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The secret of Iveco Eurocargo success is in its versatility: with a solid capacity, it is very easy to control and maneuver even on city center streets and small sites. At the same time it demonstrates excellent working qualities for remote cargo transportation. The length of the IVEC O-EUROCARGO bicycle base can vary from 3,845 to 6,570 meters (a total of 12 types of bicycle bases). Accordingly, the load platform can also have different lengths: from 4,135 to 10,550 meters. Carrying capacity of modern generation Iveco Eurocargo trucks also varies from 6 to 26 tons depending on the engine power. This publication is dedicated to the experience of operating Iveco Eurocargo vehicles in Russia.

It is also possible to install any body of different length: flatbed or tilt body, aluminum body, or special equipment: refrigerator, hand-held manipulator installation and much more. The length of the Iveko Eurokargo ranges from 5,790 to 11,547 meters. Only the ground clearance is 163 mm, rear – 1,745 m and front – 1,930 m.

The main area of usage of Eurocargo trucks is, of course, inner-city and intra-oblast hauling. Although the long wheelbase Eurocargo trucks are equipped with long wheelbase trenches with sleeper cabs, the “long wheelbase” intra-oblast and intercity transportation is also used. But the quality of the streets must be decent: the ground clearance is not high.

Accordingly, the most common are 4×2 modifications, which are used for urban and intra-oblast transport. At the same time the 6×4, 6×2 and 4×4 configurations are available. In the model range Eurocargo takes an intermediate position between the light Iveo Dailey and long distance Iveo Strailis.

About the history of the model

The Iveco Eurocargo model was introduced in 1991 to replace the outdated Iveco Turbozeta model. The main feature that made it different from the majority of medium-duty trucks at that time and ensured the further success of the model is its modular design, which should assemble, as a “construction set”, a certain modification, precisely adapted to the specific needs of consumers. Thanks to this, the number of proposed fundamental modifications soon surpassed all imaginable sizes and reached several hundreds.

In 1992 the model was called the “Truck of the Year” in Europe, and then two more new generations of Eurocargo received this prestigious title. In the second generation of Iveco Eurocargo, which was introduced in 2000, the switch to Tector series powertrains – a new development of engineers of the European Engine Alliance, a joint venture between Iveco, New Holland and Cummins – was a new development of engineers of the European Engine Alliance.

About the history

The third generation of 2003 received a brighter, more memorable and individual look. The main innovation is the air intakes on the sides of the cab, which together with the radiator grille formed a kind of “smile”. Since 2006, Eurocargo Eurocargo trucks received SCR diesel engines, which meet Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards. In 2008, Iveko Eurocargo trucks were renovated again, which gave the cabin a more “aggressive” look, in accordance with automotive fashion trends.

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About the history of the model 01

The changes in 2015 were also significant. The design of the cabin retained its corporate features: the cabin once again received a “smile”, the basis of which was the radiator grille and air intake, which gave additional attention to the brand logo. The bumper received convenient additional steps, so you can easily reach the windshield. The headlights of the new model were re-installed with LED strips in accordance with current automotive fashion. The cab deflectors have been optimized to improve dynamics. The interior has changed slightly. However, the new HI-SCR engines meet Euro 6 standards.


Today the Iveco Eurocargo is the most mass model of the Iveo brand. Since 1991, more than 500 thousand of these trucks have been produced.


The total weight of the series varies from 7 to 18 tons (there are 10 variants of total weight). In general, all models can be divided into light and heavy subgroups. The more serious versions are equipped with more powerful engines:

  • On trucks with a GVW of 6-10 tons – 130-210 hp engines;
  • With a GVW of 11 to 18 tons – engines rated at 210-320 hp;

There are a total of eight variants of power units for the Iveco Eurocargo.

Iveco Eurocargo Engines

Eurocargo trucks are equipped with four- and six-cylinder diesel engines. The range of four-cylinder engines has a working volume of 3.9 liters and capacity of 130, 150 or 170 hp. The 6-cylinder engines have a displacement of 5.88 liters and output of 180, 210, 240, 280 and 320 hp.

