KAMAZ 43118 – description and characteristics


Kama Automobile Plant is the largest Russian manufacturer of trucks, which is constantly improving its technology. Each model of Kamaz has proven itself with the best side. Its striking representative is the truck 43118 – an unpretentious in maintenance and endurance vehicle suitable for any road conditions. The model can compete with foreign counterparts and at the same time wins them in terms of maintainability and payload. Despite the competitive advantages, KAMAZ-43118 has not lost its original traditions of KAMA truck plant and still is positioned as a budget truck with great possibilities.

vehicle description

KAMAZ 43118 is the most popular dump truck in the range of the brand. Its chassis is used for the production of other special equipment at the plants in Naberezhnye Chelny.

The model has been produced since 1995, which proves its reliability and long service life. Reviews of drivers say that this is the ideal vehicle for Russian roads and operating conditions.

The main advantage of this dump truck with KM is the availability of spare parts and low maintenance costs. Owners of foreign special vehicles often face the problem of searching and ordering spare parts. With domestic dump trucks there is no such problem – parts can be purchased in any city in Russia.

Other advantages:

KAMAZ 43118 with a crane Soosan 736

  • high cross-country ability;
  • the possibility of additional equipment;
  • comfort of the driver;
  • a wide choice of engines and transmissions;
  • high cross-country ability;
  • Good load capacity.

You can order a vehicle with different types of unloading: side, rear or three-sectional. They are equipped with self-unloading mechanisms. You can also choose the shape of the body – rectangular or “shovel” type.

scheduled assignments.

The all-wheel drive chassis 43118 is used as a mounting base for various devices.

Hourly buses are used to transport people in cold climatic conditions with ambient temperature ranging from 40 ° C to +40 ° C.

Lumber trucks on all-terrain chassis 43118 are designed for blasting Hirt Holz as a part of a road train with a spreader trailer.

On the wheeled platform of the truck there are truck cranes to perform lifting bots.

The truck bed or ATZ on the Kamaz-43118 is used for transportation and short-term storage of petroleum products, aggressive liquids and gases.

Common bodies are often installed on the base platform for transportation of cargoes requiring protection from external factors.

Technical characteristics


The KAMAZ 45118 was equipped with diesel engines 740.55-300 or 740.55-260 made by the KAMAZ Plant.

The engines in the basic configuration meet the requirements of ECOLOGICAL standard EULO-3 and have fuel consumption (depending on road conditions and load) from 33 to 55 liters per 100 kilometers. For comparison, in 4310 this figure is 31 liters.

The volume of oil in the engine is 30 liters.

fuel consumption

Official data is consistent with the actual fuel consumption data, which the owners of Kamaz-43118 show in their reviews. In any case, the economy of the vehicle depends on the conditions in which it will be operated. The more difficult the conditions, the higher the cost. And yet the developers managed to reach a certain compromise. Therefore, the basic Kamaz-43118 has an average consumption of 33 liters. And this flow rate is achieved at speeds up to 50 km/h. This does not mean that this figure is good. The fact that the truck has received two fuel tanks. Their capacity is 210 and 350 liters.

The ideal characteristics of the GTDX 970 allow using it for a long time without refueling.

fuel system

The fuel system (of the vehicle) is a combination of the following mechanisms:

  • high-pressure pump;
  • injectors;
  • fine and coarse filters;
  • low pressure fuel pump;
  • fuel lines;
  • tank;
  • Magnetic valve;
  • Electric false-start handle plugs.
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Ts split-type spark plugs clean and distribute fuel evenly throughout the cylinders.


Regardless of the engine type, a nine-speed gearbox is used, either a domestically made KAMAZ-154 type or a German ZF 9S 131 OTO. Both transmissions include both main gear and a splitter. The main transmission is mechanical and the dividers are pneumo-mechanical.

