

  • in summer per 100 km of travel – 24.5 liters;
  • In winter it is 27 liters per 100 kilometers.
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This power unit can transport up to 11 tons of cargo, and attach a trailer with a weight up to 10 tons.

Technical features of the Kamaz-53215 chassis

The undercarriage of the truck does not lose its relevance despite years of development. The frame, which is the support, consists of high-strength and extremely resistant to corrosion steel.

It can withstand not only the weight of additional equipment, but also a fairly large mass of the transported cargo:

  • The weight of the machine when loaded is 19,355 kg;
  • The total mass of the street with the trailer is 33 355 kg;
  • The load on the front axle is 3 625 kg;
  • The rear axle has a load of 4 730 kg;
  • Weight of the vehicle with an empty body (without all the gas stations) is 8 355 kg.

KAMAZ-53215 truck exterior

Kamaz-53215 is equipped with six bikes, four leading. They are made of metal with a high line. If necessary, they are easy to repair and balance, which is a big advantage.

The tires used are pneumatic, chamber tires (although there are individual models with silent cylinders). General sizes of tires are typical – 10R20.

It is also possible to equip the truck with a platform with sides. This modification is most often used for construction. Its overall dimensions:

  • length – 4 800 mm;
  • width – 2 320 mm.

Braking system has a pretty impressive size. This is quite justified, since Kamaz has a large inertia due to its weight.

The braking system consists of the following parts:

  • The drive is pneumatic;
  • Brake drum with a diameter of 400 mm;
  • Brake belt width 140 mm (total brake belt area 6,300 m²).

The cab of the vehicle is located above the engine, looks rather compact, but is very spacious and comfortable. It has a high roof and an adjustable driver’s seat.

If necessary, the cabin can easily accommodate 3 adults, including the driver.

Some modifications are equipped with a sleeping compartment, which allows to make especially long trips with relative comfort.

In the case of the need to repair the engine cab will have to lift the cab by itself, as this model is not equipped with a specialized hydraulic drive.

When driving, some vibration is felt, the suspension has not undergone major changes. The engine is quiet enough, so you can talk softly in the cabin.

In addition, the chassis used in the assembly of this type of KAMAZ, allows you to install a large number of special superstructures. The downgrade is up to 290 mm – this is more than enough to move even on tough roads.

The chassis has the following parameters:

  • The track of the front wheels is 2,050 mm;
  • Range of the rear wheels – 1 890 mm.
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Transmission: main parameters and advantages

The KAMAZ-53215 uses a manual transmission with a demultiplier splitter. The gearbox of this type was specially designed to work in difficult conditions.

In fact, the KAMAZ modification is equipped with two gearboxes under the number 53215. The divider is located between the main gearbox and the clutch. Shifting takes place in special cases (for example, if it is difficult to work in second gear, and there is not enough revs for third gear).

KAMAZ-53215 truck chassis

The main gearbox has 10 gears. The gear ratio of the drive axles is 7.22. Indication of the main gear is standard. There are also double gear ratios, their use is possible with the participation of a splitter.

Thanks to the demiplock not only the wear of the engine is reduced and its life is increased, but also the driving comfort is improved.

The clutch is single disc, diaphragm type. It is actuated by a hydraulic drive, equipped with pneumatic afterload. Also on some versions another type of clutch is used – with two working disks, without oil bath, friction clutch.

KAMAZ 53215 dimensions

Dimensions of the equipment, despite its impressive payload, are not so big:

  • The height of the cab, including the exhaust pipe located on top, is 3,100 mm.
  • The body length from the front bumper to the edge of the platform is 8 636 mm;
  • Height of the platform is 3,995 mm;
  • Distance between front and center axles – 3,690 mm;
  • Distance between center axle and rear axle – 1 320 mm.

Attention! The overall dimensions of the truck body are 6,100 × 2,320 mm. This is the reason why this model is used in construction – such an impressive volume allows you to transport a large number of building materials at once.

