Interskol SMB-650 gasoline snow blower. Design, work video and reviews

Interskol SMB-650 gasoline snow blower. Design, work video and reviews

The Interskol SMB 650 snow blower is a compact mechanized snow blower for clearing large areas of snow.

It is also used on hard surfaces and dense ground. Thanks to its high performance, it significantly reduces the time it takes to clean the area.

  • The presence of a powerful gasoline engine is 6.5 hp. At a steady pace of work it allows you to clear large areas of snow blocks – about 500 square meters per hour.
  • Due to the metal transmission is smooth overcoming of snow drops up to 0.5 m high.
  • The presence of a large range of speeds 5 front / 2 rear allows you to perform work in optimal mode.
  • Wheels with a highly molded profile provide reliable traction of the snowplow, high maneuverability and good cross-country ability.
  • Thanks to the turning channel, the snow can be thrown in the right direction for a distance of up to 12 meters.

Technical data

Ice axe power, hp: 6.5
Ice axe operation, cc: 196
Starter type Manual / Elektro (220 V)
Skin diameter, mm 300
Grasp width, mm 570
Grip height, mm 535
Number of speeds 6 – forward / 2 – backward
Outer diameter of wheels, mm (custom-made) 325 (13)
More Options LED lantern
Set service life, years 5
Overall dimensions (DxHxV), mm 910x620x640
Product weight in dry state, kg 73.0

Function of application

SME SMET SMB 650 is a special equipment. The manufacturer stipulates certain rules of operation and maintenance. Failure to comply with the operating instructions can result in explosions, dangerous consequences for the operating personnel, etc.

  • To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning contained in engine exhaust gases, it is strictly forbidden to start the snow blower and work indoors.
  • People and animals in the vicinity of snow lovers are at risk.
  • It is excluded to use the snow blower in poorly lit remote areas on steep slopes.
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Before working, the manufacturer recommends that owners read in detail the requirements of the snow blower manual, which details personal safety measures, the rules of safe operation of the gasoline engine, periodic maintenance, special safety rules are indicated.

Video evaluation of the work

Owners reviews

Andrey, Mytishchi: “I am very satisfied with the purchase. The snow blower Interskol SMB 650, an excellent unit. In 2-3 hours of work it is possible to remove a huge area, the snow is thrown more than 10-12 meters. And the price in this group of snow blowers is quite acceptable, much less than other machines, gasoline is not very good. “

Sergey, Ufa, “Snow thrower SMB 650 Interskol, full of hope. Excellent quality – the snow pulls enough, the assembly at the level. If you compare, the price of the Master Yard snow thrower is 2 times more, and the working parameters are almost the same. The only thing that is not designed for my tall height (193 cm) when working will constantly bend over. “

Interskol SMB-650 snow grinder. Technical specifications and operating rules

It happens that in winter the compact snowplow Interskol SMB-650 will come in handy and not every day, but it can save a lot of time and effort. The small unit will cope with paths, alleys in the suburbs or at the cottage, will completely clear, successfully cope with a lot of work as a utility vehicle.

Interskol SMB-650 snow blower

Description of the snow blower Interskol SMB-650

The figures in the marking indicate the capacity of the gasoline snow blower – 6.5 hp. The Interskol SMB-650 snow blower is based on the design of the 550th model, some features have been improved, the control handle has become more convenient.

  1. The mechanical transmission offers a 5-progard/2nazad program.
  2. Operation of the snowplow is quite simple: there are slots on the control panel, in which the set gear is installed. Special levers on the tax borders engage the wheel drive.
  3. Setting the parameters of the snowplow: the area up to 12 m is manual, the direction – by turning a long handle. Removable handles can be used to facilitate turning.
  4. The snow gauge is triggered manually.
  5. Thanks to the attachment of handles to the “thumbscrews”, you can make without special tools so that they are conveniently folded or folded for transport or for summer storage.
  6. The top auger is made of permanent steel alloy, which greatly extends the life of the Interskol Snowpock.
  7. Because the Snowpock is equipped with a high auger bucket with almost 2x the diameter of the auger (recording height 54cm, width 56cm), the operator has no problem cleaning, removing large snow deposits and laying down a new wing.
Gasoline snow blower - the 5 most important benefits

Technical data

Engine power 6,5 hp.
Engine type 4-stroke
engine Interskol
Engine displacement 196 cm3
Starting system Manual starter
Fuel tank capacity 3 l.
Record width 57 cm
Recording height 535 cm
Number of speeds (forward) 6
Number of speeds (reverse) 2
fuel gasoline AI-92
Snow throwing area 8 to 12 meters
Recommended oil SAE 5W30 synthetic oil
transmission Mechanical
Dimensions 910x620x640 mm
weight 70 kg

Features of application and maintenance of the model

  1. The Interskol snow blower is designed to remove snow on a flat, dense surface.
  2. Before starting work, it is necessary to select programs according to the upcoming load.
  3. The snow blower is equipped with tires with a special profile+floor, which ensures high stability and good cross-country ability.
  4. Regulatory work is carried out with a frequency of 25/50/100 and at the end of the season. The snowmobile Interskol consumes gasoline AI-92, AI-95. It is recommended to use SAE 5W30 class synthetic oil. Use SAE 85/95 oil as a lubricant.

You can read in detail about the functions of use, device, safety and maintenance of the Interckker SMB-650 snow blower.

Video review

Owners reviews

Andrey Andreevich, 31 years old, Nikolaev:

“For the second winter I have no worries with snow removal on the territory. I bought the snow blower Interskol 650. The advantages of the machine are simplicity of operation and maintenance. However, gasoline is not too much, if the big load, the expense increases. Snow throws more than 10 m, you can quickly clean up at the cottage. “

Vasily, 44 years old, Odessa:

“I bought the machine for snow removal four years ago. It helps me a lot, especially last winter. Working on it for fun is not difficult. The productivity is good. No fatigue is felt, saves time. Price of the device is very good, can not compare to the imported ones.

Considered that it is better to buy a snow blower separately than a walker for a walking tractor. I think it is more efficient. Disadvantages: For me the height is fine, but my son with the height of 192 has to experience discomfort. Well and work and hit in uneven places need to be careful.

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