Kama z-4308 – description and properties

Kamaz 4308: Designation, description, application. Technical Specifications

What kind of a truck is the Kamaz 4308? Absolutely all Kamaz trucks are designed for such work as workshops and transportation of materials. There are such “subspecies” as dump trucks, wreckers, wood transporters, chassis, grain carriers, tractor trucks and even garbage trucks! The vehicle with chassis can be used for all types of work, such as attaching a concrete mixer, attaching a trailer, etc. This model refers to flatbed trucks, has a large loading capacity, Kamaz 4308 is suitable for transportation of oversized cargoes, it can also be used for transportation of food, consumer goods, etc. .

The model is fairly new, its production was started in 2007 and continues up to this day. The truck is designed for long-distance transportation and travel on city highways, looks modern and attractive and is equipped with a comfortable cabin with padded seats. When buying KAMAZ directly from the manufacturer, in the process of ordering you can choose the color of the model. The most common are white and yellow 4308. Full name of the model in the manufacturer’s catalog: Kamaz-4308-6011-C5 (86). The engine runs on diesel fuel.

Modifications of the basic model

Currently there are several modifications from the Kamaz-4308-6011-C5 (86). They differ only in a complete set. Technical parameters of all are the same.

  • KAMAZ 4308-6063-69 (G5)- Cummins ISB6.7E5 250 (E-5) engine, Bosch injection pump, neutralization system. Adblue, gearbox ZF6S1000, awning, scaffolding, internal dimensions of the platform 6112 x 2470 x 730 mm, driving writer on the Russian standard with a block CIPF;
  • KAMAZ 4308-7063-69 (G5)-Cummins ISB6.7E5 250 (E-5) Engine, Bosch injection pump, neutralization system. Exhaust, gearbox ZF6S1000, awning, frame, interior platform dimensions 6112x2470x730 mm, REST 2, activity writer for Russian standard with CIPF;
  • KAMAZ 4308-6083-69 (G5)-Cummins ISB6.7E5 250 (E-5) Engine, Bosch injection pump, neutralization system. OG (AdBlue), gearbox ZF6S1000, rear air suspension, awning, frame, interior platform dimensions 6112x2470x730 mm, running gear with CIPF.


The technical specifications are as follows:

  • Flatbed vehicle with flatbed body;
  • Axle sequence 4×2;
  • Street train, weight 19900 kg;
  • The weight of the vehicle is 11900 kg;
  • Load capacity 5880 kg;
  • Load on the front axle 4350 kg;
  • Load on the rear bogie 7550 kg;
  • Vehicle dimensions: Length 8435 mm, width 2550 mm, height 2670 mm;
  • Distance between axles 4100 mm or 4700 mm;
  • Tire size: 245/70 R19.5;
  • The volume of the loading area is 11 cubic meters;
  • The platform has dimensions of 6112 x 2470 x 730 mm.
  • Engine is Euro 5 compliant, Cummins ISBE6.7 E5 diesel, 250HP, CR/CP3S3/L110 fuel pump, fuel tank capacity of 210L;
  • Transmission: Transmission Type ZF 6, Clutch MZF 395;
  • Suspension;
  • Locking between the wheels; Maximum speed 90-100 kilometers per hour;
  • Fuel Consumption: 14-16 liters per 100 kilometers.
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Driver’s workplace

The comfortable cab 4308 is equipped with soft, comfortable seats for driver and passenger. Cab height is 1505 mm, there is a sleeping place. Cab type: Restyling. Gramme r-cab (Germany).

The driver and front passenger are comfortable, the cabin is equipped with cushioned seats and high sound insulation, which is especially important when driving on the highway. The cab is streamlined, and thanks to the special external shape of the cab’s edges, much less mud gets on this part of the vehicle. In winter the cabin perfectly keeps warm.

Electrics: Electrical diagram of Kamaz 4308.

The wiring diagram is as follows:

brake system and engine cooling system

Cooling system of Kamaz 4308 engine:

Kamaz 4308 brake system:

Main malfunctions

Engine does not start

Increased oil consumption

Where to buy parts for KAMAZ 4308?

The main place to buy parts is either the site of the official dealer in your area (then you will get the parts immediately or to order, depending on whether they are in stock). If the car is not new, you can buy parts at an auto market from Kamaz owners like you.

error codes for decoding

Below are the most common error codes:

Error code ADM3 SPN Error code ADM3 FMI Error code ADM3 (K-Line) Error code MR2 (K-Line) Error location Error description
51 12419 Position of gas actuator Out of measuring range
51 1 12420 Position of gas actuator Below measuring range Gas actuator position
51 2 12424 Position of gas actuator Measuring range Not probable
51 2 14217 Position of gas actuator heratic
51 3 14205 Trommel actuator position sensor high level
51 4 14206 Trommel actuator position sensor Low level
51 7 12431 Position of gas actuator failure
51 13 14218 Position of gas actuator apartment outside

Kamaz 4308 photo gallery

Several pictures of the Kamaz 4308:

Cost of new and used vehicle, analogues

The average cost of a used Kamaz 4308 ranges from $7,000 to $18,000. The price is formed depending on the modification, year of manufacture, configuration, general condition of the car and its mileage. New cars are sold by the manufacturer at a price of up to 4.6 million rubles (1.7 million UAH).

