John Deere 7830 – description and features

John Deere-7830 tractor: reliability and versatility

The John Deere-7830 is a specialty tractor designed for agricultural and industrial use. It features powerful, economical engine, reliable transmission and a comfortable operator’s seat.

  1. John Deere-7830 Applications
  2. Coupling options
  3. Tractor unit
  4. Tech features
  5. John Deere-7830 Tractor Engine
  6. Transmission options
  7. Tractor undercarriage, tractor hydraulics
  8. Tractor unit, operator comfort
  9. Price of new and used John Deere-7830 tractor
  10. Video “sowing barley with John Deere-7830 tractor”.

Special equipment works with a variety of units, has an affordable price and is relevant to agriculture and industry. Next we will consider the scope of application, technical properties and types of reinforcements. Separately we will talk about the engine, running gear and gearbox. We will consider the cost of equipment.

John Deere-7830 Applications

John Deere tractor version 7830 is positioned as a universal model with wide functionality. It is used in agricultural and industrial applications.

Big size and advanced hydraulics allow attaching various pulling devices. This expands the range of applications and makes it one of the most popular special equipment.

John Deere 7830

In agriculture John Deere is used to work on large fields, regardless of the nature of the soil. The basic range of services includes:

  • Plowing;
  • Cultivation;
  • Loosening;
  • Stepper tedders;
  • hoeing;
  • Planting various agricultural plants;
  • Preparatory work before sowing.

John Deere technology is also suitable for other tasks:

  • Trucking;
  • Loading and unloading;
  • Construction work, etc.

The wide range of applications is due to high productivity and the ability to perform a large number of tasks in the shortest possible time. Experts note the modern design, excellent visibility, comfortable conditions for the operator and long service life. The John Deere tractor is easy to wait for and replacement of attachments takes no more than 30-40 minutes.

Coupling options

John Deere 7830 is popular for its wide range of front and rear mounted attachments. The rear 3-point hitch can carry 6.35-tonnes (optional) and an optional 5.9-tonne payload.

John Deere 7830

Such load capacity is due to three factors: high quality metal, reliable hydraulic system and crane operation. The hydraulic pump capacity is about 113.6 l/min, and total flow is 121.1 l/min. The PTO works in two modes – 540 and 1000 rpm, which means that you can choose the best mode. Other nuances of the hydraulic system:

  • Type – closed;
  • Number of external terminals for unit assembly – three;
  • Shaft capacity – 189.15 l. С;
  • PTO flow rate – 39.7 liters.

Johndee 7830 tractor works with the following types of units:

  • Seeders of different types: single grain suction, disc, pneumatic or mechanical principle;
  • Disc-shaped chiseled aggregates;
  • Grids of different types;
  • Combined units of several types;
  • Refrigeration units of various depths;
  • Bale presses;
  • Equipment for harvesting;
  • Equipment for loading and unloading operations.

The above is just a small list of devices that can be installed on a John Deere tractor.

Tractor unit

At the heart of the special equipment is a frame with increased rigidity and improved strength. It is a one-piece construction, has the necessary fasteners and can withstand loads 30-40% higher than nominal. The main mechanisms and units, including the engine, gearbox, hydraulic system, cab and superstructures are attached to the frame.


The front axle is connected to a suspension system based on hydraulic and pneumatic principles. It is reliable, provides a high degree of comfort and changes the settings depending on load indicators.

Features of the John Deere 7830:

  • Large wheelbase. Compared to the previous version, the 7830 is longer. Rear-wheel drive model is 2.96 meters long and front-wheel drive model is 2.86 meters long.
  • The three-point suspension can lift up to 6.35 tons (optional) for the rear and 5.9 tons for the front power elevator.
  • Improved traction and handling characteristics. Allow you to use the equipment in all conditions and when transporting heavy loads.
  • Optimal balance when working with supporters due to the possibility of using ballast in front of and behind the unit.
  • Wide choice of tractor variants by weight and drive type, taking into account version.
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John Deere 7830 is available in 3 versions: rear-wheel drive (2WD), manual front-wheel drive (MFWD), all-wheel drive (4WD). In addition to the drive, these versions differ in tank size, engine type, cooling system, transmission and the functionality of the cabin.

