Kamaz-4911. Description, technical parameters, photos and video

Kamaz-4911. Engine and fuel consumption. Gears, brakes and electrical equipment.

Kamaz-4911 “extreme” was specially designed for sport competitions, particularly for the Paris-Dakar-Rasset race and the Silk Way rally. (Photo) The truck can also be used to deliver goods in difficult terrain on unpaved roads and rugged terrain with temperatures from t-30 to +500 ° C.

Development of the vehicle began in the mid-nineties, and the first rehearsals were made in 2002. The following year KAMAZ-4911 took part in the Paris-Dakar rally, where it won third place. The model is a four-wheel drive truck with the wheel arrangement 4*4, the engine in the front and the body around. There are two or three comfortable seats in the cabin, and the dashboard has a number of differences from other Kamazov trucks. The main feature is safety. To this end, the cab has an additional frame made of pipes, and the mechanism in the cabin was refined to the author’s frame. In general, Kamaz-4911 fundamentally differs from the other factory models, both in purpose and design.

The truck is produced in small series (25 pieces per year) and is rarely available for free sale, and its cost exceeds 7 500 000 rubles. Used cars for sale are also rare, with prices starting at 3,500,000 rubles. It should be noted that the top model of the racing car costs the buyer 700,000 euros.

Technical and operational characteristics of the Kamaz-4911

Dimensions and payload

  • Length of the vehicle: 7,300 millimeters;
  • Width: 2,550 mm;
  • Height: 3 590 mm;
  • External turning radius: 11.3 meters;
  • Curb weight: 9,400 kilograms;
  • Gross weight 12,000 kilograms;
  • Slope angle: 390;
  • Angle of departure: 430;
  • Maximum speed: 200 km/h;
  • Vehicle acceleration time to 100 km/h: 16 seconds.

Engine and fuel consumption

The truck is equipped with a domestic V8 engine YAMZ-848. This is an eight-cylinder turbodiesel with a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders and a working volume of 17.25 liters. The engine is equipped with two Borg Warner turbochargers. It also uses Boost intercooling technology. Each cylinder has four valves: two intake valves and two exhaust valves. At a crankshaft speed of 2,500 rpm, the engine develops up to 730 hp.

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KAMAZ-4911 series can be equipped with V8 diesel engine KAMAZ-740.11-240 with a capacity of 10.85 liters and rated power of 240 hp. According to environmental parameters, this engine meets Euro-1 standards.

KAMAZ-4911 official fuel consumption at a speed of 60 km/h is about 32 liters per 100 km. When driving in extreme conditions, the vehicle can consume about 82 liters of fuel. KAMAZ 4911 sports truck is equipped with two fuel tanks of 400 liters each, sometimes the total volume of tanks is up to 1,000 liters.

Gears, brakes and electrical equipment

The car is assembled with a manual gearbox ZF 165-251. This licensed mechanical gearbox with sixteen gears consists of pinion, divider and planetary distributor. The box provides excellent acceleration dynamics and works reliably in extreme conditions. It is also equipped with Steyr (VG-20000/300) distributor pinion with interlocking middle differential.

Interaction between transmission and engine is through a single-valve dry diaphragm with hydraulic drive and pneumatic booster.

KAMAZ-4911 is equipped with a two-wheel brake system with separate drive on the front and rear axles. Each wheel is equipped with drum brakes, drum diameter is 400 mm and brake pad width is 220 mm. The parking brake is actuated by spring reservoirs.

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Kamaz-4911 power system is not much different from other KAMAZ models. All electronic and electrical devices are powered by two 12-volt batteries with a total capacity of 380 Ah. The truck is also equipped with a 2 kW 28-volt alternator and voltage regulator.

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Kamaz-4911. Description, technical parameters, photos and video

KAMAZ 4911 is a truck of the “Extreme” category, made at the Kama plant. It is known worldwide for its excellent technical characteristics. Belongs to the category of sports and extreme vehicles, has high technical properties. Kamaz 4911 takes part in the “Dakar” rally. The truck has many technical advantages over other trucks of the Kamaz plant. For example, it easily tolerates loads, maneuvers over rough terrain, overcoming slopes and bumpy surfaces, and also drives well on mountain roads. This vehicle is also able to drive confidently on unpaved roads.

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Temperature range of the vehicle: from minus 30 to plus 50 degrees. The common name of the Kamaz 4911 is “flying”, “sporty”, turbodiesel. There are many spectacular photos and videos on the Internet, where you can see how the car traverses hills and rugged terrain.

  • Stock car with no modifications;
  • Has a large volume of fuel tank;
  • High-performance engine (830 liters);
  • All-wheel drive;
  • with 4×4 inter-axle sequence;
  • Top speed – 180 km/h;
  • Acceleration time to 100 kilometers per hour – 16 seconds;
  • The maximum number of KAMAZ 4911 produced by the system is 25 units per year.
  • High position of the cabin;
  • Excellent driving performance and a powerful diesel engine;
  • Interior in an unusual “digital” style.

Applications: cargo transport, sporting happiness.

Price: from $ 120,000 and up (depending on the year of production).

Technical characteristics

About the technical parameters of the Kamaz 4911 can be talked about for a long time. This machine has no equals. Since its release, it is equipped with a diesel engine model YAMZ-7E846 V8 with turbocharger. The turbocharger is made by Borgwarner.

Other technical parameters of the Kamaz 4911:

  • The classic platform is back to the car specifically for the rally.
  • thin frame, which has retained its performance characteristics due to special reinforced inserts;
  • Smooth running is provided by long bollards (size – 1900 mm).
  • The machine is equipped with hydro-pneumatic shock absorbers.
  • disk wheels;
  • fuel consumption – 100 liters per 100 kilometers;
  • GVW is 11500 kg;
  • 8 cylinders;
  • Dimensions: length – 7300 mm, width – 2550 mm, height – 3590 mm;
  • Transmission Manual, 16-speed, model ZF 165-251;
  • Clutch: dry membrane;
  • Braking system: Two-line with separate actuator.

How does the cabin of the Kamaz 4911 look like?

The cab of the KAMAZ 4911 is tall, with a seat above the engine. The cabin is equipped to ensure maximum safety for the pilot. The slim frame is reinforced, and the new models have the cab so close to the base that there is no injection foundation inside. The KAMAZ 4911 also has less jolt when driving on the road.

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KAMAZ 4911 Photo Gallery

Video review of the Kamaz 4911

Reviews of Kamaz 4911


“This Kamaz is specific, very different from its counterparts. The main difference, in addition to speed and maneuverability, is the heat in the cabin. Yes, there is a special coolant system, but it does not save from 60 degrees of heat. Especially it is appreciable when the car is in motion.

Pros: Unique car, the engine is just a beast, maneuverability, power and the ability to drive uphill here, overcoming the angle of 43 degrees.

Cons: Very expensive! It would be very difficult to buy one of these, even if you really wanted to! “

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