Installation of the Huter chainsaw. Operating and maintenance instructions, main malfunctions and their solutions

HUTER chainsaws: check the installation. Preparing to work with a chainsaw. fuel and lubricants

Very soon Caring Keepers will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. During this time, the company has evolved from a small supplier of mini power plants to one of the largest manufacturers of garden and agricultural equipment, including Huter chainsaws.

The first gasoline generator was produced in 1979 at the plant in the small German town of Nordhausen. Soon the company’s management made a decision to establish another plant in Erfurt. The introduction of new production facilities allowed the company to significantly expand its product range and enter the European market. In 2004 the company began to open its branch offices in the former Soviet Union countries and develop new markets.

The growing demand for the company’s products led to the construction of another plant. This task was realized at the beginning of the 21st century, a new factory was opened in China. This step made it possible not only to increase the technological volume, but also to optimize prices. At the same time, the Chinese assembly did not lead to a deterioration in the quality of hat chains and other products of the problem. All devices are made on modern equipment and under the strict control of German engineers and technologists. When assembling gasoline chainsaws, German and Japanese components are used, which has a positive impact on their quality.

The high demand for the company’s products is not only due to high quality, but also due to reasonable price points. Today it is possible to order a cam for 5 000-8 000 rubles at the manufacturer’s website.

Features of Hotter chainsaws:

  • Hotter chainsaws are certified in more than 100 countries, they comply with global quality and safety standards.
  • The manufacturer provides an extended warranty (up to 36 months) on its products;
  • The company has provided an extensive network of workshops for warranty and post-warranty service of Huther machines.

Area of application of chainsaws Huter

It has already been mentioned that the company was originally focused on the production of electric generators and lighting equipment. Perhaps that’s why we find only six tools in the Huter chainsaw range. They have different performance and technical characteristics, price and purpose, but they are reliable and quality assemblies.

HUTER BS-25. One of the most popular chainsaws in the manufacturer’s lineup. For its compact size and low weight, the saw was nicknamed “pocket saw”. However, the tool has excellent performance characteristics that allow it to be used for a variety of tasks. With the help of this chainsaw you can crown trees, make cross and longitudinal cuts in wood, use it to repair household and household appliances.

Today, the BS-25 Hutter is sold in domestic stores at a price of 5,700 rubles.

Huter BS-40. The device is powered by a 2-horsepower engine, which is equipped with a 16-inch bar and a 57-link saw chain. Such features allow you to use the chainsaw for a variety of tasks, not for nothing that many owners in their reviews call them versatile. The model is equipped with a quality anti-vibration system and comfortable ergonomic handles, has a well-balanced body.

The Huter BS-40 household chainsaw is available on the manufacturer’s website for a price of 6,100 rubles.

Huter BS-45. This model belongs to the domestic class of tools due to its properties and can be used universally. The chainsaw can be used for cutting and sawing firewood, it will become a reliable assistant in various construction and repair works, with its help you can fell garden trees and clean up the garden. The powerful engine (2.3 hp) allows you to equip the tool with a long (45 cm) guide bar and a saw chain with 72 links. The reliability of the device is guaranteed by the use of chrome parts in the manufacture of the engine, and the stability of its work – a high-quality carburetor Walbro.

Today this tool is available in the domestic business at a price of 5,000 rubles.

Huter BS-45M. Universal household model for various tasks. With the help of this chainsaw you can make and chop firewood, perform various construction and repair work, stop trees and take care of hedges. The saw is equipped with a medium-power (1.7 kW) engine that comes with a 16-inch bar and a 66-link saw chain.

The Huter BS-45M chainsaw can be purchased at the manufacturer’s website for a price of 5,100 rubles.

Hauter BS 52. Another universal domestic model of the German manufacturer. However, in terms of performance, these chainsaws can measure up with semi-professional devices. The device is driven by a powerful gasoline engine 3.4 PS, which allows you to set the guide bar 50.5 cm and use the saw chain of 76 links. These features allow these saws to be used for felling trees up to 45 cm in diameter, for cross-cutting and long distance cutting of wood, as well as for repair and construction works of various complexity.

You can order a chainsaw on the manufacturer’s website for a price of 5,900 rubles.

Huter BS 62. The most powerful tool in the manufacturer’s program. The device is equipped with an engine of up to 3.9 hp, which is completed with a 20-inch guide bar and a saw chain with 76 links. Owners of chainsaws praise the reliable operation of the multipoint anti-vibration system and the high-quality Japanese carburetor from Walbro. Huter BS 62 chainsaw can be used for non-professional purposes, for cutting and sawing firewood, as well as for various domestic purposes.

