Kamaz-4308: Description, technical and operational features

Kamaz-4308: technical characteristics

Kamaz 4308: technical characteristics

The Kamaz-4308 truck was the debut of the Kamaz automobile plant in the urban-middle tank class. The debut is quite successful: since 2006, when this model was put into production, KAMAZ annually produces and sells from 750 to 2500 of these vehicles. What are the features of the design of this truck, what are its technical features, how did Kamaz-4308 performed under heavy duty conditions?

The simplest model in the list of Kamaz automobile industry – Kamaz-4308 or Kamazenok, as it was called by the people. It is a dweller of “stone jungles” and asphalt roads: it has nothing to do on unpaved streets. But from the very beginning Kamaz-4308 was designed to operate in a purely urban environment and on intercity asphalt roads with short and medium range.

Successful and timely start of the model; Scope of its application

The creation of a product that was not inspired for KAMAZ – its own model of medium-duty truck – in the early 2000s was inspired by the example of colleagues from the Minsk Automobile Plant. In 2000, MAZ-4370 Zubrenok with load capacity of 5 tons quickly became popular at MAZ.

At that time on CIS market there was a constant demand for trucks of this class. And it was satisfied mainly by used trucks of Japanese and European authors.

As our companies, which “responded” in the Soviet times to the publication of the medium-duty trucks – ZIL and GAZ – did not offer anything “in time”. The families GAZ-3307, ZIL-4331 and their modifications became hopelessly outdated and could not compete under the new economic conditions. And “Gazelles”, “Valdai” and “Gobi” with all their other advantages were less affordable.

Successful and timely starting of the model; its scope

At the representative VIII International specialized exhibition Commercial Vehicle Show 2007 held in April-May 2007 in Moscow International Exhibition Crocus Expo the new KAMAZ-4308 received the title “The best Russian truck”. And also it won the second place in the nomination “for the success in development of the domestic market”. Moreover, at Crocus the KAMAZ was represented not only as a usual truck, but also in various modifications. In particular, an auto wrecker with a crane-manipulator, a two-stage wrecker and an isothermal van with a hydraulic collector.

When developing the first KAMAZ in Naberezhnye Chelny, specialists tried to combine as much as possible the majority of units and assemblies with already produced “older trucks”. This was done to reduce production costs.

Successful and timely starting of the model; its scope-01

As a result, a real KAMAZ baby with an easily recognizable cab, which is already “KAMAZ”, and a smaller version of the “KAMAZ” OM has remained om. However, the appearance of the company car – a factor of little importance, the main thing is another – its ability to bring profit. Real operating experience has convincingly proved that this ability to “Kamazenka” is all right.

Some features of Kamaz-4308

Among the undisclosed advantages of KAMAZ medium tank are

  • High load capacity (5.5 tons);
  • Low loading height (from 1255 to 885 mm);
  • Economical fuel consumption (14 l/100 km);
  • Manageability in today’s urban environment;
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a street vehicle;
  • Ability to install various types of special devices and designs, which allows you to expand the scope of the car.
  • Relatively cheap price; Availability and cheapness of consumables and spare parts, which means low ownership costs.

Some features of KAMAZ 4308

The last point is the most important argument in competition with imported trucks. In fact not many will claim that a new truck is better than a used one if its maintenance and repair will be much cheaper in future.

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Technical features of the Kamaz-4308

Overall and weight parameters

  • Length – 7,4 (8,45) meters; Width – 2,55 meters; Height (in the cabin) – 2,26 meters; (with a van) – from 3,4 to 3,73 meters;
  • Base rad: 4.1 (4.7) meters;
  • Internal dimensions of the cargo platform: 5.162 m х 2.470 m (or 6.12 m х 2.470 m);
  • Side height: 0.73 m.
  • Payload – 5,5 tons;
  • Curb weight – 5,850 tons;
  • Gross weight – 11,5 tons;
  • Maximum weight of the trailer – 8 tons;
  • Permissible mass of the street truck – 19.5 tons;
  • Maximum rear axle load – 7.2 tons;
  • Maximum front axle load – 4.3 tons;
  • Outer turning radius – 8,500 m;
  • Climb – 25%;

General and mass parameters

Maximum speed of the vehicle with a full load is defined by the manufacturer as 105 km/h. Fuel tank is made in two versions: for 170 or 210 liters.

