JCB 330 Excavator – description and properties

JCB JS330 Crawler Excavator

Excavator Caterpillar JCB JS330 with an operating weight of 33 300 kg and engine power of 210 kW is characterized by safety, durability, ease of maintenance, comfort and efficiency.

The excavator has a box structure around the scope of the turntable, which provides load reduction and high durability. The equipment is resistant to impact damage. The components used in the production meet the high standards in the industry.

The new crawler excavators are equipped with JCB Dieselmax 672 engine, which has high productivity and meets the standards of animal o-2.

  • Robust, reliable doors and turntable;
  • Trenching capacity of the bucket hydraulic cylinder is 236.8 kN;
  • Spacious, comfortable cab, all-around visibility;
  • Affordable maintenance.

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Operator comfort and safety

The JS330 Ful l-Brain Excavator is characterized by ergonomics, comfort, operator comfort, safety and ease of operation.

Damping of the arm and boom hydraulic cylinders prevents the transmission of shock loads and protects the machine and increases the operator’s comfort.

The 70/30 split windshield provides a good view of the area in front of the right track. Thanks to the large, laminated glass on the roof, an excellent all-around view is achieved.

For full control, the JCB JS330 crawler excavators are equipped with a balanced steering mechanism and electro-hydraulic steering controls. Function switches including climate control and heating control are conveniently located at your fingertips.


With the Caterpillar JCB JS330 full reach backhoe, you can save time and money. This is especially important given today’s realities.

The high output of 210 kW is provided by the JCB Dieselmax engine. This is 25% more than the similar characteristics of the previous model. This is reflected in the high torque at low rpm, which is 27% higher than its predecessor.

The multifunction control system keeps the excavator moving quickly and smoothly.

With four operating modes, the full-tilt excavator operator can set the desired level of performance according to the task at hand. The four operating modes allow the operator to select the settings for specific tasks.

The new crawler excavators feature a bucket cylinder torque of 236.8 kN.


The new crawler excavators are chosen for their functionality. The characteristics should convey confidence in the ability to get the job done. JCB JS330 machines are highly durable and reliable.

JCB conducts finite element analysis and rigorous strength and durability testing to ensure the long service life of full swing excavators. The high performance barrel and boom of the JCB JS330 excavator is made of high-strength steel, while the internal guide plates and one-piece lower external transfer plate ensure the longevity of the machine.

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The foundation of the excavator’s high-strength undercarriage is a welded X-frame, which allows the machine to remain durable even in the most difficult conditions. The robust swivel plate ensures maximum durability.


The JCB JS330 is a simple and extremely easy to maintain full swing excavator.

The hood is equipped with pneumatic cylinders, thanks to which it can be easily opened and closed. Excellent access is guaranteed by the width and large service compartments. The boom and arm joints have a lubrication interval of 1,000 hours and hydraulic oil life of up to 5,000 hours for maximum machine uptime. Lubrication points are grouped for safety and easy access. The same goes for the fuel and oil filters on the engine and hydraulic system.

The close proximity of the charge air cooler, hydraulic oil and engine cooler, which are all on the same level, allows for cleaning and the most convenient individual service.

Caterpillar JCB 330 Excavator

This equipment belongs to the heavy construction equipment, the main characteristics of which should be high productivity and quality.

Thanks to the latest developments JCB 330 excavator, the use of the machine is not limited to flat terrain, and increased stability allows for smooth operation on sloping terrain. The chassis has also changed and become longer.

Crawler excavator JCB 330

Caterpillar JCB 330 Excavator

Features and Benefits

Spoon volume of 1.85 m 3 allows you to effectively use the excavator for work with a tight schedule or work. Maneuverability and mobility are not limited to shovel and counterweight. The main purpose of the machine is excavation of pits or trenches, as well as excavation and movement of developed soil. It is possible to rotate the working body by the same amount in contaminated form as in uncontaminated form. The base of the JCB 330 excavator has been thought out down to the smallest detail, the development has been based on existing models and experience of their operation.

JCB 330 Excavator

JCB 330 Excavators

The JCB 330’s performance has been tripled over older models, and its range of applications is wider than some of today’s high-end models. The operating conditions don’t matter. This technology was originally planned to be used in heavy-duty applications. Swampy or weak terrain is not a problem, thanks to the track chain, the machine has a high cross-country capability.