All these Tector engines are equipped with electronic common rail injection and turbocharger with bypass valve. They meet the requirements of EEV (“Advanced Green Car”). SCR – “Selective Catalytic Reduction of Nitrogen Technology”, with the use of AdBlue additive, helps to reduce fuel consumption by up to 5%.

Iveco Eurocargo Engines

Tector engines are lightweight, do not require frequent maintenance and guarantee reliability in operation. Unlike the EGR system, the SCR system does not recirculate hot exhaust gases back into the combustion chamber. The performance of Tector engines is best in this class in the following respects:

  • best ratio between torque and engine displacement;
  • High adaptability – maximum torque is reached already at minimum rpm (from 1,200 rpm) and remains constant over a wide operating range. This guarantees smooth traction, sparse gears and high efficiency;
  • Low running costs: Oil change interval is 80,000 km for the engine and 300,000 km for the gearbox.
  • Quiet operation, which is important in the city with a hauled vehicle.

Iveco EuroCargo trucks are equipped as standard with 115-litre fuel tanks; a 200-litre tank is an optional extra.

transmission .

Customers of Iveco EuroCargo trucks can choose one of the following five types of transmissions:

  • Manual 5, 6 and 9-speed ZF manual gearbox;
  • Robotic 6-speed Eurotronic-6 transmission with steering column mounted gearshift;
  • Automatic 5-speed Allison transmission.


Frame, suspension, chassis, brakes

The heart of Iveco EuroCargo is the chassis made of strong high-alloyed steel with an absolutely flat plane without any projections, which allows a wide range of bodies from 4.135 to 10.550 meters in length.

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Suspension for the EuroCargo is available with parabolic or multi-leaf springs at the front and rear, as well as pneumatic rear suspension. Alternatively an electronically controlled ECAS (Electronic Air Suspension) full air suspension system is available, which can manually and electronically adjust the frame loading height.

Frame, suspension, chassis, brakes

Iveco EuroCargo trucks are equipped with ventilated disc brakes on all wheels. The brakes are hydraulic with vacuum booster. For safety reasons the truck is also equipped with an engine brake. Heavy versions can be equipped with pneumatic brakes.

Iveco EuroCargo driver’s cab

Iveco EuroCargo driver’s cabins are made of high-strength galvanized steel, resistant to shocks, wear and corrosion. EuroCargo offers three types of cabins:

  • Day cab for short- and medium-distance travel – for vans;
  • A sleeper cab for long-haulage. It can be with a standard or high roof;
  • Multiperson cab for 7 people, to accommodate maintenance crews, etc.

Iveco EuroCargo cabs are available as two- and three-man cabs. The driver’s cab for long-distance trips offers not only a full bed, as in long-range trucks, but also additional space for more comfort. For example, two stowage boxes with side lighting and electric door opening with a total volume of 260 liters.

Reviews of Iveco EuroCargo owners and drivers

You can find many reviews on the Internet from owners of Iveco EuroCargo trucks. Most often these are used, but “fresh” cars, bought in European countries. Before buying, for most owners the price of their EuroCargo was a decisive factor (trucks of the “same class” from other European manufacturers like Mercedes, Man, Daf are much more expensive).

All note that the quality of comfort for work “on board” the truck is very high. In particular, the cabin of Iveco EuroCargo has the same individual seats as in the basic truck tractor Iveco Stralis. Sound insulation is very good. The sitting position is quite high. Excellent visibility is provided by a large, wide windshield and side windows, as well as 6 exterior mirrors (2 main and 2 wide-angle, front and side mirrors). There is also a small window in the right door to help with parking.

The Iveco Eurocargo is extremely easy to drive. Steering is very easy due to the hydraulic performance. In urban conditions, the truck can maneuver with soft steering. The driver’s seat has a lot of adjustments and minimizes fatigue even on long trips. Headlights and fog lights look good.

Partly due to ignorance and negligence, the cars were purchased in a configuration for a southern climate state. With the beginning of winter, such owners were surprised and saddened to find that the engine would not start in cold weather, and it was very cold inside.

Of course, for our climate you should take the “Eurocargo” of the appropriate modification: with a ten in the fuel filter, heated air in the intake manifold and glow lamps. There will be no problems with engine starting in frosty weather. The own regular heater works perfectly without installation of “autonomous”. It will always be warm in the car in winter.

