John Deere W650 combine harvester – description and characteristics

John Deere W650 combine harvester

The history of the company John Deere began in 1837. The first products of the brand were plows made of polished steel. Distinctive feature of the brand was reliability, high quality and advanced manufacturing technologies. A lot of time has passed since the foundation of the company, but the basic principles have not changed. Today John Deere is one of the leaders in the world market of agricultural machinery. John Deere harvesters are the most popular in the world.

What advantages do consumers get when they choose John Deere machinery? Consumers can be confident in the reliability and efficiency of their work. Throughout its 180-year manufacturing history the brand has earned a reputation for quality. John Deere combines are distinguished by a high level of comfort and state-of-the-art operating mechanisms. Thanks to the many licensed dealers the consumer has easy access to components and spare parts. Brand representatives provide recommendations on the proper use of equipment.


John Dir W650 is a popular harvester, which presents an updated W-W series, replacing the WTS series. The first copies of this series appeared in 2007. The designers have significantly upgraded the previous design and revised the main elements. The changes affected the functional units, cab and chassis.

The W-WA threshers feature the classical threshing system and the finger classifier. The inertia drum and the long tanks are set up for the collection of plants in all conditions. Sophisticated design increases the breadth and power of grain collection. The John Deere W650 is ideal for any organization or individual farm. It features better working conditions (heating, air conditioning, comfortable seat) and high productivity. In addition, the machine is perfectly adapted to the harsh operating conditions. John Dir W650 is equipped with a new lighting, which allows you to work in dusty conditions and in the dark. Halogen and xenon headlights (8 units) are installed on the front of the machine to provide powerful lighting of the working area. There are also additional lights on the roof.

John Deere W650 is used to harvest various crops (wheat, corn, rice, soybeans, beans) in various operating conditions. The special solution system increases the speed of harvesting. The John Deere W650 is a simple and productive harvester that makes it the perfect companion for any size farm.

Technical Data

Overall dimensions (in the transport position):

  • length – 4600 mm;
  • breadth – 3800 mm;
  • height – 4000 mm.
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Weight of the combine – 13530 kg.

Operational characteristics:

  • volume of grain hopper – 8000 l;
  • unloading speed – 88 l/s;
  • cable size – from 6100 to 10700 mm;
  • threshing drum diameter – 660 mm;
  • threshing drum width – 1670 mm;
  • Drum rotation speed – 475-1030 rpm;
  • Area u200bu200bt tanks is 1.25 m²;
  • The perimeter of the tangle is 116 degrees;
  • Separation area is 10.45 m²;
  • Speed of cleaning system is 750-1600 rpm.


The John Dir W650 is powered by a John Deere Powerech 6090 Hz 4-stroke diesel engine. The powertrain is produced by the brand’s dedicated division (John Deere Power Systems), which specializes in the development and production of advanced diesel engines for vehicles and devices. Engines based on the power plant meet modern environmental safety standards. The company adheres to the principle of a comprehensive approach, while simultaneously reducing harmful emissions and increasing fuel efficiency. John Deere Powerech units are Tier 3 (Tier III A) compliant and have a long service life. Low-quality fuel and lubricants can also be used without sacrificing service life.

John Deere Powertech 6090 Hz has been specially designed for operation in harsh terrain. It’s liquid cooled, with an advanced 2-phase fuel injection system and low noise level. The variable geometry turbocharger increases the engine’s responsiveness to load changes.

John Deere Powertech 6090 Hz:

  • Exhaust cooling system;
  • 4-valve cylinder head;
  • Piston cooling system;
  • Increased unity capability;
  • Advanced fuel injection system;
  • Tilt valve stems;
  • Electronically controlled fuel pump.

John Deere Powertech 6090 Hz:

  • Displacement – 9L;
  • Rated power – 239 (320) kW (hp);
  • Rated rotational speed – 2100 rpm;
  • Number of cylinders – 6 (okay).

Fuel tank capacity – 800 liters.


Design and Service Functions

John Dir W650 is built according to the classical scheme and is equipped only with time-tested nodes and elements, which indicates the reliability and reliability in operation.

