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In the mid-1980s, the KAMAZ automobile plant designers were able to start developing a 4×4 truck, which was named KAMAZ-4326. Despite the similarity of the cab, engine and axles with the three-axle all-wheel drive system, the new vehicle did not claim to continue this generation.

Often KAMAZ 4326 model is called a classic worker, which, depending on the modification, is ready to carry cargo not only in urban areas, but also for long distances. The entire KAMAZ model range.

history of creation

Unlike its three-axle counterparts, KAMAZ-4326 was equipped with a transfer case with symmetrical differential and five-speed gearbox. A ten-speed gearbox would have been more suitable for this model, but the capacity of the plant, which in those years produced more than a hundred thousand heavy trucks per year, did not allow its production.

The development of the truck was completed by the end of the 1980s, but the memorable perestroika and the subsequent collapse of the country did not allow the plant workers of that time to put it on the conveyor. The first production batch of KAMAZ 4326 was produced only in 1995.

At this time some changes have been made in its design. Thus, the truck received a new diesel engine with 240 horsepower and turbocharging system. Most of the components of the two-axle truck were unified with the new military model KAMAZ 43114 with the wheel configuration of 6×6.

The truck is equipped with an all-metal flatbed platform with tiltable sides. In different configurations the platform can be equipped with a tubular frame, an awning and benches. The dimensions of the loading platform are 4800 × 2320 mm.

It is noteworthy that on the basis of two-axle KAMAZ 4326 a special armored vehicle BPM-97 Vystrel was designed. Later at the Naberezhnye Chelny plant began production of a shortened version to 3670 mm. Wheelbase.

By the special order of Russian Federal Security Service, the plant also made two KAMAZ 4326 trucks with dual purpose in a special configuration. The trucks have covered over 10,000 kilometers in two months of hard operating conditions. Drivers and technicians of the North Caucasus Border Guard Service, who tested the trucks, noted high performance characteristics of the trucks.

Ease of operation, high maneuverability, a powerful engine that allows to easily overcome long climbs, confident behavior in extreme road conditions, smooth running – all these features positively distinguish KamAZ from the analogs produced by Russian and CIS plants.

Technical characteristics


In order to drive the two-axle off-road vehicle, it was decided to install a turbodiesel V 4-stroke 8-cylinder power unit KAMAZ 740.11240, which fully complies with all environmental standards Euro 2. The engine has a function of intercooling of air.

The model can be attributed to the upper specimens with liquid cooling. As a result, it can spend about 240 horses, and its volume is 10.8 liters. This allows it not only to be distinguished by a good cross-country ability on the street, but also to reach speeds of up to 100 km/h on level ground.

It is not so demanding to the quality of diesel fuel, because the fuel pump does not give electronic control. With a mechanical fuel supply it is also possible. A system that facilitates starting the engine in cold weather is presented. Such a powerful diesel engine consumes about 30 liters per 100 kilometers.

And it is very much, because the car with its weight of 11.5 tons can increase only 3.5 tons. For example, foreign variants “eat” one and a half or two times less fuel. The fuel tanks are designed for 295 liters. If necessary they can be doubled, but it can be done only by a hundred.

Fuel consumption of Kamaz 4326

Kamaz 4326 is equipped with 2 fuel tanks. Flatbed version is equipped with 2 tanks of 210 liters, while the chassis has two tanks of different volumes (210 and 210 liters, 170 and 125 liters, 170 and 210 liters). Average fuel consumption of the truck is 25 l/100 km and the mileage is 1180 km.

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Thanks to its transmission, Kamaz is a versatile vehicle. It has a 2-stroke mechanical transfer gearbox along with an inter-axle differential and pneumatic control.

The mechanical transmission has 10 speeds, and it has a remote control. The transmission has a dual x-disc, dry friction clutch with hydraulic actuation.

Braking system

Has a pneumatic actuator that works with drums. Drums are 400 mm in diameter.


The chassis has a 4×4 wheel arrangement with spring suspension in the front and rear. Large bikes with long-distance adaptation can also feel comfortable outdoors.


The Kamaz 4326 is positioned as a multi-purpose vehicle. The truck is equipped with a 2-speed manual transfer gearbox, which has a lockable differential and pneumatic control. The main gearbox has 10 gears with mechanical remote control. The gearbox is equipped with a hydraulically actuated double dry friction clutch.