Electrical equipment: the main features and characteristics

The wiring is a number of branched systems that work in conjunction with each other:

  • cab heater wiring, washer and wiper controls;
  • The wiring harnesses for the interior and exterior lighting;
  • Electrical wiring;
  • The starting power supply wiring harness.

The main feature is the use of Kamaz-53215 power plant of 800 W (some modifications are equipped with a 2 kW generator). This change has a number of distinctive features:

The generator is also fitted with a rotor from the 14-volt model: this solution significantly reduces the overvoltage that occurs when the load drops.

This truck uses two batteries at once, the operating voltage of each is 12 V.

To date, the Kamaz is one of the most popular and widespread trucks. There are many reasons for this – unpretentiousness, ease of repair, relatively low cost.

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For some technical characteristics and convenience, it is somewhat inferior to foreign counterparts, but the difference in price fully compensates for these moments. For example, the price of the Kamaz-53215 15 is 1,720,000 rubles.

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After reading the information are equipped with a cab.

The cost may vary depending on the particular seller and the region in which the purchase is made, as well as the modification (it can increase in most cases).

Kamaz-53215 is an excellent truck. With the observance of the rules of operation and timely repair, it will last a long time.

By watching the following video, you can feel the comfort of the KAMAZ-53215 cab:

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KAMAZ-53215. The description of the vehicle, technical and operational characteristics.

KAMAZ-53215: heavy vehicle, high cross-country ability

You can often hear reviews about the versatility of KAMAZ-53215, and these are not empty words. Due to the fact that the machine (depending on the modification) is made with different frame lengths, it is used in various sectors of the national economy. In addition to the flatbed truck, you can often see tank trucks, garbage trucks, truck cranes, grenade launchers, fire trucks and varieties assembled with samples based on the Kamaz-53215 chassis. In total, sixteen modifications of the vehicle will be produced at the Kama plant.

The history of the model began in 2001, and its production continues to this day, which once again shows the reliability, popularity and demand for the truck.

KAMAZ-53215 exterior and interior

KAMAZ-53215 has no significant differences from the trucks produced by Kamskie Manufaktura Plant in the late 90’s – early 2000s. By design, it is a three-axle frame chassis with two driving axles (the wheels are six of four) and the front arrangement of the cab. In the early years of production the truck had an old type cabin with a metal bumper, windshield, divided moldings and standard doors. After the modernization the basic version of the cabin received more streamlined lines, a full-fledged windshield and fog lights.

A comfortable step leads to the cabin. Here we find three comfortable seats with multiple height adjustments. A sleeping bag is installed as an option, and power steering is available on all cars. The debut models of the vehicle were produced without a hydraulic cab elevator, which is the main drawback of this model. The cab was highly soundproofed, but many drivers complain of excessive vibration, especially this drawback when driving without a load. The single dashboard looks outdated, but gives enough information needed to operate the vehicle safely.

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On the automaker’s website, prices for the new KAMAZ-53215 start at 2,694,000 rubles; for this money you can buy a chassis in basic configuration. A flatbed truck can be purchased for 2,930,000 rubles, the cost of an agricultural vehicle is 3,300,000 rubles. There are a lot of proposals for the sale of used vehicles of this model. The price for a 2004-2007 model ranges from 900,000 to 1,250,000 roubles.

Overall dimensions and weight characteristics of Kamaz-53215

Below are the characteristics for the base model:

  • length: 8,040 mm;
  • air intake height: 3 110 mm;
  • Width with folded exterior mirrors: 2,500 mm;
  • Clearance: 290 mm;
  • Outer overall radius of autorotation: 9,800 mm;
  • Distance between the front and center axles of the chassis: 3 960 mm;
  • Curb weight of the vehicle: 7 500 kg;
  • Maximum payload (maximum body weight): 12,000 kg;
  • Total weight of the truck: 19,5 tons;
  • Maximum weight of Kamaz-53215 as a train: 33 650 kg;
  • Type of wheels: disk;
  • Tires: pneumatic, chamber;
  • Tire size: 7.5-20 (190-508)
  • Maximal pass speed: 90 km/h.

