Kamaz 4310: Dimensions and payload, transmission, electrical equipment and other properties

Kamaz 4310: technical characteristics

Kamaz model 4310 is a truck of the well-known in Russia domestic manufacturer, which has gained respect and popularity due to its reliability and high cross-country capability, as well as all-wheel drive from three independent axles. Due to its design features and technical properties, KAMAZ 4310 is a multipurpose vehicle, which can also drive on any terrain.

The truck under consideration has a great enough potential that it can be used in various areas of human activities. KAMAZ manufacturer originally positioned this vehicle as one of the main models for military purposes. In service, the technical properties of the Kamaz 43101 allowed the truck to show its abilities.

Modifications of Kamaz 4310

Three modifications of the legendary Russian truck rolled off the assembly line of the Kama Auto Plant.

  1. Version 105 was equipped with a diesel engine Kamaz-740.10 with an output of 210 hp and was a civilian multi-purpose vehicle.
  2. Version 106 had a 220-horsepower KAMAZ-740-20 engine. Specifications of KAMAZ-43106 were improved, also due to a modified transmission.
  3. Version 101 was first shown in ’89. Later it became the most actual. As a drive for the new truck was used the same Kamaz-740-20-20, which received several modifications and improvements. Due to the new features of KamAZ-43101, the depth of ford that the truck could overcome increased to 1.5 meters (originally 0.8 m).

KAMAZ 4310 - 1989

In addition to the three basic versions mentioned above, by order of the army on the basis of Kamaz-4310 was created an armored vehicle Typhoon-1. This vehicle should ensure the fulfillment of combat missions, which were carried out by special units of various law enforcement agencies. It should also be noted that in the late 1980s work began on the production of a special version of the truck with the index S-4310, which was focused on racing competitions.

Kamaz 4310 Typhoon

Design features

The steering mechanism of the machine consists of several main units.

  • Toothed wave.
  • Piston rack.
  • Attachments.

For older models, there is also a steering booster. KAMAZ is equipped with reliable spring suspensions, the rear is a balancer design with jet struts, and the front is based on semi-echteric feathers with shock-absorbing springs.

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The cargo wheels of the corresponding series are characterized by a disc design. Rim parameters range from 31.0 to 53.3 centimeters. The rubber is wide-profile, and devices are used to adjust the pressure in the tube.

Kamaz 4310 overcomes Ford

The mechanical drum winch, which belongs to the standard equipment of the machine, is driven by the cardan drive. This solution is quite effective, because the highest values of traction are:

  • 10800 kgf (front);
  • 15400 kgf (rear).

Note that a total of 4 PTOs are included in the truck – one on each of the three axles and one in between. As an option the truck platform is equipped with lattice sides and benches for up to three dozen passengers.

engine and dynamics

The standard 4310 series vehicle was equipped with two types of engines.


The initial modifications (4310 and 43105) were equipped with a four-stroke 8-cylinder diesel KAMAZ-740.10. This is a 210 hp engine (154 kW) with a working volume of 10.85 liters and torque of 637 Nm. The cooling system is liquid type.

Kamaz 740.10 engine


The updated trucks (43106 and 43101) are equipped with a four-stroke eight-cylinder KAMAZ-740.10-20 engine, nicknamed Rax. It is similar to its predecessor, but has a higher capacity – 162 kW or 220 “horses”.

KAMAZ 740.10-20 engine

The dynamic characteristics of Kamaz-4310 is very impressive. In 35 seconds it accelerates to 60 km/h and reaches the “maximum variant” at 85 km/h. Also note that at 40 km/h the truck stops completely in 17 meters.

fuel consumption

With this engine, fuel consumption reaches 31 liters per “hundredth”. To store fuel there are two 125-liter tanks, which provides a distance of 830 kilometers without refueling.

transmission and brakes

KAMAZ-4310 comes standard with

  • all-wheel drive;
  • universal gearbox;
  • 2nd and 5th speed synchromesh;
  • 5-speed manual transmission;
  • Mid-difference locking.

The machine’s drum brakes have a pneumatic 2-circuit actuator. There is also a parking brake with reserve.

capacity and dimensions

In the class of Midstonage truck tractors, the model in question is one of the overall dimensions. Linear parameters of the truck body are 3.59 x 2.50 meters and wheelbase is 7.65 x 3.34 meters. With such dimensions:

  • The track width is 2.01 meters.
  • Turning radius – 1120 cm;
  • Height – 153 cm;
  • Exit – 36.5 cm.
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KAMAZ 4310 dimensions, scheme

Net weight of the Kamaz – 8410 kilograms, and the maximum payload – 6 tons.


KAMAZ-4310 specifications would be incomplete without mentioning the driver’s cab. In a modern truck it is three-seat and comfortable enough, which is responsible for a quality heat/noise insulation. Inside there is an independent heater.

Note that the basic version of the domestic vehicle does not provide a sleeping place, but this nuance is easily corrected by ordering it as an option. The design of seats allows for personal adjustment of tilt, reach and weight.

Cab view of Kamaz 4310

Price of Kamaz 4310

According to the latest manufacturer data, the market price of the new Kamaz-4310 without additional devices begins at a mark of 1.45 million rubles. Any additional options and attachments increase the price, which is to be expected.

Garbage trucks manufactured before 2000 are now sold for 400-700 thousand rubles. In this case, the price depends more on the configuration, and on the condition of the car, the engine and its components.

Kamaz 4310: model modifications. Technical specifications: parameters of the engine, gearbox and clutch

Kamaz 4310 is a popular model of truck, designed for off-road driving. It is also known as a logging truck, a powerful vehicle, as a dump truck. The chassis is equipped so that it can be used both as a tractor with a semi-trailer, and as an ordinary truck. Year of manufacture: Since 1981 up to now.

