Interskol SMB-650E gasoline snow blower. Model description, video of work and reviews

Interskol SMB-650E gasoline snow blower. Model description, video of work and reviews

The Interskol SMB-650E snow plow effectively removes snow on large areas with flat surfaces.

Self-propelled equipment is equipped with a 6.5 hp gasoline engine. It has a high performance – removes snow on an area of up to 500 square meters for an hour.

On the wheels of the snow blower there are tires with a floor covering, which provides reliable responsibility on the surface and the ability to overcome high intersections.

The Interskol SMB-650E snow blower differs from the SMB-650 version by some technological features, which are much more convenient in operation:

  1. The machine is equipped with a special lantern for safety and to facilitate work at night.
  2. The snow blower has an electric start, which is carried out by connecting to a power source and pressing the start button.
  3. Ergonomic design of the control handles.

Model Features

  • The self-propelled snow blower belongs to the category of special equipment and requires strict compliance with the operating instructions and safety rules. Certain risks may arise even if all the requirements are strictly followed.
  • In order to avoid injury and danger to others, special guidelines have been developed for operators on personal safety and competent maintenance of the snow blower. Special rules have been defined for safe maintenance of the gasoline engine and fuel consumption.
  • Preventive maintenance of the snowmobile Interskol SMB-650E should be carried out by qualified personnel in accordance with the instructions.
  • Before starting the enterprise it is recommended to determine the upcoming work front. In order to avoid property damage to get into the risk zone (not less than 23 m) of people, animals, property, you should make an optimal scheme of cleaning in advance.

Technical characteristics

Ais power, hp: 6.5
Operation of the ice cream maker, cc: 196
Type of starter Manual / Electric (220 V)
Peel diameter, mm 300
Grasp width, mm 570
Grip height, mm 535
Number of speeds 6 – forward / 2 – backward
Outer diameter of wheels, mm (custom-made) 325 (13)
More Options LED lantern
Set service life, years 5
Overall dimensions (DxHxV), mm 910x620x640
Product weight in dry state, kg 73.0
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Design and operation

The instruction manual of the snow blower Interskol SMB-560E contains information on the assembly, proper use of the machine, regular maintenance and control over the operation of the equipment.

For ease of transportation, the snow blower is partially disassembled. According to the instruction, the snowplow can be assembled in a short time.

The device device: gasoline four-stroke engine, toothed metal auger, control handles, a groove for clearing snow, a toothed pull, a switch board, wheels.

Thanks to the two-stage system provides a high degree of snow clearing: snow levelling by toothed auger under the body, and then thrown through the bell with a fan at a distance of 12 m.

Download the instruction manual

In order to properly operate the snow thrower in various modes, it is recommended that the owner thoroughly familiarize himself/herself with the snow thrower’s technical features, available settings and parameters before starting operation.

  • A reasonable range of speeds – 5 forward / 2 reverse – enables comfortable control of the snow thrower: a high gear is used to move the machine and clear light snow, and a lower gear – to clear heavy snow. Important: Always release the clutch lever before changing gears!
  • The snow discharge direction is adjusted with the snow discharge chute knob.
  • Adjust the engine speed by moving the throttle valve. Important: The snow blower cannot operate with the gasoline engine throttle engaged.
  • The throttle is used when the engine is cold starting. The choke must never be used during a hot start and to stop the engine.
  • It is recommended that the wheels be blocked to increase torque transfer.
  • The distance between the scraper blade and the ground is adjusted by means of skids attached to the side of the auger body. The blade should be flush with the surface. The blade and skids can be rotated 180° to ensure even wear.
  • Depending on the nature of the area to be cleaned, the skids can be set to the optimal position with the adjustment options. To avoid dangerous situations and damage to the snow thrower, it is not recommended to operate the snow thrower on gravel surfaces.
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Video overview of operation

owner reviews

Lyudmila, Stavropol region: “We have a large area at the market, in previous years we had to remove snow from the early morning before customers arrived. With ordinary shovels it’s very difficult and time-consuming. This year the management bought an Interskol snow blower, it’s a big help for us, in a couple of hours the area is cleaned up perfectly”.

Semyon, Krasnoarmeysk: “This year’s winter is snowy, I use the snow blower Interskol 650 e with an electric start completely. Very pleased with the equipment. It is compact, reliable and not troublesome.

Vasiliy, Firsanovka: “I bought the snow blower smb-650e at the end of last winter. This year there is so much snow that I don’t know how I would do without it. Saves energy at all hours of the day – it’s just worth cleaning up. It’s very easy to store and transport – the handles are attached to the wings, you can quickly assemble and disassemble it. Special winter tires are also justified. But, of course, the machine requires special attention and great care when working on corners and even on a slight slope.”

