JCB 200 excavator – description and features

JCB JS200W – price and specifications, photos and evaluation

All versions of the JCB 200 are equipped with damage-resistant components in accordance with the industry standard. Special equipment has more unusual components:

  • High-strength box construction, which is the base for the subframe and provides protection in demanding applications;
  • A pivoting crown welded to both sides of the subcarriage. This solution guarantees the durability of the structure, increasing the protective space;
  • The hydraulic system is placed in the chassis and protected from mechanical influences;
  • The driver’s cabin with ergonomically positioned controls and a comfortable seat.

Here JCB 200 also performs the function of increasing the productivity of hydraulic mechanisms and increasing the production resources of the equipment by 10%. The great versatility of the model is due to the technical features that the brand “equipped” it with. The long boom and large shovel increase productivity, and the tracked base increases the duration of the excavator.


The wheeled version has an impressive carrying capacity and can be used in extreme conditions. Thanks to a variety of options for the location of supports and the planning sign, it becomes possible to meet the wishes of different customers. Rad variants have the lowest Wenderadius in their class. High ground clearance and multiple leveling shield positions reduce damage to infrastructure.

Caterpillar backhoe modifications have a wide range of models and are more popular than cyclic excavators. They are suitable for a wide range of tasks. Crawler JCB 200 is a multipurpose special equipment, which is used for laying underground power lines, loading bulk cargoes, wetlands, dismantling of concrete slabs and buildings, as well as for a variety of works on construction sites.

Thanks to a variety of attachments, the scope of application of the technique greatly expands. JCB 200 excavator can interact with a powerful hydraulic breaker, toothed spoon, classic planning spoon and other devices.

All model versions are characterized by excellent controllability and do not require costly maintenance. JCB 200 is a high performance machine, which guarantees maximum productivity and ease of operation.

JCB JS 200 W Excavator

General information about: JCB JS 200 W excavator with a shovel content of 0.4-1.19 m3 purpose.

: For the development of pits, trenches, quarries, rock quarries, loading and unloading of bulk cargo description of the excavator and its unique features

JCB JS 200W excavator has distinctive features of the cab, namely: ergonomic control system, adjustable air cushion seat, control levers of optimum length, excellent all-round visibility, heated windshield with fog device.

In heavy-duty applications, the excavator can temporarily increase the power of the hydraulic drives by 10%. Impressive lifting capacity provides exceptional stability. The excavator is equipped with AMS automated control system which ensures high productivity and efficiency.

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The unique Plexus hydraulic filter system with 1.5-micron filter thickness increases the reliability of the excavator system, extending drain intervals up to 8,000 km/h. Protected hoses and lines and a centrally located gearbox help protect parts and components in the undercarriage of the JCB JS 200W backhoe.

Various combinations of dozer blade and outrigger positions allow you to precisely adapt the machine to customer requirements.

JCB JS 200W Specifications

key features
full title JCB JS 200 W wheeled excavator
gross weight, kg 23202/23273
engine model 4HK1X
engine type diesel
Number and location of cylinders 4
Working volume, cm3 5193
Engine power, kW (hp) 128(172)
Rated speed, rpm 2000
Engine manufacturer (brand) isozu
fuel system
Maximal speed, km/h 30
ground clearance, mm 260
Wheel (track) base, mm 2757
Max. outreach, mm 10020/9830
fuel tanks
fuel tank, l 343
cooling system, l 33.3
hydraulic system, l. 200
hydraulic tank, l. 226
performance characteristics
digging depth, mm 5260-6475
dumping height, mm 6470-7300
Maximum tractive force, kN 99.4
Total outside turning radius, mm 7230
Shovel capacity, cu. m. 0.4-1.19
Blade cutting edge width, mm 600-1500
excavator specifications
Radius of rotation of rear part of the platform, mm 2530
Speed of platform rotation, rpm 10
Digging height, mm 9190-10160
Max. digging radius, mm 9110-9825
Max. reach (ground level), mm 8870-9650
Bulldozer Specifications
Blade width x height, mm 2530×600
Blade maximum depth/elevation, mm 130/450
Other features
chassis type Wheels
Hydraulic pump flow, l/min. 2×214

