Kamaz 53212: description, technical characteristics, reviews

Kamaz 53212: technical characteristics, fuel consumption, photos

Kamaz 53212-3-body truck, serial production of which began in 1979 on the premises of the Kama Automobile Plant. Technical characteristics of the Kamaz 53212 flatbed provided the truck with great popularity and demand, for this reason, produced for almost 23 years.

The manufacturer positioned the tested modification as one of the variations of the Kamaz-5320 with a longer base, the basis for which was the Kamaz-53213 model. The truck is characterized by excellent continuity, which is provided by the rear layout according to the scheme 6×4.

The properties of Kamaz 53212 provided a wide range of applications. Most often this truck was used as a tractor with a trailer, which usually used GKB-8352 equipment.

Description of the Kamaz 53212.

The standard model is a steel platform, which is traditionally equipped with a wooden floor, as well as three hinged sides. In addition, it provides the installation of an awning. All these features have allowed the designer to increase significantly the versatility of the truck, which in turn has increased the interest of buyers to this model.

The standard equipment of Kamaz 53212, including military Kamaz 53212, includes uncovered bikes with pneumatic truck rack and standard layout in the chassis. A characteristic feature of the model is also the use of steel with a high line in the pate of the frame and improved platform base.

Four specialized systems are implemented to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

  1. Working, which includes drum actuators and dual pneumatics.
  2. Parking, activated by spring batteries.
  3. Auxiliary, equipped with special elements of the exhaust system.
  4. Replacement, involving the use of a dual parking brake, working in conjunction with the main movement and providing braking in case of failure of the main components of the car.

KAMAZ-53212 exterior, interior appearance, cost of the vehicle

Structurally, KAMAZ-53212 is a three-unit vehicle with two driving axles (wheel formula: six times four). Like other KAMAZ models, the vehicle has a front-engine layout and is equipped with a bloodless unloading cab. Basiscabine was distinguished by laconic, square shape, and had a metal bumper in front with mounted turn signals and headlights for general illumination. The main headlights were round (later replaced by square ones) and were located just above the bumper.

One step leads to the interior of the car, here welcome three seats (only the driver and the rightmost seat are adjustable), a sleeping place is not available in all modifications. The car was equipped with the old dashboard in the style of stilyag, which is characterized by low informativeness and lack of ergonomics. The steering column was equipped with a hydraulic steering booster, and in the cabin – an autonomous heater and fan.

Payload .

Weight parameters of this model are as follows:

  • Weight without load of the Kamaz 53212 – 8200 kg;
  • Gross weight is 18225 kg;
  • Rear / front axle load – 4475/3525 kg;
  • Carrying capacity of the vehicle / street – 10000 / 20000 kg;

We also found out that the technical characteristics and payload of the Kamaz 53212 allow this vehicle to carry large loads, the volume of which reaches 64 cubic meters, but only as a street tractor.

Reviews of owners of the Kamaz-53212 flatbed truck

Stepan Andronikov, 58, Transbaikal Territory:

In the mid-1990s I worked on a Kamaz-53212. For those times it was a very reliable and sturdy truck. I never had any complaints about the box, engine and axles, especially the timely feeding. Of course, by today’s standards, the engine is long outdated, but I was evaluating it from the point of view of that time. If there were not many claims to the main units, the cabin caused censures. The working place was simply unsuitable for long trips, the most disturbing was the vibration, especially when driving an empty truck. I was young then – I could endure a lot now, I probably would not have been able to drive even 200 kilometers.

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Formula of a bicycle 6×4
Gross vehicle weight, kg 18225
Gross street weight, kg 32225
Allowed front axle load, kg 4290
Permissible rear axle load, kg 13935
Carrying capacity in kg 10000
Curb weight of a vehicle, kg 8000
Maximal skills (km/h) 90
engine Kamaz 740.10
Engine power (l.s.) 210
transmission Mechanical Model 15
Number of programs 5
Acceleration of driving axles 5.43
outboard feathers
Tire size Rube 260-508
Fuel tank 250
cab Troll. Placed over the engine with sleeper
Eco type


Among other characteristics of the Kamaz 53212, the most important are the dimensions of the truck. Namely:

  • Length – 853 cm;
  • Width – 250 cm;
  • Height – 380 cm;
  • Track front / rear – 202.6 / 185.5 cm;
  • Rad Base – 500 cm;
  • Clearance – 280 mm;
  • Length / width of the platform – 609 / 242 cm.

