Jinm a-164 Minitor description and properties

Jinma-164 mini tractor

Jinma-164 is a compact mini-tractor, which can perform all the processes for larger models. The well-known Chinese company Huanghai Jinma is working on the production of the model, which offers products not only for the domestic market, but also abroad. The brand specializes in the production of small tractors and power tillers. Here, Huanghai Jinma is also engaged in production of Dongfeng agricultural machinery.

At the factories of the company the highest level of control is provided – the system of computer monitoring of defective works. Every year, Huanghai Jinma introduces new solutions and patents them. In addition, the brand’s products are environmentally friendly and emit minimum pollutants into the environment. The manufacturer is certified according to ISO 9001, which allows us to offer high-quality spare parts and equipment. All this allows us to assert – the brand products are one of the best in the world.

Planned assignment

In the brand’s lineup Jinma 164 is the least powerful model. The cost of Mini contract drive is low, which determines its popularity in developing countries. The model is optimal for use in small areas. Its main advantages are compactness and good cross-country ability.

Jinma-164 is actively used in the following industries:

  • Agriculture (tillage, plowing, shaking, cultivation, pouring, fertilizing, mowing, planting, harvesting and transporting crops);
  • Livestock production (distinguishing and feeding cattle);
  • Construction (work with stationary devices, transportation of goods). Small dimensions allow the mini-tractor to work in places where larger models would be difficult to deploy.
  • Public area (territory cleaning, garbage collection, transportation).

An important feature of the Jinma 164 is the ability to work all year round in any weather. The equipment has a fully equipped operator’s cabin, which means it can work in cold weather.

Modifications and functions

Jinma-164 is one of the most popular models of the mini-tractor. Due to the presence of several modifications with distinctive differences, the series has been widely distributed. To distinguish them, specialized indices have been introduced in the marking:

  • Jinma-164m-A modification with a metal shroud, external air filter, not compatible with the installation of KUHN, and clutch 1-Saited;
  • Jinma-164kmg-improved modification of Jinma-164m with power steering;
  • Jinma-164kmg-improved modification of Jinma-164mg with operator’s cabin;
  • Jinma-164rg-modification with reverse gear;
  • Jinma-164PL-modification in the maximum configuration with 2-disc coupling, goomba, disk brakes, plastic hoods and the possibility of installing a CHP;
  • Jinma-164kPL improved version of Jinma-164PL with control cabin.
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There are also other modifications of mini vectors.

The entire Jinma 164 family is characterized by great hook traction, considerable cross-country capability and maneuverability. Coupled with an affordable price, these advantages ensure the demand for the mini-drive.

The Jinm 164 is distinguished by:

  • A wide range of optional devices. Thanks to them, special devices can perform a variety of work operations in various industries. Multifunctionality again reduces consumer costs, which does not require special special devices when purchasing this model.
  • Reliable engine that works efficiently in all conditions;
  • Significant maintenance. The owner can diagnose and replace the main equipment himself, without having to go to service centers.
  • Reliability;
  • The availability of PSM, which allows using the devices on public roads.

Technical characteristics


  • Length – 2590 mm;
  • Width – 1050 mm;
  • Height – 1220 mm;
  • Rad base – 1280 mm;
  • Outdoor freedom – 250 mm;
  • Basic front track width – 750 mm;
  • Rear track base width – 840 mm;
  • Minimum turning radius – 2300 mm.

The design weight of the Jinma-164 is 736 kg. Travel speed ranges from 1.42 to 5.03 km/h. The load capacity of the rear unit is 228 kg, and the pulling force on the hook is 5.98 kN.

Kolem dimensions:

  • Front 5.00-R12;
  • Rear 7.50- r16.


The Jinma 164 series uses a 3M78 vertical 4-stroke diesel unit that meets the Euro 3 emission class. The engine is liquid-cooled and has excellent traction. Most mini-trailers of the same class are equipped with a 1-cylinder engine. The diesel used in the Jinma-164 series has 3 cylinders, which even provides the mechanism and a greater margin of safety. The rugged design means there is no fear of the unit breaking or unscrewing something at the time of critical loads. Compared to standard 1-cylinder engines, MOTORESUR’s 3M78 model is more than 2.5 times stronger.