A transfer case and a system of locking interwheel and interroll differentials were used to operate the four-wheel drive system.

power supply

Power supply system is based on the scheme for all KAMAZ trucks with 24 V voltage from two series-connected batteries and generator. In this machine is used alternator of domestic production YAMZ or Bosh capacity of 2 kW.

brake system

This truck is equipped with a combined braking system (parking and base), they have a common pneumatic actuator control and common braking mechanisms.

Production of many Kamaz models has been suspended, but they are still actively used. Kamaz 5320 trucks were produced from 1976 to 2000.

Kamaz 55111 was produced from 1987 to 2012.

And such models, as, for example, KAMAZ-65205, are still in successful production.

  • Payload – 10 tons.
  • Gross weight – 20.7 tons
  • Gross weight of the trailer – 12 tons.
  • Maximal speed – 90 km per hour
  • Max. winch angle – 28 degrees
  • Volume of the fuel tank – 350+210 liters

Several versions of the truck and special equipment are available on the KAMAZ 43118 chassis.

wheel formula

front axle

The Euro standard front axle has a long service life and wear resistance.

The crankcase is offset to the left of the center, so the left half-axle is shorter than the right. At the inner end there are 20 splines for fixing the half-axle gears, connected to the 4 satellites of the inter-axle differential, at the other end there is a hub for fixing the wheel. The half-axle shafts are unloaded and transmit torque to the wheel pair.

The front axle, like the other axles, is driven, but it is distinguished by a curved beam for low engine seating, on which the crankcase and control and braking elements are mounted. The alternator belt connects the 3 gears in parallel and is attached to the shafts.

dimensions and payload

KAMAZ-43118 weights about 8,750 kg curb weight, of which 4150 kg on rear wheels, the remaining 4600 kg on the front axle. The truck has a fairly high payload of 10 tons. Low frame version has an estimated mass of 10 500 kg. Also at the market there is a tractor-trailer version. The total mass of this modification is 12 000 kg. The most technically advanced version KamAZ-43118 is the same name road train, which can tow a record load of 32 650 kg.

The wheelbase of the truck is 3960 mm, and ground clearance and ground clearance is about 12300 mm.

Width of the truck body is 2500 mm, and height and length are 3455 and 8580 mm. The loading area dimensions are also very impressive. Its length is 6112 mm and width is 2470 mm. The loading and unloading area is provided by the loading area with hinged sides. There are versions with metal boards, as well as with a frame tent. According to official data, the loading height of closed truck is about 1545 mm.

Wheelbase is 3960 mm, and ground clearance and turning radius reach about 12300 mm.

There are only two modifications of KamAZ-43118 – a flatbed truck, as well as universal chassis. Both trucks have different purposes, but the construction is almost identical, and therefore have a high interchangeability of parts. This feature greatly increases maintainability and reduces operating costs.

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KAMAZ-43118 features

features of the body

KAMAZ dump truck chassis is specially designed to work in the field, where there are no flat roads and poor cross-country in the spring and autumn period.

Technical characteristics of the chassis:

Parameters of the KamAZ 43118 chassis

  • three-axle;
  • The wheel formula is 6×6:
  • The cabin is located above the engine;
  • Front suspension is on leaf springs;
  • Inter-axle and inter-axle differentials are equipped with locking mechanisms.

All devices are designed to reduce wear and tear of tires and transmission.

KAMAZ 43118 dump trucks are designed to transport, load and unload loose goods. They are used in construction and agriculture. Therefore, cross-country ability is one of the key factors in choosing a special equipment. Trucks can cope with tasks of any complexity.

Wheel diameter of the dump truck is 21 inches. The tire size is 425/85 R21, pressure in them is regulated automatically. They have a special pattern that is not afraid of dirt and snow. The wheels are specially designed for this dump truck, and each wheel can hold 4 tons. KAMAZ 43118 has good maneuverability and high cross-country ability in all weather conditions.

KAMAZ-43118 suspension

This is a time-tested vehicle, which is constantly being improved and finalized at the factory. The advantage over its foreign counterparts is its simple design. It can be repaired even in the field, away from settlements. The drivers quickly learn the skills of repairing a dump truck, in contrast to the complicated design of imported special equipment.