Engine and fuel consumption of KAMAZ-53215

In the basic configuration, the vehicle for a long time was equipped with a diesel engine KAMAZ 740.31-240. This 10.86-liter V8-V8 engine develops 240 hp at 2,200 rpm. The engine has two turbochargers and forced air cooling system. According to the environmental parameters this turbo diesel corresponds to the international standard EURO 2.

The KAMAZ 740.30-260 (EURO 2) four-stroke engine is an important vehicle among the KAMAZ-53215s. The engine is equipped with a gas turbine with two Schwitzer turbochargers and charge air cooling system. It is an eight-cylinder turbodiesel with a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders (stop-90 0) and a displacement of 10.86 L. At a crankshaft speed of 2,200 rpm, the engine develops 260 hp. KAMAZ 740.30-260 is equipped with a fuel system with a Yazda 337-20 or 0 402 648 611 Bosch high pressure fuel pump. This combination ensures complete combustion of fuel and reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

There have been attempts to equip the Kamaz-53215 with a 320 hp engine, but this engine is not widespread and is quite rare on the market.

Considering the power and working volume of the engine, the Kamaz-53215 has a relatively low fuel consumption. In summer the vehicle (when driving on paved roads) consumes about 26.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers at speeds up to 60 km/h. In winter this figure increases by 2-3 liters. Depending on equipment and purpose, the truck can be equipped with a fuel tank volume of 350 or 500 liters.

Transmission and power system of KAMAZ-53215

Power is transmitted from the engine through a KAMAZ 152 manual transmission. This ten-speed gearbox consists of a transfer case and a five-speed main gear, which gives a total of 10 forward and two reverse gears. Most of the gearbox parts are lubricated by splash lubrication, only the gearbox and distributor gears are lubricated by an oil fan. Gear shifting is controlled remotely by a toggle lever.

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The engine and gearbox are interlocked by means of a dry single-disc clutch with hydraulic drive and pneumatic booster. Transmission is very reliable, requires little maintenance and provides acceptable dynamics of acceleration, both when driving in an urban stream and on the highways.

The truck is equipped with 24-volt single-wire circuit. All electric appliances and circuits of KAMAZ-53215 are powered from two 12-volt acid base batteries with a total capacity of 380 Ah. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a 28-volt generator rated at 2 kilowatts and a voltage inverter.

Brakes and suspension of Kamaz-53215

Like all heavy vehicles of the Kamaz plant, the Kamaz-53215 is equipped with four braking systems: main, parking, backup and auxiliary. In addition, the truck is equipped with a sorting press. The main brake is a pneumatic drum brake with a trombone diameter of 400 millimeters and brake pad width of 140 mm, the total brake pad area is 6,300 cm3.

All main units and assemblies of the vehicle are mounted on a riveted longitudinal frame, which is reinforced by two strong side stringers on the transverse beam. Front and rear chassis are equipped with stabilizers, which prevent the machine from rolling or tipping over. The front wheel suspension is made on two springs, which in conjunction with telescopic shock absorbers provide a soft ride. The rear suspension is of the same design, but reinforced with additional springs.

Detailed technical characteristics of the Kamaz-53215 you can see here:

Type Flatbed truck
Type of cab 3-bed 1-bedroom
length 7180 mm
Wide 2500mm
Height 3100mm
Cargo area length (platform) 6100mm
Cargo area width (platform) 2320mm
wheelbase 3190mm
ground 290mm



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Sergey Ogurtsov, 41, Nizhny Novgorod region:

Switched to the Kamaz-53215 in 2014, before that I worked on another model of Kamaz. Immediately noticed the difference. First of all I was pleased with the power steering (GUR), it works very differently, it is more comfortable and safer for me. On the street the car runs smoothly, the vibration doesn’t bother me in the cabin. True, the car was wobbling for a while, I looked closely – and I have cheap Chinese tires on the front. Changed them and the car feels like a tank on the street, with or without a trailer.

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