KAMAZ 5320 – description and properties

Kamaz 5320

The Kamaz 5320 was the first vehicle received from the plant of the same name in Naberezhnye Chelny from a worker of this plant. It was produced as a flatbed tractor from 1976 to 2001 and had many modifications: from dump truck to fuel tanker. The truck was used in the USSR, as well as in 40 other countries. It has also served as a base for such trucks as truck tractor KAMAZ 5401 and medium-duty vehicle KAMAZ 53212.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions and payload

The KAMAZ 5320 is a truck with a payload capacity of 8 tons, while it itself weighs 7.08 tons. Since it is fully loaded, it can also carry a trailer with a maximum weight of up to 8,000 kilograms. The maximum load on an equipped street is 26.5 tons. At the same time, 45% of the load is distributed on the front axle, and the remaining 55% – on the rear axle.

In terms of dimensions, this vehicle is slightly larger than other medium-duty trucks. The body length of this KAMAZ is 7435 mm, and width and height are 3350 mm or 2500 mm. The vehicle’s wheelstand size is 3,190 mm and the minimum turning radius is 9,300 mm. The dimensions of this truck can be clearly seen in the following picture.


KAMAZ 5320 is equipped with a diesel engine KAMAZ-740.10. This four-stroke V-shaped engine with an eight-cylinder cylinder has a capacity of 154 hp. The volume of this engine is 10.85 liters and the maximum torque is 637 N/m. The engine is equipped with closed nozzles, variable speed control, a dry air filter and a fuel integration system. As for fuel, the machine has two fuel tanks of 210 and 175 liters, Kamaz provides a large range.

Despite the fact that the first versions of the engine were quite voracious, due to improvement of the fuel system the fuel consumption has been reduced to 34 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

The power unit of Kamaz-5320 can operate in different climatic conditions: from the far north to the desert. This indulgence is possible due to a closed cooling system, which is adapted to use anti-freeze protection. The cooling system also features a hydraulic clutch and thermostats for proper operation. The engine design offers an engine oil tank with a capacity of 28 liters. By standard, 2.8 liters of oil is consumed per 100 liters.

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Brake system

Depending on the braking device, the Kamaz 5320 has six wheels. These devices are operated by a pneumatic actuating mechanism. This mechanism is dual-circulating, allowing the truck’s front axle and rear bogie to be driven separately. The brake system is controlled by a lever that is mechanically connected to the brake cable. When the KAMAZ-5320 brakes weakly, the pneumatic actuator can be observed to be tight.


KAMAZ 5320 is equipped with a manual transmission. This system consists of a five-speed gearbox proper and a two-stage distributor. This arrangement of the transmission allows for additional gears. Some of the gears are equipped with a synchronizer. The vehicle is equipped with a two-disc clutch. It is actuated by a pneumatic booster controlled by peripheral springs. The driveline consists of two shafts, which are part of the double transmission. These shafts are responsible for operating the rear and center axles.

suspension and wheel assembly

The truck has a dependent suspension. At the front, two semi-elliptic leaf springs work together with two shock absorbers. The rear suspension is a balancer, the design of which also includes semi-elliptic T-springs. The springs are connected to the frame mount. KAMAZ 5320 has the wheel arrangement 6×4. This truck has 20-inch wheels with 9.00R20 or 10.0020 tires. The diameter of KamAZ wheel hub is 281 mm and the disc width is 7.5 inches. The disc design uses a 10X335 hole pattern.

Other features of the vehicle

It is worth mentioning separately about the frame of the 5320. It is made by riveting and stamping method. The frame of the truck consists of two U-shaped beams, which are connected by crossbars. In the front part of the frame there are spars and buffer system, to which the hooks for towing the truck are attached. The vehicle’s electrical equipment operates at 24 V. It is powered by two batteries. KAMAZ also includes an electric generator with voltage regulator, starter and flashlight. The latter is part of the engine and is designed to facilitate starting at low e-20oC. Finally, it is worth to mention the interior of the cab. There are three seats in the cab, and the driver’s seat can be adjusted by the driver for a more comfortable ride. Among the minuses of the cab interior are the uncomfortable location of the steering wheel and gear lever, the lack of a sleeping seat and relatively uncomfortable driver and passenger seats.

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Pros and cons of the vehicle

The following features can be attributed to the pluses:

  • modesty. This truck can operate in almost any climatic conditions.
  • Low cost, both the truck itself and its spare parts
  • maintainability .
  • transmission design
  • good brake system
  • large number of modifications

On the other hand, it has the following disadvantages

  • loud engine
  • weak engine
  • spartan interior
  • high fuel consumption even after changes in the fuel system

KAMAZ vehicles can often be found on Russian roads in different roles. KAMAZ-5320 was the first vehicle of this brand, marking the beginning of its history. And today on the secondary market can be found quite a few 5320 in working condition, willingly used by some carriers.

KAMAZ 5320 Specifications

In 1968, the city council was to create a unique truck “Tragach”, which could be used to transport very large loads. It wasn’t until 1976 that Kamaz 5320 became the sponsor. Its production continued until 2001. During this time the car was carried out almost unchanged. Small adjustments were made, but all. KAMAZ 5320 properties remained the same.