Video review of the Kamaz 4308

Reviews of the Kamaz 4308


“From an economic point of view the machine is quite “difficult”, but it is worth it! Kamaz 4308 is the best of the medium-duty trucks created in the Russian Federation. To make it pay for itself, you need to earn more than 3 million rubles for the car, so it will pay for itself and then earn more, if you do not have a job in a hired industry or in a private enterprise, where they are well paid. Obligatory shippers are necessary, stable and durable, from which there is money on time. Then it makes sense to get this machine. It will be very high quality! “

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Review of the Kamaz 4308

KAMAZ-4308 with yellow awning

The 4308 truck has been produced by the Kama Automobile Plant since 2007. This is a classic configuration of the medium-duty truck, designed for a payload of 5 tons. Such trucks are used for medium-duty transportation around the city and beyond.



Kamaz-4308 was developed together with the leading engineers of foreign manufacturers. Therefore, many automotive experts called the design a successful solution. The design was created quickly. The type and size of car parts was reduced to a minimum, but the car turned out to be reliable and functional.

According to the owners, who use the model daily, the quality of the car is at a high level even in continuous operation.

body modifications

The Kama plant produces several multipurpose modifications for different purposes. In the line of branded models, this one is the lightest and most compact. The truck is created on a low frame. Weight of the vehicle with full equipment is 12 tons.

White awning of KAMAZ-4308

The basic configuration of KAMAZ provides a flatbed, and other components can be installed as well:

  • small and large-sized equipment;
  • various special equipment.

Immediately after the release of KAMAZ-4308, the manufacturer intermediates its modification with any kind of urban equipment. In addition, numerous carriers operate the model as a street train.

The main competitor is a car from the Belarusian manufacturer Maz. And when the Minsk brand released a similar model a little earlier, Kamsky automobile plant had to add to the list of possible configurations additional options of the device.

Onboard KAMAZ-4308

In 2007, the new truck received a unique engine, developed jointly by the two companies. They organized a separate division from Cummins-Kama. Since then, the engines for the whole range of domestic trucks are produced.

Wheel configuration is 4×2. Dimensions of the truck are not too big:

  • length – 720 cm
  • width – 250 cm
  • Height – 233 cm.

KAMAZ-4308 cabin

Cabin of KAMAZ-4308

Dimensions and comfort of the cabin are the most successful of all modifications ever produced by the plant. On the one hand, there were no radical changes. All components and all structures remained the same. However, the addition of plastic in the grille, new bumpers and rectangular headlights completely changed the appearance of the truck.

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To extend the life of the cab, engineers used Kataphoresal primer. It prevents the appearance of corrosion for a long time. Total immersion of the cabin in the primer is not the best approach. The same Maz uses the technology of full electroplating. The manufacturer Kama to galvanize the body elements.


The German company Grammer is engaged in the production of Kamaz seats. In addition to this modification, the model with the index 65207 will be equipped with German brand seats. This manufacturer produces seats for many well-known brands of freight cars in Europe. Therefore, the domestic brand offers drivers high-quality and more comfortable along with the market leaders.

The Kamaz-4308 body kit is made of reliable plastic-highly resistant to shocks and other mechanical effects. Also it is very resistant to frost and sharp temperature changes. This feature is a definite plus, as it expands the scope of the model

Kamaz-4308 roomy seat

The torpedo is made slightly rounded. System components are easily adjustable and do not require special skills and knowledge. The appearance of handles, door cards and locks is reminiscent of some VAZ models.


Let’s look at the power plant in more detail. As mentioned above, from the beginning of serial production, the model was equipped with a diesel brand. The peculiarities of this engine are high service life, easy maintenance and noiseless operation.

  1. The power unit of KAMAZ-4308 has 4 cylinders. The torque is 502 nm. The maximum power reaches 140 hp. The engine complies with Euro-2 environmental class. The engine of this type is equipped with a Bosch brand fuel pump, which is recognized as one of the most reliable elements of the set. The engine power is provided by an intercooler and a powerful turbine.
  2. The engine labeled ISBE has proven to be more productive. This is a new prototype of the power plant with six working cylinders. At the time of its release, it was compliant with the international environmental standard Euro-5. The fuel system of the device works on a common rail technology.

