KAMAZ 43502. Vehicle specifications: engine, clutch, brakes

KAMAZ 43502. Vehicle specifications: engine, clutch, brakes

KAMAZ 43502 is a 2-axle chassis of universal type, its cyclic arrangement is 4 times 4; KAMAZ 43502 properties allow for the installation of special structures and a variety of devices.

This model was created as a result of the modernization of the Kamaz 4326. The vehicle was originally developed on the basis of an order from the Ministry of Defense, which needed equipment for border guards.

The result is a very successful product, so after a while Kamsky Plant began to produce the model for budgetary needs. Due to its low price, unpretentiousness and ability to assemble different designs (from loading platforms to elevators), the machine became popular.

Now the Kama plant continues to produce KAMAZ 43502. The Ministry of Defense uses special vehicles of the Mustang series. The functionality and cost of this model favorably distinguish it from its competitors.

KAMAZ 43502 series truck has several modifications.

Kamaz 43502-6023-45 (E-4) and the prototype has 4×4 base. Type of tires – 425/85R21, single, large diameter, with a system of pressure control in the chamber, which together help to solve problems with insufficient ground clearance; increase continuity when driving on the field, technological or snow-covered areas; increase the turning angle and thereby simplify the passage of obstacles. The engine and gearbox were taken over by the prototype without changing parameters. There are two fuel tanks of 210 liters each. The truck is also equipped with a windbreaker, awning and a frame. Kamaz 43502-6023-45 truck model is distinguished by a deep redesign and modernization of the cab over the engine. The loading platform is made of steel and if necessary the sides can be tilted back.

Flatbed KAMAZ 43502-6024-45 (E-4) has the same technical features as the previous KAMAZ 43502-6023-45. The only difference between them is that in this case there is no wind as a special equipment for self-extraction or solving the problem of stuck devices. This fact slightly reduces the functionality of the loader when it is necessary to overcome difficult places, if WheelMover fails.

Kamaz 43502 on board.

KAMAZ 43502-3036-45 (E-4) chassis is used for installation of various special units: delivery vans, garbage trucks, air and fuel tankers, loading cranes, excavators, tankers, rotary machines, drilling machines, truck ladders, concrete mixers. The main advantage in Kamaz vehicles production is the unity of the technological processes including design development, design, manufacture, assembly and sale of finished vehicles, as well as their subsequent maintenance and utilization.


The following modifications of this vehicle are produced:

  • 3032-14 (S4) – with Cummins ISB 6.7 275 engine, transmission Nungang-Zf9;
  • 3026-45 – with KAMAZ 740 652-260 engine, five-speed transmission KAMAZ-154;
  • 3033-45 – with KAMAZ 740.652-260 engine, electronic fuel injection Common Rail, six-speed gearbox ZF6;
  • 3036-45 – with KAMAZ 740.652-260 engine, Common Rail electronic fuel injection, six-speed transmission ZF6;
  • 3038-45 – with KAMAZ 740.652-260 engine, electronic Common Rail fuel injection, six-speed ZF6 transmission and a winch.
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Table: Technical Specifications of KamAZ 43502

  • on the truck – 60% (31º)
  • on a road train – 36% (20º)
  • 24 (l) (with KamAZ engines)
  • 23 (l) (with Cummins engines)

Some technical data in numbers

Some technical specifications in numbers

  • Payload – 4.37 tons.
  • Gross weight – 12.7 tons.
  • Rear axle load – 7,4 tons, front axle load – 5,3 tons.
  • Maximum weight of body with cargo – 5.3 tons.
  • Gross weight of the trailer – 7 tons.
  • Gross weight of the truck – 19.7 tons.
  • Curb weight of the vehicle – 8.625 tons.
  • Rear axle load – 3.75 tons.
  • Front axle load – 4.875 tons.
  • Overall dimensions of the base chassis: length – 7.57 m, width – 2.55 m, height – 3.08 m.
  • Wheelbase – 4.180 m.
  • Track width – 2.05 m.
  • Front overhang – 1.36 m. Rear overhang – 2.58 m.
  • Ground clearance – 0.385 m.
  • Turning radius – 11 m.
  • Angle of elevation – not less than 31%.

The device, equipment

This four-wheel drive truck has suspension (front and rear). Shock absorbers are used in addition to the spring sets.

This vehicle has a ratchet wheel and an inter-axle differential, which makes it possible to transfer torque to the axles with their rigid connection. Therefore, the large truck is relatively easy to overcome difficult sections on roads and off-road. Thanks to the wheel differential, the wheels rotate evenly on the axle.

Two steel fuel tanks of 210 liters each are standard equipment. Such a reserve of diesel fuel is enough for a long trip off-road or on dirt roads, not to mention the highway covered with asphalt or concrete.

It can be equipped with a steel platform, which has folding sides and rear. Its internal dimensions are 4892 mm x 2470 mm x 730 mm. Additional equipment could be a frame, an awning, a hitch and a winch.