Despite the impressive length of the frame, Kamaz 53212 has a moderate turning radius, which is 980 cm. On the highway, this model requires a 2.5-meter lane. It is also capable of overcoming 30 percent grade and accelerating up to 90 km/h.


The tractor of the model under consideration was equipped with a proprietary diesel unit 740.10, which in some models was replaced by a modified diesel 740.11. In both cases it was a 16-valve 8-cylinder “engine” with a turbocharger with liquid cooling system and V-shaped architecture.

The technical characteristics of the Kamaz 53212 engine include:

  • Volume – 10.85 liters;
  • Power – 154 kW / 210 hp;
  • Torque – 657 Nm;
  • Cylinder diameter – 120 mm;
  • Piston bushing – 120 mm;
  • Compression Ratio – 17.

According to the manufacturer, the truck produces about 25 liters of diesel fuel per 100 kilometers. Fuel tanks are designed for 250 liters, which means that the truck can’t be charged for a thousand kilometers.

History of creation

It is no longer a secret that the roots of “Kamazov” should be looked for in Moscow. The ZIL plant, which produced passenger cars in the 1960s, which were not inferior to American trucks in design and construction, would not have placed them. The transport economy of the Soviet Union required a modern heavy vehicle, unaccustomed to road conditions.

So in 1967, a three-link truck ZIL-170-A compacted layout appeared. But in 1969 in Tatarstan they started to build a new complex of automobile plants. It was decided to transfer the advanced vehicles there. Thus, ZIL-170 was turned into KAMAZ.

In 1976 the production of new cars was started.

The first representative of the basic modification came off the assembly line – the auf – flatbed truck 5320. Then came special options. In 1978 the production of Kamaz-53202 was mastered. It differed from the standard version by increased wheelbase and, consequently, longer body. However, payload of the truck remained unchanged and was 8 tons. In 1980, the “53202” is no longer available. It was replaced by the Kamaz-53212.

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At this time the plant completed the work started in 1974 to create an engine for heavy-duty vehicles. The 10-cylinder version of the YAMZ-740 engine was initially developed for this role. Later this idea was abandoned in favor of equipping the 8-cylinder engine with a turbocharger. Successful tests of the turbodiesels allowed to equip with them the long produced trucks Kamaz-53212.

Transmission and control

The 53212 truck is equipped with a dependent suspension with shock absorbers and torque rods mounted on reliable elliptical section springs. All these elements are characterized by high service life and durability.

The transmission is a 5-speed manual with a 2-disc clutch. In addition, this unit is equipped with peripheral springs and synchronization. A lockable mutually exclusive differential is also implemented.

The friction system of the 2-disc dry clutch has a hydraulic actuator, which is completed with a pneumatic booster. The steering is in the form of an assembly that includes a screw with a ball nut and a piston wheel, which ensures engagement with the teeth of the bipod shaft. There is also a built-in hydraulic booster that raises the oil pressure, which achieves values from 80 to 90 kgf/cm2. Gear ratio is twenty.

cabin and body

The Kamaz 53212 flatbed tractor received a front cab, made entirely of metal and placed over the power unit of the vehicle. The standard equipment includes three seats, behind which there is room to sleep.

If we compare the model with its predecessors, we should note notable improvements and refinements in the design of the exterior and interior of the cab and equipment. For example, the seats have received new seat belts, the appearance of the car has become more elegant and the interior has become comfortable. The center console with system indicators is made in a vintage style.

The body of the car itself is also made of stainless steel. To protect it from the external environment is used primer and special coating, which ensures the integrity of the structural elements for at least 6 years of operation.

All three seats installed in the cab are adjustable, but only the driver’s seat has the ability to correct the longitudinal position, as well as static deflection and backrest tilt.

It is possible to stand relatively comfortably in the cab. Its cladding is made with the use of heat-insulating and noise-absorbing materials. Fastening to the frame of the vehicle is made with elastic suspension.

ED-405 (PS + PM) KAMAZ 53215 (53229)

KAMAZ-740.31-240 engine
engine type Turbocharged four-stroke diesel engine
Number and location of cylinders 8, V-shaped
Cylinder capacity, cm3 10857
compression ratio 16.5 ± 0.2
Maximum power, kW 165 (2200)
Maximum torque, n*m 912 (1100-1500)
fuel Diesel fuel as per GOST 305-82
basic characteristics
Tank capacity for polished machine, M3 9,3
Width of treated band, max, m
irrigation 4-18
rinsing 2.5-8
Dipping with a brush 2.34
Speed of movement, not more, km/h
Work 5-20
Transportation with water in the tank 60
Machine for distribution of sand
Body capacity, M3 6,5
Density of sand-salt spreading, g/m2 20-500
Total weight of the machine, kg 20 500
Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm 10400x2800x3000
Width of treated band, max, m
Combined blades 2.7-3.16
High speed 2,9
side 1,7
Rubber plough 2.47-3.16
Mid-range knife 3,2
Rubber plough 2.47-3.16
Dipping with a brush 2.34
With spreading material 4-12
Speed of movement, not more, km/h
Work 30
transport 60
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Universal combined vehicle ED-405 (PM+PS) on the chassis of Kamaz-53215 (53229) for a year-round street.

