Kamaz-43253: description of the truck, technical and operational properties

Kamaz-43253: description of the truck, technical and operational properties

Kamaz-43253 – moderate class truck, which is produced at the plant in Naberezhnye Chelny since 2006. This modification is mainly used for urban transportation. The car has several modifications, and mainly it is a platform tractor. This model is in steady demand today, mainly due to constant upgrades. The manufacturer continues to update the truck, which is currently considered the most popular in the Russian market under the same classmates. Kamaz-43253 is a versatile machine, which can perform a variety of tasks.

Design features

The updated Kamaz-43253 is based on a time-tested frame platform with a reliable spring suspension in the front and rear. All wheels of this truck model are equipped with pneumatic drum brakes with drums diameter of 400 mm and 140 mm wide brake pads. The total brake pad area is 6300 cm².

Compared with the original Kamaz-4325, the truck has smaller dimensions, similar to the Kamaz-5320. The length of the chassis and flatbed versions is 7,425 and 7,505 meters. The truck can be equipped with additional equipment: PTO and locking transverse differential.

Design features

The external radius of the Kamaz-43253 is 10 meters. The truck is equipped with two batteries with a capacity of 190 Ah, alternator 2000 W-28 Volt, new rear view system, windshield wiper with three brushes, fog lights, plastic shelf with three compartments, improved sun visor and adjustable steering wheel. Adjustable driver’s seat with air suspension, anti-glare dashboard and 350-liter fuel tank. Wheel type – discs; Tires – pneumatic, can be either chamber or tubeless.

The cost of the car

Excellent technical characteristics, low fuel consumption and excellent maintenance have made KAMAZ-43253 a very popular truck, which could not but affect its price.

At the end of last year, prices for new station wagons and platform trucks of this model started from 2.5 and 2.9 million rubles. In the second market, the price range of the corresponding used vehicle is very different. The cost depends on the configuration and condition of the car.

Today it is possible to buy a car of this model from hand for 800,000 rubles, but it is necessary to watch out not to buy a truck that requires serious repair of assemblies and units.

Flatbed and universal chassis

Flatbed variant and chassis currently have a factory production index of Kamaz-43253-69 (G5). The flatbed version is equipped with a standard cargo platform with metal folding sides. It can be equipped with metal frame and removable awning. Inner dimensions of the flatbed are 5.162 m x 2.470 m. The height of standard boards is 0.73 m. The train together with the vehicle wins GKB-8350, which is the same dimensions as the truck itself.

Flatbed and universal chassis

Universal chassis KAMAZ-43253 is used to accommodate a variety of special equipment. It is successfully used for installation of concrete mixers and cranes, construction hoists and feeders, garbage trucks and tank trucks (including fire trucks), etc.

Other technical data in numbers

  • Weight parameters and loads
  • The payload of the truck is 11,575 T / 14,5 tons.
  • The gross vehicle weight is 20 tons / 24 tons.
  • Rear bogie load – 15.6 T / 18 T.
  • Front axle load – 4.4 t / 6 t.
  • The total weight of the road train is 34 t / 38 t.
  • The total weight of the trailer is 14 t.
  • The equipped mass is 8.425 t / 9.425 t.
  • Rear bogie load – 4.95 t / 5.45 t.
  • Front axle load – 3,475 t / 3,975 t.
  • Dimensions
  • Length – 10.245 m.
  • Width – 2.44 m.
  • Height – 2.99 m.
  • Maximum speed specified by the manufacturer – up to 100 km/h.
  • The maximum angle of elevation – not less than 25% for a passenger car, not less than 18% for a road train.
  • Acceleration time to 60 km/h – 45 seconds.
  • Braking distance at 60 km/h – 36.7 m.
  • The turning radius of the vehicle is 10.7 m.
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KAMAZ-43253 engine

Modernized KAMAZ-43253 is equipped with a slightly less powerful engine than its predecessor KAMAZ-4325 (KAMAZ-740.31-240 engine), but much more modern and efficient. This CO Sewe r-i n-Line Diesel Cummins isbe6.7 E5 250 of Chinese production. It has a displacement of 6.7 liters, equipped with turbocharging and intercooling of charge air function. The rated power of this turbo diesel is 185 hp, and the maximum net power – 178 hp (it develops at 2500 rpm).

  • The maximum torque is 96 kilograms of torque (96 kgfm), already at 1,300 rpm.
  • Compression ratio is 17.3.
  • Cylinder diameter is 107 mm and stroke is 124 mm.
  • Maximum idle speed: 2850 rpm.
  • Minimum idle speed: 600 to 800 rpm.
  • Maximum engine lift height: 3,000 meters above sea level.
  • Engine weight: 512 kg.