Ideal for transportation of goods like bulk products, logs and other bulky objects.

Modifications of the basic model

Kamaz 4310 has the largest number of modifications. Since the machine went into serial production, it has been produced in its original version for as long as 9 years, but it became so popular that the engineers of the plant decided to create several modifications, and they were not mistaken – they were asked.

Let’s take a closer look at the available modifications:

  • KAMAZ 43101 – used in conjunction with a trailer equipped with benches to carry passengers. The body could carry 30 passengers;
  • KAMAZ 43106 – almost a full analogue of the previous version, but with increased capacity, also carried trailers;
  • KAMAZ 43105 – also used for transportation of cargo or loaded trailers, including military purposes;
  • military modification 4310 – truck model with a roofed awning for transportation of soldiers and armored plates for protection of the cabin, the name “Typhoon-1”.
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In general, the serial production of KAMAZ 4310 is considered one of the most successful projects of the domestic automotive industry. Trucks of different production batches differ not only by year of manufacture, but also by appearance. This is due to the fact that customer requirements have changed and the manufacturer had to adjust to them, especially this trend is noticeable in the vehicles of the 90s.

KAMAZ 4310 Truck Specifications

Description of the technical characteristics of the KAMAZ 4310:

  • Engine can be from several models depending on the year, the most common models 740.10-20 and 740.10, power 210-220 hp, rpm from 1600 to 2600 rpm.
  • all-wheel drive, permanent;
  • Axles with lockable differential;
  • fuel – diesel;
  • five-speed transmission;
  • two-speed transmission;
  • remote control of transfer case;
  • PTO from transfer case 60 hp;
  • steering mechanism – propeller, with piston rod;
  • disc wheels, tire parameters: 310-533 rim, 1220×400-533 with adjustable air pressure, depending on the condition of the road on which the vehicle is driving
  • spring suspension, with shock absorbers;
  • brake system with drum mechanism (you can see the diagram of the brake system below);
  • pneumatic parking brake;
  • mechanical winch;
  • the speed of the vehicle 90 km/h;
  • load-carrying capacity 6000 kg;
  • maximum weight of the trailer 10 000 kg;
  • Tank capacity 2×125 l., depending on the modification the fuel capacity can be different;
  • Transmission 8.5, TCp-15K;
  • Fuel consumption is 24 liters per 100 kilometers on average;
  • Vehicle dimensions: length – 7650 mm, width – 2500 mm.

To know all the characteristics of the engine, read the instruction manual, which comes with it. If the car is not new, demand all the necessary documents for it at the purchase.

The driver’s workplace: what does it look like?

The driver’s cab of KAMAZ 4310 is all-metal and designed for three seats. The frame of the cabin is reinforced, there is insulation and waterproofing, soft upholstery of the driver’s and passenger’s seats. It is convenient because the front panel rises and the driver has free access to electronics and windshield washers. Slotted windshield with a good viewing angle. spring suspension. cab width.

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electrics: wiring diagram with description

Electrical equipment and parameters of the winch:

  • On-board network has a voltage of 24 V;
  • Batteries 6ST-190TR or 190TM.

Color scheme of KAMAZ 4310 electrical equipment:

Brake system and engine cooling system

Diagram of the braking system of KAMAZ 4310:

KAMAZ 4310 engine cooling color scheme:

KAMAZ 4310 main faults

According to driver ratings, the most common malfunctions of a Kamaz, regardless of model, are as follows:

  • Clogged particulate filter;
  • Discharge of the battery;
  • Blown bulbs in the headlights;
  • Lack of necessary power in the engine;
  • Decreased pressure in the lubricant.

Where can I buy spare parts for Kamaz 4310?

Considering the fact that the vehicle is a mass-produced model, and at the moment we recommend buying spare parts for it (e.g., steering, transfer case, lamps, electronics, etc.) only from authorized dealers. Parts for this tractor are quite affordable. So when buying you can be confident in the originality and quality. Contact your dealer and ask for availability! Parts not yet in stock can be obtained from your dealer when you order.

Error code decoding

Error code ADM3 (J1939) SPN Error code ADM3 (J1939) FMI Error code ADM3 (K-Line) Error code MR2 (K-Line) Error position Error description
173 12406 Engine exhaust temperature Above nominal value
173 15 12429 Engine exhaust temperature Exhaust temperature too high
174 3 11115 Fuel temperature “A” sensor Inlet closed on high level
174 4 11116 Fuel temperature “A” sensor Input closed low
175 3 11015 Actuator temperature sensor High level
175 4 11016 Actuator temperature sensor Low
190 10530 Engine RPM Machine condition
191 9 17709 Transmission output shaft misalignment Incorrect renewal rate
191 19 17719 Transmission output shaft misalignment The resulting network data is incorrect
354 3 13415 Combined air sensor, humidity sensor High level
354 4 13416 Combined air sensor, humidity sensor Low
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Photos of Kamaz 4310 of different years of manufacture

The cost of a new and used car, analogue

The cost of a new KAMAZ 4310 is 1.8 million rubles and 2.5 million rubles. Used cars of these models can be purchased for up to 1.5 million rubles (the price may be higher or lower depending on the year of manufacture, condition of the truck, its configuration and mileage).

From the more expensive modern counterparts the manufacturer recommends models 43114 or 43118.

Video review of Kamaz 4310

Video from the owners of Kamaz:

Reviews of the Kamaz 4310


“I often hear a comparison of this machine with the Ural, I want to say that this truck can not be compared with the Ural. There is also a manipulator.” Kamaz 4310 The machine is a size above! I had a chance to work on such a truck for dump trucks, it’s rare to find such a truck nowadays. I was pulling the trailer on myself, and the truck could go everywhere! Nowadays they are rare, except for the latest, the latest. “

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