In summer the machine is used for watering and washing the street, washing elements from tracks, garbage from roadsides, pumping water from reservoirs, cleaning industrial and domestic pipelines. In addition, ED-405 (PM+PS) can be used as an additional fire extinguishing agent. To perform these functions, the sprinklers are equipped with two intake hoses of 2 meters each and a flexible hose with hand brushes.

In winter, ED-405 (PM+PS) can be used for snow removal and distribution of anti-icing materials from the patrol. The conveyor for supplying anti-icing materials is driven by the hydraulic detector GVU-6300, which is installed on the drive shaft of the operator. The mixture dosing mechanism is equipped with a Zamyatin sponsee.

Movement of working plates of the hydraulic road machine E D-405 (PM+PS) is carried out by the control panel installed in the cab of the machine. The hydraulic motor of the spreading disc is mounted on the top – this excludes premature corrosion and ensures easy maintenance. The spreading disc setting is adjustable. The front blade is installed on parallelogram suspension, with the help of which the blade can be assembled and disassembled without additional lifting mechanisms.

Price of Kamaz 53212

Since the production of the model in question has now been completed, it is very problematic to record a new copy. However, on the secondary car market you can find trucks of this generation in good condition. Such Kamaz 53212 models demonstrate regulated specifications and can serve for many years.

Utility models of standard configuration can be purchased for about 1 million rubles. If the condition of the truck is excellent, the price increases by half. Modifications with special devices cost even more. The main criterion for evaluating the vehicle is the mileage of the vehicle and the need to repair its nodes and mechanisms.

Kamaz 53212. Technical properties, installation Sil. The main advantages and disadvantages

KAMAZ 53212 – a reliable truck from the Kama Automobile Plant

The first vehicle of the model 53212 came off the factory in 1978. It was designed to transport cargo, including work as part of a road train. At that time it favorably differed from other vehicles of this class assembled in the Soviet Union. The model was produced until 2000 inclusive, after which it was upgraded and produced under the designation KAMAZ-53215. But even today KamAZ 53212 can be found on the roads of many countries around the world.

The history of the KAMAZ plant began in 1969, when the highest governmental level made a decision to build a new automobile plant. Both Soviet enterprises and foreign firms took part in its creation. The first trucks rolled off the assembly line seven years after the start of construction. Kamsky Automobile Plant is producing nowadays several models of trucks and a big number of their modifications. Most of the components are manufactured at Russian plants, although many of the parts and units are imported from abroad. In particular, KAMAZ buys engines from the American company Cummins. Some models are fitted with manual transmissions from Eaton and ZF Friedrichshafen AG. It should also be noted that all new trucks are equipped with Bosch ECU, which allows you to diagnose the vehicle without leaving the cab.

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KamAZ 53212 was produced for over 20 years and was removed from production only in 2000. For this reason, it is currently impossible to purchase a new vehicle of this model. At the same time, on the secondary market there are many offers to sell KAMAZ 53212. The price of the car in the classic configuration ranges from 0.5 to 1.9 million rubles, depending on the year of manufacture and condition. If you buy a truck with special equipment you have to pay more, there is especially demand on the market for grain carriers, milk trucks, and trucks with Japanese manipulators.

General information about the KAMAZ 53212

KAMAZ 53212 belongs to the family of frame vehicles and designed to transport heavy loads and containers, including a road train. However, many trucks were used as grain, milk and timber carriers, some of them were equipped with a dump body. The truck can be used both in extreme heat and low temperatures. The working engine can be started normally in the temperature range from t-40 to +45 C.

KAMAZ 53212 was equipped with a three-place all-metal cab with a full-fledged sleeping bag. The manufacturer tried to make the cab noiseless, insulated and reduce vibration. The driver’s seat is installed on special springs and can be adjusted in forward-backward direction. However, it should be noted the low quality of the spring mechanism – because of the frequent adjustments it fails.

Another difference of the KAMAZ 53212 cab is that you can not only sit in it, but also stand.