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Costs for maintenance of cars are not high. Fixed costs are diesel fuel and urea. The real consumption of diesel fuel at a mixed schedule is about 16-18 liters per 100 kilometers. The cost of a canister of urea (20 liters) is about 600-800 rubles, and lasts for 3-4 months of operation.

Since the class of ecology – the fifth, there are no problems with the registration of passes in the central part of Moscow. And this class of ecology can work for a long time in the capital. A digital tachograph is usually installed in the cabin.

In addition, many cars have a walkie-talkie and GPS navigation with a fuel mirror sensor. “With the help of a walkie-talkie you can communicate with drivers of other cars in the city and on the highway. GPS navigation in general is unique. With this system, you can see the condition of your car at any time of the day or night. All you need is access to the Internet, and nowadays it is not a problem with your phone or computer. With the help of the fuel mirror sensor you can constantly monitor the fuel content, the amount of refueling and possible draining”, says one of the Russian owners of Iveko Eurocargo.

Another lecture about his indescribable sensations from the ZIL Bychka, on which he worked for many years, in which the Iveko Eurocargo from Germany. Of course, this is not an obsolete “bull” – a completely different culture of work and business. The fact that the permissible maximum weight of the truck – up to 12 tons – is very practical, since it does not require additional registration for work in Moscow, and does not fall under the notorious “platon” system.

The Iveco Eurocargo truck behaves with confidence and quickly on the highway. The sensations of driving, speeding up and the speed itself, of course, are similar to those of a passenger car with the difference in dimensions. At 2,000 rpm, the speed of about 100 km/h is maintained both when empty and laden.

Of the minuses, the RMASS road; little of the wiring (frayed on the Cambrick); rather cheap plastic on the dashboard; In short, according to some owners, programs. Overloading the car according to the old domestic tradition is not recommended – you need to keep track of the state values. Almost all the necessary parts have to order and wait a long time. For a digital speedometer you need to get a driver’s card. In general, the experience of real operation of “Iveo Eurocargo” confirms its reputation as one of the best medium-duty trucks in the world and extremely versatile vehicle that can successfully solve all, even special and very specific tasks.

Cost of Iveo Eurocargo vehicle

The price for a new Iveco Eurocargo truck at an official dealer in Russia starts at 4 million rubles. Since this model is very common in our country, it is presented on the secondary car market for most regions. Basically it is a variety of dimensional transporters, refrigerators and bush manipulators on the Iveco Eurocargo chassis. The price of cars made in the 90’s is in the range from 250 to 700 thousand rubles. For IVEKO Eurocargo 2000s are asking from 900 thousand to 1.7 million rubles, while the 2010s from 1.5 to 3 million rubles, depending on the technical condition and configuration of each particular car.

Freshforex types of work

Top 5 modifications of medium-duty trucks Iveco Eurocargo

Iveco Eurocargo is a range of vehicles from the Italian company, which includes about 300 basic models. It includes medium-duty trucks with a weight from 7 to 18 tons.

Eurocargo truck

Design and features of the models

The Iveco Eurocargo in the manufacturer’s model range is located between the heavy-duty Stralis and compact daily. There are many versions, which are divided into light and heavy subtypes. Eurocargo was released in 1991. 5-ton truck represents a modular construction of a medium-duty truck. The truck was assembled according to the customer’s request. The number of modifications was big.

In 2000 an improvement in design of the truck has been made.

A new Tector engine of joint production has been installed. The exterior design of the truck was developed together with the Bertone studio. In 2006, the truck was equipped with SCR system, which meets Euro-5 standards. Then the cabin and dashboard have been improved, as well as electrical scheme, and some design developments have been added. Now the Eurocargo is the most popular in the lineup.

engine diagram

The truck is also popular in Russia. The truck has a good cross-country ability and maneuverability, it can go on the street. The advantage of this model is a large choice of cabs, which can be identified. They differ, the number of seats, dimensions, availability of a sleeping place.