This tool can be ordered on the websites of domestic online stores at a price of 7,500 to 8,000 rubles.

Unpacking and preparing the Huter chainsaw for work

According to domestic law, in the case of a manufacturing error, you have 14 days to return the money or replace the product. To avoid misunderstandings, we recommend subjecting your Huter chain saw to a thorough inspection immediately after purchase. It is also a good idea to ask the seller for a test run of the engine to make sure it is in good working order and working order.

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According to current statistics, more than 80% of the causes of tool failures occur during the warranty period due to improper use. Before you start assembling and operating your Hutter chainsaw, we strongly recommend that you read the manual and study the operating and maintenance instructions for the tool.

The Hutter chain saw comes virtually assembled. You will only have to install the saw (a mounting key is supplied with the tool), fill up the engine and the automatic lubrication system.

  • Dismantle the protective cover by first discharging the two fasteners;
  • Place the guide bar on the seat and on the guide grooves.
  • Install the saw chain on the drive sprocket and insert the limbs into the guide bar.
  • Install the protective cover, reinstall the bar and cover it with the fasteners.
  • Use the tension screw (located on the end of the saw body) to set the chain tension;
  • Re-tension the fasteners, if necessary, and adjust again.

Important: When installing the chain, make sure the cutting edges of the teeth rotate while the drive sprocket rotates. When the saw chain is under normal tension, neither limb of the chain should sag under its own weight. At the same time, the chain should rotate easily on the bar without making any extraneous movements or stopping.

  • Prepare the fuel mixture and fill the engine of your Huther chainsaw.
  • Pour oil into the automatic lubrication system of the saw head;
  • Check your chainsaw for oil and gasoline. If you find any, find where it is leaking and restore the tightness of the system.
  • Engage the mechanical brake and start the engine as instructed in the instruction manual.

Important: Before you start your chainsaw, make sure the automatic lubrication system is working properly. Place a blank piece of paper and depress the accelerator pedal several times to make sure the chain moves. If you see oil spots on the sheet of paper, this is an indication that the lubrication system is working.

Fuel and Chain Saw Lubricant

The chainsaw engine is lubricated by engine oil, which is added to gasoline. Preparation of the fuel mixture does not require special skills and is done at home:

  • Pour the required amount of AI-92.95 gasoline into a measuring cup;
  • Add motor oil for two-stroke engines using a medical syringe with air-cooling function.
  • Stir the mixture.

Important: Huter chainsaw owners recommend running the engine on a mixture that is prepared in a fraction of 1/25. A shredded engine consumes fuel in the oil/gasoline ratio = 1/50.

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List of recommended chain saw engine oils

  • Huler 2T;
  • Stihl HP;
  • Husqvarna HP;
  • Oleo-Mac-Prosinkt;
  • Champion Jaso Fd.

The automatic lubrication system requires a high-quality chain oil that can protect saw parts and components when operating in weather conditions. It is not recommended to fill the tank with diesel and transformer oil, it is strictly forbidden to use working and spindle oil as a lubricant. The manufacturer recommends the use of adhesive oils from well-known manufacturers:

  • Hauter 80W90;
  • Husqvarna chain oil;
  • Oleo-Mac Polar Lubricant;
  • Mannol Kettenoel;
  • Liqui Moly Sude-Kindten;
  • Stihl Forestplus.

Chain saw carburetor tuning

Most models of gasoline saws are equipped with an adjustable carburetor from the Japanese company Walbro. Such a carburetor is adjusted with three adjustment screws: T, L, H and can be done both in the service shop and at home. You’ll find full instructions on how to tune a Huter chainsaw in this video test:

Some harmful Huter chainsaw features and how to fix them

Symptoms Possible damage Probable remedy
Cold engine won’t start No fuel mixture

Fuel has become unusable

Problems with spark plug

Critical wear of piston group parts

Seal the fresh fuel mixture

Clean and dry the spark plug or replace it with a new one

Contact a workshop or an experienced mechanic

Spark plug failure

Remove excess fuel from the cylinder

Repair or replace spark plug

The carburetor is set at the factory

Key advantages and disadvantages of the Chauter chainsaw


  • Chainsaws are made in a factory about modern equipment.
  • Long overhaul and high maintenance;
  • Huter chainsaws are equipped with a high-quality Walbro carburetor.
  • Most models have engines with chrome pistons and cylinders.
  • The tool is equipped with a multi-point vibration system on high-quality shock absorbers.
  • A guide bar with a driven sprocket is installed.

Disadvantages of chain saws y-zavr:

  • Relatively high weight;
  • Poor quality plastic on the fuel and oil tank;
  • Some models are equipped with a poor starter motor.