Technical characteristics

The excavator performance:

  • bucket capacity – 0,36-0,9 cu. m;
  • Width of cutting edge – 600-1500 mm;
  • Maximum digging radius – 9480 mm;
  • maximum digging depth – 6400 mm;
  • maximum unloading height – 6900 mm;
  • Maximum tractive force – 99.4 kN.

Weight of the JCB 200 is 19500 kg. This wheeled version is suitable for speeds up to 30 km/h. With a tracked version this figure is much more modest – 5.5 km/h.

The overall dimensions of the model:

  • length – 9400 mm;
  • width – 2500 mm;
  • height – 2860 mm;
  • ground clearance (wheeled version) – 260 mm;
  • ground clearance (tracked version) – 486 mm;
  • maximum reach of boom – 983-10020 mm;
  • tracked base (wheeled version) – 2757 mm.

Excavator platform rotation speed – 10 rpm.

fuel consumption

The machine’s fuel tank holds 343 liters of fuel. The fuel consumption of the excavator depends on the type of work performed:

  • working with the ground – 11.3 liters/hour;
  • Driving – 15.6 l/hour.

Jcb 200 Excavator Technical Specifications

  • JCB 200 is a product of the famous British brand, which is characterized by high operating power in a relatively small size. Such equipment is traditionally used in areas with limited space, where it is simply impossible to use large units in demand. The JCB 200 is available in tracked and wheeled versions. There are only a few design differences between them.
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All versions of JCB 200 are equipped with harmful and responsive to industry standards. In addition, the technique has very unusual components:

  • High-strength box construction, which is the base for the subframe and provides protection in demanding applications;
  • A pivoting crown welded to both sides of the subcarriage. This solution guarantees the durability of the structure, increasing the protective space;
  • The hydraulic system is placed in the chassis and protected from mechanical influences;
  • The cabin with the ergonomic arrangement of controls and a comfortable seat.

In addition, JCB 200 is implemented function of increasing the productivity of hydraulic mechanisms and increasing the productive resources of the evil by 10%. The high versatility of the model is due to technical features that the brand is “equipped” with. The long boom and large bucket increase productivity, and the crawler base adds to the excavator Cros s-Country.


The JCB 200 features a powerful 4-stroke 4-cylinder turbo-isu 4HK1X engine with exhaust emissions and low noise levels. The powertrain allows the excavator to move large volumes of soil and materials at average fuel costs. A bright internal cylinder, alternator and high-capacity battery allow for cold starting. The unit complies with “Euro-3” environmental standards.

The advantages of the engine include increased efficiency – they are 12% more productive than analogues. The operator of the unit can control the fuel consumption by selecting the mode of operation:

  1. “Auto”;
  2. “Lift”;
  3. “Precision”;
  4. “Saving on computer”.

The settings in these modes are optimized for specific tasks. Average fuel consumption while maintaining performance is determined by the following features:

  • The ability to empty shift in automatic mode. If the hydraulic system is not running, the power output of the propulsion system drops;
  • Oil recirculation in the regenerative hydraulic system working with cylinders. This solution reduces cycle times and fuel consumption.

The charge air cooler and oil cooler are located on the same level, which greatly facilitates their maintenance.

Features of the power plant ISUZU 4HK1X:

  • Working volume – 5.19 liters;
  • Nominal power – 128 (172) kW (hp);
  • Speed – 2000 rpm.


The base configuration for this model uses a semi-automatic transmission. The transmission is mid-mounted, with component and unit protection. Special equipment is equipped with a visor and engine cleaning system from construction debris and flying debris.