Kamaz-4308 engine

There was no diesel engine suitable for a compact truck in Kamaz arsenal. It was decided not to “re-invent” the engine, but to use the experience of foreign colleagues.

Since it was developing its own diesel engine, it would have meant delaying the publication for several years. Although there were such intentions, and the search even came in handy at technical universities.

In the end, the way out was found in cooperation with the world’s largest diesel engine manufacturer, the American company Kammins. Initially these were offers of complete engines, then their spare parts to the company from China and Brazil. And then the organization of joint production of Kammins / Kama in Tatarstan.

Since 2009 the production is in full swing, with localized production of all major assemblies and parts. The most complex engine unit – the cylinder block – is manufactured at the Russian KAMAZ metallurgy foundry.

However, some individual engine parts for the KAMAZ-4308 are supplied to Russia by Chinese and Brazilian cummins. In particular, the Kommonrail fuel system. But in the next few years absolutely all components for the diesels will be made in Russia.

Cummins engines are assembled in Tatarstan with a minimum use of manual labor on high-tech automated lines. The design capacity of the company is 25,000 diesel units a year which not only meets the needs of KAMAZ A, but also makes it possible to supply the engines to other consumers. In particular, Cummins ISBE series engines are used not only for trucks, but also for combinations in buses.

Initially, KAMAZ 4308 trucks were equipped with a four-cylinder Cummins diesel engine of this series, which had a capacity of 4.5 liters and produced 140 hp of nominal power. It was implemented in Euro-2 environmental class. Now Kamazenok is equipped with a 6-cylinder Cummins ISB6.7E4 245 (Euro-4) diesel engine with a maximum power of 245 hp. This is not just a more powerful engine. It is characterized by excellent fuel efficiency, reduced noise and vibration levels, and stable good supercharging.

According to the official KAMAZ website, the technical parameters of a standard KAMAZ-4308 Car Commin ISB6.7E4 245 engine are as follows:

  • Engine type: turbocharged diesel, with intercooled charge air;
  • Displacement: 6.7 liters; Number of cylinders – 6; Linear arrangement;
  • Maximum net power at 2500 rpm crankshaft speed: 178 kW (242 hp);
  • Compression ratio: 17.3;
  • Maximum Net Torque at 1200-1700 rpm: 925 Nm (94 kgf).

The Kammins engine is very durable and well matched to today’s demands for payload and maximum performance – because it is compact, lightweight and has high power-to-weight ratios. Such engine features reduce maintenance costs compared to other diesel engines.

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In addition, the Cummins ISB6.7E4 245 engine runs so smoothly and low that, until now, this was considered impossible for diesel engines in this class.

Gears, axles and brakes of Kamaz-4308

Kamaz medium-duty truck is equipped with a gearbox of its “big brothers”, such as the Kamaz-141, with gear ratios of 0.72-5.62. This is a reliable and time-tested development of the Kamaz automobile plant. Since you have developed it for cast power units, it has greater reliability.

For better interaction of this control unit with a modern engine in a geared design, a diaphragm-disc clutch of a tightening design by the Hungarian company “Sachs” was used, which operates in a dry environment. Bowl drive is hydraulic with pneumatic auxiliary device.

You can also buy KAMAZ-4308, which is equipped with a mechanical six-speed automatic gearbox by the famous company ZF – model ZF 6S1000. KAMAZ-4308 is equipped with a modern hypoid drive axle.

Its device contains interlocking axles, which increases maneuverability and usability of the machine.

Feature of the chassis is the use of a front axle from Kamaz-5320 “Big Power”, which has reduced hubs, stock and pivot knuckle. The brakes are imported Kamaz, Hulda or Wabco, hard disc brakes both front and rear.

