KAMAZ 43255: Model modifications, application, functions, price

Kamaz-43255. Description and specifications

With the development of urban construction raised the question of a car that could deliver construction cargo to the city. The truck must meet all safety and environmental standards, be maneuverable and have sufficient capacity. The Kamaz-43255 became such a vehicle, which was designed and put into serial production in 2007.

Kamaz-43255 is a two-axle conventional truck with a front mounted engine and four of two wheel arrangement. In addition to tipper, on the streets of cities one can meet a page version of this model, and additional equipment with integrated manipulators is produced on the chassis.

The truck is equipped with a standard cab, which was designed in the second half of the 1970s. If the appearance of the cabin almost unchanged, the interior has undergone some changes. Here, after the repair in 2010, a new three-section panel with anti-slip coating was installed, modern seats with air suspension, and the manufacturer supplied the presence of high quality heating. According to the drivers, the cabin is quite warm and comfortable in cold weather, even with forty bugs. Sleeping place in the cabin is not provided, as the dump truck is used to transport goods for short distances.

The cost of a new Kamaz-43255 in the simplest configuration starts from 2 700 000 rubles. The truck of 2012-2014 production years can be bought on the used market for 1.5-1.8 million rubles, and the models of 2007-2010 cost less than a million.

Description and technical characteristics of the Kamaz-43255

Dimensions and payload

  • The length of the truck: 6030 mm;
  • Width: 2,500 millimeters;
  • Height: 2 920 mm;
  • Maximum turning radius: 7.5 meters;
  • GVW: 6,900 kilograms;
  • Maximum payload: 7,750 kg;
  • GVW: 14.8 tons;
  • Overcoming slope: 25%;
  • Maximum speed on asphalt highway: 95 km/h.

Engine and fuel consumption

Depending on the model year and modification of Kamaz-43255, one of four power units can be driven:

  • Cummins 4 ISBE 185;
  • Cummins 6 ISBE 210;
  • Cummins 6 ISBE 245;
  • Cummins ISBE6.7 E5 250.

Cummins 4 ISBE 185. The weakest engine in this lineup. The four-cylinder engine is equipped with a turbocharging system, exhaust gas neutralization technology and direct fuel injection mechanism. This turbo-diesel has an in-line arrangement of cylinders, 4.5 liters and develops 177 hp. In terms of environmental performance, the Cummins 4 ISBE meets 185 Euro 3 standards.

Cummins 6 ISBE 210. In the lineup of 6.7 liters turbocharged diesel engine with a rated capacity of 210 hp. The engine is equipped with turbocharging and intercooled boiler air, the environmental standard – Euro 3.

Cummins 6 ISBE 245, Cummins ISBE6.7 E5 250. These electric units have been installed only in recent years. They meet Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards and develop rated power of 242 or 250 hp with a displacement of 6.7 liters.

By all accounts, the Kamaz-43255 is one of the most economical models in the Kama vehicle system. In summer the truck consumes about 22.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, in winter this figure can increase by two or three liters. The truck is equipped with a fuel tank of 210 liters.

Transmission, brakes and power

The truck is equipped with two types of six-speed mechanics: ZF 6S700 and ZF 6S1000. Both transmissions provide good acceleration dynamics, which is very important when operating the car in urban conditions. The box itself is a six-speed, all front speeds are switched by a synchronizer and the rear ones by a gear clutch. All Kamaz-43255 trucks are equipped with a single exhaust type diaphragm clutch with a hydraulic leading and a pneumatic slave. Diameter of the slave disc is 362 millimeters.

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The braking system is assumed to be in the form of drum mechanisms, which are mounted on all trough wheels. Brake drum diameter is 400 millimeters, width of brake pads is 140 mm. In addition to the main brakes, Kamaz-43255 is equipped with parking and backup brake systems.

To operate electrical and electronic systems the truck is equipped with two 12-volt batteries with a capacity of 190 Ah. The manufacturer has also taken care of a voltage regulator and 28-volt alternator with a capacity of 2 kW.

