Kamaz-43118. Properties and description. Care recommendations, owners reviews

Kamaz-43118. Properties and description. Care recommendations, owners reviews

Kamaz-43118: a multifunctional universal vehicle

The initiative to create the Kamaz-43118 belonged to the Russian Ministry of Defense. The military needed a reliable multi-purpose off-road vehicle. As a result, in 1995 the first copies of the vehicle rolled off the assembly line, which was notable for its simplicity, ease of maintenance and operation. The truck had a very modern cab and larger loading area. Already in the early years of production Kamaz-43118 was used not only as a truck, but also as a lumber truck, and the chassis was equipped with tank trucks, tipper trough, crane and other hydraulic manipulators.

In 2010, the model was radically upgraded, and a new modification Kamaz 43118 46 was launched on the market. The truck still had the wheel arrangement 6×6, but its appearance was significantly changed. The cabin became thinner, the headlights, parking lights and turn signals were assembled into a single unit, and the manufacturer also installed a one-piece windshield and rearview mirror.

The interior of the truck is equipped with two or three seats, and the driver’s seat has adjustable mechanisms at several levels. The latest modifications of Kamaz-43118 received a sleeping compartment, the presence of which was not originally envisaged by the designers. The crane board is 3-sectional with anti-glare coating. Heat and sound insulation of the cabin is improved, and the interior uses high quality materials. Designers also worked on heating of the cabin, changed the air circulation in the cab and installed a new powerful autonomous heating.

Today on the manufacturer’s site you can find many modifications of Kamaz-43118. Their price starts from 3 170 000 rubles (grain carrier-farmer) and reaches 8 500 000 rubles (crane with manipulator Palfinger). There are also plenty of offers on the used equipment market. A platform truck of the 2013-14 production year can be purchased here for 1.7-1.9 million rubles.

Technical and performance properties

Dimensions and payload

  • Length of the chassis: 9 145 mm;
  • Width (without mirror): 2 500 mm;
  • Height: 3,080 millimeters;
  • Fitting length: 6,100/6,280 millimeters;
  • Center distance: 4,400 millimeters;
  • Own weight of the vehicle: 10 500 kilograms;
  • Load-carrying capacity: 10 000 kg;
  • Perm. The weight of the truck: 20 500 kg;
  • Maximum weight of the vehicle as a part of the truck: 32,65 tons;
  • Maximum speed: 90 km/h.

Powertrain and fuel consumption of KAMAZ-43118

Initially, the KAMAZ-43118 was equipped with a domestically produced turbodiesel KAMAZ 740 55-300. This V-shaped eight-cylinder engine develops a rated power of up to 245 hp at a crankshaft speed of 2,200 rpm. The engine has a displacement of 10.85 liters, and is equipped with a turbocharger and charge air cooling system. According to environmental parameters Kamaz 740.55-300 meets Euro-3 standards, and drivers also note the efficiency of this engine.

Today the new versions of trucks are equipped with licensed engines Cummins ISBE6.7 E5 300 or Cummins ISB6.7E6 310, or domestic KAMAZ 740.662-300.

Cummins engines are structurally similar in design – they are six-cylinder turbodiesels in the series with four valves per cylinder, an advanced fuel pump and improved valve timing. The Common-Rail fuel injection system ensures a high fuel injection pressure that boosts machine responsiveness and leads to excellent fuel economy. The Cummin ISBE6.7 E5 300 has a displacement of 6.7 liters and rated power of 292 hp. It should be noted that these engines are environmentally friendly and meet Euro 5 standards.

Fuel consumption of four-wheel drive truck Kamaz-43118 at speeds of 45-50 km/h is about 33.5 liters. Fuel consumption of vehicles equipped with cummins engines is 12-15% lower than that of their domestic counterparts. The vehicle is equipped with two fuel tanks of 210 and 350 liters.

