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Choosing the right secateurs: the best and most convenient models at a glance

Secateurs – a basic tool for gardeners and gardeners. It is used for a necessary and important work – pruning plants. A well-chosen pruner is easy to use, practical, convenient and makes a clean cut without damaging bushes and trees. Therefore, the choice of this tool should be taken with the utmost care.

What is this tool?

Choosing the second hand: An overview of the best and most comfortable models

It is a type of garden tool of a certain shape, the purpose of which is to make an even cut on branches and stems that vary in shape and thickness. A good secateurs must be sharp and precise enough to cope with the task at hand. It is shaped like curved scissors, but with a sharp blade. The second part is the reciprocating blade, which is designed to stop the branches while they are being cut.

This design ensures an even cut with minimal damage to the bark of the plant. This is important for quick healing of the cut branches.

Since all plant species have different stiffness, thickness and texture, the types of pruning shears also differ in their purpose. This is why it is so important to know which tools we are talking about and what kind of work they are used for. The right tool makes things easier for the gardener. A poorly chosen pruning shear will make the task more difficult. The work will take more time and effort. In addition, there is a chance of damaging the plants.


Choosing the second hand: An overview of the best and most comfortable models

They have a curved pruner and a flat cutting plate. They work by placing a sharp blade on the part of the branch that needs pruning. Its working part is made of steel and has a special coating.

Planing shears vary in the length of the handles and blades. The length of the smallest types of this tool does not exceed 18 cm. The shape, length and thickness of the handles and blades are determined by their purpose. Light and thin pruning shears, for example, are suitable for trimming shrubs and flower stems. Longer, stronger loop-shaped pruning shears with a handle are ideal for tending raspberries.


Choosing the second hand: An overview of the best and most comfortable models

They differ from the previous model in the shape and location of the reciprocating blades. This is the control part, offset to the side of the cutting element and located at the bottom. The sharp blade enters the stem to be cut and rests against the curved plate. This pruning shear is mainly used for dry branches. The anvil increases the pressure at the cutting point, which allows a smooth cut with minimal effort. Branches up to 25 mm can be cut with this tool.


Choosing the second hand: An overview of the best and most comfortable models

More powerful secateurs are equipped with a ratchet mechanism. This enables branches up to approx. 30 mm in diameter to be cut in several stages. The ratchet function can be used with both planar shears and contact shears.

Classification by mechanism

Tools are differentiated by the mechanism of action. It depends on it, for what kind of work the secateurs are suitable and what branches it is more convenient to cut. Both flat and contact can have any mechanism.

It is used for trimming thick branches with a press, but it is also excellent for thin ones. The cost of such a tool can not be low.

Sits on thick and thin stems. The handles are parallel to each other. Therefore, an even distribution of load through all fingers is achieved during use.

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Choosing the second hand: An overview of the best and most comfortable models

Cutting is carried out in several stages. Trees and bushes are cut with it. Powerful and robust tool.

  • Conventional pruning shears or secondary shears

This type of secateurs are the most common and have a household value. They cut thin branches and stems.

What are suitable for?

Each model of secateurs is appropriate for a certain type of work. This does not mean that you should have many tools. However, it is advisable to get a few for certain purposes, so it is more convenient, and the tools last longer.


Choosing the second hand: An overview of the best and most comfortable models

Flower pliers are made by the type of scissors. Most flowers are annuals. The stems are quite soft and do not need the use of an actuator. Therefore, flat-cutting pliers are quite suitable.

Those who grow roses should purchase at least two tools. One is suitable for the stems and the other for the green young shoots. The former are cut with a contact cutter, while the latter is suitable for a flat cutter.

Contact cutters for roses must have a ratchet or productive mechanism, otherwise they may not be ready when the stems are quite stiff and dry. This is especially true for tall or climbing rose bushes.

Preference should be given to owners. It is easy to work with spiky plants with this device, as you do a good job of restoring the stem when pruning.

Choosing the second hand: An overview of the best and most comfortable modelsgrapes

It is advisable to take care of vineyards by purchasing three types of pruners: flat, contact and button pruners. The first is handy in the summer when there are young shoots.