Detailed technical and performance specifications, as well as a full description of all systems of the KAMAZ-43255 can be found here:

Car capacity, kg 7750
Gross vehicle weight, kg 14800
Rear axle load, kg 9500
Front axle load, kg 5300
Curb weight, kg 6900
Rear axle load, kg 3450
Front axle load, kg 3450
Engine model Cummins ISBE6.7 E5 250
Max. Net Torque, nm (KGSM) 937 (96)
At crankshaft speed, rpm 1300
Max. net useful power, kW (HP) 178 (250)
At crankshaft speed, rpm 2500
Working volume, L 6,7
Location and number of cylinders In-line, 6
compression ratio 17.3
Engine type Turbocharged and intercooled charge air diesel
Model KP ZF 6S700
Equipment in programs 1-6.02/ 2-3.32/ 3- 2.07/ 4- 1.4/ 5-1.00/ 6-0.79/ ZX-5.58
Type Mechanical, 6 steps
control Mechanical, remote
Sender 6.53
Edge size 7.5-20 or 7.5-22.5 or 8.25-22.5
Bicycle type disc
Tire type Pneumatic, chamber
tires 10.00 R20 or 11.00 R22.5
Direction of unloading return
Platform volume, cubic meters 6
section oval
Platform tilt angle, deg. 55
Fuel tank capacity, l 210
Diameter of slave disk mm 362
Drive unit Hydraulics with pneumatic capacity
Type Single disc, diaphragm, exhaust type
Drive unit pneumatic
Drum diameter dimensions, mm 400
Total brake pad area, cm2 6300
Brake pad width, mm 140
Turning radius in external dimensions, m 7,5
Maximal speed, not less, km/h 95
Angle of overcoming at least % (deg) 25 (14 °)
Batteries w/o – H 2 × 12/190
Generator, V/W 28/2000
Voltage, V 24

KAMAZ-43255 YouTube video review

Customer’s feedback after three months of Kamaz-43255 operation:

Dump truck with three-section unloading on the chassis of the Kamaz-43255:

KAMAZ-43255 owner and driver reviews

Sergey Siluanov, 37, Altai Territory:

I got into Kamaz-43255 last year. At the moment it has already covered 60 thousand miles. The truck steers well, the cabin is comfortable, the heater is of high quality – always warm, in the city the engine power is enough, the dynamics is not bad. But it has to be admitted – this truck is for asphalt roads: it can be a little bit eaten at the car wash, but in the city the engine and the cross-country ability is not enough.

Kamaz-43255: technical characteristics

KAMAZ-43255: Technical Specifications

In modern urban construction and utility companies there is a demand for liftable, but compact and maneuverable dump trucks that can quickly and efficiently deliver a variety of cargo within the city limits in the congested metropolitan traffic. KAMA truck plant tries to meet this need. The KAMAZ 43255 model is designed for this purpose.

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The KAMAZ-43255 vehicle for using in urban conditions was designed and put into serial production in 2007 on the basis of the KAMAZ-43253 platform truck. The first three years of production this truck was equipped with a standard KAMAZ cabin, developed in the 70’s, but a little more advanced.

But in 2010, during the revival, its exterior and interior were seriously changed (like other KAMAZ trucks). KAMAZ-43255 truck received a corresponding air suspension cab with “fresh” design and an expanded list of internal devices.

There is a new three-sectional panel with anti-glare coating, modern seats on air suspension and improved heating system. Sleeping compartment in the cab is not provided by the manufacturer, because there is no need in it for the construction and municipal dump truck, designed to operate in an urban environment. The cabin is exclusively “day”. The dump truck is used to transport goods over short distances.

This “light” version of a significant payload, but with a small gross weight, had a fairly small representation on the domestic market, because sales of KAMAZ-43255 became quite successful.