Despite of military specialization, the model is actively used for peaceful purposes. The metal cargo platform of the vehicle has a tailgate, side folding pages, an awning and a frame. In particular, rappers are installed on the platform to transport people. A rigid step at the rear makes it easier to get into the body.

KAMAZ 4326 is equipped with a traditional 3-man cab with a hydraulic elevator. In contrast to the typical civilian versions, the cabin of this model seems to be austere. The driver’s seat has many adjustments, but no air suspension. The creators of Kamaz 4326 didn`t think about the passengers and bolted the seat to the floor of the cab. The step and handrails allow to easily get into the cabin, despite its high location. The cab itself is located above the engine.

One of the remnants the model received from its predecessors was the engine brake switch. The replacement of the electric actuator with a switch or retarder function has been talked about for a long time. However, Kamaz 4326 is still produced in the old version. At the same time, all foreign and domestic brands have already abandoned this button. Another “anachronism” is a tank of windshield washer, located in the cab. The developers did not dare to put this element beyond its limits.

It should be noted that these solutions do not affect the operation of the car, and therefore almost do not affect their popularity.

The owners are mostly positive about the Kamaz 4326. On the street it behaves very well. However, there are a lot of questions to the designers. Besides the above mentioned problems, it is necessary to mention the outdated dashboard, the uncomfortable location of the accelerator pedal and the imperfect steering system.

All versions of KAMAZ 4326 are equipped with inter-axle and inter-axle lockable differential. The model is considered as one of the most unpretentious in service. It is the simplicity in comparison with competitors that makes it so popular.


The Kamsky truck 4326 has a traditional three-seat underhood cab with a hydraulic elevator. If you take the purely civilian version of the truck, the cabin of 4326 looks a bit ascetic. The driver’s seat has a lot of adjustments, but there is no air suspension.

The creators, apparently, did not think about providing comfort for passengers, as they bolted the seats to the floor of the cab. The step along with the handrails makes it possible to climb into the cabin without much effort, although it is quite high.

One of the drawbacks the car inherited from the previous generation was the engine brake switch. To get it through an electric actuator with the ability to switch fields or install a retarder, it’s not the first year. But the model is still produced in the old version.

A neighbor in trouble? Feel free to help!

Although all foreign and even Russian brands have already done without such a key. Interestingly, the windshield washer armor was installed in the cabin. The developers didn`t want to install it in the exterior of the truck.

If you open the door, you can see almost the entire cabin, located at human eye level. On the floor, you can see an auxiliary button for the foot switch for the engine brake. The hatch is mounted at the top and the front seats are at the rear of the beam.


In terms of dimensions, the two-axle model is 7,625 mm long, of which the wheelbase is 4,200 mm and the front overhang is 1,420 mm. Height of the chassis is 3 395 mm. It turns out that the total length of the flatbed configuration does not exceed 742 mm.

Height is 3 395 mm and width is 2 560 mm. Side height is 385 mm, which allows the truck to climb steep slopes up to 31% and not to be afraid of fords, which are not more than 1.5 meters deep.

KAMAZ-4326 can overcome steep slopes and are not afraid of fords, which depth can be up to 1.5 meters.

KAMAZ-4326: technical characteristics

KAMAZ-4326: technical characteristics

KAMAZ-4326 is a four-wheel drive two-axle off-road vehicle chassis, which was serially produced at the Kama Automobile Plant in the second half of the 1990s/early 2000s. This vehicle, with its great features and solid technical characteristics, was the ideal base for the creation of any special equipment. Geared buses, drilling and crane rigs, tanks, fire trucks, army bases – all this was successfully placed on the frame of this all-terrain vehicle. And also – it became the base for the famous eight-time winner of the Dakar rally KAMAZ-4326VK.

The development of a two-axle off-road truck was started in the first half of the 1980s at the Kama Auto Plant. But the serial production of this truck was launched seven years later than planned – in 1995. KAMAZ-4326 was the logical continuation of the company’s first all-wheel drive truck – 3-axle KAMAZ-4310 (6×6). This model had a great reputation, but there was a need for a lighter truck with two axles. Like the military truck GAZ-66, but more powerful, larger and modern.

The strengths of the KamAZ-4326 model are ease of operation, excellent maneuverability, a powerful power unit, confidently overcoming long climbs, stable behavior in extreme road situations and smooth running. All this was established in the course of running tests, carried out on the pre-production vehicles of the Armed Forces.