The engine is equipped with an electronic injection system “CommonRail”. During production, the Cummins ISBE6.7 E5 250 diesel engine has been successively upgraded from Euro 3 to Euro 4, and then to Euro 5.

Cummins Cummins on the assembly line.

Assembly of these power units is carried out in Naberezhnye Chelny at the joint venture Cummins-Kama. The production program of this joint venture includes three engines. In-line six rated up to 300 hp, which includes Kamaz 43253 engine, accounts for approximately 80% of production volume. They are used on different models of medium and heavy KAMAZ trucks, as well as on Nephas buses. The rest of the range is Cummins ISBE4.5 diesel engines with output from 140 to 185 hp, and also L8.9 series engines with a displacement of 8.9 liters and power up to 400 hp.

Kammins-Kamama has gradually moved from simply reducing Chinese diesel engines to full production after it has had all cylinder block machining processes and localized more than 50 percent of components, including the cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft and flywheel.

Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual contains vehicle specifications, operating and maintenance recommendations. The manual is intended for truck drivers. Kamaz can be operated at temperatures e-45 … +40° and humidity up to 75%.

The model created in climatic version (for operation in regions with warm dry or humid climate) can operate at temperatures e-10…+45° and humidity up to 80%.

Trucks can operate at speeds up to 20 m/s with air dust levels up to 1.0 g/m³, wind turbines, in areas up to 3000 m above sea level. The vehicle can overcome passports up to 4500 m with the appropriate change in speed and traction.

Specially designed models can operate at ambient temperatures of 45 °С … +50 °С, humidity up to 80% and dust content in the open air up to 1.5 g/m3.

These machines can overcome the mountain passes up to 4655 m. The machine can work with a trailer, the weight of which does not exceed the permissible value for this design. According to GOST 9200 24 N or 24 S, these levellers must be equipped with electric shoes and pneumatic brake drive in accordance with UNC Regulation No. 13. The traction plowshaft is equipped with a #3 traction hook.


The 5-speed mechanical gearbox KAMAZ-142, with remote mechanical control and a gear ratio of 4.98, gradually became a thing of the past with the KAMAZ-4325. The Kamaz-43253 is now equipped with the 6S700 transmission with a ratio of 6.53.

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This is a six-speed transmission, which contains all front synchronizer gears and a rear gear with a toothed clutch. The highest gear is upshifted. Maximum torque is 700 N.M. The weight of ZF 6S700 gearbox is 103 kg. The gearbox of this model is well-proven on trucks, working on inner-city routes. Countless stops, maneuvering in tight spaces – such conditions require modern drive equipment, which is the ZF 6S700.


Both gearboxes – old and new – in combination with the single diaphragm clutch have a hydraulic drive, which is supplemented by a pneumatic booster. The KAMAZ-43253 is currently equipped with a ZF & Sachs MF 362 clutch. This model is widespread in local automobile industry: in addition to the KAMAZ, this clutch has long been installed on the MINSK truck plant MAZ-4570. Busse Paz/Kavz.

Manufacturer of gearboxes ZF Friedrichshafen AG is one of the leaders in the production of car-like devices. KAMAZ also created a joint venture with this company: ZF-Kama and created a manual transmission module in Naberezhnye Chelny.

KAMAZ 6522 6×6, 13.4 t. (permissible up to 19 tons), S/S

The “6522” was made on the basis of the “6520”. The machine has a pretty decent body volume for the claimed capacity. Due to the full stroke, the truck works well in off-road conditions. At the same time, it is not afraid of low temperatures. One of the reasons for this is that the fuel system is now controlled mechanically, not electronically. Due to this, it is not only easier to put the engine into operation in winter, but also it is easier to repair and service it. And the fuel requirements for the “6522” are not so high any more. The exhaust gases are used for body heating.

The suspension is very complicated. According to drivers, the feeling when fully loaded is that this is the most rigid model under KAMAZ (“…as if there are no shock absorbers at all!”). At speeds over 80 km/h the cabin vibrates a lot (“… my teeth shut off!”). The driver’s seat is too high and uncomfortable. From the inconveniences also can be noted the completely unattractive location of the gear lever and a difficult fixation of the steering column, which, moreover, all of the Belarusian stock, quickly fumbles. But the main disadvantage could be a not too powerful engine for this machine. When fully loaded, the dump truck takes a long time to get and accelerate.

Kamaz-43253 cabin

The trucks of this model are equipped with a standard – KAMAZ (Licatzed Mercedes) cabs without a bed. Both with low and high roof. These are comfortable (especially comparing to the classic Kamazes) cabs on a four-stage air suspension from the Mercedes-Benz Axor truck.

Since the beginning of 2010 all new Kamaz trucks are equipped with it. Air suspension improves ride comfort, reduces vibration and prevents the cab from rocking when driving at speed. It also maintains a constant measure of the cab for continued driving, regardless of the vehicle’s service station.