Tech features

Popularity and versatility are due to the technical characteristics of John Deere tractors. The main parameters:

Tech features Values
Dimensions (LXBXH), M 5.45 x 2.44 x 3.11
Ground clearance under the front/rear axle, cm 56/63
Radius strut for 2 WD / 4 WD, M 2.96 / 2.86
Weight. T 7,8
Size of front / rear wheels 11.00-16/480 / 80R46
Diesel fuel tank size, L 389.9
Fuel consumption, l/hp 3,7
Control system hydrostatic
Brake hydraulic brake

John Deere-7830 Tractor Engine

One reason to buy a John Deere tractor is the reliable and unpretentious Powertechplus engine. The developers have implemented IPM system, which provides low fuel consumption and engine efficiency. Its essence is to automatically select the mode based on the work to be done. The engine has a 6-cylinder design and runs on diesel fuel.

Intercooling/liquid cooling takes care of the heat dissipation and the common rail electronics provide the diesel fuel supply. An intermediate supercharger is planned for increased performance.

Main engine characteristics:

Specifications Values
Cylinder diameter / stroke, cm 10.6 / 12.7
compression ratio 17 к 1
Volume, l 6,8
horsepower 205
Torque, nm 957
Possibility of increasing torque, % 40
Maximum, g/kWh 266
Battery voltage, V 12

Transmission options


All used John Deere tractors sold in the second market are equipped with the following transmissions:

  1. Power Quad Plus – already installed in the “base”. It has 16 forward and reverse gears.
  2. Infinityvariabletransmission – CVT type semi-automatic transmission. It is installed at the customer’s request. Speeds are shifted automatically, but within certain limits. Technique itself regulates the speed, taking into account the set parameters.
  3. Auto Quad Plus – an automatic gearbox with 20 steps. It is assembled according to the customer’s wish. It has a progressive system of gear shifting, which is convenient when working in the field and reduces the load on the other nodes. Instead of handling clutch and gearbox, there is a button.

Power Quad Plus is a standard gear, sufficient for a variety of tasks. Gear shifting is semi-automatic, and the main advantage of the transmission is that it independently selects a gear based on the current load. The maximum speed the tractor can reach is 50 km/h.

Tractor undercarriage, tractor hydraulics


The front axle is represented by a special type of suspension, which operates on the hydropneumatic principle. The system quickly adapts to the load and ensures operation in any conditions. It guarantees a constant combination with the street surface and improved steerability.

The wheels have the optimum size, which is 11.00-16 front and rear 480 / 80R46. Different sizes are provided for better stability and controllability of machinery.

The MFWD variant is designed for demanding tasks and active operation. By installing additional ballast at the front and rear wheels, the vehicle can be configured for different tasks. The tractor’s versatility is due to the excellent hydraulic parameters mentioned above.

Tractor unit, operator comfort

A fleeting glance is enough to appreciate the thoughtfulness and comfort of the operator’s cabin. The metal part is rust-proof and has excellent thermal and sound insulation, which minimizes extraneous noises and vibrations.


The presence of glass around the sight provides improved visibility and allows the driver to control the situation almost 360 degrees. An additional feature is the roof hatch, which provides the best light and additional visibility.

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The operator is seated in a comfortable seat with excellent cushioning, high seating and multiple adjustment modes. It is possible to adjust the steering column and change the position of the exterior mirrors. Heated seat/mirrors and air conditioning are already provided in the base.

The controls are located to the right of the driver. They are several joysticks, informative screen and control panel. The main handle is installed in the seat armrest and is designed in such a way that it controls the front/rear fasteners. Basic information is displayed on the information screen, which has a clear and user-friendly interface. The screen displays the following data:

  • current fuel consumption;
  • Time to next maintenance;
  • Operating temperature and pressure;
  • Other technical data of the machine.

There is an additional seat next to the driver’s seat. It can be used for trainee training or supervision by a supervisor. It is just as comfortable and convenient, but it is smaller and a little lower.