Transmission and power supply of KAMAZ-43118

Pre-restyled KAMAZ-43118 models were equipped with domestic mechanical tenth gearboxes. Now most versions of this all-wheel drive truck are equipped with the licensed manual transmission ZF 9 with nine gears. The unit is equipped with an interchangeable steering pump, which provides trouble-free operation of the power steering (booster) system. The ZF 9 gearbox consists of a four-speed transmission with claw clutches and a splitter which doubles the number of gears. The engine and gearbox interact with a hydraulically actuated membrane dry clutch and a pneumatic booster.

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For all-wheel drive, the KAMAZ-43118 is equipped with a two-stage distribution gearbox with a lockable middle gear and a pneumatic control system.

Power for electronic and electrical devices and circuits of KAMAZ-43118 is provided by two 12-volt batteries with a capacity of 190 a/h each. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a voltage regulator and 28-volt alternator with a capacity of two kilowatts.

Advisor and brake system of KAMAZ-43118

The braking system of the vehicle consists of several elements. The main brakes are drum brakes with pneumatic actuator. There are drums on each wheel of all axles, the diameter of drum is 400 mm, with a brake pad width of 140 mm. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with auxiliary brakes, which are used when braking for long outings or on slippery roads. The auxiliary brakes are most often used when the vehicle is moving with cargo. In addition, the Kamaz-43118 is equipped with a parking brake and a back brake.

The front axle of Kamaz-43118 is less loaded, so the suspension is designed relatively simple. It is based on two semi-elliptical dampers, which are working in conjunction with hydraulic shock absorbers. Rear wheel axle suspension is built on the similar scheme, but reinforced by additional springs of smaller size. In addition, the truck is equipped with a stabilizer bar, which ensures the safety and stability of the truck under lateral loads.

Detailed technical specifications of the vehicle here:

KAMAZ-43118 all-wheel drive troubleshooting

The latest modifications of Kamaz-43118 are equipped with electronic control units, with the help of which you can diagnose most vehicle faults. When starting the engine, the “Check” button on the dashboard lights up, which should go off within 3 seconds. If it does not, it means that the system has detected a malfunction. To diagnose the malfunction, press the ECU button (located under the steering wheel or next to the safety unit) and wait for the system to display a code with an error number. You can decipher the code with the help of the table:

  1. Damage to the block itself. Failure of the computer is accompanied by inability to start the engine, as well as incorrect engine operation, including increased fuel consumption.
  2. Failure of the module software. It is possible that the unit itself works normally, but there are regular failures in its operation. In order to eliminate such a problem, it is necessary to diagnose the device in detail.
  3. Poor contact of the unit with the power supply of the machine. It is necessary to ensure high contact of the device with the mains. The problem may be a clogged plug.
  4. Prolonged wet load on the module, which led to oxidation or malfunction of the working board. The unit must be disassembled to find the failed element.
  • Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control;
  • Next to the control indicator light electrocope;
  • Near the electric copier lamp.
  • Short-circuiting the electrocopy red indicator for non-church;
  • Grounding clamp of electrocopie indicator n e stax;
  • Close to power lines red fault indicator light.
  • AVS Electrolyt Cliff;
  • Grounding gate for the AVS Electrolyt Indicator Cliff;
  • AVS Closure.
  • Electrocoop of GRN indicator shorted to faults;
  • Grounding clamp of electrocopie indicator n e stax;
  • Short-circuiting for the operation of the GRN line lamps from the faults.
  • Short circuit of the fuel heating line;
  • Short circuit to the “ground” of the fuel preheating device electrocope;
  • Short circuit of the fuel preheating circuit.
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Video review of Kamaz-43118

Video evaluation of the Kanglim 2056 manipulator on the chassis of the Kamaz-43118:

Interior, exterior enlargement, Kamaz-43118 engine:

Maya-100S hydraulic coil lift truck on Kamaz-43118 chassis:

What they write on the forums: Reviews of drivers and owners of the Kamaz-43118

Ivan Sokolov, 38, Volgograd region:

I own a Kamaz-43118 for four years, I bought the truck from preservation in the army with a mileage of 20,000 km. The car is easy to maintain and operate, reliable enough, has excellent cross-country ability. There is no comfort for the driver. There is a lot of noise in the cabin, it shakes in the street, the equipment is very poor – the constructors didn’t even bother to have a tire pressure sensor, not to mention the possibility to pump the wheels. I would also note the weak wiring.