The combination of the new air suspension of the cab and a comfortable seat (also on a vibration-damping air suspension with side support) has increased comfort to an unprecedented level for KAMAZ. The driver’s and passenger’s seats are equipped with 4-position adjustments.

The steering column is also adjustable. The height and tilt of the steering wheel can be easily adjusted with a pneumatic steering column control. The steering wheel itself is equipped with hydraulic packing.

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The quality of the interior trim has been significantly improved. The plastic overlays and the dashboard have become softer and more pleasant. The dashboard has been treated according to modern trends and equipped with an anti-glare coating. Thanks to the properly positioned graphic display, poll pointers and tax levers, the driver can get the necessary information instantly, without distracting from the street.

The door handles have become plastic with built-in locks that are protected from distracting air currents. This keeps the door handles clean, along with the cladding on the sides of the cab. These facings reduce air turbulence and reduce pollution from the current, mirror and doors in general.

Instead of the former metal “Chipper” in the remaining cab, a plastic bumper is installed on the remaining cab. The foot boards on both sides are equipped with anti-slip pads. Climbing into the cab is safe and comfortable in all weathers. The new design of the cab also has a completely new appearance with improved visibility and visibility. Headlights, parking lights and turn signals merged into a single unit.

The rear mirrors have changed the shape of the bracket. The right side has a roll and edge mirror, and spherical mirrors have been added on both sides to cover blind spots. The windshield is fully trimmed with three windshield wipers.

Kamaz 65222 6×6, 19,5 t. (Restyling 65222), S/S

After the restoration in 2010 “65222” was replaced by “65222”. The new modification increased not only due to all-wheel drive, but also due to special primers on profiles, large wheels and single tires. The base became longer, so the body volume could be brought to 16 cubic meters. The interval between trips is increased and fuel consumption is reduced by 10%. As an option in the cabin is installed a sleeping bag.

The cost of the truck is high enough, at the level of “65201”. Dump truck is positioned as a vehicle to work in northern conditions. According to the reviews of drivers with severe frosts, the electrical appliances are not in order. Often there is a factory defect – up to the fact that the fasteners on the frame do not fit the diameter of the bolts. The transmission, air heater, and belly muscles deteriorate quickly. The turn signals don’t work well. Rear feathers are better replaced after a few months. The steps are as high as they were, and still are.

Owner and driver reviews

Reviews of owners and drivers on these trucks are mostly positive. Kamaz-43253 In daily routine work shows itself well as a reliable and dependable machine, which almost never fails. The engine is enough to spare, has good dynamics and good maneuverability in urban conditions. The cabin is convenient, spacious and comfortable for work. But the quality of the sound insulation is not satisfying for everyone. Heat insulation and fast heating of the cabin in winter conditions is up to the mark – it is affected by the upgraded air duct system and a powerful cabin heating.

Reviews of owners and drivers

One should drive it mainly on asphalt. From the street this truck is not able to show a serious cross-country ability. All the information that comes across, mainly concerns only little things that can be easily fixed. The quality of assembly in recent years has become much more decent than before. Due to this and the economy of Kammin diesel, the truck for the first year of operation with a stable load fully pays for itself and begins to benefit.

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KAMAZ 43253: Technical Specifications

KAMAZ-43253 truck is an improved version of the 4325 model with similar technical properties, which are produced for the modification of the two-axle chassis and flatbed trucks.

It has the same 4×2 bicycle formula as its predecessor, has an updated design, an upgraded cab and effective pneumatic suspension.

KAMAZ-43253 specifications imply the use of the vehicle for delivery of various loads between objects in the regions, so the bed in the cab is offered by the manufacturer only as an additional option.

Operational fluctuations

Kamaz-43253 chassis and the version of the vehicle with pages have similar technical characteristics. The index is assigned to the vehicle in production and is 43253-69 (G5).

Kamaz 43253 tank truck

Universal chassis is aligned and adapted for installation of all kinds of special devices. That is why the vehicle is often used as a truck crane, tanker truck, garbage truck, concrete mixer, feeder, etc.

The fire version of Kamaz-43253 is in great demand.

The standard equipment on the flatbed truck includes a platform (5162 x 2470 mm) with 1425 mm high sides, made of sheet steel and can be folded back. It is also possible to equip the vehicle with a steel frame and awning. This modification can be used to form an outdoor platform, similar in size to the supporting GKB-8350.

Technical features of the Kamaz-43253

The two-way truck has a length of 7.425 or 7.505 meters for the “station wagon” and “Seyrad” with a cab height of 2.785 meters. If we take into account the cargo design, the largest parameters of the car in total reach 3.3320 meters. Front and rear overhangs are 1.26 and 1.66 meters long.