The combine chassis is simple and functional. The machine is equipped with an electric 3-speed transmission with push-button control. The post transmission allows the operator to change the speed quickly at the push of a button. The gearbox has an electromechanical parking brake that can be engaged by pressing a button on the armrest. The function of the electromechanical brake is similar to that of the Prodrive™ color brake. To prevent accidental movement, the brake is automatically applied when the lever is in the neutral position. In this position, the brake is interlocked with a button. In this case, the command display shows the operator to register the parking brake. When the engine is started, the brake is disengaged automatically.

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The stock version of the combine is equipped with 800/65 R 32 172 (Michelin Megaxbib) front wheels and 540/65 R 30 rear wheels (Michelin XM108).

John Deere W650 Functional Elements:

  • 600R series element with fast mowing speed. The element is characterized by high quality material that guarantees no rust, no matter what the conditions. Connecting the cutterbar in the John you W650 series has been made much easier.
  • A sloping chamber with high capacity that can handle any kind and condition of crops. The elongated shape provides full visibility.
  • Grinding. The system aims for high quality. The large threshing surface and powerful drive make the combine more efficient than models with complex active threshing mechanisms. The long threshing basket and large drum quickly adapt to different harvests. The super-saturated speed differential between drum and straw walker makes separation more thorough;
  • Power separator based on the principle of grain reduction from the straw plate. The effectiveness of the mechanism is especially evident when working in wet fields with frequently grown crops;
  • Straw shaker with a long keyboard and soft movement system. Thanks to the unique design of the straw walker, there is active angle recognition;
  • Heditory quadra-flo cleaning system capable of handling large quantities of material. The sieve mill is set up once and runs efficiently for a long time. Snails ensure uniform loading and distribution of the sieves throughout the cleaning system with minimal mass accumulation. Four active dual-flow fans create a constant stream in multiple directions and remove fine chips and dirt. The system removes up to 25% chaff and the seventh individual grain;
  • Bulk hopper. The snail is equipped with a cordangell for easy stacking and maneuvering. You can monitor hopper loading with the video view function.

For all John Deere W650 versions, it offers a single-point connection for hydraulic and electrical tubing that doesn’t require constant maintenance. The folding mechanism reduces transport time.

The new deluxe cab allows the driver to focus on harvesting without distractions. The controls are arranged extremely ergonomically and comfortably. The tiller arm gives the operator maximum control of the machine. The steering column is adjustable in reach and height, and the touch-sensitive switches make adjustment easy. The driver’s seat has air suspension for all-day comfort. The new cab shape and enlarged glass surface guarantee excellent visibility in all directions.

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The John Deere Mähdescher W650 is easy to maintain. The operator does not need to determine maintenance intervals, as is the case with the machine. When a service interval comes up, a record appears on the screen. All technical organs are conveniently located and allow maintenance to be carried out in a short time. Some units can be expected on site.

The John Deere W650 is currently in production. The cost of the new units ranges from 6.7 to 6.8 million rubles. Used versions will cost much less, which accounts for the high demand for them. The 2009-2012 models can be purchased for 3.6-4.2 million rubles. Given the high reliability of John Deere W650 harvesters, this option is an excellent buy. At the same time, because of the high cost of spare parts and assemblies, it is not recommended to buy machines with a long service life and in poor condition.

John Deere W650 combine harvester – imported grain harvesting

Virtually the entire lack of grain harvesting equipment is covered by the supply of efficient and reliable products from leading European manufacturers. John Deere brand combine line, which is in great demand in the domestic market, includes models.

John Deere W650 successfully combines in its composition moderate overall dimensions, energy density, wide functionality, ease of maintenance and long service interval of the main and auxiliary systems.

John Deere W650 Combine

Photo: John Deere W650 Combine

operational excellence

The experience of the previous developments and a large number of original design solutions allowed to create a machine that fully meets the requirements of existing agricultural technologies, engineering and environmental standards.

The John Dir W650 is different from its counterparts in terms of grain size and high productivity:

  • Increased productivity (by 23%);
  • High automation and computerization of working processes;
  • Minimum losses at harvesting cereals, including small-seeded crops, as well as peas, corn and sunflowers.