Additional features of the cab:

  • John Deer navigation system.
  • Document creation and information gathering software.
  • Constructio n-I management system that provides cost savings.
  • Glonass satellite system.
  • Extended communication channels.

As already mentioned, the built-in advertising will allow you to find out about malfunctions that can be repaired, or to contact one of the service centers. The latter are located all over the world, including Russia.


The dealers have a complete package of spare parts and accessories, with which you can quickly identify and solve the problem. Original parts come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which ensures quality and long-term reliability.

Dealer service is expensive, so many owners train their own workers and repair the units themselves. This is especially true when buying a tractor on the aftermarket after the warranty period has expired.

Price of new and used John Deere-7830 tractor

It is no longer possible to buy new John Deere tractors. New modifications have replaced the 7830 model, and the last machine was released in 2011. However, this does not mean that its representatives are not popular in 2022.

 John Deere-7830

If you want, you can buy used units on the secondary market. The price for such a Johndeer tractor is about 3-6 million rubles. The cost varies greatly and depends on many factors: the area of sale, year of manufacture, configuration, attachments, mileage, condition, technical violations, etc. In any case, the choice must be approached individually.

The analysis of the market allows to define the following prices after the year of release:

  • 2007 – 2009 – 3-4 million rubles;
  • 2010 – 2011 – 4-6 million roubles.


John Deer 7830 is a versatile machine with a comfortable driver’s workplace, informative display and convenient controls. Engine, transmission and chassis are designed to the smallest detail, and a wide range of equipment allows you to use the technique in agriculture and industry.

John Deere 7830: Technical Specifications

Since 2007 and to this day, the John Deere engineering company has used a division into six production series to classify its tractors, which also differ in performance and technical equipment. The John Deere-7830 Universal Motor Tractor belongs to the 7030 series of tractors, the third traction class, and is ideal for a variety of farming applications. Details below.

In addition to the John Deere-7830, this series includes tractors of the same name with the indexes “7730” and “7930.” All these machines are designed to use on labor-intensive works – first of all, in agriculture. Powerschplus engines used in this series vary from 180 to 202 hp. These engines are characterized by economical diesel fuel consumption, high torque, flexible traction and stability of operating parameters at all possible modes.

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Tractor Features and Applications

John Deere-7830 is characterized by a frame construction with a monoblock layout. The main features of this tractor model are good longitudinal stability, excellent driving and traction properties in interaction with tillage machines and modern complexes, high productivity in carrying out all operations. Due to the improved transmission, this tractor can move at low engine speeds up to 50 km/h.

Impressive dimensions of John Deere-7830 tractor and its powerful hydraulic system made it possible to attach such a heavy machine to the maximum number of various tillage and attachments, which significantly expanded the range of tasks to be solved.

Features of the tractor and its application area

On farms, the John Dir-7830 tractor is used to till large areas of soil. Due to its high performance properties, the machine can do more work in the same period than other similar equipment. These are such works as plowing fields with different soil density; Loosening of fixed floors; Preparation of the floor for sowing; Cultivation; Shaking; Sowing and planting; Stubble tilling; Loading and unloading of various loads; Transportation of various kinds.

Coupling options

John Deere-7830 tractor demonstrates consistently high productivity and confident passability with the whole set of following and attached, namely:

  • A variety of plows, dippers, cultivators, deep windows, and disc units.
  • Chisel blocks.
  • Mechanical, pneumatic, panel, precision outriggers.
  • Attached harvesting equipment.
  • Baler.
  • Front loading and unloading devices.

John Deere-7830 Tractor Modifications

John Deere-7830 tractor has several modifications, which differ from each other by their technical characteristics. Totally there are three basic versions, in which the tractor is produced. These are 2WD (with rear-wheel drive), 4WD (with four-wheel drive and l-wheel drive), MFWD (with mechanical front-wheel drive). Other differences (in power units and gearboxes, in the performance of the hydraulic system, in the equipment of the cab) appear as additional options to the basic tractor design.