Overall dimensions of the Kamaz 43253

Payload of Kamaz-43253 is 7,820 kilograms with GVW of 15.50 tonnes, taking into account the structure, which together with the cargo weighs not more than 9,690 kilograms. Front and rear axles can carry up to 6,0 or 9,5 tons. Curb weight is 5735 kg.

KAMAZ-43253 can be equipped with 7,5-20/22,5 or 8,25-22,5 discs. and 10,00r20/11,00r20/11,00r22,5 tank. In one of these configurations the truck has a fuel tank of 350 or 210 liters and a 35-liter AdBlue container.

The truck can reach 90 km/h and climb inclines of over 25%.

  • Rear axle steering
  • front axle
  • 9500 (KG)
  • 6,000 (KG)
  • Rear axle steering
  • front axle
  • 2260 (KG)
  • 3475 (KG)

Technical features of the Kamaz-43253 engine

The modified truck is summarized by a modern and economical 6.7-liter unit, which has architecture, six cylinders, turbochargers and intercooling in order. It is a Cummins ISBE6.7 E5 250 diesel engine, which is made in China.

Cummins ISBE6.7 E5 engine

Nominal power of the power plant is 185 “horses” with the most useful indicators of 178 liters. s. Other parameters of the engine are as follows:

  • Maximum torque – 937 Nm;
  • Max. and min. Limit revolutions – 2850 and 600 rpm;
  • Piston stroke – 124 mm;
  • Cylinder diameter – 107 mm;
  • Compression ratio – 17,3;
  • Ice weight – 512 kg.

Speaking about the technical properties of the Kamaz-43253 engine, we find that modern Kamminze ISBE6.7E5250 meets Euro-5 requirements.

In the mixed work cycle the fuel consumption of Kamaz-43253 per 100 kilometers is 22.3 liters of diesel fuel.


In the 43253 modification the old Kamaz-142 five-speed transmission has been replaced by a modern and reliable six-speed manual transmission ZF 6S700, which has a gear ratio of 6.53 and the maximum torque. The torque is 700 n.m. The weight of the manual transmission is 103 kg.

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The ZF 6S700 has a good reputation and efficiency. It is a new, reliable and fail-safe unit, which was chosen by the manufacturer to equip KAMAZ-43253 as a result of careful selection.

Design features of the cab

The truck in question is equipped with a licensed Mercedes cab, which in the basic version has no place to sleep. It is mounted on a 4-point air suspension Mercedes-Benz Axor.

Chassis KAMAZ-43253

The cabin, which is installed on all new trucks of Kamsky automobile plant since 2010, has a high level of comfort and can have a high or low roof. The original design of the suspension positively affects the rest of the travel, and at the same time prevents the cab from rocking and reduces vibration during driving.

The position of the cab, namely its height, is held at a constant level that is not affected by the loading level of the vehicle. The driver’s seat is also equipped with “pneumatics” and side support.

The position of all seats in the cabin can be adjusted, for which there are four levels of adjustment. This solution in combination with the cab suspension itself provides a high degree of comfort.

The pneumatically controlled tilt and height adjustment of the steering column is convenient for the driver. The steering wheel is equipped with a modern hydraulic power unit.

Modernization of the cab also affected the interior. The quality of materials used has increased significantly, plastic panels have become soft and pleasant to the touch. Design of the dashboard became more modern. It received anti-glare glass.

Kamaz-43253 Cab

Announcements, gauges and screens attached to them are informative and easy to read, so that the driver can familiarize himself with the necessary data on the state of the car without taking his eyes off the controls.

The plastic handles on the cab doors have new built-in locks and protection in the form of deflectors. Masking elements are installed on the sides of the cab, reducing air turbulence and preventing rear-view mirrors.

The latter are distinguished by new brackets to which the main, curbside, sliding and spherical mirrors are attached, which guarantees the best possible view.

The appearance of the car has also changed. The headlights, “indicators” and “lights” now form a single unit and thus provide excellent visibility and visibility. Three windshield wipers guarantee a clean monolithic windshield.

Unlike its predecessor, the new cab has a stop buffer made of shaped plastic (instead of steel). The running boards are equipped with special pads that prevent slipping and provide safe access to the driver and front passenger, regardless of weather conditions.

The cost of the car

Excellent technical characteristics, low fuel consumption and excellent maintenance have made KAMAZ-43253 a very popular truck, which could not but affect its price.

At the end of last year, prices for new station wagons and platform trucks of this model started from 2.5 and 2.9 million rubles. In the second market, the price range of the corresponding used vehicle is very different. The cost depends on the configuration and condition of the car.

Today it is possible to buy a car of this model from hand for 800,000 rubles, but it is necessary to watch out not to buy a truck that requires serious repair of assemblies and units.

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