KAMAZ is an ideal vehicle for Russian construction and agriculture. The 43118 engines and transmissions are some of the most reliable in commercial vehicles.

air system

The compressed air source in the pneumatic braking system is a 2-cylinder air piston compressor of 1-stage pressure.

The capacity is 220 l/min at 2200 rpm and a back pressure of 700 kPa.

The controller maintains pressure in the brake system and protects against contamination. The design includes a limiter that isolates the tire filling system and pneumatic actuator in the event of a pressure drop.

The brake valve actuator is pneumatic, separately transmitting the force of the driver’s foot along a rod to the brake lever.

The wheels are fitted with 40 cm drums.

The front brake chambers are diaphragm type.

The parking brake is activated by moving the knob to the desired position. A replacement system is available if the main brake fails.

Cooling system

The KAMAZ-43118 cooling system consists of the following main elements:

  • Cooler;
  • Water pump;
  • Water pump; Atomizer;
  • Thermostat;
  • Thermostat; Fan;
  • Hydraulic coupling.

The variable speed drive automatically adjusts the fan speed and maintains engine cooling. The fan is protected by a thin metal dancing shroud for more efficient air flow to the cooler.

Circulation of coolant through the system is provided by a water pump whose internal working cavities are sealed.

Thermostats are responsible for freeze protection temperature flows.

The cooler is 3- or 4-row, made according to the classical scheme. Fastening – three-point.


KAMAZ trucks consist of a large number of complex assemblies and parts.

Design and cabin

The KAMAZ-43118 exterior features many improvements and technical innovations. For example, pay attention to the significantly expanded loading area, which has moved closer to the cab. As a result of these modifications, a full-fledged spare wheel has been installed on the rear of the frame. The platform itself offers two options – an open track and an awning.

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The improved Kamaz-43118 chassis is so versatile that it can be completed with different bodies. For example, depending on the destination, this vehicle is positioned as a tank truck, truck crane and trough. In addition, a crane can be installed on the 43118 chassis. However, in this case it is recommended to place it at the end of the platform or directly behind the cab. The loading crane is an ideal replacement for a standard forklift.

The Kamaz-43118 has proven itself as a wood hauler. In addition, the “short logging truck” modification is well known on the market. This truck has the best geometric cross-country ability and can overcome almost any terrain in the forest.

The cabin of the truck provides comfort and convenience on long trips. A soft air-sprung driver’s seat with different mechanical settings deserves special attention. The list of equipment also includes power windows and multimedia system.

The KAMAZ-43118 has practically the same cabin structure. And yet the external changes are obvious. Restyling involves, for example, an upgraded grille, improved side mirrors and integrated side panels. Also note the shaped bumper in the color of the cabin. Visibility has been improved by installing a one-piece windshield, and three windshield wipers provide more efficient windshield wiping.

Few changes have been made to the interior. The main innovation can be seen only in the design of the dashboard, which now has an anti-glare coating. Also note the upgraded elements and quality of materials in the cabin. In top versions, there is a sleeping module behind the seats. Still in standard KAMAZ-43118 is positioned as a truck for short and medium distances.

It’s nice that even in basic version the truck has additional heat and noise insulation. Thanks to it the engine in the cabin almost can not be heard, which allows quiet conversations at high speeds.


KAMAZ-43118 are available in two modifications:

  • with a universal frame;
  • with folding metal side parts.

Switchboard is a welded rectangular construction with sloping walls Kung, installed on a 43118-3999-46 base. The vehicle has single-leaf doors in the front and rear with a retractable steel ladder. There are passenger seats in the cabin. The metal frame has double-glazed windows on all sides.

The fuel tanker or oil tanker is a voluminous fuel tank on a platform 3078-46, connected to the upper frame with tie-down straps.

The one-piece tilting cabin is located above the engine and has two doors and three seats.