The production of this truck was a real breakthrough in the domestic automotive industry. After its successful operation other means of transportation were developed. In 1979, the hundred thousandth heavy truck was produced.

Kamaz 5320, which photo is shown below, is rightly called one of the most powerful and roomy trucks.


Kamaz 5320 - appearance

The truck is a street truck with GKB 8350 support. One of the most important technical properties of the Kamaz 5320 is a record capacity. Carrying capacity of the vehicle itself is 8 tons, the same amount can be transported in a trailer. Thus, the maximum permissible cargo for the Kamaz 5320 is 16 tons.

The system has a smooth surface. The rear and side walls can be opened if necessary. This allows loading and unloading of materials from each side. In order to protect the cargo as much as possible from the environment, the body can be covered with a special stompbox during transportation.

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KAMAZ 5320 weight

The indicator of how much the Kamaz 5320 weighs can fluctuate. It all depends on the load of the vehicle and its configuration.

After the store, the weight of the Kamaz 5320 is about 7 tons. However, in other circumstances, this figure may vary. If you calculate the mass at full load, taking into account the weight of the trailer, the weight will be about 26.5 tons.

KAMAZ 5320 dimensions

Kamaz 5320 vehicle dimensions

The overall dimensions of the Kamaz 5320 are quite impressive. Not for nothing the trucks are called street trucks, they fully justify this name.

The length of the frame of the Kamaz 5320 is 7.43 meters.

Kamaz 5320 frame width is 2.5 meters.

The height is 3350 mm.

Wheelbase of Kamaz 5320 is 3190 + 1320 mm.


The cabin is an all-metal compartment for three people. If necessary, it can tilt forward.

For a long time Kamaz cabin was considered one of the most comfortable in comparison with other trucks. This was largely due to a very good noise and heat insulation. One of the advantages of the truck was adjustable chassis.

Kamaz 5320 cab

The cabin is equipped with all the necessary gauges and symbols, which allow to be always aware of the current state of the vehicle.

There is a signal system on the dashboard, in which all the scales and switches are clearly visible. Compared to other similar vehicles, the Kamaz 5320 is the safest.

In the interior of the truck there is a pressure gauge with two arrows, a switch that can be used to control the platform, and a sensor that reflects the number of revolutions of the electric unit.

Kamaz 5320 interior

Under the disadvantages of the vehicle can be considered too large steering wheel, which takes up a lot of space in the cabin. As well as not very comfortable placement of gears, which requires a habit. On long trips, the legs can get tired because of the unpleasant pedals.

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By modern standards, this car has a number of shortcomings. However, at the time of its appearance, it was considered the most comfortable and perfect model.


The 5320 used a diesel four-stroke V8 engine. Its power ranged from 180 to 210 hp. There was a high pressure piston fuel pump. There was also a low-pressure fuel pump, for which the fuel injection function was used. Another necessary device was a speed regulator with several levers. The maximum achievable value was 2600 rpm.

Depending on the translation of the main level, the speed of this model ranged between 80 and 100 kilometers per hour. In order to accelerate from 20 km/h to 60, the car needed 45 seconds, and with a trailer – 1 minute. The tank was designed for 1,040 kilometers.

Kamaz 5320 engine

Ambient temperature has no strong influence on engine performance. Therefore, the Kamaz 5320 can be used at temperatures up to +50 an d-40 °C. The cooling system is controlled by a fluid coupling and two thermostats. It is insulated and runs on antifreeze.

An automatic air cleaning system is provided to prevent contamination. For winter use, the engine has been equipped with: a pre-start heater and a flare system. The compression ratio is 17. Closed nozzles were used for greater reliability.

The KAMAZ 5320 has undergone several changes, which helped to reduce the required consumption of diesel fuel. This allowed the domestic truck to compete with foreign vehicles. The Russian model has two fuel tanks. The volume of one of them was 250 liters, and the second – 175 liters.


This model has a multistage system, consisting of a two-speed engine and a five-speed transmission. In addition to the standard drive, such components allow for additional forward and reverse gears. A synchromesh was installed specifically for this system.

Kamaz 5320 Gears

The gearbox is built on a dual-disc clutch. This device is started by means of a hydro-pneumatic booster. The steering is done with the help of located feathers.

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Braking distance at an average speed of 60 kilometers per hour is 36.7 meters. To ensure complete safety, it is recommended to perform maintenance every hundred kilometers.


The front wheel suspension is equipped with special half coil springs. They work in tandem with double shock absorbers.

The rear wheel suspension is of the balancer type and also has leaf springs. The leaf springs have a T-shaped cross-section.

Kamaz 5320 Suspension

Brake .

Each wheel of the 5320 is equipped with a brake device. This ensures that the machine reacts well to deceleration and sudden stops. The integrated braking devices work through the drive mechanism. Thanks to the fact that there is a dual-circuit system, the rear axle can be moved to the active position by separate activation of the bogie installed at the rear.

Flatbed tractor KAMAZ 5320, the technical characteristics of which have been taken into account, at one time became an indispensable assistant in the transportation of large loads. Despite a number of disadvantages, this vehicle is by right one of the best among all domestic models.

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