Snowblower Interskol SMB-650e. Technical description, model design and owner reviews

Snowblower Interskol SMB-650e – an effective device for cleaning snow. The compact snow thrower will be useful both on private plots and in public places, for clearing the territory of squares, parks, passages between houses – because the power of the snow thrower is quite high – for an hour it can remove snow on 5 hectares. The snow thrower is designed to work on even, hard surfaces.

Description Interskol SMB-650e snow thrower

The snow thrower Interskol SMB-650e is equipped with a two-stage auger snow thrower, the work of which provides a gasoline engine Loncin 6,5 hp. The Interskol snow blower is also on the market – the SMB-650-A snow blower with similar characteristics, but without electric safety guard. Advantages of SMB-650E:

  1. The mechanical variator transmission provides 5-V toe/2-back speed.
  2. The snow blower provides a width of 57 cm and a height of 54 cm. It runs quite quietly.
  3. Thanks to the Interskol electric starter, you can easily start it from an ordinary household mains 220 V.
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Model design and assembly

Snowblower Interskol SMB-650E is characterized by a simple device: a four-stroke single-cylinder engine is located above the wheels in the rear of the structure. Engine cooling is air-cooled. Handle with wheels and control levers SNEC is a structural extension of the metal frame.

The bucket is located in the front, it contains a toothed auger in the form of a belt, which as it rotates shreds the snow, delivers it to the distributor, and then to the thawed gutter. The snow setting system consists of two stages, which are fed through a bell to the outside. Range of throwing snow mass is regulated manually, the maximum distance – 12 m. Chute of the snow thrower can turn an angle of 180°.

  1. The presence of large wheels with a developed bottom surface provides excellent cross-country capability and stability of the snow blower.
  2. Thanks to the rational location of the center of gravity in the design, the snow blower is easy and convenient to control and maneuver.
  3. All working elements of the snow blower are made of metal – a chute, a bucket, a runner and an auger.
  4. Despite the components, mostly made in China, the assembly of the self-propelled snow thrower Interskol SMB-650E in Russia is carried out with a high level of quality.

Technical characteristics

Ais power, hp: 6.5 (4.78)
starter type: Manual / Electric (220 V)
Volume of fuel tank, fuel, l: 3.6 / AI92 (AI95)
Engine type: 4-stroke, top, single-cylinder, forced-air-cooled
Specific fuel consumption, g/kWh: 395
Type of torque transmission: friction
Screws: metal toothed
Nominal revolutions: 3600
Range of snow movement, m: 12
Chute movement range, g: ±90°
Noise level, dB: 96
Package dimensions, cm: 91x66x78
Diameter of screws, MM: 300
Grip width, MM: 560
Grip height, MM: 540
Number of speeds: 5 – forward / 2 – reverse
Additional options: flashlight
Weight of the product in a “dry” condition, kg: 73
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Features of application and maintenance

  1. The presence of the flashlight makes it possible to operate the snow blower in the dark.
  2. Before starting work, it is necessary to select programs, which the lever on the control panel sets.
  3. The presence of the reverse stroke in the Interker snow blower makes it possible to free deep snow drifts.
  4. Thanks to the bucket equipped at the bottom of the design, you can conveniently set the necessary height, depending on the features of the surface on which the snow will be cleaned.
  5. An essential advantage of operation is the availability of inexpensive spare parts in a wide service network.

Reviews about the Snow Offer Intercker SMB-650E are most positive: an excellent, balanced design, almost noiseless operation, mobility, maneuverability, high performance, durable assembly. From the disadvantages owners note a strong shock on an uneven surface, the weak power of illumination and the insufficient height of the control knob.

In general, reviews of snow blowers Interskol testify to the decent quality of equipment at a quite reasonable price.

To get acquainted in detail with the device of the familiar, the peculiarities of the snowthrower assembly, the schedule of maintenance work, the list of possible faults can be found in the factory manual.

Video review

owner reviews

Kirill, 31 years old, Brovary:

“The Interskol 650E snow blower has been saving me for the 5th year. It is conveniently completed from the mains, and then you can already start manually when the engine is hot. The snow falls far, the controllability is excellent, and the gears are well chosen. True, it is not easy to work in wet snow, the auger gets clogged quickly, I often have to stop and clean. “

Kostya, 65 years old, Kharkiv:

“For snow removal I bought the Intervention 650 with an electric starter. It has many advantages: lightweight, maneuverable and stable at the same time. It’s comfortable to turn over when working, even when buried in deep snow, stretching out slightly in the back. Runs quietly, performance is high. I look at the dim light of the headlights – at dusk is still okay, but when it gets dark, it’s hard to see, and it only works while driving. But in general it is a reliable car.

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