Technical structure and performance characteristics

Structurally, KamAZ 53212 is a three-axle tractor with the wheel configuration of 6*4. The body is made of metal, it has three collapsible sides (rear and two sides), the bottom is made of wood. The manufacturer has provided the possibility to install a tent, which greatly expanded the scope of the truck.

Carrying capacity is 10 000 kg, and empty weight is 8 200 kg. As already mentioned, the Kamaz 53212 was created as part of a street, usually used for these purposes GKB-8352 – a light trailer of the same size as the body of the truck.

In terms of dimensions, this model was not particularly noticeable in comparison to its counterparts, although it had some differences, which were greater height of the vehicle:

  • Length: 8.35 m;
  • Width: 2.5 m;
  • Height: 3.8 m;
  • Base rad: 5 m;
  • Radius: 9.8 m.

Power plant and fuel consumption

The first Kamaz 53212 was equipped with a serial diesel engine produced by KAM-automotive plant, model 740.10. This is an eight-cylinder power plant with V-shaped cylinder arrangement and a working volume of 10.86 liters. The engine is equipped with a turbocharger and two compressors, which allows increasing its power up to 210 hp. According to drivers, this engine takes well to environmental friendliness, it meets Euro-1 standards. It should also be noted that all KAMAZ 53212 vehicles are equipped with the existing electric fuel system, which greatly facilitates engine starting at low temperatures.

Later versions of KAMAZ 53212 received an improved engine 740.11 with a maximum power of 240 hp. The engine was not distinguished by high environmental friendliness, but meets Euro-1 standards.

It is worth noting that the efficiency of both engines installed on KAMAZ 53212 – the average fuel consumption depends on the fuel pump and settings of the fuel pump is 27 to 33 liters of diesel fuel per 100 kilometers. The maximum speed of the loaded vehicle does not cross 80 kilometers per hour.

Depending on the specialization of the truck (grain carrier, container, dump truck, military), it was equipped with a fuel tank of 250 or 500 liters.

Transmission, steering and suspension

Kamaz 53212 was equipped with a 5-speed gearbox with a 2-speed divider. Thus, the total number of forward gears is 10, and the total number of reverse gears is 2. The gearbox is manual, made in Russia with synchronizers, which have II-, III, IV and V gears.

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KAMAZ 53212 was equipped with a dry dual-disc clutch of domestic production with hydraulic drive and pneumatic booster. Rail-type steering column was also equipped with a hydraulic wiper. It should be noted that the drivers of the vehicle note good steering and informativeness of the steering column.

For safety purposes the truck was equipped with powerful and reliable drum brakes with pneumatic dual circulation drive. The truck is also equipped with an interchangeable brake, combined with a parking brake. The presence of the reserve brake guarantees the stopping of the vehicle in case of failure of the main systems.

KAMAZ 53212 is a frame truck, which is made on the basis of economy system of special steel with a high line. The vehicle is equipped with a telescopic shock absorber, the main pressure is on the rounded springs. The rear axle of the car is reinforced with additional gimbals and more powerful springs.

You can read more about the description of the Kamaz 53212 vehicle, its technical and operational features here:

The main advantages and disadvantages of the car


  • Simple design of the car, which allows you to make repairs with your own hands;
  • Reliable, non-permanent engine;
  • High quality frame construction on the spars;
  • High passability of the vehicle;
  • Low fuel consumption in comparison with other KAMAZ models;
  • The availability of backup braking system;
  • A large number of new and used parts;
  • Spacious all-metal stainless steel cabin.


  • Low engine emissions;
  • Low cruising and top speed;
  • The vehicle is afraid of overloading and doesn’t handle slopes well;
  • Leakage of oil lines, frequent failure of pneumatic actuator lines.

KAMAZ 53212: video review of the vehicle

Test drive and review of the KamAZ 53212:

KAMAZ 53212 – restoration of an old truck:

Reviews of KAMAZ 53212 owners and drivers

Sergey Azovtsev, 52, Rostov region:

KAMAZ 53212 was purchased from the local state farm in 2009. By that time it had already been in operation for 9 years. The truck was bought for transportation of containers up to 1,000 kilometers. First of all a serious repair had to be done – the gearbox was shifted, most of hoses on hydraulics were replaced, disks were put and tubeless wheels were made. The main problem with the car is constant oil and diesel leaks. There is constant damage to the main pipes. The same goes for the pneumatics – the oxygen tubes are often frayed. As a rule, I leave either oil or fuel stains on parking lots. In addition, the speed of the KAMAZ 53212 is not satisfactory at the moment, so now I use it for short-distance trips.

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