Contact pruner – in autumn and spring, from the time of maturing and release from frost. The most suitable are tools with an electric or ratchet mechanism. They are versatile.

Mature and perennial stems are effective to remove with a flat knot. Such pruners should be purchased for a vineyard from 6 years old.

Choosing the second hand: An overview of the best and most comfortable modelsbushes

Dry and perennial shrubs are trimmed with a contact method. And with the help of the quartier you can easily form a bush. It is also used to provide fruit bushes, such as raspberries or blackberries.

Ornamental plants are shaped with special garden shears with long handles.

Choosing the second hand: An overview of the best and most comfortable modelsTrees

For the crown, pruning shears are used – bowsers with a performance mechanism. The highest branches of apple trees are cut with tools with long handles that allow you to reach them.

Wide-handled ones usually come with flat blades, which lightly treat live branches. To remove dry ones, it is better to use a saw.

It is important to understand that a good pruner is not a guarantee of quality work. In order for it to do its job effectively, you need to know how to use it correctly.

How to choose quality?

The better the pruner, the more comfortable it is to use, which means that more work can be done. In addition, it becomes higher quality and faster. Budget in the region costs from 10 to 15 dollars, and professional by 50 and above. The price depends on the manufacturer, manufacturer and other factors.

Choosing the second hand: An overview of the best and most comfortable models

What to pay attention to?

  1. Manufacturer. The better the reputation of the manufacturer, the more guarantees of acquiring a quality and effective tool.
  2. Warranty.
  3. The availability of spare parts in a wide range. As a rule, the tool of famous brands can be repaired without problems.

Model overview

Pruning trees and shrubs is a decorative job. Having an even pruning and a minimum of unnecessary damage will ensure the health of the plants. Accordingly, the result of such work depends on the quality of the tool. We recommend considering several models to understand how they differ, what advantages and disadvantages they have.

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Raco Profiplus 4206-53/185s

Choosing the second hand: An overview of the best and most comfortable models

The German company Raco produces high-quality garden tools. This model features blades made of forged steel, which are strong, durable and replaceable. Reinforced spiral spring helps reduce hand strain during prolonged work. Includes a blade adjuster and carrying case.

Choosing an effective all-purpose pruning shear

The characteristics of the secateurs determine the convenience of working with them and the quality of different types of cuts. Not everyone knows what requirements this tool should meet, and therefore the purchase can be disappointing.

Flower pruning shears

We will tell you how to choose a good pruning shear and what points you should definitely pay attention to. We will also make an overview of the models of this tool, relevant for 2021.

What you should pay attention to when choosing

Ideally, a garden shed should have several garden shears of different types. In practice, the owner has only one tool, so his choice should be approached thoroughly. The blades should always be straight, without dents and scratches, otherwise the quality of the cut will be poor.

The mechanism in the secateurs is also important. The most reliable are spring tools, in which the blades are set aside with the help of a compressed spring. You can also buy band shears, but they break faster. Conventional ratchet pruning shears are convenient for cutting thick branches, but they are inconvenient to use constantly. In addition, this variety gives an uneven, loose cut, which is undesirable for fruit trees.

ease of use

If you have many trees and shrubs that need to be trimmed, the handles of the pruner should not cause blisters or pain in your fingers. The handles are always individually shaped, so it’s a good idea if you can go to the store and try things out in person.

How to test a secateurs:

  1. Take the tool in your hands.
  2. Hold it open.
  3. Close it and squeeze it firmly.

It’s best to choose pruning shears that fit well in your hand when open and closed. If discomfort or pain occurs, it is better to refuse to buy the tool.

Types of pruning shears for the outdoors

For beginners, tools with a short or medium handle are better, but there may be exceptions.

blade sharpness

At this point, few people pay attention, and in vain. If the blades of pruning shears are initially blunt, it is impossible to sharpen them later – this requires a special tool and the ability to sharpen pruning shears. When working with blunt blades, the plants are severely damaged, and the gardener quickly tires.