Cummins engine

Servicing of this engine has become more convenient due to the increased wall thickness of each cylinder. On the underside of the device there is a special tile made of durable steel. It protects both the cylinder block and the oil pan. Its presence has added stiffness to the Kamaz 4308 and significantly reduced noise.

The fan, compressor and water pump are more productive thanks to V-shaped ribbed belt. Its tensioning is automatic, and it is also worth noting the excellent heating of the power unit, which was guaranteed by the viscocoupler.

The bigger the engine installed in the model, the more reliable the gearbox should be selected. Especially this rule applies to the diesel unit. Therefore, initially the company equipped the model with a standard transmission with the designation 141. It has been tested on several modifications and showed increased reliability.

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In the future Kamsky Automobile plans to produce its own gearbox. The development and installation of new gearboxes for KAMAZ-4308 is done by a new department, created on the basis of domestic design and the German manufacturer ZF. The modifications of the last few years already have gearboxes, which were developed by this foreign brand.


The company offers the optimal transmission ZF9S109 for those who uses the truck as a load. It is designed for nine gears and is perfectly serviceable. The transmission is already used in many models of well-known European trucks.

The transmission 6S700 is available for configurations that are equipped with power units under the index 4ISBE. Engines of 6isbe type are equipped with the 6S1000 transmission.


The model became the best Russian truck with two axles. The credit for this is a revolutionary design of KAMAZ 4308’s frame, which uses new types of wood with constant section. They allow to create different variants of wheelbars for the truck. Now the truck is available in two versions:

Chassis of KAMAZ-4308

Until now, the Kamsky plant’s configuration has been inferior to the market leaders in selecting versions, as other manufacturers produce several different base types.

The car’s suspension has small parabolic feathers. With a length of almost 2 meters, the designers managed to achieve significant improvements in the running gear. The design of the suspension is simple, but requires attention. This unit is well repaired only if the elements are regularly lubricated.

Rear wheel suspension KAMAZ-4308

The springs are attached with brackets with special rubber hangers. Thus, it is possible to completely eliminate the unpleasant sound of the springs when the car moves on an uneven street.

The latest versions of Kamaz-4308 received some innovations. The most useful is the air suspension. Mechanism with electronic control can raise or lower the body by 10 cm, the pneumatic system works best if the truck is critically loaded.


The brake system consists of individual parts that are designed to do certain things. All the principles of operation are described in the manual, so that everyone can study the information in detail and choose the right mode for themselves. The main types are:

  • Working;
  • Spare parts;
  • Park;
  • Auxiliary.

The pneumatic brake actuator consists of:

  • Aluminum pistons;
  • Compressors;
  • Heads;
  • Dnyrs with built-in pressure regulator.


Owners have no problems with the steering in most model configurations. However, some of its components have to be replaced from time to time.

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The composition of the steering Kamaz-4308:

  • Power steering;
  • Normal valve;
  • Steering mechanism;
  • Steering column;
  • Cardan shaft;
  • System tank;
  • Pump;
  • Cooler;
  • Printed tubes (high and low);
  • Steering drive.

The steering gear ratio is 21.7.

The pump operates from the crankshaft.

The driveshaft is connected by splines, which can slide depending on the position of the cab. The splines must be lubricated with special oil when servicing the driveshaft, and a small amount of this lubricant should also be in the bushing.

KAMAZ-4308 front end

The longitudinal steering is a very fast element, and the transverse steering is a tubular piece with threads on the ends. The lugs and ball joints are attached to them.


Trucks have a small number of “weaknesses.” They are not critical, but over time, scheduled or emergency maintenance is required. There are not many disadvantages of the model.

The main disadvantages are:

  1. Kamaz-4308 is not the cheapest on the market. Therefore, airlines often choose similar vehicles from other manufacturers. They are identical in configuration, but cost cheaper.
  2. The design of the cabin and its shape are borrowed from older models of Kamaz. However, it is worth considering that the vehicle is widespread among customers because of the familiar image. Therefore, they allow them to occupy a stable position in the market.
  3. In case of possible breakdowns, the failure of various parts of the design is most often observed. The most common problem is pipe breakage near the pinion. Although all body parts can be purchased at any specialty business, such flaws discourage potential buyers.
  4. Many drivers are dissatisfied with the location of the brake pedal relative to the steering column. The distance between these elements is too small.

The basic equipment of the new model costs almost 2 million rubles. Additional mechanisms and systems can significantly increase the price of the truck.

Ready-made versions can be bought on the aftermarket for 750,000-900,000 rubles. The price of a used version strongly depends on the condition of the units. As a rule, at the time of purchase, most of the suspension and assemblies have already been replaced.

A detailed review of the car shows that the Kamaz-4308 is one of the best options for airlines with a limited budget. The car is made in a traditional design and has many functional innovations.


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