Tractor unit

This tractor model is distinguished by a rigid and sturdy frame with a monoblock arrangement. The developers have successfully achieved the goal of creating the most versatile tractor model with medium power output, which combines multi-functionality of an agricultural machine for fieldwork and decent driving qualities of a 3rd class tractor.

The balanced frame gives the John Dir-7830 high versatility and multi-functionality. All nodes and mechanisms of the design are highly reliable and resistant to high loads.

The front axle of the tractor, equipped with hydropneumatic suspension, quickly responds to changing loads. Its design provides the smoothest possible running of the machine when driving on difficult terrain. Johndee-7830 tractor is characterized by an extended wheelbase. For the rear-frame 2WD version it is 2.96 m; and for the four-wheel drive 4WD version – 2.86 m.

tractor construction

The three-point dome design with electrohydraulic control is designed for a load of 6.35 tons. The figure for the front elevator is set at 5.9 tonnes. Adjusted tractor compensation when working with complete equipment can be provided by attaching additional ballast to special attachment points and wheels.

Total weight of the John Deere-7830 can vary depending on chassis model (2WD, 4WD, MFWD) and options. The average value of this indicator is 8.13 tons. The maximum equipment is 13.1 tons.

Other technical specifications in numbers

  • Length – 4.027 m, width – 2.438 m; Height – 3.18 m.
  • Maximum turning radius – 5.3 m.
  • Maximum acceleration – up to 35 degrees.
  • Specific fuel consumption is 266 g/kWh, about 3.7 liters per hectare.
  • Fuel tank capacity is 390 liters.

John Deere-7830 tractor engine

John Deere-7830 tractors are equipped with John Deere Power Tech Plus six-cylinder turbo-diesel engines, which are equipped with the IPM (Intelligent Power Management) system. This energy optimization system is positioned by the manufacturer as a key engine feature that improves efficiency and economy. This proprietary John Deere engine automatically selects the optimal operating mode depending on the type of work the tractor performs.

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The cylinder arrangement of this engine is vertical in line. The engine has a total cylinder displacement of 6,795 liters. Cylinder diameter is 106 mm, stroke 127 mm and compression ratio in combustion chambers is 17: 1. Power rating is 150.78 kW, or 205 hp.

The injection system is electronic, direct. This is “the” indispensable Common Rail fuel injection system, used in most modern diesel engines. Maximum engine torque is 957 Nm. The torque reserve is no less than forty percent. So you can get the most out of this powerful engine without sacrificing its economy. The diesel engine is started by a 12-volt battery.

John Deere-7830 Transmission

Three types of gears are available for this tractor model, namely:

  • “John Deere Power Quad Plus,” the standard transmission option that is available by default: 16 forward and 16 reverse gears;
  • “John Deere Infinitely Variable Transmission” (IVT) – a semi-automatic continuously variable transmission with variator;
  • “John Deere Auto Quad Plus” – 20-speed automatic transmission, which, like the variator, is already optional, optional tractor equipment.

Automatic gearbox has a progressive shifting system, which is very practical for long and monotonous fieldwork, because it minimizes the load on the machine guides. The clutch in this version of the gearbox and the gear lever are replaced by a button – “de clutch”.

In the second version of the gearbox, they are also shifted automatically, but only within a zone set by the machine operator. Within this zone, the tractor automatically adapts to driving speed and optimizes the John Deere Power Tech Plus engine crankshaft speed.

Tractor undercarriage, tractor hydraulics

Standard front tires are “11.00-16”. Standard rear wheel size is “480/80R46”. Front axle is equipped with automatic differential lock. The front axle of Johndeere 7830 tractor is equipped with hydro-pneumatic pir drive TLS II, which provides constant contact with the floor and load damping.

Tractor axles in MFWD version are designed for heavy-duty working conditions and are included in any standard equipment. With interchangeable ballast weights, optimum operating parameters are achieved for each specific task.

The tractor has a rear independent power shaft as standard. These are two swivels with 540 revolutions for the first speed and 1000 revolutions for the second.