KAMAZ-4308 suspension

The suspension of the medium-duty KAMAZ meets modern international standards. The springs include parabolic low structures (2 meters). There is a three-leaf design in the rear of the vehicle, and a two-leaf design in the front.

This suspension design makes it easier to repair and maintain the vehicle. In addition, the suspension is electronically controlled and provides a body height that is convenient for loading (unloading).

The springs are fixed by special rubber bushings, and this eliminates unnecessary noise when the car is moving. Thanks to the progressive design of the suspension, the truck also has an excellent smooth ride.

The truck is produced in two different wheelbase lengths. It is possible to equip the rear of the body with air suspension, which allows to make the already low loading height even lower, making the operation of the truck even more comfortable.

The braking system is pneumatically adjustable and has disc brakes on all wheels. The wheels are set in uncomfortable 245/70R19.5 tires. Because of the lack of tires of this size on domestic market, they are bought abroad.

In general, Kamaz-4308 is very easy to use, especially in a city. It can “take on board” up to 6 tons of cargo. The use of a large number of proven imported components increases reliability, and a modern diesel engine provides more than acceptable economy.

Kamaz-4308 Cab

Kamaz-4308 has a larger cabin than traditional, more elevated models of Kamaz automobile plant. The changes have affected the radiator grille and side strip. These small, literally “plastic upgrades” are designed to give the old cab a more modern and “advanced” look.

Also, for the first time the plant used a new method of priming and applying paint (cataphoresis coating) to combat corrosion more effectively. For the transportation of goods in the city and region is suitable cab without a sleeping place. To work on the negotiations a variant with a “sleeping bag” is available.

The cabin is equipped with imported driver’s seats with pneumatic suspension Gram. Together with elliptical steering it creates a decent level of comfort for the driver, not inferior to European and Japanese “classmates”.

The plastic dashboard has been replaced by iron. Interior arrows and door locks are unified with the VAZ models. The interior of the cabin can not be called modern, but it is comfortable to work there.

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Reviews of drivers and owners of KAMAZ-4308

In conditions of real intensive operation, the KAMAZ-4308 vehicle showed itself worthy, and the reviews about its features are mostly positive. Profitability of the vehicle is high, the payback period is short.

A modern “CommonRail” diesel engine with an electronic fuel system provides a small fuel consumption in the range of 14-18 liters per 100 kilometers for a mixed type. The truck, which has no more fuel economy than a Jeep, is a real boon in today’s economic conditions.

KAMAZ-4308 owners and drivers reviews

The interior of the cabin is not very beautiful, but it is made well, there are no gaps and creaks. Noise isolation is normal, the engine does not annoy the vibration and unnecessary noise. The gear shifting is easy and noiseless, the engine power is good. Brakes work just flawlessly.

Drivers and owners are happy to note the reliability, stubbornness and unpretentiousness of the car: “The mileage is more than 300,000 km, we continued both day and night, walked on the hands, overloaded, but remained intact. And that’s without any global or even major breakdowns!”.

KAMAZ-4308 8-01 owners and drivers reviews

Typical shortcomings that almost everyone talks about:

The front two-leaf springs sag, “lie down” on the chippers or even break under heavy weight load. That is why after several trips many drivers change leaf springs for 3-leaf ones and the problem is solved.

According to some drivers, the pedals (gas, brake, clutch) are “stairs”, which is not very comfortable. The complaints inside the interior are not uncommon: “it could be made more beautiful for such money”. The metal, despite the declared by the manufacturer anti-corrosion treatment, is still “a little” rusty.

In general, however, the Kamaz-4308 has shown itself from the best side: it quickly pays for itself and brings a stable profit; it works without serious failures, and minor ones are eliminated quickly enough, easily and inexpensively.

Price of Kamaz-4308, new and used

KamAZ-4308 price, new and used

The cost of a new vehicle on the Kamaz-4308 chassis starts at 2.5 million rubles (for the basic version, without the cost of the tent). In many regions there is a good market of used trucks of this brand.