KAMAZ-43118: Technical Specifications

KAMAZ-43118 – high cross-country truck (6×6 cycle formula) with flatbed or universal chassis, produced by the KAM automobile plant in Naberezhnye Chelny since 1995. In 2011-2016, this model was second in sales among all machines of the system by Kamaz-65115. And at the end of 2017, the Kamaz-43118 became the best-selling truck in the Russian Federation. It is not only a truck, but also a multifunctional versatile platform with high cross-country capability for transportation of cargo and people, as well as for installation of various types of special devices.

About the history and purpose of this model

Direct predecessor and basis for the creation of Kamaz-43118 was all-wheel drive Kamaz-4310, which was designed by designers of the Likhachev plant at the beginning of the Kama Automobile Plant. Kamaz-4310 was comprehensively upgraded in 1989 and served as the basis for a new three-axle model 6×6.

The beginning was in 1992, when a new model of three-axle truck with increased cross-country capability for law enforcement agencies was developed. The new model was brought to mass production in 1995. Since the first years of mass production, it began to be asked not only by the Ministry of Defense, Interior Ministry and Emergencies Ministry, but also in many sectors of the economy – everywhere, where an impressive load capacity and exceptional cross-country ability are required. The cross-country ability is necessary.

In 2010, the Kamaz-43118 underwent a different model from the Kamaz camera, which changed the configuration and appearance. The model was equipped with a new, much more modern cab. Kamaz-43118 received a streamlined molded hood in the color of the cab, modified rear view, integrated side panels and a completely different grille.

The changes also affected the headlights’ optics, turn signals, and lights were combined into a single unit. The windshield of the cabin has become stronger and is not divided in half. The quality of the interior surfaces has improved noticeably. Due to the design changes the mileage of KAMAZ 43118 was increased to 700 000 km, and then the interval between services was extended to 30 000 km. The improved diesel engine has received an electronic injection system “Common Rail” and was certified to meet Euro-4 standard.

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Today the truck is actively used in mining and processing industry, power industry and construction. This truck has a high cross-country ability, which is successful in difficult terrain, as well as in transportation of timber and various cargoes and crews of oil and gas companies. In addition to cross-country ability, KAMAZ-43118 is notable for its unpretentiousness and perseverance, due to which it is in steady demand.

Shift buses and tankers, workers and drillers, road trains and tractors are mounted on the vehicle chassis. Regardless of design type, Kamaz-43118 can confidently and reliably operate under any weather, climate and road conditions.

Design features of the Kamaz-43118

Unlike many other Kamazes, on the 43118 the cargo platform is installed near the cable, which means that it can be designed as long and spacious as possible. The spare wheel, which is usually located on KAMAZ truck behind the cab, on KAMAZ 43118 is located at the rear. The cargo platform, equipped with metal folding plates, is available as an on-board and directly conversational version.

Payload of the truck is 11 tons (in the new version it was originally defined by the manufacturer as 10 tons). KAMAZ-43118 was equipped with automatic control of tire pressure. In this model the tire pressure is maintained on all axles, and this eliminates the inconvenience that is sometimes annoying when using all kinds of trucks. Thanks to automatic regulation, you can reduce the pressure when driving over difficult terrain and change the setting from the comfort of the cab.

Mature KAMAZ-43118 of the new version has the size 425 / 85R21 and indexing “J”, which implies a maximum speed of 100 km/h. Another design feature of the modern version of KAMAZ-43118 is a hydraulic cab elevator, without which tipping of the high cab would be very problematic.

Permanent high cross-country ability of KAMAZ-43118 is ensured not only by 6×6 wheel arrangement with integral inter-axle and inter-axle differentials, multilayer tires, automatic tire inflation system, but also by a powerful diesel engine.

As additional equipment, KAMAZ-43118 trucks can be equipped with a windbreaker, a wave crane to drive special buildings units and a towing device (TSU).