Universal biaxial with all-wheel drive 4x4

By the way, on the platform of two-axle all-terrain KamAZ-4326 an original special armored truck BPM-97 Vystrel with bulletproof armor of the 6th protection class and an armored bottom was designed. This lightly armored vehicle is intended to be used as a staff, patrol, ambulance, border guard or reconnaissance vehicle, as well as a mobile anti-tank or anti-aircraft missile system. BMP-97 “Vystrel” is assembled at JSC “Remdizel” plant in Naberezhnye Chelny. KAMAZ-4326 4 × 4 components and units will be installed in the armored housing produced by JSC Kurganmashzavod.

In 2010s KamAZ-4326 was replaced by a similar two-axle 4×4 KamAZ-43502-66 – with a new cabin (and high roof), 277-horsepower Cummins ISBe6.7 diesel engine and 9-speed ZF gearbox 9S1310.

Features of the frame, suspension, and cargo platform

All main components are mounted on a riveted frame of KAMAZ-4326, which is reinforced by additional longitudinal members.

The truck’s suspension is based on semi-olden feathers. At the front trolley long semi-elliptic double leaf feathers are used together with several hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers with rubber slots, rear ends of springs with sliding supports. The rear suspension of Kamaz-4326 is made on two longitudinal semi-oval single-sleeve springs and hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers. The ends of the feathers are made sliding. In addition, the truck is equipped with a transverse stability stabilizer from tipping and roll when driving on slopes and rough terrain. The Kamaz-4326 has an engine crankcase installed, as it should be on off-road vehicles.

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Features of the frame structure, suspension, cargo platform

Cargo platform of single board vehicle consists of steel with folding side and rear boards, depending on the configuration, which is equipped with a frame and an awning. The wheels are wide, with one tire on both axles. In some configurations windshields are installed on a program of all-wheel drive bus KAMAZ-4326.

KAMAZ-4326 truck engine

The KAMAZ-4326 is equipped with the classic KAMAZ 740.31-240 four-stroke eight-cylinder, V-shaped engine with an environmental index from Euro-2. In this incarnation this liquid-cooled diesel engine is equipped with a turbocharger. It is a reliable and waiting engine, proven by many years and generations. The stated service life of this unit is 800,000 kilometers.

Until the 2010s Kamaz-740.31-240 was one of the most common diesel engines in serial vehicles produced by Kamaz. In addition to the Kamaz-4326, it was used on at least nine models of Kamaz trucks.

KAMAZ-4326 engine

Technical features of the Kamaz-740.31-240 (Euro 2) engine

  • Working volume – 10.85 liters.
  • Engine power – 240 hp (176 kW), at 2200 rpm.
  • Torque-93 kgfm (912 Nm) at 1100-1500 rpm.
  • Cylinder diameter – 120 mm, stroke – 120 mm.
  • Compression ratio – 16.5: 1.
  • Consumption of engine oil for cargo transportation is 0.2% of diesel fuel consumption.
  • Weight of the engine Kamaz-740.31-240 is 885 kg.

A high pressure fuel pump is used on UAZ model 337. The injector is model 27350. The injection pressure is 23,54-24,71 MPa. Frequency of engine oil replacement is defined by the manufacturer on the brand every 16,000 kilometers or on all 250 engines. Filling of the lubrication system of the Kamaz-740.31-240 engine is 28 liters of oil.

KAMAZ-4326 consumes from 25 to 30 liters of diesel fuel (when driving evenly at 60 kilometers per hour). This all-wheel drive truck has two fuel tanks, capacity of each is 125 or 210 liters (these are the most common, other options are also possible). KAMAZ 740.31-240 engine is not picky about diesel fuel quality, it works on any diesel fuel.


The clutch of this engine is equipped with a two-disc dry membrane type with a hydraulic drive and pneumatic enhancement. The diameter of the pads is 350 mm. The transmission is manual with ten gears and a front splitter. The basis of this transmission is a five-speed gear, as well as a splitter and demultiplier. Using synchronizers, the front gears and rear corridors are connected through a toothed coupling. Transmission ratios on the gears are set as follows: 1 – 7.82; 2 – 4.03; 3 – 2.5; 4 – 1.53; 5 – 1.0; ZX – 7.38.