Characteristics of the unit:

  • Working volume – 1,028cc;
  • Rated power – 11.7 (16) kW (hp);
  • Rated rotational speed – 2400 rpm;
  • Number of cylinders – 3.
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The 3M78 engine is started by means of an electric starter, which facilitates starting work at sub-zero temperatures.

Design and working functions

JM-164 is considered one of the most compact mini devices. The design of the model is designed so that the possibility of operation in confined spaces is provided. Modifications of the series have some differences, but in terms of design they repeat themselves almost completely. For all modifications there is a standard chassis with all cycles. The basic equipment of most modifications includes an adjustable rear crawler. The equipment is characterized by a small turning radius.

Transmission Jinma-164 is based on a standard 8-speed transmission with 2 zones (low and high gear). The presence of 6 front and 2 rear speeds allows the tractor to move at an optimum speed for the task. There are 1 or 2 versions of ground friction clutches. There are also 10-speed gear variants available here.

Drum or disc brakes can be installed depending on the device change.

The Jinma 164 models use a basic 2-course independent type woma. The power wave speed is 540 or 1000 rpm. The basic package again includes a category 1 3-circle rear vom, with which the mini vector is equipped with all mounting hardware. It should be remembered that the Jinma-164 belongs to the category of small mini baits. Therefore, additional devices should be selected taking into account the size and weight of the equipment. Some modifications can be equipped with KUHN – a specialized front attachment, which operates from the hydraulic system and allows you to perform a variety of operations with the soil.

Jinma 164 is equipped with a classic hydraulic system, which enables it to perform basic functions. The line of the most in-demand equipment with the mini-tractor includes ::

  • Potato digger;
  • Potato digger;
  • Soil tiller;
  • Sergeant;
  • Plow;
  • harrow;
  • rake;
  • dispose of;
  • Comb;
  • Transportation Machine.

Jinma-164 is offered in several variants. In the standard version, the model is not equipped with an operator’s cabin or a canopy. The working area of the mini-vector is simple and has a small number of gauges. Thanks to the padded seat, the operator can sit comfortably and concentrate on his work. Most modifications of the series are equipped with hydraulic power steering, which simplifies driving the machine.

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Some modifications of Jinma 164 have closed type operator’s cabin, which is very comfortable. Additional protection allows using the equipment almost all year round. The basic equipment in turn includes low and high beam headlights, turn signals and general. Lights play an important role when driving on the streets and in the dark. Functionally it is possible to install special holders and rear-view mirrors.


The cost of the Jinma-164 in the first configuration is 425000-440000 rubles. Depending on the changes, the price can grow to 520,000 rubles. Additional equipment is offered by the manufacturer for a fee.

The cost of models used in Russia is relatively low. Prices here range from 300,000 to 430,000 rubles. Contract used mini-promoter, given the considerable reliability of the series, can be an excellent option for those who save money and want to get a multifunctional mini-promoter.

Jinma JM-164

Jinma JM-164

Jinma JM-164-mini drive, diesel 4-stroke engine, cylinder: 3, 11.70 kW / 16 hp at 2400 rpm, steady manual transmission, attachment support. Delivery Jinma JM-164 in Moscow and other cities of Russia.

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Buy Jinma JM-164 in Moscow:

➤ Discounts are available by promotional code SIDEX250: ➤ Promotional reward for Jinma JM-164 in Moscow and other cities in Russia. The final cost depends on the method of delivery. Delivery and pickup Jinma JM-164 without prepayment. Be sure to pay attention to the promotional code before buying! Jinma JM-164: Reviews, photos, review, specifications. There is a self-delivery in Moscow. The city of Moscow is determined automatically. You can change them → contacts – Moscow [+]

Phone: 8 (800) 555-25-66

The service is free!

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Advantages: Small, maneuverable, economical Disadvantages: In some places the fenders are sloppy assembly along the fenders and wheel side, better to attach on the other side. Review: Video of the tractor http://www.youtube.com/channel/ucdb2ynpbyil_uswlxzz-ta

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