The price depends on the year of production and technical condition from 600,000 to 1,500,000 rubles (including isothermal van, refrigerator). For Kamaz-4308 with an extended chassis and a manipulator you will be asked a few hundred thousand rubles more.

Kamaz-4308: Description, technical and operational features

The development of the Kamaz-4308 was carried out at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, and the first copies of the vehicle were produced in 2003. Initially, the truck was designed for medium and long-distance transportation of household goods, but it was also often used as a garbage truck, on its chassis were installed wreckers, other manipulators and buildings. After a closer acquaintance with the Kamaz-4308 and appreciation of their skill and reliability, the truck began to be used as a truck tractor. The advantages of this model are proved by the fact that production of this truck continues in small batches and nowadays.

By its design, Kamaz-4308 is a frame, two-axle rear-wheel drive truck, with the front engine and the wheel configuration of four in two. The truck is equipped with a sealed, folding old-style cab. The cab typically has three air-suspended gram-type seats with a variety of adjustment mechanisms. Modifications used as tractor-trailers are also equipped with a sleeping bag. The first models were equipped with a metal fitting board, today it is replaced by a more ergonomic and informative plastic field. Thanks to the good sound insulation in the cabin, the noise of the engine is practically can not be heard, as well as drivers note the quality of autonomous heating.

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The products can be purchased on the market of used Kamaz-4308 vehicles of 2013-2015 production years at a price of 1.5 million rubles. Models that were put out in 2007-2008 can be bought for 600,000-900,000 rubles. Prices in the secondary market depend on the year of manufacture, technical condition and year of manufacture of a particular machine. As mentioned above, the Kamaz-4308 is still available, the manufacturer offers a new truck in basic configuration at a price of 2,940,000 rubles.

Kamaz-4308: Description, technical and operational features

Overall dimensions and payload

  • Length: 7400 – 84450 millimeters, depending on the modification;
  • Width: 2600 mm, without mirrors;
  • Height of cabinet: 2260 mm, height of panel cart: 3730 mm;
  • External operation: 8 500 mm;
  • Own weight of the vehicle: 5 850 kg;
  • Vehicle load: 5 800 kg;
  • Maximum weight of tractor trailer: 8 tons;
  • Maximum permissible weight as part of the pulling tractor: 19.54 tons;
  • The maximum angle of climbing: 18%;
  • Type of wheels: disk wheels;
  • Type and size: pneumatic, 245/70 R19.5;
  • Maximum speed km/h: 100.

Powertrain and fuel consumption of KAMAZ-4308

In 2003-2006, the KAMAZ-4308 was equipped with a four-cylinder turbodiesel from the American company Cummins, which was then produced in China. Soon a common American-Russian company Cummins Kama was created, and these engines started to be produced at the Kama automobile plant. The engine is turbocharged, equipped with a charge air cooler and has a low noise level. The working volume of this diesel engine is 3.9 liters, and its output reaches 140 hp. As for the environmental parameters, the engine meets Euro 2 standards.

Since 2006, Cummins Kama has dominated the production of two more engines, which were and are installed on KAMAZ-4308. At first it was a 140 hp four-cylinder turbodiesel Cummins-ISBE, which meets Euro-5 standard and soon was replaced by the 210 hp more modern inline six-cylinder engine with displacement of 6.7 liters and rated power. Both cummins are equipped with a common rail fuel system that achieves more complete combustion, resulting in increased vehicle performance and lower emissions. Another feature of these engines is a low noise level, which is achieved through the use of a steel plate covering the cylinder block from below.

Among the disadvantages that distinguished the Kamaz-4308 in the first years of production, it should be noted frequent failures at startup. Now this problem has been eliminated by the manufacturer.

Fuel consumption has been significantly reduced due to the installation of modern licensed engines. Depending on the engine used, Kamaz-4308 consumes from 14 to 17 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. When using the vehicle in urban conditions the fuel consumption can be increased up to 25 liters per 100 kilometers. The basic version of the truck is equipped with a fuel tank of 210 liters.