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Losser breakout power can be increased by 10 percent by increasing the pressure in the hydraulic system. This feature adds weight to the machine in the eyes of the buyer. The monitor in the driver’s cab displays data that can be used to optimize fuel consumption and work efficiency and increase productivity. The data comes from the AMS control system.

Excavator Jisibi 330. Photo

Jisibi 330 excavator. Photo

The service life of both the Jisibi 330 and its individual components is impressive because of the high quality and impact resistance of all the materials used.

The advantages of the JCB 330 excavator include:

  • Durability. The steel for the frame has an increased resistance to mechanical impacts. Transverse profile of the frame increases structural rigidity and prevents mechanical damage. The plate at the bottom is made in one piece and improves the working body – the boom. The baffles have the same function;
  • efficiency. The engines are made in the same factory as the machine. This allows strict adherence to all parameters necessary for smooth operation in difficult conditions. Engine power is increased by 25% as compared to other engines in this class. Such power guarantees increased technical characteristics of Jisibi 330. Transport, assembly and disassembly, which disassembly is very small, is used for installation of attachments. Modern hydraulic system allows economical consumption of fuel, using a simple fuel.
  • convenience and safety. Thanks to innovations, the operator’s cab is now not only comfortable, but also safer. This is made possible by the increased viewing angle. The controls in the cab are very precise and the hydraulics require less effort to operate.
  • Easy maintenance. In addition to simplified maintenance, the machine requires fewer service intervals, because the quality of the equipment allows for longer service intervals. Oil change is done after 5 thousand hours of work and lubricants – after 1 thousand hours. The availability of basic units guarantees fast replacement and reduces the machinery downtime, and the hood is lifted with the help of pneumatics. The electronic panel shows errors, which reduces the time to determine the cause of failure.


Modifications to the machine depend directly on the devices installed. In addition to works of increased complexity, the machine can be used in agriculture, landscaping, utilities and other areas.

Technical characteristics and dimensions

For ease of perception the main technical characteristics of the JCB 330 excavator are summarized in a table:

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parameter value
Weight 32-33.3t
dumping height 13,321m
ground clearance 0.5m
Maximal speed 5 km/h
digging radius 21.65m
track 2.6m
wheelbase 3.91 m
Maximum pulling power 244 man
Bucket capacity 1.85m3
Maximum separation force on the bucket 19500 kgf
Maximum force on grapple 20000 kgf
Trench depth 17.5m

Dimensions JCB 330:

parameter value
transport length 11.05 m
Height 3.1m
Wide 3.2-3.5m

Fuel consumption of JCB 330 is 14-18 liters per hour of work.


JCB 330 engine

JCB 330 engine

The power unit (JCB 330 engine) can be installed in two ways, but either way it will run on diesel fuel:

  1. Isuzu AH-6HK1X. This is a four-stroke, six-cylinder, water-cooled engine. Its volume is 7.8 liters. The engine is turbocharged and has direct injection. With a power of 251 kW (187 hp), the machine is reliable and durable in any type of work. The cylinder diameter is 115 mm. The engine is equipped with additional filters, which have a positive effect on the engine’s service life.
  2. Dieselmax is produced in the same factory. Its power is slightly different from the previous model – 210 kW (154 hp). At the same time, the efficiency of the engine is more than the previous model. The exhaust of this model meets international standards.


JCB 330 LC excavator

JBC 330 LC Excavator.

The whole construction is very strong. This is due to:

  • Transverse – fur frame, which also increases the stability of the technique;
  • Protective plates;
  • Box-shaped wrap-around box, which protects against mechanical impacts.

The possibility of crossing the machine is increased compared to other models due to the large separation of the road.

Operator’s Cabin

The operator’s seat of the Caterpillar JCB JS 330 excavator has an air cushion, which can be used to adjust it to all physiological conditions of a person. The control levers are optimally positioned. The cabin has a heating system, the characteristic of which is an obstacle to blinking of glasses at any outside temperature. There is a climate control system in the cab. The cab windows are positioned so that the operator has a 360 degree view. This means you can freely guide and monitor the processes in progress. In addition, the clever arrangement and size of the windows ensure safe operation, as the operator can see the right track, and it makes maneuvering and trenching easier.

JCB 330 operator's workplace

JCB 330 operator’s workstation

The monitor displays data on all the work the operator is doing, keeping you in control at all times. Backlighting ensures legibility at all times of day and night.

