KAMAZ 5308: model modifications, applications, equipment, price

KAMAZ 5308

The KAMAZ KAMAZ 5308 is a light truck. It is designed specifically for long distance and international haulage, the road surface of which allows the axle load of up to 10 tons. If you need to transport bulky goods, you can use a trailer with a total mass of up to 14 tons together with the tractor. KAMAZ-5308 chassis has a low-frame chassis, low-profile tires (plant diameter of 19.5 inches), pneumatic suspension and a rear elevator, which makes it more productive due to time savings both for loading and loading of transported cargo.

All of the above design solutions of KamAZ-5308 developers led to the fact that the loading height of the vehicle frame is only 960 mm.

The manufacturer of the KAMAZ-5308 produces the following modifications of this model:

  • flatbed tractors;
  • Delivery trucks;
  • Automobile chassis, used as special equipment.

All models of this truck have 4×2 or 6×2 wheel configurations.

The KAMAZ 5308 light truck is ideal for short and medium distances transportation of municipal, construction, repair and other industrial goods.

Technical Specifications

Before revealing the technical characteristics of the KAMAZ 5308 vehicle, it should be noted that it is designed only for driving on paved roads. Since the distance between the muffler and the road is only 20 cm, the vehicle feels extremely unsafe on the road. However, thanks to the absence of the bottom, its body is spacious, because its volume is 41.5 m3. Together with a trailer it is possible to transport about 113 m3 of cargo. The car itself has a fairly good maneuverability due to its small size. It feels itself confidently on awkward and narrow roads, and the driver feels comfortable in a dense stream of traffic. The table below is a description of the technical parameters of the truck KAMAZ 5308:

Surname index
wheelbase 4×2 (6×2)
length, mm 9670
height, mm 3466
width, mm 2550
Distance between the front wheels, mm 2075
Distance between rear twins, mm 1862
Distance between axles, mm 5600
Height of loading platform, mm 960
Load compartment dimensions, mm 7.2×2.4×0.75
Acceleration dynamics (0 to 100 km/h), s 40.3
volume of fuel tank, l 350
Top speed, km/h 117
Fuel consumption (average), l/100 km 30
wheel options 285/70R19.5
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The truck is equipped with three types of American engines CUMMINS 6ISBe: 245, 285 and 300 hp. The first two engines meet European environmental standards of Class 3, and the 300 hp engine – Class 4. – The 300 hp engine meets European environmental standards of the 4th class. As a result, the working volume of all power units reaches 6.7 liters, there is also a turbocharger.

In addition, as additional equipment, the units are equipped with a cooling system clutch. It automatically turns off the fan. This allows you to maintain an optimal thermal mode of the engine and reduce fuel consumption.


Similar to the power unit, KamAZ 5308 gearbox is also installed by a foreign manufacturer. Depending on the configuration of the vehicle, as an option is offered a German manual gearbox ZF 6S1000 (6 gears) and a nine-speed gearbox ZF 9S1310, which is installed in a more expensive configuration. The main gearbox for this vehicle has a hypoid type system with a ratio of 3.9. The gear ratios of the ZF 9S1310 gearbox are shown in the table below:

gear No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 З/Х
gear ratio 9.48 6.58 4.68 3.48 2.62 1.89 1.35 1.00 0.75 8.97


This version of KAMAZ is based on a ladder frame, including special section longitudinal members and channel profile with a height of 240 mm. All this made it possible to ensure a low sitting height. The longitudinal members themselves are made of perforated mesh.

The front of the frame consists of a hitch, cast brackets and an anti-roll bar.

The car’s front suspension consists of small parabolic springs that have little internal friction. Stabilizer struts as well as hydraulic shock absorbers help to compensate for road irregularities. The KAMAZ 5308 series with a 4×2 wheelbase is equipped with a dual-balloon air suspension at the rear, to which the stabilizer bar is attached. The 6×2 models have a four-balloon pneumatic suspension at the rear. The design of the front axle of this truck includes a massive forged I-beam.


The model’s steering mechanism is paired with hydraulic power steering, allowing for easy turning. Overall, the steering proves to be balanced and crisp, and is well proven in terms of reliability. The front suspension is so well designed that all bumps in the road are absorbed by it, and the steering is virtually bump-free.