The ATZ is equipped with a ventilation mechanism, a ladder with wide steps and a working platform with a railing for maintenance. A filler neck is formed in the upper part of the body.

KAMAZ-43118-42 – trucks with an extended frame used as an acid pumping unit for transportation and injection of aggressive liquids into tanks.

KamAZ-43118-15 trucks are equipped with AKN-10 tanks for collecting gas condensate and nonaggressive process liquids.

Also fire trucks AC-8-0-40, AC-6-0-40 and AC-7.0-70 with special equipment and foam concentrate are mounted on the all-terrain vehicle. The pump is driven by a standard power takeoff.

Transporters and mobile workshops are built on the chassis 3027-46. The superstructure consists of a cargo compartment, which is fixed with brackets and stepladders. Walls and roof are made of 5-layer sandwich panels coated with clad metal.

Semitrailer heavy truck with CMU (crane-manipulator) with wheel arrangement 6-6 and tire pressure control system is used both on roads with bad pavement and without it. The length of wheelbase is up to 5.5 m. The model is equipped with a fifth wheel, which allows you to change semi-trailers during operation.

Short log truck on the KamAZ-43118 chassis is a semi-trailer for transportation of assortments of 4-6 m. The platform includes 4 pairs of welded berths, located on the sides of the vehicle, a front shield and a grooved floor. A manipulator for loading and unloading is installed on it.

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The KAMAZ-43118-24, which technical characteristics speak about high cross-country ability and maneuverability on difficult terrains, is an upgraded model of a large-capacity tractor. It is equipped with an upgraded all-metal cab with a 4-point hitch. The cabin is equipped with the latest technology and offers comfort and convenience.

The latest models of KAMAZ trucks are called “Saiga” with such high performance characteristics that they are considered military trucks.

operation, maintenance and repair

Maintenance (bis) and repair operations are prescribed in the Kamaz-43118 operation manual. The manual contains passport data on the machine, recommendations for daily, weekly and seasonal.

These include work such as:

  • Inspection;
  • diagnostics;
  • checking the fasteners;
  • Lubrication of parts;
  • Adjustment of clutch, valves and thermal clearances.

With the installation of the latest electronic engine management system on cars, it is now possible to make early diagnosis of faults, which are displayed in the form of error codes on the dashboard.

With the release of each new model, their combination is constantly updated.

For deciphering is used a table of numbers, indicating a particular fault. Thus, for a KAMAZ Euro-4 vehicle:


The KAMA plant products on the Russian market are traditionally in great demand. Private haulers and special companies prefer them because of their unpretentiousness in maintenance and endurance. They are not afraid of hard road conditions in Russia, and the cost of KAMAZ trucks is much less than foreign analogues.

The history of the model 43118 began with a willful decision of the Ministry of Defense. The department needed a multi-purpose truck. As important requirements, the Ministry of Defense put forward the minimum requirements for replacement of components and increased cross-country capability.


Soon the Kama automobile plant presented Kamaz-43118. Six-wheeled truck was very successful. In 1995 it began serial production. At the same time the model is now perceived by many as a novelty. It differs from the other vehicles of Kamsky automobile plant by unusual appearance. Especially notable is the new design of the cabin, which was not familiar to its “predecessors”.

Endurance tractor, which belongs to a heavy duty class, quickly gained popularity. The optimal ratio of good performance and affordable price made KAMAZ-43118 one of the leaders in its segment.

Technical characteristics


KAMAZ-43118 weight is 10,000 kg. Curb weight of the truck is 8750 kg (rear axle load – 4150 kg, front axle load – 4600 kg). Weight of flatbed version is 10,500 kg. KAMAZ-43118 is also used as a tractor with a trailer up to 12000 kg or as a road train with a total weight up to 32650 kg.

Width of the model without a mirror is 2500 mm, overall height is 3455 mm and length is 8580 mm. KAMAZ-43118 is equipped with a cargo platform (length-6112 mm, width-2470 mm) with folding metal sides and frame markings. With one side closed, the loading height of the truck is 1545 mm.