KAMAZ-43502 drivers’ reviews

Drivers’ reviews of this truck are generally positive. All note its good cross-country ability and a warm cabin. The truck is specifically designed for hard work in extreme climatic conditions. All is controlled electronically, has inter-axle and inter-axle locking. The engine power is more than enough. The entire construction is of high quality. Among the disadvantages noted insufficient protection of the cab from noise and vibration.

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KAMAZ-43502-01 driver reviews

special equipment

Technical characteristics and fuel consumption of KAMAZ 43502, a relatively low price, a relatively low weight of KAMAZ 43502, high cross-country ability, exceptional durability – the obvious advantages of trucks based on this chassis.

rotational bus

Buses used by Russian oil and gas companies are often mounted on this chassis. They belong to the SPTS.


An ambulance based on this chassis, designed to work in extremely difficult climatic zones and adverse road conditions, was tested in 2021 on the Kolyma road, where it covered 1,370 km, left Magadan and reached several settlements and then returned back.

fire truck

Modern fire trucks are made on the basis of the KAMAZ-43502. It is equipped with a 3,000-liter water tank; a 200-liter foam tank; a pump with a capacity of up to 40 liters per second; a fire and smoke suppression system with fogging.

Kamaz-43502 cab

The truck is equipped with a rebuilt all-metal cab over the engine. Earlier versions of Kamaz-43502 were produced both with and without sleeper compartment, but now all trucks of this model are equipped with a sleeper cab. With the exception of vehicles for the Russian armed forces. The difference of the new modification is modern design and increased height of the cab. The cab has an upgraded front panel. Pedals for brake and fuel are moved to another place, and under the passenger seat there is a device for tools.

Kamaz-43502 cabin

The redesigned cab attracts three new, adaptable split seats. The driver’s seat is air-suspended, which effectively dampens vertical vibrations. This reduces strain on the spine and fatigue. The soft plastic steering wheel is 8.5 cm and can be adjusted up to 15 degrees on the nine-angle. This allows the driver to find the optimal position and get comfortable at the wheel. The durable thermoplastic shift lever is equipped with a vibration, which also improves driving comfort. All necessary machine controls are concentrated in the arm’s reach. The driver has a new instrument cluster for quick reading of control parameters.

The KAMAZ-43502 cabin is now equipped with a Russian standard tachograph with Continental DTCO 3283). He takes the driver of the new rehearsal. The rear wall of KAMAZ-43502-based coaches has two viewing windows, which can transmit information to the passenger compartment (where there is also an observation window). Communication with the cabin is also carried out through the transport intercom system (TPU).


Technical characteristics of the Kamaz 43502 chassis allow changing the options of engines for installation:

  • Cummins ISB 6.7 275 outsourcing for 3032-14 (S4). Distinguished by the presence of a turbocharger, Skmonrel system, runs in German.
  • Kammins ISB 6.7 E5 285 – is used in later versions of the model. It is a diesel engine with a “common” turbocharger and meets Euro 5 criteria.
  • Kammins ISB 6.7 E6 250 – corresponds to Euro 6 standards. The volume – 6.7 liters, power – 250 hp. С.
  • KAMAZ 740 652-260 offers several engine options for KAMAZ 43502. This is the most common engine for this vehicle. Turbocharged, common puncture system, medium air cooling meets Euro-4 criteria.
  • KAMAZ 740.622-280 is equipped with Common Eva fuel system and compression fire, which meets Euro 4 criteria.
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The vehicle is equipped with the remaining cabin. The new version has an updated design and a higher height. The cabin has an updated dashboard.

Pedals are set aside, and the instrumental compartment is located among the passenger cars. The driver’s seat is adjustable for such things as back bend, stiffness and mobility.

Transmission, clutch.

The transmission can be set to one of the following types depending on the specific engine model:

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  • 9-speed manual transmission ZF9, which has an increased level of traction and dynamics, as well as increased service interval. You have this transmission, its strength for impact on shift lever speed is reduced.
  • The ZF6 six-speed mux transmission.
  • Fifth-and-a-half-speed KAMAZ 154 chain transmission.

The clutch system is a hydraulically actuated 1-disc device with an air booster.


KAMAZ 43502 embodies non-standard ideas and solutions, which were developed by specialists of the Kama Automobile Plant. At the same time, the model has retained the traditional advantages of the brand trucks.

The vehicle is based on 4×4 wheel configuration and has all-wheel drive. The unit is equipped with a classic leaf spring suspension (front and rear). KAMAZ 43502 has a locking center and wheel differentials, which allow transmitting a uniform torque to the axles and provide their rigid connection and locking. As a result, the vehicle can easily overcome difficult road sections. The bicycle differential contributes to an even rotation of the wheels on the axle.

Depending on the unit, the KAMAZ 43502 is equipped with different types of drive:

  • ZF9 manual 9-speed transmission with increased traction and dynamics, as well as increased maintenance interval (by 80%). The gearbox is remote controlled and features reduced force on the shift lever;
  • 6-speed ZF6 manual gearbox;
  • 5-speed mechanical gearbox KAMAZ 154.