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braking system

KAMAZ of this model is distinguished by the brake system, which consists of two circuits with anti-lock braking system. The designers decided to equip all axles with brake discs, so the whole system consists of:

  • 4 or 6 brake discs (depending on wheelbase);
  • 8 or 12 pads;
  • brake calipers;
  • calipers.

The handbrake mechanism is pneumatically actuated.

Price and equipment

KAMAZ 5308 can be attributed to the multifunctional class of vehicles, because it is produced in several modifications at once. The manufacturer can offer transporter, car chassis and tractors with flatbed. All models can be equipped with 4×2 or 6×2 wheelbase. The cost of this small truck starts from 2.4 million rubles and increases depending on the equipment. An alternative purchase option could be the secondary market, where the used KAMAZ-5308 models are offered in the range of 1.7 million rubles. The cheapest way to buy this car is to rent it, which is estimated at 900 rubles per 1 hour of ownership.

Weight parameters and loads

Load parameters, as well as payload capacity of KAMAZ-5308 are presented in the following technical specifications:

Total weight of KAMAZ-5308 (with trailer), tons 28
Gross vehicle weight (without a trailer), tons 15
Curb weight of the vehicle, tons 7,2
payload, tons 7,8
Maximum load on front axle, tons 5
Maximum rear axle load, tons 10
loading height of the vehicle, tons 960


The cleared version of the cab has two seats and a sleeping place. All trim elements are made of pleasant to the touch material. The seats have a cushioned design, high back and all the necessary adjustments.

flatbed platform

The volume of the flatbed platform is 13,3 m3, and its overall dimensions are 7,2 x 2,4 x 0,75 m. The design also provides for the installation of a frame or tent. To summarize this article, it should be emphasized that the Kamaz series has influenced the series 5308 with its values of carrying capacity and at the same time the small overall dimensions. As noted by many owners, this car is a kind of “workhorse”, which does not cause any special problems during operation.

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Kamaz 5308: technical characteristics

Kamaz 5308 refers to the light transport class of trucks of this family. Its field of application includes local, suburban and plus intercity transportation with a range of not more than 1,000 kilometers. The main technical characteristics of the Kamaz 5308 are:

  • Wheelbase is 6×2 or 4×2.
  • The actual payload is up to 10 tons.
  • Operating weight is up to 14 tons.

This allows the vehicle to be used to transport industrial and construction cargo.

KAMAZ 5308: flatbed with awning

description and structure

  • Good dynamic performance, fuel efficiency, environmental safety level of Euro 4 and Euro 5.
  • Advanced active and passive safety ensures reliable driving and stability under braking and cornering.
  • Durability.
  • Maximum unification with other KAMAZ models. This increased maintainability of the vehicle.
  • Modern exterior and heavy cabin.

Plus – low-profile body with a loading height of 0,91 m. Such a result was achieved through the use of low-profile 19.5-inch tires (diameter). This and the presence of a lifting board reduced the time for loading and unloading the machine. Which led to a more efficient use of it.

The frame is of ladder type. It was made on a channel of 240 profile. This profile is one of the factors to reduce the level of load. Perforated lattice of the premises does not add to their reliability. The towing crossmember with locking brackets and antipods beams is fixed in the front section of the frame.

It is included in the improved technical specifications of Kamaz 5308, which for different modifications are 8200-9600 kg.

Payload 8.2t
engine model Cummins Isbe-245
engine power 245 hp
Number of cylinders 6
Maximum torque 1100nm
Maximal speed 115 km/h
Tire size of dump truck 285/70R9.5
Average fuel consumption per 100 km 23L
Working volume of the engine 6.7L
turbocharger it is
clutch mechanism mechanically
clutch friction, disk
ground clearance 0.3m
wheelbase 3.2m
Ecological standard Euro 4
slope angle 30°
crankshaft 1900 rpm
Interdrum unit it is
fuel diesel
External dimensions radius 8 м
weight 15T


The Kamaz 5308 family presents the following modifications:

  • Flatbed tractor. Wheel arrangement – 4 × 2.
  • Flatbed tractor. Wheel arrangement – 6 × 2.
  • Van 4×2.
  • Caravan 6×2.
  • Chassis with the possibility of installation of superstructures for different purposes. It could be a vehicle with utility, road or construction equipment. Or a vehicle with different removable platforms. In addition, there is an awning and a frame.
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KAMAZ 5308: Overall diagram

types of transport

This number of modifications allows the KAMAZ 5308 model range to be used in such types of transport:

  • inner-city. This is facilitated by the maneuverability and mobility of the car.
  • Suburban With regional.
  • Intercity For medium-range.
  • Industrial.
  • Movement of construction, some municipal facilities and cargo.

units and assemblies


The vehicle is equipped with a 6.7 liter power unit from the American company Cummins. It is a turbocharged 6-cylinder diesel engine. It uses an intercooling system. A total of three modifications with different declared power and maximum torque are used in the vehicles of this line. These are:

  1. Cummins 6isve 245. At 245 hp (180 kW) plus 850 Nm.
  2. Cummins 6isve 285. at 285 hp (209 kW) plus 950 Nm.
  3. Cummins 6isve 300. for 300 hp (220 kW) plus 1,100 Nm.

KAMAZ 5308: flatbed

fuel consumption

Aggregate fuel consumption figures are as follows:

  • 28 liters per 100 kilometers at 60 km/h.
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 350 liters.

This feature of the Kamaz 5308 provides it with a long time of work without refueling.


The standard equipment includes a German gearbox ZF 6S1000 with 6 steps. There is also a VIP-option. This is a 9-speed transmission ZF 9S1310. Characteristics:

  • Telescope, with mechanical drive refinement.
  • Use of dry friction type clutch with MF-430 or MF-395 disc.
  • Hydraulic with pneumatic supercharger control.

KAMAZ 5308: Transporter


The suspension has been designed with the “quality” of our roads in mind. It allows you to overcome potholes, bumps and other irregularities with minimal discomfort. This is facilitated by the design of the front axle of the car, which is made in the form of a solid double beam.

The front suspension units are equipped with lowered springs, anti-roll bars, and hydraulic shock absorbers. Such a design is typical for all modifications of KAMAZ 5308.

The rear suspension in addition to the anti-roll bar includes:

  • Pneumatic system with two spacers for the machine with wheel configuration 4×2.
  • Four providers for 6×2 vehicles.


The power steering is built into the steering mechanism. The working mechanism is a screw – ball nut pair. This makes steering easy and balanced. And it makes cornering easier. The wheels instantly respond to the slightest turn of the steering wheel.

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The reliable suspension absorbs the shock load from bumps and irregularities in the road. This prevents the impact of bumps and jumps on the road from being transmitted to the steering wheel, making the steering wheel easier to handle.

KAMAZ 5308: airfield

braking system

The brake system is a dual-circuit brake system with ABS. It contains rear and front brakes. The rear brake includes a disc mechanism with a drive axle and floating planetary pads.

The design of the front brake is similar. The exception is the axle disc mechanism. Reliability is guaranteed by having brake discs on all wheels of the machine. There is a parking brake with a pneumatic actuator.


After the conversion, the cabs look good and modern. Their appearance is not inferior to similar models of foreign cars.

The metal is double, it has a traditional location above the engine. But the convenience of landing in the cab is respected. Available in two variants:

  1. Single seat.
  2. With a sleeping place in the form of a comfortable wide shelf behind the driver.

KAMAZ 5308: interior cab

Internal design

This is a new type of instrumentation scale. It is completely hidden under the single glass pane. Slightly turned towards the driver. All buttons are now in direct reach for an outstretched hand. The metal parts are covered with plastic, which is pleasant to look and feel.

The large and slim twin-spoke steering wheel makes it easy to steer. There are convenient niches and built-in speakers in the upper part of the cabin.

The seats in the 5308 have been improved. The backrests are profiled and high. The seats themselves are slightly sprung. There is a control mechanism. Such a device will make the driver’s workplace more comfortable and safe.

You can buy KAMAZ-5308 in several ways:

  • New (without mileage). Depending on the modification and configuration, at a minimum price of 2 400 000 rubles.
  • Used. This is an option with cheaper prices, starting from 1,600,000 rubles.

If you need the car for a while, you can do with rental. It costs about 900 rubles per 1 hour.

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