Hydraulic components used in the JCB 200 provide increased pressure and increase gravity and functional speed. Here, too, the excavator is equipped with a regenerative system that increases efficiency.

Longer filter and oil change intervals have greatly reduced maintenance costs. From now on, the excavator is sent to service for the first time only after 500 hours of work. In addition, there is a computer for diagnostics of the device systems.

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JCB 200 has a spacious cab with comfortable and elegant interior, which is equipped with ergonomic controls. The air-cushioned seat, mounted on special skids, allows the operator to select the optimum position for normal operation of the AMS monitor and dashboard. Compact, responsive levers significantly reduce driver fatigue, and the damping control system helps reduce the effects of vibration and shock.

Noise and vibration are again reduced thanks to viscous letters throughout the driver’s cab. The ventilation system creates excess pressure in the cab and thus prevents dust from entering. An upgraded heater with anti-clogging device, air conditioning, side and front windows with opening function allow you to create an optimal working environment in the driver’s cab, regardless of the weather conditions.

There are special tools in the cab to make the work of the worker easier. These include a radio on/off button, a light switch next to the operator, storage space, and a phone holder. Huge tinted windows and a low roof ensure good visibility.

AMS makes operating the excavator extremely easy. With the smart onboard computer you can control all major functions and automatically choose the precision and strength of operations. It is the AMS system that guarantees minimum costs with maximum productivity.

JCB 3CX Backhoe Loader

The JCB 3CX backhoe loader is the most popular model in the JCB range. The most popular applications of the backhoe (commonly referred to as the “Troika”) are ground and soil treatment (various earthworks), loading and unloading and transportation.

JCB 3CX Backhoe Loader

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JCB 3CX Specifications

JCB 3CX backhoe features:

Operational capacity. 63 kW
Operating weight 7370 kg
Maximum digging capacity 0.3 m3
Gravel spoon width (JCB 3CX spoon size) 60 cm
Maximum depth of grave 4.24 m
Maximum capacity of loading shovel (frontal) 1 m3
magazine width 2.23 m
Maximum speed of JCB 3CX 37 km/h
JCB 3CX tank capacity 143 l
Maximum lift capacity of JCB 3CX wheel loader 1850 kg
Maximum lift height of Gisibi 3cx wheel loader 3.23 m

High speed allows the Gisibi 3cx to move quickly on jobsites. Large fuel tank size (143 L) allows for shorter refueling intervals and higher productivity. Fuel consumption of JCB Backhoe Loader 3CX per 1 hour of work is 8 liters.

Front shovel on JCB 3CX

JCB 3CX backhoe on boom

Excavator can easily work in the temperature range of t-20 ° C to 46 ° C.

Excavator body and components are made of high-strength thick steel, which allows it to withstand high loads and maintenance costs.

JCB 3CX dimensions:

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JCB 3CX engine

The excavator is equipped with an economical percins 1004-40T (1004-42) high-capacity four-cylinder diesel engine. Engine displacement is 4 liters. Even at low engine speed, the engine provides maximum power (79-100 hp) and high torque (320 (400) Nm), which allows significantly reduce fuel consumption without loss of productivity.

The main advantages of the engine are:

  1. High torque at low engine speeds;
  2. The engine oil filter is equipped with an anti-ventilation valve that keeps oil in the filter. This design keeps oil cleaner for longer and reduces maintenance costs.
  3. Water filter;
  4. Air flow filter with independent cleaning system.

The engine is equipped with turboponation, water-carbon system and heating system for quick start in cold weather. JCB 3CX Excavator The latest modifications do not have an exhaust gas vapor filter to reduce the amount of reverse gas flowing into the engine. They have improved the fuel combustion system, which increases fuel while reducing fuel consumption.

The excavator is equipped with a torque locking option that can be used to reduce fuel consumption by a quarter and increase travel speed by 10%.