Use of a large number of modern imported parts, units and components ensures good, reliable and durable performance of the dump truck. Antilock braking system and specific features of self-propelled load box design (relatively low location of load center of gravity) invariably contribute to high stability of this truck.

KAMAZ-43255 operation options

Nowadays Kamaz-43255 trucks are actively used both in construction and housing and communal services of Russian cities. They successfully perform their primary function – transportation of loose and bulk loads on roads designed for axle loads of up to ten tons.

In addition, KAMAZ-43255 is produced as a universal chassis for installation of municipal equipment (container trucks, garbage trucks) etc. Various special theme themes. On special trim levels of the KAMAZ-43255, the direction of the exhaust can be changed as requested by the customer. Fuel tanks of a different capacity are installed. Diesel fuel heating systems can be installed.

KAMAZ-43255 Versions

option “berths”.

There is a special safety bar on the back of the frame of the truck, but it is not obligatory: it can be installed at customer’s request.

KAMAZ-43255 modifications

Currently the Kama Automobile Plant produces the following modifications of the KAMAZ-43255 dump truck: KAMAZ-43255-69 (G5) (Euro-5).

KAMAZ-43255 modifications

In addition, the following previously released modifications are running on the streets of our cities:

  • KAMAZ-43255-3010-25 (C4) (Euro-4) – with a Cummins 4ISBe4 185 (E-4) engine and a redesigned new-look cab.
  • KAMAZ 43255-6010-28 (R4) (Euro-4) – with Cummins ISB6.7e4 245 (E-4) engine, redesigned new cab.
  • KAMAZ 43255-010-96 (A3) – with a Cummins 6 ISBe 210 engine.
  • KAMAZ 43255-6010-99 (H3) – with a Cummins 6 ISBe 185 engine,

and others. Originally KAMAZ-43255 was produced with Euro 2 engine. The trucks of this model are used not a classic KAMAZ engine – V8 – but the modern, lighter and more economical Chinese Cummins diesel engine, the joint production of which was implemented in Naberezhnye Chelny.

The engine of the KamAZ-43255 dump truck

Currently, KamAZ-43255 dump trucks are equipped with a Cummins ISBe6.7 E5 250 diesel engine. This is an in-line six-cylinder liquid-cooled, turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine. Its technical parameters are as follows:

  • Working volume – 6.7 liters.
  • Maximum power output – 178 kW (242 hp) at engine speed of 2500 rpm.
  • Maximum usable torque – 937 Nm (96 kgfm) at crankshaft speed of 1300 rpm.
  • The compression ratio is 17.3.
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Cummins B5.9 180 CIV-0 (Euro-2) models are also fitted on vehicles of earlier years. This is also a liquid-cooled, turbocharged and intercooled in-line six-cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 5.9 liters and an output of 131 kW (178 hp).

KAMAZ-43255 dump truck engine

In addition to the six-cylinder Cummins, the KAMAZ-43255 trucks previously used Cummins 4 ISBe 185 turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engines. These turbodiesels have a displacement of 4.5 liters and develop up to 178 hp.

The engine of the KAMAZ-43255 dump truck is isolated from the cab with a special cover and modern sound-absorbing material, so the noise level in the cabin when the vehicle is working does not exceed the minimum values.

The KAMAZ-43255 engine can be supplemented with a PFD-30 or Webasto preheater.

Transmission KAMAZ-43255

KAMAZ-43255 trucks can be equipped with different versions of manual transmission.

Currently it is a six-speed manual transmission ZF 6S700. This model has the following gear ratios on the gears: 1-6, O2 / 2-Z, Z2 / Z- 2, O7 / 4- 1.4 / 5- 1, OO / 6- O.79 / 3X – 5, 58 .The final gear ratio is 6.5T.

ZF 6S1000 type transmissions were also previously used on this model. This (like the model currently in use) is a six-speed transmission. All of the forward gears in the main gearbox are linked by synchronizers, and the reverse gears are linked by a gearshift clutch. The highest gear is overdrive. The gear ratios of this manual transmission range from 6.75 to 0.78.

