Is it worth laying a lawn?

Which lawn to choose: sown or rolled turf? The pros and cons of both options with prices

Before you create a lawn on your property, you need to decide a lot of questions: roll or seed, create a lawn yourself or call professionals? Let’s try to consider both technologies from the point of view of monetary costs.

Which lawn to choose: seeded or rolled turf? The pros and cons of both options with prices

As a rule, the lawn is laid after all the communications on the territory, garden and vegetable garden, planted trees and shrubs. Lawn should be planted from spring to fall, but many choose April and May.

Both when ordering from firms and when seeding yourself, the advantage in terms of cost is for the seeded lawn, and in terms of speed of commissioning – for rolled turf.

So what to choose and what to save on?

Seeded turf

The most common option for landscape design. Mistakes during seeding lead to problems with the lawn: weeds, rot, weeds, weeds, etc.

The steps involved in laying sown turf

1. clearing the site of debris.

There should be no large pieces of debris on the site to a depth of half a meter, otherwise after the area is overgrown with grass on the lawn may appear bare spots due to uneven growth of the root system.

The cost of services of cleaning companies: from 30 rubles per 1m2.

2. Removal of weeds throughout the future lawn.

This will ensure friendly sprouts, the appearance of the lawn and facilitate further care.


  • Regular removal of perennial weeds – from 15 to 50 rubles per 1 m2;
  • Tree cutting – from 1500 to 8000 rubles;
  • Removal of stumps – from 500 rubles.

Lawn grass seeding

Lawn treatment and leveling.

In order for the lawn to look perfect, it is necessary to level the area of the future lawn and make a slope of 1-30 to facilitate the flow of surface water. A lawn with a large area can be given a greater slope, but no more than 300. If there are areas of standing water in the area, drainage should be done.

4. Application of fertile soil and fertilizer.

As needed. In the absence of a fertile layer of soil, it is sometimes completely replaced to a depth of about 15 cm.If fresh soil is brought on site, it is desirable to sow the lawn in 1-2 weeks.

5. Compaction of the soil with the help of special rollers.
6. Sowing and sowing lawn grass seeds.

In the middle belt lawn grass seeds can be sown from the end of April – beginning of May until October. Sowing lawns at a later stage is not recommended because the plants will not have time to gain full strength before the winter. When sowing lawn grass in summer, it is worth waiting out rainy, cloudy days.

Electric or gasoline lawn mower? We advise!

When sowing, the plot is passed several times in different directions to distribute the seeds evenly over the entire area.

Cost: sowing seeds on a ready-made base – 10-20 rubles per 1m2.

Lawn grass seeds

7. Roles.

Then you need to roll the seeds with a special roller or cover them with a rake.

8. Pouring.

After sowing and rolling, the soil should be well watered.

9. The first mowing of the lawn.

Important moment for quality growth. The first time the lawn is mowed, when the grass reaches a height of 10-15 cm.

Lawn seeds and grass mixture

The seeding rate of a lawn mixture is about 4-5 kg per 1 sowing area. Depending on the type of lawn and soil type, the rates can easily change, in any case they are always indicated on the seed package. Be careful: if the seeding rate is exceeded, the seeds slowly shrink, because the plants do not have enough nutrients and water contained in the soil. On the contrary, sprouts are uneven and too sparse.

The minimum number of tools required for planting a lawn: Garden rake, dacha roller, shovel/cultivator, water supply devices, etc.

In addition, the costs of lawn grass are as follows:

1. Sports Lawn.

Average composition of grass mixture: Grassland Ryegrass (40%), meadow fescue and red fescue (20% each) and rush (10 or 20%), meadow bluegrass (10%).

Quickly restores the sports lawn for places with high loads, unpretentious to the soil. Ideal for sports and children’s playgrounds.

Price: from 250 rubles / kg.

Pack with lawn grass seeds

2. Universal lawn

The average composition of grass mixture: Pasture ryegrass (20%), annual ryegrass (20%), meadow fescue (20%), meadow fescue and cane (20% each).

The composition includes grass seeds that grow well on any floors and unpretentious to external conditions.

Price: from 150 rubles/kg.

3. Pot stable lawn

Medium composition of grass mixture: red fescue (40%), meadow-grass (20%), rush (30%), reed grass (10%).

Designed for dry places without watering or dry soils.

4. Dwarf lawn.

Medium composition of grass mixture: red oats (40%), meadow net (30%), oat flakes (20%), bentgrass (10%).

A mixture of low-growing grasses forms a cover that does not require frequent mowing. Practical for unpopulated areas or those with large areas.

5. Honey Lawn

Medium composition of grass mixture: 100% clover (white, red and pink).

A mixture of clover with clover creates a surface with high decorative and honey qualities.

Price: from 500 rubles/kg.

Full price sacrificial lawn system

  • With their own hands – from 49 rubles. The pro 1 m 2.
  • Gymnastic turf from 150 rubles. without replacement of the floor. Pro 1 m 2.