You can check the tool for the sharpness of the cutting edges as follows:

  1. Take a sheet of paper torn from a notebook or meant for the printer.
  2. Place it on a table or shelf and let it stick out about 5-7 cm over the edge.
  3. Open the pruner and grasp one of the handles.
  4. Hold the blade at right angles to the edge of the paper and try to cut it like a knife.
  5. Pay attention to the results.

A sharp blade makes an even cut without crumpling or tearing the paper, but the task will not be foolproof.

If you open the pruning shear, pay attention to another detail: how comfortable it is. If the fastening bar is difficult to remove, it leads to difficulties in work. Sharp open blades can hurt your fingers and branches. When working with a good sector, all movements are smooth.

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Pay attention to the severity and condition of the blades

Remember: the priest is never developed. If it is tight or impractical to work with at first, it is better to refuse to buy it.

The surface and features of the blades

Blades should be durable hardened steel. Sometimes a novice gardener, observing the economy, buys an inexpensive pruning shears made of soft steel. It is difficult to work with such a tool: the cutting part opens up after two cuts, and then begins to crumple and tear off fragile branches.

Another important point is the type of surface of the cutting surfaces. The more elevations, decorative grooves, and roughness, the more effort is applied when cutting. Low friction is ideal if the blades are Teflon-coated. If you can’t afford such a tool, just make sure that the trailing parts of the blades are well polished, you have no scratches.

Garden shears of all kinds

If a high volume of work is taken, don’t buy secreters with overhead steel blades. They break quickly.

More tips from professionals

Professional gardeners hold secateurs of different types and systems, so they have a lot to share with beginners. Here are the most relevant tips:

  1. If you have no experience, do not get a secondary engine for branches thicker than 20 mm. It is difficult to work with them from the beginning, and cutting from such thickness requires certain skills.
  2. Check the strength of the grip: you should not bend with minimal effort and the plastic cover should not come off easily.
  3. Close and repair the secondary number and then shake it in different positions. A reliable tool should not spontaneously open.
  4. Make a few cutting movements – the bar should not block the blades without your involvement.
  5. Try to choose a tool with a minimum of protrusions on the handles: you are likely to disturb your fingers. But smooth handles are not always good: they can slip while working.

Give preference to a light, eye-catching tool. The gardener often drops the secretary in the grass during company, when his handles are green or black, it becomes harder to find the tool. In contrast, acid colors are highly visible because of dense vegetation.

model selection details

A bastard and amber (bottom) “C” shaped secreter is easiest to work with.

Evaluation of Popular Priest models

The sectors discussed below are popular with gardeners from different regions of the country. For evaluation purposes, the models are in relation to the price cure, i.e., starting with the cheapest (the cost may vary from store to store).


We begin our review of the German secretary for 200 rubles, which is made in China (the price in stores from 200 rubles). It is designed for pruning fresh flowers and pruning branches up to 1.2 cm in diameter. The tool is distinguished by an interesting mechanism of separation – springs in the form of matryoshkas. The boom is reliable, the blades do not spontaneously open. True, if you work in a dense crown, you can stick to the nearby shoots, which is not very convenient.

Grinda pruning shears

The aluminum plug is covered with a vinyl antifriction coating, so it is necessary to wear rubberized gloves when working with it. The anvil is made of wear-resistant steel, and the blade is coated with Teflon, which also facilitates slipping when working with succulent shoots.

Summary: This one can be bought by secondary florists, it is not suitable for pruning fruit and ornamental trees.


Secateurs costing 420 rubles belong to the household and can not serve for a long time. Such a tool is usually bought for the season, and the next spring take a new one.

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Both sounds in the tool are movable, curved, with a Teflon coating on top. The secondary layer is a lightweight plastic with steel leaves attached to it. The bar is present, but weak: if dropped and hit the floor, the knives open on their own. The hands are rubber-clad, making it easier to work. The blades move easily, smoothly, without idiocy.

Garden Secateurs

Summary: The trainer is bought for one year for cutting flowers and removing young additional shoots. The dimensions, more than 1.5 cm thick, are beyond its performance.