Tractor undercarriage, tractor hydraulics

The hydraulic system is of closed type, PFC. Number of valves – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Hydraulic pump capacity is 113.6 liters per minute. Total flow rate is 121.1 liters per minute (optionally, it can be increased up to 170.3 liters per minute).

The total volume of the hydraulic system is 107.9 liters. The maximum payload is 4.558 tons (optionally increased to 6.35 tons).

The hydraulic system of the tractor provides the possibility of mounting a large variety of attachments, because there is a 3/3N three-point attachment with electrohydraulic control in the rear of the tractor.

Power source output is 139.12 kW or 189.15 hp. PTO consumption is 39.7 L/h. There are three external hydraulic outlets for mounting optional equipment.

John Dir 7830 Tractor Cab

The working place of the machine operator is located in a modern, comfortable and spacious cabin, the model of which the manufacturer calls “command view”. It is made with a large number of modern noise-absorbing materials.

The operator’s seat of the machine is located on the principle of high sitting and equipped with a full set of all necessary adjustments for a man of complexion and height. There is an additional seat, also comfortable and soft, only a little smaller and slightly lower than the main one.

The tractor has a John Deere proprietary navigation system that allows you to work with automatic control complexes and parallel movements. Specially designed applications for documentation and data collection as well as an integrated control system significantly reduce costs. In addition to the basic navigation, the system can work effectively with GLONASS satellite navigation by setting up a wide range of channels – “SF 1”, “SF 2” and “Egnos”.

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In general, the John Deere 7830 tractor cabin features an increased level of functionality and excellent ergonomic design.

Feedback from John Deere 7830 tractor owners

In their reviews, the owners of these modern tractors no longer hear the surprise and admiration of the comfortable working conditions in the cabin, created for the mechanic, competent and thoughtful arrangement of his workplace, excellent visibility and design. There is almost the same comfort in the cabin as in passenger cars, and the work in such favorable conditions does not cause fatigue.

It is noted that John DIR-7830 successfully and effectively combines the features of Caterpillar and wheeled machines, replacing two tractors “DT-75” or “MTZ-80”. This eliminates the cost of obsolete machines. For the same work, diesel fuel savings of twenty percent are achieved. However, the cost of a John Deere tractor is very high.

However, John Deere 7830 tractor owners are comforted by the fact that the high cost of this model in relation not only to less powerful tractors, but also to similar tractors, is compensated by its reliability, durability and maintenance of technical parameters throughout the whole lifespan at a high level.


However, durability of John Deere tractors largely depends on the quality of diesel fuel and oil, on the skills of the machine operators, and on the performance of the tractor equipment during normal operating conditions. Many farmers are simply afraid to trust such expensive equipment even to experienced, but careless “other good” hired operators. Preferably on their own or with the help of particularly proven and reliable workers.

Of course, John Deere 7830 tractors require special training for workers and maintenance personnel before they can be operated on a regular basis. Repairs to major and optional equipment are so complex that it’s usually impossible to do it yourself in the field.

Dealerships are expensive to service these tractors, parts are not always available and, according to owners, cost “crazy money,” “as if they were made of gold. But in times of trouble “one day nourishes an entire year,” and there is no need to stand behind the price. That’s why John Deere 7830 tractors only work on farms that are solid, provide consistently high productivity and generate reasonable profits.

There is also anecdotal evidence that “John Deere tractors used to be of much better quality. The ones that are produced now, especially the Chinese and Russian-made ones, are not of this quality. Perhaps it is the desire to reduce the cost of production… “However, such statements do not have a high degree of credibility.

The dealers themselves testify that both in recent years and today “there are tractors that have been sold and forgotten about, and there are tractors that barely work anymore. As for the quality of assembly, one farmer remarked that “Mexicans at the American John Deere plant also assemble tractors like we have jumshuts”.

The price of a used John Deere-7830 tractor

John Deere updates its tractor program as often as major automobile manufacturers update their cars. The John Deere-7830 has already been retired and has not been produced since 2012. The series continues with even more modern and “advanced” machinery.

There are few ads for used tractors of this brand on the secondary market. The average cost of a tractor from 2007-2011 is about 4-5 million rubles.

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