  • Payload – from 5 to 26 tons.
  • Length of the truck – from 5790 to 11547 mm.
  • Freedom of movement – 163 mm.
  • Speed – up to 90 km/h.
  • Rear path – 1745 mm.
  • Front track – 1930 mm.
  • Fuel consumption – 17 to 23 liters per 100 km.

The fuel tank can have a capacity of 115 to 280 liters. The body can be set: aluminum, refrigerated, etc. So this car is versatile. The car is equipped with Tector engine. It has a turbine with intercooler and fuel injection system. Since 2007, the truck is also equipped with gas engine.

Eurocargo 75E17

IVECO EUROCARGO 75E17 is a truck, used for city and international hauls.

Model 75E17

  • The engine rpm is 2700 rpm.
  • The torque is 560 nm.
  • Cylinder diameter is 102 mm.
  • Thickness of brake disc of front wheels – 30 mm.
  • Thickness of brake disc of rear wheels – 30 mm.

Rear wheel brake disc – 40 Nm. Front brake disc – 44 Nm. Air valve – 18 Nm. PTO shaft – M10. Center bearing on driveshaft – 74Nm.

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Euro Cargo 75E18.

The package includes: sleeper cab, built in computer, heated mirrors, cruise control, radio, tachographs. The systems ABS, EBS and ESP are installed.

Van 75e18

Technical characteristics of the model 75E18:

  • The engine is 3920 cm3.
  • The power is 177 hp.
  • The class – Euro 5.
  • Six-speed gearbox.
  • Rubber bike.
  • Wheel configuration – 4×2.
  • Weight – 7490 kg.
  • Load capacity – 5 tons.
  • Disc brakes.
  • The volume of the van is 36 m³.
  • IVEKO Eurocargo truck dimensions: 6050x2480x2370 mm.

Eurocargo 100e18.

The truck Iveco Eurocargo Eurocargo 100e18 has a double cabin, fuel tank capacity of 115 liters. 5-liter diesel engine. The engine power is 177 hp. Its rpm is 2100 rpm. The torque is 570 nm. The engine has Euro4 class. The gearbox is manual, 6 speed. The weight is 3405 kg. The truck load-carrying capacity – 6000 kg. The wheel arrangement – 4×2. The electric scheme and the rear hub are updated.

Van 100e18

Euro Cargo ML180E28.

The Eurocargo ML180E28 model has a fuel tank volume of 200 liters. Diesel engine – Tektor 6. The engine volume is 5.8 liters. Power – 280 hp. Diesel engine-Tektor 6, 5.8 liters, power – 280 hp. Six-speed manual gearbox. Wheelbase – 4185 mm. Maximal load on front axle is 3650 kg. Maximal load on the rear axle is 2080 kg. Mass – 5730 kg. Payload – 12270 kg. Total combination weight – 32 500 kg. Ground clearance – 232 mm. Arm width of the front wheels – 1985 mm. Range of the rear wheels – 1820 mm.

The front part of the cabin and dashboard are made of extruded composite material. The truck carries goods in the city, as well as performs long-distance trips. The truck has a light fuel consumption and features compact size and easy operation. Available in 4×2, 4×4 and 6×4 versions. The first model is used for urban transport, while the 2nd and 3rd Eurocargo ML180E28 are used in rural areas and on construction sites.

Eurocargo 120E22

IVECO EUROCARGO 120E22 is the truck with a 5-liter Tektor diesel engine. The engine power is 217 hp. The torque is 680 nm. The fuel tank has a capacity of 115 liters. The fuel tank has a capacity of 115 liters. The weight is 4380 kg. Its payload is 7620 kg. Ground clearance – 173 mm. Its wheel formula is 4×2. Number of axles – 2.

Model 120E22

Evaluations and awards of the owners

Kiryan, 35 years old, driver, Moscow

I work as a driver of a truck Eurocargo in a transport company. We transport cargo around the city. The truck has an excellent cross-country ability and maneuverability. The truck operates without noise and vibration.

Oleg, 46, entrepreneur, Saratov

I transport goods by Eurocargo. The truck is roomy and has a high speed. Thanks to this truck the volume of transportation and income of transport business to different companies has increased. The Iveco Eurocargo is an excellent modern vehicle.

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