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There are several modifications, which differ mainly in the attachments used and the configuration. Here are the possible variants:

  • JCB 3CX – the fundamental modification of the backhoe loader;
  • JCB 3CX ECO – this configuration has an economical engine. The modification has the Eco mode of operation;
  • JCB 3CX Super – this configuration has bigger diameter of front wheels (all wheels have same diameter) comparing to basic configuration;
  • JCB 3CX Super Sitemaster;
  • JCB 3CX Sitemaster;
  • JCB 3CX Sitemaster Plus;
  • JCB 3cx Sitemaster Turbo;
  • JCB 3cx Sitemaster Turbo Plus;
  • JCB 3CX Contractor;
  • JCB 3cx Pothole Master;
  • JCB 3CX Turbo.

Each shift unit can be quickly replaced depending on the application. Front attachment can be equipped with forks, classic or jaw shovel of desired width.

Rear scoop can be equipped with telescopic or classic boom, different types of shovels (classic, deep, ditch bucket and conical).

The rear scoop can be lifted from its hinges in any direction.

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JCB 3CX standard attachments

In the basic configuration of the front part of the upper jaw (capacity is 1 m³) – the excavator can work as a front loader. Professional operator invites with such bucket Kamaz 6511 (7 m³) for 4 minutes. With a minimum shoulder.

For 8-hour work shift, depending on the depth of the trench turns out 80-100 m³. If you need to load the floor in a dump truck, the productivity of the trench is reduced by about 10%.

Features JCB JS 200W

JCB excavators are quite a large family. It consists of compact excavators as well as wheeled and rough terrain excavators. The range of wheeled excavators consists of four models, the largest of which is the JCB JS200W.

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Technical characteristics

The main characteristics of the JCB JS200W tractor:



Engine displacement

engine model

Operating weight

Engine speed

Fuel capacity

Technical characteristics

Maximum operating weight of JCB JS200W is 22,773 kg. The excavator is powered by a 172 hp JCB disselmax engine. The engine is equipped with a simple mechanical fuel pump, with which you can refuel with the highest quality fuel and work with the same productivity.

JCB JS200W excavator

Dimensions and dimensions

JCB JS200W Excavator dimensions:







There are two versions of excavator wheels – standard and wide. The standard version provides trouble-free driving on public roads, because it meets the requirements of traffic rules for the maximum width. The reach of the excavator can be different. Excavators are equipped with three boom options: Monocoat and two or three sections. They can also be equipped with bucket capacities from 0.4 m3 to 1.19 3.

JCB JS200W excavator


The JCB JS 200W chassis offers excellent technical solutions from which the combination is increased to a cross-over. The excavator is equipped with ZF axles with locking rear differential and can travel safely in difficult road conditions. It can travel at 30 km/h on the street in a fraction of the speed of the Cantry models which can only go from object to object.

Hydraulic system

Like all JCB backhoes, the JS200W is equipped with a regenerative hydraulic system. Due to this system the excavator has low fuel consumption and shows excellent performance. The hydraulic system of JCB JS200W has a complete set of additional hydraulic springs. Various modifications of the JS200W models are equipped with a hydraulic cutter, auxiliary hydrolysis and low-flow hydrolysis. The capacity of the hydraulic system allows you to use almost any set of joints and devices to maximize the excavator’s productivity.

One of the best!

The operator’s cab design has excellent ergonomics, comfort and safety features. Standard model offerings include a 7-inch color display that can display technical information. JCB JS200W together with other models of this British brand allows you to reduce costs, including fast maintenance.

All parts and units of the excavator are very durable. Reinforced axles, debris collectors, stabilizers, which are durable from the box of turntable, even if work takes place in difficult conditions. Reduced maintenance time is made possible by the compact location of service points and extended service intervals.

For limited scope of work JCB JS200W bike excavator can be rented as any other special equipment. The market for rental of special equipment is well developed, companies are happy to rent JCB excavators and loaders together with bikes.

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