Distributive gear is two-stage (with transfer ratios of 1.692: 1 and 0.917: 1), with pneumatic actuator and lockable middle gear. The main gear is two-stage, consisting of several bevel gears and several front wheels (6.53: 1). Front axle drive is permanent, not switchable.

Steering and brakes of Kamaz-4326

Kamaz-4326 trucks are equipped with power steering, which is integrated in a single unit with the steering mechanism. Steering system includes column with steering wheel shaft, PTO shaft, bevel gear, power steering mechanism, steering mechanism, power steering pump, radiator, high and low pressure pipes. The steering mechanism of the Kamaz-4326 has 2 pairs of operation: a screw with mater on round balls and a rod, which interferes with the toothed sector of the two-legged shaft. The rudder translation is 20: 1. The steering mechanism is attached to the left front spring bracket and is connected to the steering column wave through a double-jointed driveshaft.

KAMAZ-4326 steering and brakes

When designing the Kamaz-4326, drum brakes with pneumatic actuator are used as the main brake system. In addition to the main brakes, there are three additional brakes – backup, staple and auxiliary. Despite the commonality of most of the working units of these systems, each can be used autonomously from the others. The diameter of the brake drums is 400 mm. The width of the brake shoes is 140 mm. Total brake pad area is 4,200 square centimeters.

Braided line and trimmers - replacement of the fishing line

Electrical equipment

The voltage of the spare circuit of the vehicle is 24 volts. Two batteries are installed, each with 12 volts / 190 Ah. An alternator of 28 volts / 1000 watts is used. Electrical wiring of KAMAZ-4326 is made in cable version.

KAMAZ-4326 Specifications in numbersKAMAZ-4326 Specifications in Figures

  • Payload: Chassis – 5050 kg; all-metal side platform truck – 4000 kg.
  • Allowed mass of the towed trailer – 7000 kg on a highway, 5000 kg on the ground.
  • Mass of empty vehicle: chassis – 6250 kg; truck with platform – 8025 kg.
  • Axle load: front – 4225 kg, rear – 2025 kg.
  • Gross vehicle weight – 11600 kg.
  • Axle load: front – 5600 kg; rear – 6000 kg.
  • Overall dimensions: length – 7,935 m, width – 2,5 m, height (in the cabin) – 2,945 m.
  • Standard flatbed dimensions: length – 4,8 m, width – 2,32 m, height – 0,5 m.
  • Charging height – 1.535 m.
  • Floor clearance – 385 mm.
  • Wheels rack – 4200 mm.
  • Space in front and rear – 2.01 m.
  • Total clearance radius of the converter – 11.3 m.
  • Maximum speed – 90 km/h.
  • Diesel fuel consumption is 25 liters per 100 kilometers.
  • Volume of fuel tanks is 170 + 125 liters.
  • Cruising range is 1180 km.
  • Tire size – 425/85 R21 (1260×425-533r), with internal seal.
  • Rim size – 12,2-20,9 (310-533).
  • Passable ford – 1.5 m.
  • Passability / slope, at full vehicle weight – 31 degrees.

The KAMAZ-4326 cab

KAMAZ-4326 cab is a classic KAMAZ cabin, developed in the 1970s and mass-produced since 1976. It has three seats, split passenger seats and a hydraulic elevator. In the basic version, the length of this cabin without a sleeper compartment is 1580 mm, width – 2304 mm, height – 1420 mm. Internal width of the cabin is 2080 mm. The model KAMAZ-4326 could be equipped in different versions, not only with an ordinary cab, but also with an extended cab – with a compact bed, and a cab with an increased ceiling height. External length of the extended cab is 1980 mm.

KAMAZ-4326 Cabin

In the early 2000s KamAZ-4326 received an updated classic cabin (which is defined as K2 in the official KAMAZ classification). Its most important visual feature is the roof of the cabin, which became higher even in basic version. Due to this increase in height of the cabin (from 1420 to 1535 mm) the interior volume increased by 1.5 cubic meters. Headlights are moved lower, built in the bumper and became rectangular, not round.

The steering column is adjustable, as well as the driver’s seat, but the driver’s seat has no air suspension. In general, it is easy to sit behind the steering wheel. But the passenger seats are simply bolted to the floor. The windshield washer reservoir is located in the cab – an unusual design solution.