Transmission and power KAMAZ-4308

The moderate KAMAZ-4308 truck is initially equipped with KAMAZ 141 transmission, which has long been used for heavy-duty trucks. This five-speed mechanical with a three-way pattern has long proven itself to be reliable and durable. According to drivers’ reviews, the KAMAZ-4308 gearshift is characterized by increased traction and provides good driving dynamics both on the highway and in urban conditions.

Today the majority of KAMAZ 4308 trucks are equipped with the jointly produced ZF 6S1000TO transmission. This six-speed mechanical gearbox with synchronization system has high traction qualities and significantly increases comfort of the driver while driving. Optionally, the more modern ZF9S109 nine-speed manual gearbox is installed for vehicles used as a tractor unit. The unit is made in the joint venture ZF Kama, which determines its affordable cost.

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Interaction of the engine and gearbox is provided by a dry individual jib of a printed type made by the Hungarian company Sachs, which is also a member of the ZF concern. The unit has a hydraulic drive with pneumatic force.

The power system in this model looks standard. The truck is equipped with two batteries, the capacity of 190 a/h, and twin-collector generator. In addition, there is a voltage regulator in the driver’s cab.

Braking system and suspension of Kamaz-4308

The Kamaz-4308 is equipped with double caveat pneumatic disc brakes. The spring-type energizer parking brake is also equipped with auxiliary and backup brakes. Driving safety is increased due to the presence of the ABC system.

The vehicle is designed on a leaf-spring trailer, which contains parabolic and extended up to two meters and leaf structures. The front springs work with hydraulic shock absorbers. The rear suspension has a three-leaf structure, the front two-leaf structure. The vehicle has a low loading height. However, the use of air suspension as a frame element helps to make the truck even easier to load.

Detailed operating and technical characteristics of the Kamaz-4308 truck can be found below:

Carrying capacity of the vehicle, kg 5730
Allowed weight of the vehicle with cargo, kg 6700
Gross vehicle weight, kg 11990
Rear axle load, kg 8000
Front axle load in kg 4360
Curb weight, kg 6020
Rear axle load, kg 2730
Front axle load in kg 3290
Engine model Cummins ISBE6.7 E5 250 (Euro 5)
Max. Net Torque, nm (KGSM) 937 (96)
At crankshaft speed, rpm 1300
Max. net useful power, kW (HP) 178 (242)
At crankshaft speed, rpm 2500
Working volume, L 6,7
Location and number of cylinders In-line, 6
compression ratio 17.3
Engine type Turbocharged and intercooled charge air diesel
Model KP ZF 6S1000
Equipment in programs 1-6.75/ 2-3.60/ 3- 2.13/ 4- 1.39/ 5-1.00/ 6- 0.78/ 3x- 6.06
Type Mechanical, 6 steps
control Mechanical, remote
Internal dimensions of the platform, mm
Charging height, mm 1255
Internal dimensions, mm 5162×2470 or 6112 x 2470
Desk height, mm 730
platform Flatbed equipped with frame and awning, depending on configuration with metal folding pages

KAMAZ-4308 error diagnostics

New Kamaz-4308 trucks are equipped with an electronic control unit, with the help of which you can independently diagnose the information of the truck. To decipher the error codes that the ECU highlights, watch the video:

Kamaz-4308: video review on YouTube

Test and check the KAMAZ-4308 vehicle with 700,000 km mileage:

Kamaz 4308-based auto training test drive and review:

A badly wrecked KAMAZ-4308 at 240,000 km:

What they write on forums: Reviews of Kamaz-4308 owners and drivers

Afanasiy Novozhiltsev, 54, Pskov region:

The KAMAZ-4308 truck was purchased new in 2014 and is designed to transport goods (food and household appliances) for short and medium distances. During this time a lot has been redone, especially the suspension. In the front, I had to change the two leaf springs to three leaf springs – because they were constantly “failing”. I also changed the position of the steering wheel (put it straight) and shortened the clutch pedal. There were a lot of breakdowns, several times I changed bearings in the hubs, once there was a short circuit due to bad wiring, the car almost burned down. I would also like to note not very good starter – constantly shorts out.

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