A single panel diaphragm device with a hydraulic actuator with pneumatic booster is used as a clutch.

All wheels of the vehicle are equipped with drum brakes with two internal shrouds. The main brake mechanism is located on the brake caliper, which is attached to the axle flange. The brake system has a common pneumatic actuator. The thickness of the liners is 140 mm and the radius of the drums is 200 mm.

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Voltage of Kamaz 43502 is 24 V. The vehicle uses 2 batteries with a capacity of 190 Ah and a generator with a power of 2000 W.

The truck is equipped with a rebuilt all-metal cab, which is located above the engine. Modifications are available with or without sleeper compartment. The difference of the redesigned version is the modern design and greater height. The cab has an upgraded front panel. The brake and gasoline pedals have been stowed and the toolbox has been placed under the passenger seat. The driver’s seat can be adjusted for backrest, front travel, and stiffness.

KAMAZ 43502. Vehicle specifications: engine, clutch, brakes

KAMAZ 43502 is a medium-duty shift vehicle, which is available in several modifications. It can be used as a platform for installing a crane device, can be converted to a drilling and crane installation with the appropriate equipment.

Years of manufacture: currently in production.

This is a flatbed vehicle designed to transport equipment or people. The chassis is multifunctional and has a variety of devices attached to it, which makes the machine really versatile. New models are relatively inexpensive, so this vehicle is a very worthwhile investment for business owners.

An example of adjusting a replacement frame: the Auto-Lift VS-22-06.

By attaching a lifting platform, the Kamaz of this model becomes no less useful than, for example, a bus. And if the bus has no other functions besides the task of transporting passengers, the functional vehicles based on the chassis have many of them.

The shift bus is a further use of the Kamaz 43502. They are usually used to transport workers or other employees to the surveyed and processed objects. The standard equipment includes 4×4 wheel configuration, the rest of the cab and even a gas welding set in the kit.

Another example of functionality: the AC3-40 “cistern. It delivers water to the point of fire, serves as a fire truck, and sprinkles by spraying a mist of water. The efficiency of such a machine is several times higher than the conventional method. Due to its small size, such a truck is both replaceable and fast.

Kamaz 43502 can also be equipped with an auto ladder (al-30). Such a design is used in natural disasters, to evacuate people from the scene of an accident, fire, etc.

  • 43502-3033-45;
  • 43502-3034-45;
  • 43502-3036-45;
  • 43502-3038-45;
  • 43502-3032-14 (S4);
  • 43502-6023-66 (D5);
  • 43502-6024-66 (D5).
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Technical characteristics of the vehicle

The main main main characteristics are:

  • Fuel consumption per 100 km;
  • Engine parameters (depending on the modification) – from 250 to 285 hp;
  • Engine model (depending on modification) -740.652-260, 740.622-280, Cummins ISB 6.7 275, Cumminsisb7 E5285, Cumminsisb6.7E6 250;
  • 4×4 bicycle configuration;
  • Maximum weight of cargo for transportation – 4400 kg;
  • The technical standard of the vehicle is 12700 kg;
  • 310-533 or 254-508 wheels, 425/85 R21 or 390/95R20 tires.
What does the cabin look like?

KAMAZ 43502 cab: of the usual type without a place to sleep. New models are redesigned.

Kamaz 43502 vehicle diagram

Main deformities of the Kamaz 43502: Which units often fail and need to be replaced?

KAMAZ 43502 is recommended not to eliminate on its own until the end of the warranty period or mileage collection. For new vehicles, the warranty for working types should be provided at the Service Center or gas station. Before use, check the control of the vehicle and the engine.

Where can I buy spare parts for Kamaz 43502?

There is a large selection of spare parts in every online store in Russia or Ukraine. Just enter the name of the desired part or its serial number to clarify the availability. A good choice of spare parts at autostorehouses, car dealers and of course the official dealers of Ukraine and Russia.

Kamaz 43502 photo gallery

Several photos of Kamaz 43502 from different angles (different modifications):

Grave crown car based on the Kamaz 43502:

The cost of a new car and a used counterpart at the same cost?

The cost of a new KAMAZ 43502 ranges from 2 million rubles to 2.9 million rubles. Versions converted to a house on wheels are almost four times more expensive (8 million rubles, depending on the number of amenities, mileage and condition of the car).

Analogues for the same money: chassis with a similar payload of Belarusian, Polish, Ukrainian production and used freight cars from Europe.

Video review of Kamaz 43502

Watch a video about the Kamaz 43502 model. Some car owners are assembling this vehicle on wheels to the house:

KAMAZ 43502 reviews


“Such cars in our regions are called Saiga. And all because of the fact that it moves quickly at a fairly high speed.”

Advantages: There is a radio, fire extinguisher, comfortable seats, speed, maneuverability.

Disadvantages: In the captivity of the shift is worse because of the greater weight. Cardan is long and heavy bicomon, differential breaks down quickly. It is very hot in the summer. “

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