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The operator who fatigues his hearing organs can’t tire thanks to the cab’s soundproofing. This has a positive effect on the overall condition of the worker, as well as on performance and concentration. Vibration is also used, which increases the pressure in the cab to reduce dust from inside.

JCB 330 excavator

JBC JS 330 Excavator

The luggage compartment can hold all of the operator’s necessities. A pedal coating ensures traction with the shoes and prevents slippage.

In the cabin of JCB 330

In the cab of the JCB 330.

Hydraulic System

ISO requirements are embodied in the hydraulic system that drives the boom. The system is load-sensitive and has automatically adjustable feeds. With the joystick in the cab, you can select a gear with buttons, which ensures quick control during the work process. The engine speed is also controlled by the operator using the shot tax mechanism. In addition, there is an idle button on the joystick, which is adjusted with timing indicators if necessary.

Speed and performance can be increased with a dual hydraulic dealer pump. At the same time, fuel consumption of the JCB 330 crawler excavator remains minimal by circulating oil through the cylinders. The hydraulic cylinders are damped at the end. This guarantees comfort and prevents shocks from dynamic effects.

Additional hydraulic cylinders are used when replacing units.


The welded frame consists of high line materials and comes in two types:

  • long;
  • Narrow long.

Dirt gets on the sloping sides on the cross and pallet. Rollers are heat treated at the factory and sealed in an oil bath during installation. The same applies to the tracks, which are equipped with a spring for shock absorption.

Control system

This joystick is located in the operator’s cab, allowing the operator to operate the machine without additional effort to change or control work processes, while other JCB 330 excavator controls are located on the JCB 330 control panel. This ergonomic layout allows the operator to. Not be distracted from the main process by switching on additional functions. The AMS stores data on the onboard computer and gives the operator access to only the first level of three accesses.

Easy operation and maintenance

The ease of use of the technology lies in its high stability and the long maintenance intervals.

There are no particular problems with maintenance as the design is such that parts can be changed quickly. The air filter is cleaned using a two-element design. This also guarantees quick replacement. The oil filter (hydraulic and engine) and fuel filter are side by side, so you can check them immediately without having to access other parts of the machine. The oil level is automatically checked by the Smart Control system. The system also monitors the coolant level.

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JCB 330 radiator

JCB 330 radiator

The intercooler and radiator are in a functional unit with the hydraulic cooling system. They can be checked separately or in conjunction with a routine check.

The lubrication units are conveniently located and the system is centralized.

Dealers provide not only quick inspection and service, but also a high rate of parts delivery. In addition, as an added safeguard, a remote control system can be ordered to prevent problems from occurring and to monitor proper operation at all times.

Non-mounted equipment

JCB 330 bucket

Arrows come in three types and are used depending on operational and process parameters:

  • A monocoat with a handle of different sizes for operations in hard-to-reach places and the regulation of forces in case of breakdown. It is possible to work with a hydraulic shaft and bucket.
  • Boom – mono arm and smaller handle. Used for increased digging capacity. Works with buckets;
  • T.A.V. three-section boom. The handles of this boom are different, which determines the performance of the JCB 330 backhoe. It works with a hydraulic shaft or bucket.

JCB 330 arm with a bucket

JCB 330 boom with bucket

Each boom has its own characteristics. Therefore, it is important to determine the work area before buying additional equipment.

  • The buckets have a volume of 0.85-1.845 m3 for a 6.45-meter monocline and 1.845-2.34 m3 for a 6.1-meter boom. They come in standard, leveling, reinforced (rock), graphic, divided for concrete preparation and 4 in 1.
  • ripper (rock and frontal with a gripper);
  • Confiscated – confiscated for heavy work, for logs for curbing;
  • Drills, a device for cutting piles;
  • snow blower, snow debris, road brush and milling machine;
  • tree transplanter, lawn mower, tree mill;
  • tower;
  • vibro loader, forks, vibration stations, shearers, hydraulic mills, and other items.

Cost of new and used

Renting a JCB 330 excavator costs 13,000 rubles per shift and depends on configuration, duration of work, transportation costs and cost of fuel.

The price of the JCB 330 (new) is about 7 million rubles. At the same time, a used JCB 330 from 2014 costs about 6-6.5 million rubles, and from 2007-2008 – 2.7-3.5 million rubles.


There are quite a lot of them, so it is worth highlighting the models Hyundai R330, Komatsu PC220 and Hitachi ZX330. However, it is worth paying attention to the technical indicators of these models, they are somewhat lower than those of the claimed model.

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