Video evaluation of the chamber saw

The Huter BS-52 installs a surfactant kit and starts the chainsaw’s engines:

How to easily start a Huter BS-45 chainsaw:

A video review of the BS-25 chainsaw:

What are they talking about on the forums?

Semyon Volsky, 58, Volgograd region:

I very often go for a few days on the Volga. There has always been a problem with firewood, and then my son gave me the Huter BS-25. The chainsaw Comact has a small weight, but at the same time the power of the engine is enough not only for small household needs, but also for serious work. In addition to going out of town, I actively used the tool to repair the barn and garage, and recently built a bath for my son in the country. All in all an excellent tool at a very reasonable price.

Maxim Vasiliev, 44, Siberian Federal District:

I bought the Huter BS 62 chainsaw because I was assigned an order with firewood. The tool easily fells dry trees up to 55-60 centimeters in diameter, although there are no protocols for sawing too. I often work in winter and intensive mode – at minus 20 the engine starts without any problems. The unit has quite an impressive weight, but thanks to the well thought-out anti-vibration system and well-designed body this weight is practically not felt. As for the disadvantages, there are two. First, I had to repair the starter twice. Second, the oil tank is slipping, as I understood the plastic cracked in the cold.

Advantages: price, reliable engine, high-quality vibration system;

Disadvantages: Unfortunate design of the starter, oil tank, poor quality of the local network.

On our site you can also find descriptions and reviews of these brands of chainsaws (cordless and gasoline): Bosch, Oleo Mack, Eurolux, Taiga, Interskol, Hitachi, Eco, Forester, Poulan, Daewoo, Hammer, Union, Union , Union , Union, union, trade union, trade union, hammer, storm, parma, Coste, Champion, Huter, Echo, Patriot, Ural, Karcher, Carver, Husqvarna, Makita, Friendship, Kruger, Kalibr, Stihl and Reviews give chainsaws of these brands, If you have something to say about the quality of build and experience with certain models of these brands of chainsaws, write your assessment in the comments, it will be very useful for our readers.

Huter chainsaw: Checking the list

As the European market is saturated with reliable and durable household appliances, the requirements of potential buyers increase to its technical and functional features. At the same time, competition from leading manufacturers allows to keep selling prices at affordable level for mass consumer.

According to experts, products of a number of foreign chainsaw manufacturers gradually reach a new quality level. The reason for success is the use of new materials and technologies and careful modernization of production facilities.

Huter chainsaw

Warer chainsaws – first acquaintance

We are talking in full about the model range of chainsaws for household and professional class, which was developed by the German company Huter Elecrische Technik GmbH.

The homeland of the brand is Germany and the land of the manufacturer is China. Due to the mutually beneficial cooperation the company can regularly update the model range and stabilize selling prices on a budget with minimal financial losses.

In the domestic market Hter chainsaws are represented by several popular models of different capacities and purposes, which are developed at a high technological level and meet the requirements of existing standards and wishes of many owners.

Constructive features

Huter chainsaw

Chinese assembly of chainsaw brand Huter All models are thoroughly tested at all stages. Also the replacement of parts and components of the brand by less quality and durable local analogues is completely excluded.

The whole model range corresponds to the current quality of the previous quality. Confirmation of the stability of quality characteristics can serve as a consumer examination of the owners.

In the information field it is easy to find more detailed characteristics of each model. The official site provides a complete catalog of branded chainsaw technology, which contributes to the right choice of the tool of a particular class.

The service manual attached to the chainsaw contains detailed information on the peculiarities of starting, self-care, troubleshooting and troubleshooting methods.

Separate sections take into account:

  • Self-tensioning the saw chain and completing the carburetor;
  • Peculiarities of using alternative lubricants for the engine and chain;
  • Characteristic malfunctions and recommendations for their prompt elimination.

Adjusting the carburetor

Performance and efficiency of the chainsaw directly depends on the competent adjustment of the fuel system. Therefore, preparatory work and carburetor adjustment levels are carried out in a certain sequence.

  • The main causes of unstable operation of the engine are the use of no n-Data fuel, a large gap in the spark plug contacts.
  • Before starting work, it is necessary to ensure air intake by cleaning the standard filter and warming up the engine to the optimum temperature.
  • There are three adjustment screws on the carburetor, by turning which the maximum thrust and economical fuel consumption are set.
  • A properly executed carburetor trim turns out to be good engine performance, which gets a sharp throttle drop and stable idle speeds.

If the saw won’t start or runs abnormally, you should check the carburetor for lack of water and the cleanliness of the nozzles.