The truck is equipped with a KAMAZ-740 eight-cylinder V-type diesel engine with turbocharging and charge air cooling system. In 1995-2009, this was an engine KAMAZ-740.30-260 (Euro 2). And since 2010 the KAMAZ-740.662-300 (Euro 4) engine is installed. A certain (insignificant) number of trucks was produced with imported cummins diesel engines, which were made in China.

The working volume of the engine Kamaz-740.30-260 is 10.85 liters. Power of this engine: the maximum net payload is 180 kW or 245 hp; nominal gross payload is 191 kW or 260 hp. The maximum usable torque is 1060 Nm or 108 kg cm at crankshaft speeds of 1200 … 1400 rpm. Compression ratio is 16.5.

KAMAZ-740.662-300 engine with electronic Common Rail injection system has a working volume of 11.76 liters. Its maximum power output is 221 kW or 300 hp. The maximum usable torque is 1275 Nm or 130 kg cm at a crankshaft speed of 1900 rpm. Cylinder diameter is 120 mm and stroke is 130 mm. Compression ratio is 17.

Clutch and transmission

Clutch is a diaphragm insert with a hydraulic actuator – pneumatic booster. The updated truck uses the clutch of the same system, but made by ZF & Sachs, Model MFZ-430.

After upgrading on KAMAZ-43118 gearbox became Zif’s model ZF-9S1310. It is a manual gearbox. It can only partially be called imported: in recent years KAMAZ established its own licensed production of ZF gearboxes. The older trucks have their own Kamaz transmission with ten gears (5 with downshift).

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Gearbox on Kamaz-43118 is mechanical, two-level with a lockable middle gear and pneumatic control. Transmission ratios are as follows: 1.692 for main gear (lowered) and 0.917 for second gear (overdrive). The final transfer ratio is 5.94 or 6.53.

Brakes, wheels, electrical equipment

The braking system is pneumatically actuated. Brake drum diameter is 400 mm. Brake pad width is 140 mm. Total brake pad area is 6300 cm2. A backup brake system is available as a backup in case the main system fails. It acts as a parking brake.

By activating the emergency braking system, the driver can brake on a level lane by moving the handle up about a third. When driving further uphill, the remaining load brakes are activated.

The auxiliary brake system is activated by a special button. It helps to smoothly negotiate long downhill gradients in a road train. The auxiliary system is designed so that it works without shifting gears (in the gear that is in effect at the moment it is activated). This mechanism also reduces the risk of brake overheating.

The truck bikes are slicks. Rim size is 12.2-20.9 (310-533). Tires are pneumatic, with pressure adjustment.

The voltage of the electrical system is 24 V. Two batteries “ST-190” V/AH, 12 V/190 AH are available. Generator is 28 V / 2000 W.

Information in numbers.

  • Length – 8.58 m; Width – 2.5 m; Height – 3.455 m.
  • Wheelstand – 3.96 + 1.32 m.
  • Ground clearance – 385 mm.
  • Unladen weight – 10,4 t.
  • Payload – 10 tons (in the updated version – 11 tons).
  • Allowed construction with a charge – 12 t.
  • GVW is 20.9 t. Load on the front axle – 5,6 t; on the rear bogie – 15,3 t.
  • Gross trailer weight – 12 tons.
  • Internal dimensions of loading area – 6,112 x 2,47 m.
  • Volume of the body – 18,5 cubic meters.
  • Height of side – 0,5 m or 0,73 m.
  • Tire size – 425/85 R21 (1260 × 425-533p).
  • Maximum speed – 90 km/h.
  • Angle of elevation – not less than 31%.
  • Outer clearance radius – 11.5 m.
  • Volume of the fuel tank – 170 liters, or 350 liters, or 210 + 210 liters, or 350 + 210 liters.

KAMAZ-43118 Cab

The truck is equipped with a cabin, located above the engine, which includes a high roof and a full bed. In the updated redesign of 2010 the comfort of the cabin was significantly increased.