The machine of acceptable quality and time is at large volumes of grain works.

It contributes to:

  • Increased time between maintenance up to 50 hours;
  • large fuel tank and grain hopper capacity;
  • easy access to the adjustment points needed to make quick changes to the equipment configuration.
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This single-stage model outperforms the competition in terms of operator comfort, reducing fatigue and maintaining high productivity throughout the shift.

In many technical characteristics, the John Dir W650 outperforms the best examples of European manufacture, such as the Claas Lexion 580.

Technical Data

The John Dir is equipped with the John Deere Powerertech diesel engine. The efficient 320 hp 9000 cm3 engine has excellent traction and peak torque at nominal engine speed.

The diesel engine’s advantages include:

  • The use of a high-precision high clutch system that implements electronic engine mode control;
  • Efficient operation of the cooling system, which allows the use of a single engine for a long time and in high-speed modes with heavy loads;
  • Adjustable capacity twin turbocharger with supply air cooling circuit;
  • Combined lubrication system;
  • Minimal start-up time.

power train

Automated three-speed PBST transmission with V-belt variator provides a wide range of operating and travel speeds. A push-button panel on the armrest also includes parking brake control.

John Deere W650

threshing equipment

  • The 660 mm diameter threshing drum is 1670 mm wide and operates between 475 and 1030 rpm. For special types of threshing, 240-510 rpm is used.
  • Working area of adjustable tanks is 1.25 m2, separator – 10.45 m2.
  • RPM of Quadra-Flo grain cleaning system ranges from 750 to 1600 rpm. Discharge rate of 8,000 liters of grain is 88 l/s.


Universal cutterbar John Deere 625R with working height of 7.6 meters is characterized by high durability of operating elements, minimal vibration and absence of losses of grains during harvesting of low and low-growing grains.

The high productivity of this cutterbar is facilitated by the double row cutting system with self-cutting knives and the large adjusting screw.


Combined chassis is equipped with wide pneumatic system with wide wheels, which reduces the specific load on the ground to the minimum technical requirements of agricultural machinery. The chassis design gives a good cross-country ability and a large deflection angle of the guide wheels gives the machine a high maneuverability.


John Dir W650 combines a tight layout that does not exclude service and maintenance access to the adjustment and lubrication points. The operator can use the 16 automated settings to clean various types of grain and industrial crops.

The model favourably differs from similar analogues:

  • reliability and durability of all systems and units;
  • Increased productivity and reduced cost of harvesting operations;
  • economical consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • Comfortable working conditions for combine harvester;
  • The combine harvester can operate in difficult terrain.
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The W650 combines the fastest payback in its power group. With the correct organization of the harvesting of crops and the rated load, the funds invested in the purchase of the machine will be balanced in a few years.


In this section, a significant shortage in the updating of computer programs, as well as the sensitivity of the engine fuel equipment to certain types of domestic fuel.

Costs for branded trailers and attachments, as well as service and consumables, are also high.

Video: W650 in operation

The cost of the new John Dir W650 harvester in the first half of 2017 was set at 223-225 thousand euros. This is one of the main reasons for the high demand for used equipment, the cost of which is much lower.

The machine of 2008-2012 production year in good condition and with an optimal offer of inter-repair resources in the domestic market of used machinery can be bought for 120-140 thousand euros. Because of the high cost of the repair range it is not economically profitable to buy machines that have used up 70% or more of their service life.


Grain harvesters by the parameters of power, reliability and durability are included in the range of other leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Of the sets, Claas Lexion 580, Case 2388 and New Holland CX 8080 deserve attention.

In the budget price range are less powerful machines from near and far abroad – Yenisei 950 and Kubota 688.

Reviews of owners

I have every reason to consider the John Dir the most reliable and the most underperforming in the work. Despite the 30% service life, the 660 machine removes even the most problematic areas without loss. The machine I bought on sale only paid off the lease in three harvest seasons. Nikolay Kononovich

The machine park of our company includes two combined models John Dir W650 and T670. During 6 years both machines will be operated with full load with shift crews on the affected crops. Increased intermediate maintenance time, a large fuel supply and hopper volume have cut forced downtime by nearly half. Rudolph

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