Kalibr BP-1800/16U. Checking the technical specifications. Operating instructions, service functions

Kalibr BP-1800/16U-A Budget model of a private household profile

Domestic chainsaws caliber BP-1800/16U can be recommended for the mechanization of household works related to the preparation of firewood, inexpensive construction, clearing areas from trees and tall shrubs.

The model of the Chinese assembly in terms of cost, ease of waiting and daily use is characterized by a fairly high performance, efficiency and high level of safety of all types of saws.

Kalibr BP-1800/16U is a budget-priced private utility model

Photo: chainsaw Kalibr BP-1800/16U

Constructive properties

While the price is not the only criterion for quality and durability. Despite the budget status, the technological equipment of the tool meets the modern standard.

Caliber is involved in the design of the chainsaw, the advantages:

  • Membrane carburetor and upgraded primer pump;
  • Automatic lubrication and cooling system of the working headset;
  • Inertial emergency mechanism.

Operator comfort is realized by the modern industrial design and its excellent balance, which is suitable for reliable recording of handle configuration, effective vibration gap operation and low noise level during operation.

Information support and the benefits of do-it-yourself repair

Kalibr BP-1800/16U

The instruction manual included in the kit contains the sequence of preparing the tool for work and starting the engine, information on the characteristics of maintenance work and independent services.

Having the right selection of spare parts available at an affordable price gives owners the opportunity to make simple repairs to the tool at home.

Business skills

Practice has shown that in all routine maintenance services and qualified operating points the basic saw of caliber BP-1800 develops the established between-repairs resource without additional costs.

Effectiveness of Chinese production of domestic and professional equipment to a new quality level is confirmed by numerous evaluations of users and analyses of work and repair services.

In recent years, the number of warranty repairs has almost halved. The demand for chainsaws of this brand is also promoted by the affordable cost of spare parts.

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Technical Data

For economical and easy maintenance the saw weighing 6.1 kg uses a carburetor ice with a working volume of 40 cm3 and an output of 2.45 hp.

The electric unit runs on a mixture of motor gasoline and motor oil for high-speed air-cooled engines. Fuel, with a capacity of 550 ml, is supplied to the motor gasoline drill from an internal tank.

Electronic ignition and a booster pump eliminate winter starting problems. Evaluations of users confirm the high suitability of the tool to work in difficult climatic conditions.

model Kalibr BP-1800/16U
Manufacturer caliber
Manufacture (assembly) China
Brand homeland Russia
Saws class household
Power, hp (kW) 2.45 (1.8)
Engine volume, cm3 45
Chain pitch, custom 3/8
chain thickness, mm 1,3
Fuel tank capacity, L 0.55
Volume of the oil tank, L 0.26
Tire length, cm 40 (16)
Number of links 57
Warranty, years 1
Weight (kg 6,1
manuals Download


Kalibr BP-1800/16U

The saw operates with a standard kit that includes a removable 1 6-inch bar and a saw chain with the most common 3/8-inch pitch. The clutch design and the crown of the drive chainwheel provide smooth starting and chain travel in all operating modes.

  • Lubrication and cooling of the clothing is done by feeding the chain working area with oil, which flows from a 260 ml reservoir in the case of an oil pump inlet.
  • Increased safety of the sawing operations is facilitated by the efficiency of the inertial chain locking mechanism, which activates in case of injury and abnormal situations.
  • The combination of the powerful motor with the storage unit and the 16″ guide bar allows you to work with wood up to 350 mm in diameter.

advantages and disadvantages

This model – one of the few budget development, in the design of which there are modern technical and technical solutions.

The most frequently mentioned in consumer reviews:

  • Convenient body recording and handle configuration suitable for reliable recording;
  • Simplified access to the gas station, installation of units with fuel equipment and chain tensioning;
  • Torque supply contributes to the stability of the specified engine speeds in operating conditions.
  • Efficient operation of the PP, reliability and durability of the lubrication system is determined positively.
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Many owners consider big weight of the tool, chain oil leakage, small service life of a completing bar and saw chain, moderate informativeness of the standard instruction.

In its class, the cost of saws Kalibr models BP-1800/16U is one of the most affordable. The average price of a new tool in the central and peripheral regions ranges from 4600-4800 rubles.


At a competitive level are identical in power and cost chainsaws of other well-known manufacturers. In the Russian market of budget chainsaw equipment are brand models 142-16, Cubcadet CC 3045 and Partner P340S-14.

Owner reviews

The experience of the owner of a chainsaw Kalibr incomplete four years. Powerful enough tool can be taken for such money without much fear. The number of errors and malfunctions is an order of magnitude less than that of a similarly priced analogue. Component headset for quality and durability is inferior products Stilevsky and Huskvarna, but do not forget about the difference in cost. Valery Viktorovich.