Sawmill lubrication and cooling system

Complete chainsaw chains are standard, 3/8″. The bar and chain set are lubricated and cooled with oil, which flows from a built-in tank under low pressure into the saw’s working area.

Depending on the class, constant and variable capacity oil pumps are installed on the SAWS. To check the performance and maintainability of the lubrication system, simply hold the saw headset over a clean piece of paper.

Branded Huther chainsaw oil has special properties, so an analogue with identical parameters can be used as a full-fledged alternative.

Varieties of chainsaws and their technical characteristics

Each tool from the list is unique in its own way, so the most popular samples deserve individual evaluation.

Huter BS-25

Huter BS-25

The Huter BS-25 series household saw is the simplest and smallest in its class. The tool weighs 3.8 kg and is powered by a two-stage internal combustion engine that runs on a mixture of motor oil recommended by the manufacturer for automotive gasoline and a proprietary engine.

In operating mode, the 25 cc electric unit develops up to 1.08 hp. The engine’s pull is enough to power a 12-inch sachet and drive a pump pump.

  • Despite the small liter engine and budget price, the BS-25-Hutter chainsaw is equipped with a starting primer and full vibration center.
  • The presence of a shoulder strap allows you to use the tool for tall jobs in construction and shaping the crowns of tall trees.

Huter BS-40

Huter BS-40

Domestic chainsaw Huter BS-40 differs from the previous model by the increased power up to 2 horsepower. The performance of the carburetor engine and a more productive set, which is equipped with a 16-inch bar.

The list of undeniable benefits includes:

  • Bear shape and body compensation;
  • optimal degree of vibration and exhaust noise;
  • fast emergency stop system;
  • Maintenance-friendly access to the air intake filter.

Even with the upgrades, the price of the more technically advanced model has increased slightly.

Huter BS-45

Huter BS-45

Equipping this model with a more powerful 2, 3 horsepower drive has a positive impact on its versatility and productivity.

The working volume of the cylinder in 45 cm3 allowed to provide torque, which is used for short-term loads when sawing tough and frozen wood with 18-inch sets.

The 7 kg tool differs from developments of the same brand: it differs:

  • The location of the main and auxiliary controls on the handle;
  • The ergonomic design of the housing and the larger 550 ml fuel tank;
  • Huter BS 45 series is equipped with a more reliable starter and a small cover of the air filter.

Huter BS-45M

Huter BS-45M

Based on the BS-45 chainsaw, a version was developed to increase reliability in demanding applications. When designing the Hute r-BSBS45M chainsaw, the kinematics of the headset and emergency brake system were refined. A number of measures were taken to increase the service life of parts and assemblies.

Huter BS-52.

Huter BS-52

The semi-professional status of BS-52 saw is defined by powerful 3,4 hp engine and high-performance saw SAW SAW. The tool in the working load conditions can no longer be operated without breaks to cool the power unit.

The saw is oriented towards efficient mechanization of difficult and voluminous wood cuts up to 400 mm in diameter.

The tool is characterized by:

  • comfortable noise and vibration characteristics;
  • good balancing;
  • Convenient operation and simple rules of operation.

Huter BS-62

Huter BS-62

A semi-professional high quality class chain chain BS-62 series. In the list of general advantages, it should be noted the efficiency and stability of pulling the standard 58 cm3 and 3.94 hp.

In terms of design characteristics, the saw with the predecessor model is identical, so unified spare parts and components can be used for repairs.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Khuter brand chainsaw

Domestic and semi-professional chainsaws of this manufacturer from similar developments of other brands are distinguished by the optimal ratio of cost and quality.

  • The whole model range meets the requirements of the current normative documentation, quality standards, reliability and operational safety by its main and secondary characteristics.
  • The arriving chainsaws are adapted to increased loads, weather and climatic conditions on the territory of the country.
  • Economical consumption of fuel and lubricants, high reliability and constant resource of nodes of the saws of this or that class, positively influence the efficiency of its maintenance.

In the list of the most frequently mentioned disadvantages are poor provision of regional service centers with brands, moderate quality of components of guide bars and saw chains.

Owners’ reviews

Chinese assembly has a negative impact on the quality of German chainsaws, not only kiters, but also all other brands. You can not demand a reference quality from the budget equipment, but the starter and saw life of cheap chainsaws that Hooter is gradually approaching the level of Chinese consumer goods. Alihan

Bought a chainsaw Hutter BS-52 pleased forced a powerful drive and a smooth chain. Quite a lot of weight of the tool is partially offset by a reliable record. Hot engine starts with half a turn, only after 8-10 idle. Short-lived and disbelieving starter breakage, clearly from a small Kuban model, had to drill out the fastener to replace the fastener. Senya

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