Due to the significant ground clearance the cab of KAMAZ-4326 is located high, much higher than on regular “off-road” or “civilian” models. However, it is convenient to get inside: a steel loop “scythe” serves as a step, and there are handrails in the lower end part of the door.

KAMAZ-4326 Truck Reviews

KamAZ-4326 truck has established itself as a worthy companion of other domestic “crooks” (GAZ-66, GAZ-3308 “Sadko”, KamAZ-43114) – a reliable and unpretentious off-road conqueror. These vehicles are still successfully operated in many regions of our country, as well as in many republics of the former Soviet Union.

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Compared to a similar all-terrain three-axle KamAZ (with 6×6 wheel configuration), the KamAZ 4×4 is much lighter and consumes much less fuel. Roughly speaking, it uses 30 liters per 100 kilometers instead of 40 in a 6×6. All hardware and tires need less. In general, a two-axle vehicle is easier and cheaper in service than a three-axle one. Patents, certainly, are weaker in 4×4. But this gap in off-road capabilities of 6×6 can be compensated if to act slowly and with a head.

KAMAZ-4326 truck reviews

The owner of the flatbed KamAZ-4326 with a crane, which is engaged in cargo transportation, describes the vehicle as “a proven, reliable vehicle”. Not denying the fact that breakdowns are frequent, he nevertheless gives the truck a high mark: spare parts, as well as the vehicle itself, are much cheaper than imported analogues.

The cabin is warm and quite comfortable for a vehicle of this class, the heater warms up well in winter, seat adjustments are sufficient, it is easy to use the necessary controls. The truck has a good load capacity for work and transportation with CMU, although it often has to be overloaded, it copes with this without problems. The engine is powerful enough, with a good traction reserve.

About the KAMAZ-4326 VC-multiple triumph of the Dakar Rally and the Silk Way

KAMAZ-4326 VC is an eight and a half ton racing vehicle, which is able to move along the offroad at a speed of 140 km/h. It is equipped with the 8-cylinder M-shaped 16.2-liter Yamz 7E846.10-07 engine with an output of 830 hp. Average diesel fuel consumption is about 50-60 liters per 100 km on asphalt, 130-150 liters off-road and about two hundred liters in the sandy desert. The fuel tank holds one ton of diesel fuel. Transmission has a 16-speed ZF engraving.

About the race Kamaz-4326 VK-Multiple Triumph Rally Dakar and Silk Way

Behind the light bodywork, painted with sponsors’ logos, there’s an emptiness. Lightweight aluminum panels only mimic the cargo area. All the necessary equipment for the crew is transported in a box, which is located near the rear axle – a set of tools and spare parts, tools for digging sand, fire extinguisher. At the rear of the “cargo compartment” are two tracks.

About KAMAZ-4326 VK-Multiple Triumph of Dakar Rally and Silk Road (1)

The brakes on the KAMAZ-4326 VC truck are drum brakes, since after an attempt to use disc mechanisms it was decided to abandon them – they burn out after intensive braking in mountainous terrain. However, the competitors have disc brakes. Therefore the KAMAZ-Master team does not exclude their use and is searching for special materials capable to make the brakes more stable.

Cost of a used KAMAZ-4326 truck

On electronic bulletin boards you can find many offers to sell cars of this model (especially in regions where there are no good roads and are not expected). The price tag is large, and not only directly from the production of the car, but also from special superstructures installed on its chassis. For example, a shift bus in Kogalym costs 1,200,000 rubles. A telescopic elevator AGP-22M based on the 2013 Kamaz-4326 in Blagoveshchensk is priced at 1,650,000 rubles. The Yamobur-A drilling rig based on the PSKBM-1 is priced at 2,200,000 rubles in the Yaroslavl region.

The cost of a used KAMAZ-4326 truck

A special theme – wagons and trailers, which turn into “mobile homes” with a high degree of autonomy and are designed for long hunting and (or) fishing. Thus, an unpretentious and spartan, re-equipped for hunting shift bus on Kamaz-4326 chassis of 2000 year is sold for 1 000 000 rubles. A more or less comfortable “house on wheels” with a gas stove and equipment, a water tank, a heater, a metal bowl and a compact shower, berths and a dining table, etc., even in 2000, costs more than 2,200,000 rubles. There is also a nearly “luxury” version of a homemade comfortable truck bed on the chassis of Kamaz-4326 of 2009 model year, for which the price is 3 mln. rubles.

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