Lawn watering immediately after sowing lawn grass

More complex options:

  • Seeding, turnkey lawn with soil replacement (floor ditch, floor, layout and roles) – 500-700 rubles. Pro 1 m 2.
  • Moorish (flowering) lawn – 250-1200 rubles. Pro 1 m 2.
  • Quick sacrifice on a slope with lawn geogrid (plastic) – 450-1200 rubles. Profi 1 m 2.
Motoblokschneider - assembly, cultivation, review and owner reviews


  • Departure of a specialist to examine the object – from 1500 rubles.
  • Repair of seeding – from 250 rubles. Profi 1 m 2.
  • Repair of mature turf – from 20 rubles. Profi 1 m 2.
  • Lawn mowing with fertilizer – from 15 to 20 rubles. Profi 1 m 2.
  • Herbicide treatment – from 10 rubles. Profile 1 m 2.

Rolled lawn

The cultivation of ready lawn rolls is carried out on the fields under the supervision of specialists for 2-3 years. In most cases roll lawns are grown on the basis of varieties of Rebellion (Avord, Everett, Impact, Nuglade, Bluechip Plus) and Ostvitsa.

Preparing to lay a lawn

Lawn installation

1. Laying the substrate for the lawn.

Similar to laying seed lawn, points 1-3.

2. Delivery of fertile soil for the lawn.

If necessary + fertilizer.

3. Digging and loosening the soil.

After the soil is compacted, its surface is loosened to a depth of 1 cm, which can significantly reduce the time for successful rooting of lawn rolls in a new place.

4. Turf delivery.

Turf is transported on euro pallets (pallet size 120 x 100 cm). Up to 63 rolls can be placed on such a pallet, which corresponds to an area of about 50 m 2.

Remember that rolled turf does not last long after cutting. So buy it just before laying and store it for no more than 2 days in a shady spot.

Examine the lawn to assess its quality.

5. Laying the rolled turf.

Lawn is laid in a staggered pattern from end to end.

6. Roles of laid rolls.

The procedure contributes to its maximum responsibility on the main floor and, therefore, good survivability. Rolling is carried out with a special roller, which can weigh up to 50 kg.

7. watering of the rasbatas.

The first watering is very important: the lawn is practically poured with water, so that the water gets to the root system.

In the following days, drought, strong winds, heavy rains are undesirable.


The cost of the lawn

  • With their own hands – from 100-200 rubles per 1m2. The cost of 1 lawn roll is 50-200 rubles, 1 m 2 60-250 rubles. Plus the cost of delivery, which is calculated in accordance with the logistics of the company.
  • The cost of roll lawn – from 400-500 rubles per 1m2.
  • Rolled turf on a slope (up to 40 degrees) including installation of geoset – from 600 rubles per 1m2.
  • Sports lawn – 500 rubles. Per 1 m 2 only the lawn. Without labor costs.


  • Turf repair (removal of old turf, adding soil, the cost of new turf, turf delivery, unloading and laying the role of the construction site, laying turf) – from 400 rubles per 1m2.
John Deere 9660 STS combine harvester - description and properties

Rolled turf before laying.

Advantages and disadvantages of seeds and turf

  • Lower costs.
  • Seeded turf is easier to adapt to the floor at the construction site.
  • For seeding turf in shady areas, there are special grass mixtures that are suitable for growth and development in such conditions.
  • It is easy to restore the resulting bare ground: just loosen this area a little and sow the lawn seeds.
  • Replanting can take place throughout the season: until the end of October and even in November. In comparison, sowing is carried out from May to September, at night temperatures above +5 ° C.
  • Rolled turf optically changes your location immediately after laying. After a month you can run around freely.
  • Thanks to the thick layer of lawn well resists the emergence of weeds.
  • Long growth time: A lawn takes about a month to fully germinate. In addition, stress is not desirable in the first year, before the turf has fully formed.
  • A close watch is required at first, until the lawn has grown stronger (in the second year) and the weeds can no longer push it out on their own.
  • Rolled turf does not tolerate shade and the presence of conifers in another part of the site.
  • If not properly maintained, the risk of lawn diseases is higher: The dense grass cover and lack of oxygen to the roots can provoke the development of fungal diseases.
  • When replacing damaged lawn rollers, it can be difficult to find multiple rolls on sale.

Liquid turf: What is it and how much does it cost?

It is essentially a bottle of seed and fertilizer. Such a bottle is connected to a regular garden hose, and under water pressure, the seeds, along with fertilizer, are evenly sprayed on the floor.

Since the grass already enters the lawn with water, such a lawn no longer requires watering. Manufacturers guarantee 95-99% germination with this kind of seeding, which is debatable, but unfortunately, the editorial staff did not check.

The germination of such a lawn in its usual form is 1-2 weeks. In general, this method of seeding is not much different from the usual seeding lawn. Interestingly, the manufacturers themselves recommend spraying the lawn continuously, until the emergence of grass, which leads to a significant increase in the cost of such a lawn.

The cost: 1 bottle – from 800 rubles, 1 bottle should be enough for 15-20 m 2.