Transmission KAMAZ-43255

Both modern manual transmissions create naive acceleration dynamics, which is very important for truck operation in certain urban conditions.

The first years of production vehicles were also equipped with a domestic five-speed manual transmission, model Kamaz-141 with a three-way switch and synchronizers on the second, third, fourth and fifth gears.

The hitch of the KAMAZ-43255 vehicles is a suppressor, diaphragm type, hydraulically actuated with WABCO pneumohydrocleaner (PHC). The diameter of the slave disc is 362 mm. The name of coupling models used on the Kamaz-4325 trucks is 5-MFZ 350 and MFZ 430 of the German company Sachs.

Suspension and chassis

The basis of the Kamaz-43255 dump trucks and chassis is a classic 4×2 truck with suspension on the front and rear axles. Robust construction allows this truck to freely cope with heavy loads. The truck is soft enough when fully loaded and stiff enough when it has a curb weight. The design feature of this model is a low center of gravity of the transport cargo. In combination with anti-roll bars and anti-lock brakes this provides increased stability of the vehicle in all conditions.

suspension and chassis

The front suspension is made on 2 longitudinal semi-rigid single-sleeve springs, hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers with rubber limiting cycles with sliding rear feathers. It is equipped with a transverse stability stabilizer, which increases the angular stiffness of the suspension and reduces the angle of the vehicle under the action of transverse (lateral) force and increases the stability of this truck.

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Rear wheel suspension is also made on 2 longitudinal semi-echip single sleeve springs, hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers. The ends of the springs are sliding. It is also equipped with a stabilizer for transverse stability.

Size of Kamaz-43255 can be in three versions: 7,5-20 or 7,5-22,5 or 8,25-22,5. Wheels are equipped with pneumatic chamber tires size 10,00 R20 or 11,00 R22,5.

Steering and braking of KAMAZ-43255

The steering of the KAMAZ-43255 dump truck is equipped with a hydraulic booster built into the steering mechanism. The functioning pair is a screw with a nut on circulating balls and a rack, which is meshed with a sector of a double-jointed shaft.

The auto brake system includes drum mechanisms, which are installed on all Kamaz-43255 motorcycles. Drum brake mechanisms are equipped with a pneumatic actuator. The diameter of the brake drum is 400 millimeters and width of the brake pads is 140 millimeters. In addition to the main brake, Kamaz-43255 has a parking and backup brake systems.

This model can also be equipped with a four-channel antilock braking system (ABS) of type 4S/4M (4 sensors/4 modulators) by Wabco, Knorr Bremze (Germany), NP “Rup” (Belarus).

Antilock system contains sensors of angular speed of wheels, modulators of brake pressure, electromagnetic disconnection of auxiliary brake, electronic control unit, relay, safety pad, connecting cable, diagnostic lamp and diagnostic key.

Self-locking cargo platform

KAMAZ-43255 is equipped with a Sams Finding flatbed from NefAZ (Neftekamsk Automotive System) and hydraulic lifting system. The body is fully metal, welded and nested. It has a single-sided unloading (rear) and an oval section of the body. For additional cargo protection this dump truck can be equipped with an awning. A special protective visor covers the gap between the cab and the platform. The truck is equipped with a hydraulic mechanism for lifting and lowering of the platform with electro-pneumatic control from the driver’s cab.

Empty load platform

  • The body volume of the self-propelled cargo platform is 6 cubic meters.
  • Lifting of the platform is 55 degrees.
  • Lifting time of the body with the load is 30 seconds.

The body is a welded structure made of two longitudinal members, inter-section elements and bungee reinforcement.