An air-sprung, mechanically adjustable padded driver’s seat is now installed in every version of this vehicle. Heated seats and air conditioning are offered as optional extras for the Kamaz-43118 cab.

However, as confirmed by numerous tests, the sound insulation of the new cab leaves much to be desired. During operation it continues to growl.

Reviews of the Kamaz-43118 truck

Most owners and drivers speak of the Kamaz-43118 as a reliable and unpretentious vehicle, which fully justifies its cost. The engine is powerful, economical enough, holds the speed well and is quite stable on the highway. At the price the car is much cheaper than foreign analogues, although it still costs a lot.

If we talk about cross-country ability, only few of the “classmates” can match the forces with the truck. It is self-loading without effort and confidently passes any terrain, regardless of severity. Payload capacity is also excellent. The reinforced frame and strong axles make it exceptionally resistant to overloading. Maneuverability for such a large machine is very high – says the owner of Kamaz a-43118 with a manipulator.

The actual fuel consumption when working on hard surfaces is on average 33-36 liters per hundred kilometers. Under a load and difficult road conditions (soft mud, sand), this value increases to 38-45 liters per 100 kilometers and more.

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A number of owners react with indignation to the quality of the car assembly. For example: “Maybe I just got such an unfortunate copy, but for a year and a half and 65,000 km of run I have already succeeded: the cardan shaft of the front axle, clutch, gearbox cross, got in the gearbox, got in this gearbox, got in the gearbox, got in the gearbox, got in the gearbox, got in the front axle, the front axle cardan shaft crossed, got in the front axle, got in the gearbox several times. The assembly is disgusting. “” “”

Another driver in his three years on the Kamaz-43118 Artment, which has hauled timber in very difficult terrain, realizes that there have been no serious breakdowns in all that time. “It’s just the little things.”

But absolutely everyone notes that the new cabin is comfortable and in all respects much more progressive than the old one, when driving which causes loud noise – clutter – in a few hours behind the wheel fatigue sets in.

Some drivers criticize the decision to put a replacement tire under the truck frame. It seems like a good thing – in terms of more space on the frame for various installations, and the bike is crazy about axles… but “If you walk in heavy mud, that spare tire pulls out everything that hits the street AND exactly the street you were walking on.” Because of this, those who happen to have a truck with very modest brazenness and particularly boggy places would prefer to have a spare tire like previous KAMAZs.

Another innovation that has been mercilessly criticized by drivers is the plastic bumper on the new cab. “What clever person invented a n e road that formulates plastic pads through forests and swamps? It has to be sealed all the time! When you work in the woods, you have to replace the protocol sometimes when you work under the car, this bumper doesn’t fit at all. Yes, maybe it is safer in case of accidents. But for the Russian conditions the cab with this bumper is idiotic. In the previous model Kamaz-43114 the bumpers were made of iron, why spoil the evolution. And so on.

The driver, who had the opportunity to work on the Kamaz-43118 during the “Olympic Bauwerk” in Sochi in 2014, is not happy with this truck: “With a thoroughbred, I got burnt on a broken down street on the dumping ground. I overtake myself like a standing man who has overtaken me more than once – on a Chinese Maldek, because other than in third gear my Kamaz refused to go! It seems to me that this car is only made for the streets, not the mountains! “

In the updated cabin, the KAMAZ-43118 looked much more modern. The instrument field was updated, the seats were upholstered in a hard, lightly brushed fabric. But the cheap and bulky plastic on the door covers remained the same. However, this machine is designed for dirty work in difficult conditions, so in the first place it is practicality, not comfort. In principle, the Kamaz-43118 still has a little competition, even with Western analogues, which are much more expensive.

The cost of the Kamaz-43118 truck

The price of a new Kamaz-43118 starts from the mark of 3,300,000 rubles (flatbed). KAMAZ-43118 with special equipment on the chassis (crane-manipulator units, liners, shift buses, etc.) costs from 4 500 000 rubles and more. Depending on the year of manufacture and a certain technical condition, this model is offered on the secondary market at a price of 1 250 000 rubles.

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