An important point! Seeds are not included in the bottle, the bottle contains only a mixture of fertilizer and mulch. Seeds must be bought separately.

. Interesting: ornamental lawns made of monocultures

Separately, I would like to say a few words about another type of lawn, which is still rare in our way. This is a lawn made of low-growing monocultures. No, it’s not just Klee, although the idea is similar. We are talking about creating a lawn of forsythia, creeping juniper, periwinkle, shadegrass or hostas. Of course, such a lawn has only a decorative function and rarely takes up large areas.

Dongfeng df-244 mini vector - description and characteristics

And the cost of ordering it in the company “turnkey” is significant. For example, the cost of 1 m 2 lawn from the clearing will cost you at least 2 000 rubles, from the stubborn, periwinkle or hosta – a little cheaper, about 1 500 rubles. However, such a lawn is very beautiful and requires almost no maintenance, suitable for naturgarten-style gardens.

Decorative lawn of clover

For comparison: asphalting the site costs from 45 rubles per 1 sq.m. The prices are for 2020.

Rolled lawn: the advantages and disadvantages of choice

Rolled turf: Advantages and disadvantages of the choice

Currently, the owners of private plots can use lawns and roll lawns. Which option is the most acceptable? On which proposal it is desirable to stop? In order to understand which artificial nature grass mixture is better, it is advisable to compare the roll and sown lawn, and then carefully examine the advantages and disadvantages, the subtleties of using the roll version, because it is he who has the highest level of popularity.

Comparison of roll and seed lawn

  1. The price of roll lawn can be 2-2,5 times higher, and one square meter costs 70-120 rubles. The exact cost is determined by the type of grass. It is reasonable to consider delivery, unloading and laying. Thus, the minimum final cost is 400 rubles per square meter. If desired, seed lawn can be found and bought for 200 rubles – a square meter (including the price of preparing the soil). If you want, you can save the floor and prepare it yourself, having previously agreed on almost important points with experts.
  2. Time of release of the lawn. Rolled version is ready faster: in 2 weeks you can walk, in a month – play active games, run. In giving preference to turf, we prefer the 2-year-old Dernina to take root in the shortest time, and the density of seedlings satisfies the optimal results. Avoiding mechanical stress for the first two weeks is recommended for successful lawn rooting. Sacrificial lawn can acquire a decent appearance only after 1-1,5 months, and the exact period is determined by the peculiarities of weather conditions. It should be noted that with minor seeding loads the lawn will only be ready in 1.5 – 2 months, and with the presence of floor lawn, shrub growth and lateral prostrates – in a year if the lawn is dense.
  3. Appearance Lawn can be satisfied with light color strength and a high degree of density. If you choose an expensive model with 95% bunting, you can count on impeccable decorative properties. The seeded version can please with good performance only after a year, if care is correct and regular, including watering, mowing and fertilizing.
  4. Resistance to drought, frost, stress and shade. The quick sacrifice is able to please with its resistance to various natural factors, as it is first sown in the ground and then germinated. Lawn can wow with optimal resistance to external factors only if it is ordered from a special company that is close to the location.
Grain harvester Akros 530 RSM 142 - description and properties

Rolled lawn

Only by taking into account the characteristics of each modern type of lawn can the right choice be made. This approach ensures optimal adaptation to the topography and lighting features of the territory. Making the right choice, we can count on the fact that the lawn will exactly match its parameters.

The benefits of rolled turf

Rolled turf is a competitive option for the design of the land, but not an alternative. Manufacturers try to improve their products so that they can count on numerous benefits.

  • No need for weeds. Proper care with the use of herbicides ensures that weeds and their other manifestations will not make life difficult for owners of a suburban plot.
  • In the first year, no injuries are required.
  • A minimum number of weeds is guaranteed, so that the care of the area is simplified to a minimum.
  • The possibility of simple restoration of RAMN is assumed. You only need to cut out the damaged area and then replace it with a healthy one.
  • You can count on the integrity of the structure with no gaps.
  • Lawn can be happy with quick takeover and the ability to move immediately after installation. After a few weeks, it becomes a full-fledged operation option.
  • Lawn is a versatile option that is perfect for any site. In addition, it can successfully cover hard-to-reach and shaded areas. If the customer wishes, the area can be transformed in the shortest possible time.
  • Preparing rolled turf for winter can be done with surprising simplicity. In addition, no special measures are required to protect the turf from snow crusts.


Disadvantages of rolled turf

  • High cost, which is not optimal, loyal for every person.
  • The need to comply with the requirements concerning the identity of the composition of the soil and the surface. Moving requires only minimal preparation, but the implementation of the tasks is possible only from April to November. Time constraints must be taken into account when planning the event.
  • There is a risk of disease or poor rooting of green spaces. The risk is increased if the individuality of the soil is ignored.
  • Creating a lawn in a large area requires a lot of time and effort. Despite the additional financial investment, working with professionals is ideal.
  • Rolled turf is less durable than competitors’ lawns.

Only a responsible attitude will allow you to make the right choice of lawn for your personal plot.

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