Loaded truck has a maximum speed of 90 km/h. The truck can climb inclines of 20 degrees.

Other KAMAZ-43118 features are:

  • wheelbase – 3960 mm;
  • ground clearance – 385 mm;
  • Minimum turning radius – 12300 mm.

KAMAZ-43118 is available in two versions: a general-purpose chassis and a flatbed truck. Specifications of these versions are almost identical.

Fuel consumption of KAMAZ-43118

Fuel consumption of KAMAZ-43118 is 33 l/100 km at speeds of 40-50 km/h. For a truck frame vehicle this is an excellent performance. Given that the model is equipped with two fuel tanks (210 and 350 liters), the vehicle can stand a long time.

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As a power plant for KAMAZ-43118 the manufacturer offers a 4-stroke 8-cylinder diesel engine KAMAZ 740.55-300 with intercooling and turbocharger. The unit corresponds to Euro-3 class and has low fuel consumption.

Properties of the KAMAZ 740.55-300 engine:

  • Working volume – 10.85 liters;
  • Rated power – 245 hp;
  • RPM – 2200 rpm;
  • Maximum torque – 1060 Nm.

Kamsky Plant also offers modifications with a 12-liter unit with increased power (300 hp) and torque (1177 Nm).


In comparison with other KAMAZ trucks KAMAZ-43118 has a number of changes in design of the platform. The developers significantly lengthened it, making it as close to the cab as possible. For this reason, the spare wheel had to be installed under the frame behind it. The customer can choose between two types of platforms – with a tent or open.

KAMAZ-43118 is equipped with an upgraded chassis, on the basis of which one can install devices: tanker truck, crane and tipper. Very often a hydraulic manipulator is installed on the truck, which can be placed either at the end of the platform, or directly behind the cab. Also popular are block trucks and toilets on the basis of the Kamaz-43118, which are confident due to the increased skills to work in rough terrain and impassable woodlands. With a manipulator it is possible to replace the loader and reduce the cost of additional machines.


KAMAZ-43118 is designed on the basis of all-terrain platform frame with a spring and front suspension and has a bicycle configuration of six by six. All wheels are equipped with drum brakes with pneumatic actuator. As steering is used RBL element with the latest hydraulic booster.

The tractor is equipped with a 28-volt generator (2000 watts), two standard 190 a*h batteries and a steering column adjustable in two directions.

The KAMAZ-43118 cab has a padded seat with air suspension and mechanical adjustment. As an option the truck is equipped with an armrest, air conditioning, power selection box, heated driver, power windows and a standard CD-magnet.

The frame of the vehicle remained the same, but its exterior features have been greatly improved. The radiator grille has been upgraded, there is a modified rear-view mirror, which has been optimized by a cast bumper, designed in the color of the interior and integrated side panels. Developers did not forget about the appearance and installed the turn indicator, headlights and headlights in a single unit. One-piece windshield has significantly increased driver’s visibility. The installation of three wiper blades increased the cleaning area of the glass.

Internal changes were not so global. The key is the transformation of the dashboard, which received anti-glare coating. The quality of interior elements and materials has improved noticeably. Some modifications from Kamaz-43118 acquired a sleeping compartment. But the classic version of the truck is positioned as a truck for medium and short trips. Even in basic version there is a soft mattress. Thanks to the latest body materials, modified air duct system and powerful heating, the cabin became warmer and more soundproof.

Price of new and used

The cost of a new KAMAZ-43118 with a base configuration is 1.8-2 million rubles. The modifications with the installed special equipment cost more than 3-4 million rubles.

Used trucks from 2007-2008 production years cost 1.1-1.2 mln. for a bit cheaper variant. KAMAZ-43118 trucks for rent are in demand too. One has to get 1200-1500 rubles per hour.

The analogue of .

The analog of the model Kamaz-43118 is its “classmate”, the tractor Kamaz-65117.

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