The lifting and lowering mechanism of the cargo platform includes:

  • A power selection box with an oil pump to select power from the transmission.
  • Oil pump is of gear or axial functional type, high pressure;
  • Hydraulic cylinder – telescope, single-acting;
  • Control unit that supplies the flow of working fluid to the hydraulic system of the tipping mechanism and consists of a hydraulic distributor and electric capneumatic valves;
  • A body lift valve limits body lift when the maximum angle is reached;
  • Oil tank is stamped, equipped with filters on the filler neck and drain line and a magnetic plug.

Electrical equipment of Kamaz-43255

Kamaz-43255 muldiskipper electrical equipment includes two 12 volt / 190 amp batteries filled with an aqueous solution for accumulation of sulfuric acid electrolytes and a 28 volt / 2000 watt alternator. The voltage of the onboard network is 24.

Kamaz-43255 trucks, depending on the model of engines, are equipped with a domestic starter, ST 142-10 or Bosch, 8,2 kW (11,15 hp) with remote control.

Technical characteristics in numbers

  • Overall dimensions: length – 6030 mm, width – 2500 mm, height – 2920 mm.
  • Base – 3500 mm.
  • Weight parameters and loads: curb weight – 6900 kg; GVW – 14800 kg; Payload – 7750 kg.
  • Axle load: with curb weight – 3450 kg on the front axle, 3450 kg on the rear axle, with GVW – 5300 kg on the front axle, 9500 kg on the rear axle.
  • Distribution of curb weight (not tipper, but multipurpose chassis) – 3400 kg on the front axle, 2050 kg – on the rear axle.
  • Maximum speed set by the manufacturer is 95 km/h.
  • Acceleration time to 80 km/h fully loaded vehicle – 65 seconds.
  • Angle of overcoming – not less than 25% (14 degrees).
  • Outer turning radius – 7.5 meters.
  • Angle of overcoming of a rise not less than % (degrees).
  • Fuel tank capacity – 210 liters of diesel fuel.
  • Control diesel fuel consumption at full load and speed of 60 km/h – 22 liters per 100 kilometers.
  • Cruising range of the control on fuel – 950 km.
  • Braking distance with a full load at a speed of 60 km/h, up to a full stop – 36.7 meters.
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KAMAZ-43255 cab

On the first modifications Kamaz-43255 was equipped with a classic KAMAZ cabin from the 70’s, located above the engine without sleeping compartment, but with a high roof. Small size of this cabin and its height above the ground allows quick and easy access to the cabin several times per shift.

After the restyling in 2010, the exterior design of the vehicle has changed significantly, and the interior of the cab has changed drastically. The instrument panel was completely redesigned and trimmed with higher quality plastic. Additional shelves and niches were created. The panel itself was given to the driver.

KamAZ-43255 cab

The KAMAZ-43255 cabin is equipped with an efficient heater, which works almost silently. If necessary, the cabin can be lifted hydraulically to an angle of 55 degrees.

This truck comes standard with an adjustable steering column, an air-suspended driver’s seat, a three-brush windshield wiper, a powerful cabin heater, and anti-glare coating. Air conditioning, power windows, electric heated driver’s seat and head unit are available as optional extras.

Driver reviews of KamAZ-43255

Drivers speak about KamAZ-43255 trucks mainly positively – as a frisky, compact, maneuverable vehicles. But with a full load the truck can not gain speed so quickly and is difficult to overcome the steep climbs. It is not designed for serious off-road driving: it can get stuck. But for the transportation of goods in the city its power and capabilities are enough.

The cabin, although not spacious, but cozy and with a high ceiling. The driver’s seat is comfortable and has an air suspension. It practically does not wobble while moving. The steering column is easily adjustable. The power steering makes it easy to turn the steering wheel.

Leaf suspension of the vehicle is rigid: when the body is empty, it shakes quite a lot.

Driver reviews of KAMAZ-43255

Cost of KAMAZ-43255 dump truck – new and used

A new city dump truck model KAMAZ 43255 in early 2020 will cost from 3 million rubles. A used truck of this model can be purchased on the secondary market at a price of 650,000 to 2 million rubles, depending on the year of manufacture and the technical condition of the particular vehicle.

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