With the Russian name caliber, inexpensive Chinese saw was bought for a while, for the construction of the bath and the laying of the old garden. To my surprise, the machine has worked more than 50 refuelings without a single failure, and replacement of the spark plug does not count. The engine traction deserves all due respect, completely with Stilev headlights exceeds all expectations. Increased oil consumption is characteristic of all household chainsaws. But the losses are compensated by the full service life of the saw head. Dima

Kalibr BP-1800/16. Technical characteristics and owners’ reviews

The chainsaw Kalibr BP-1800/16 is designed to mechanize agricultural work associated with the preparation of firewood, small construction work, clearing of trees and large bushes. This model is notable for its low cost, easy maintenance and daily operation. The Kalibr chain saws are assembled in China, but they are distinguished by low fuel consumption, power and reliability of operation.

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Basic equipment, manufacturer and chainsaw price

The average cost of the chainsaw Kalibr BP-1800/16u on the domestic market ranges from 4,000 to 4,500 rubles.

Kalibr BP-1800/16U

The factory configuration includes the following:

  1. Chainsaw.
  2. Tires.
  3. Chain.
  4. Chain.
  5. Knurled stopper.
  6. Gasoline and oil mixing container.
  7. User manual.
  8. Set of basic tools.

The chain supplied with the Kalibr BP-1800/16u chainsaw is not designed for constant use. It is used only for running-in and is designed to avoid breakage in the first 20 hours of work.

The manufacturer also offers the electric model Kalibr EPTs-1800/16u. It has identical performance and technical characteristics, differing only in the power source. Electric chainsaw Kalibr EPTs-1800/16u is cheaper, but it is able to cope with a similar range of works.

Technical Data

Features of chain saw use

During the work with the gasoline saw Kalibr BP-1800/16u, the operator must be dressed in protective clothing: goggles, gloves, protective coveralls, sturdy shoes.

The process of felling is very difficult and not safe. It must be handled responsibly and in accordance with the operating instructions.

  1. When cutting branches from the trunk, remember the basic rules:
  2. They should be between the trunk and the branches.
  3. Do not drive the bar into the ground, this will cause it to become blunt.
  4. Small branches can fall back on you or into the saw.
  5. Start pruning at the base and move toward the crown.

The BP-1800/16u caliber chainsaw runs on a mixture of oil and gasoline. It is recommended to use AI-92 fuel and it is recommended to use the manufacturer’s lubricants. The ratio of gasoline to oil should be 25:1.

device and user manual

The Kalibr BP-1800/16u chainsaw has a built-in anti-vibration system. This allows to reduce the physical load on the operator and not to interfere with his blood circulation.

This chainsaw belongs to the domestic class. It has a 2-stroke engine with only 2.45 hp. The working temperature of the engine is maintained by the air flow. The chainsaw is designed to be used for 3 years. Kalibr BP-1800/16u is made according to GOST 15150 and has confirming certificates of conformity.

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Description of the main errors

The task of every owner of a Kalibr gasoline saw is to know how to eliminate the main malfunctions that can occur during operation.

If the engine does not start during operation or stops on its own:

  1. Improper starting procedure.
  2. Spark plug has fouling or improper gap setting.
  3. Air filter is clogged.
  4. Missing spark plug.

If engine starts, but does not produce enough power:

  1. Air filter is clogged.
  2. The carburetor is improperly set.
  3. The fuel mixture ratio is incorrect.

advantages and disadvantages

Owners highlight the following advantages of the chainsaw Kalibr BP-1800/16u:

  • Inexpensive;
  • Convenience in operation;
  • Brand.

However, the disadvantages can include the lack of quality chain to work in the factory configuration.

Video review

After buying a chain saw Kalibr BP-1800/16U gasoline chainsaw, you should immediately start the engine. This process is shown in the following video review:

And here is a video review on sawing the Kalibr BP-1800/16U chainsaw:

Owner reviews

Below you will find some reviews from thematic forums about the experience of operating the Kalibr BP-1800/16U chainsaw:

Oleg, 34, Pervomaisk:

“It is not expensive, but also not very high chainsaw. The engine gets very hot, then you have to wait for it to cool down. The starter cable is not very well repaired, you have to make a knot. It is suitable for small jobs, for prolonged use, I do not recommend it.” “

Alexei, 45, Kirov:

“Bought the saw for home use: cut wood, chop wood, etc. Now it has been running for two years, and I am satisfied with its work. Starts right away, cuts smoothly and is just perfect for its price.

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