This is an inexpensive and good sector, which can be found in some online stores for 450 rubles. It is designed for sanitary and visual pruning of fruit trees and shrubs. The blades are narrow, slightly curved, both sharpened. This facilitates the cut, but requires a certain skill – you can easily damage the branches.

The secondary motor features a simplified boom: in the form of a loop on the handle, which clings to the break on the other handle. It is easy to get it to work. In addition, the tool does not announce itself if dropped or if you move it carelessly.

Brigade Secateurs

Summary: A good tool for beginner gardeners, which will last for several seasons if handled carefully.


A Polish manufacturer, which you can buy for 500 rubles. Has a small diameter of the cut: up to 1 cm, so it is designed so that they can be used to trim bushes and cut fresh flowers in bouquets. The blades have grooves for sap drainage, so they are not suitable for cutting branches: their fibers clog the space between the blades.

The trainer’s cutting blades are coated with Teflon, this ensures smoothness. The handles are comfortable, with rubberized inserts with a rod. The design and shape of the handles are such that they are comfortable to hold in a woman’s hand.

Good pruning shears Topex

Summary: A reliable and simple secondary trainer for rearing and trimming shrubs.


German secateurs from a well-known manufacturer, which can be bought for 650 rubles. It can be used for pruning fruit and ornamental trees, including dry shoots, but is designed for cutting flowers and shrubs. The service life stated by the manufacturer is 25 years, but only with careful handling.

Interesting characteristics of the secateurs:

  • Precise sharpness of the blade (the blades are very sharp and do not blunt for a long time);
  • The shape of the handles allows them to be held in two positions;
  • Secateurs for cutting binding wire;
  • Full lock;
  • Cutting diameters of up to 18 mm.

The handles are treated with an anti-slip compound, making it easier to work in the garden and in the flower garden.

Popular Gardena pruning shears

Summary: All-purpose pruning shears, suitable for beginners and professionals

Central instructions

Russian ratchet pruning shears, which can be purchased for 650 rubles. It is characterized by high cutting power with minimal effort, and can also be used for trimming thick branches (up to 30 mm). There is a reliable boom, which guarantees the safety of work.

It can be used for young and dry branches. The blades are available in two versions: titanium and steel. The aluminium handles have a reliable non-slip coating. The tool works smoothly, but does not cut particularly thick branches. This is the main drawback.

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Russian Central Instruction

Summary: Not bad for its money SEKATER, which can be used for pruning fruit trees and berry bushes for sanitary, shaping and anti-ageing.


Japanese priest in Russian stores is sold at a price of 800 rubles and above. It is made exclusively of stainless steel, so it is relatively heavy – the claimed weight is about 300 g. This point will not appeal to many women.

  • Reliable ratchet mechanism with a smooth stroke;
  • Slightly curved blades that do not bite;
  • A hilt to protect your fingers;
  • rubberized handles;
  • Working diameter up to 20 mm.

The secateurs can be used to shape the crown of trees and ornamental pruning of individual shrubs. The secateurs are not suitable for cutting hedges because of the ratchet and relatively short blades.

Japanese Samurai tool

In summary: an excellent semi-professional tool at an affordable price.

Raco Universal

Securitor of the Taiwanese manufacturer, costs 820 rubles. The tool for work in the garden and in the flower garden is equipped with durable blades and comfortable handles.

  • Reliable ratchet mechanism;
  • Sharp computer sharpness;
  • Hardened steel blades;
  • Safety hilt on bottom handle;
  • Blade cleaning brush included.

According to ratings, this secretary gives a smooth cut while being lightweight and comfortable. Only women will not like this tool – the shape of the handles is designed for a large male palm.

Handy Raco Universal

Summary: secateurs for universal use. Better for men than for women.

Mr. Logo

A secondary purpose secateurs, which is called the best in its price category (costs about 900 rubles). The tool is equipped with a ratchet mechanism, which was specially designed for pruning thick branches, but also copes with small shoots. The blades consist of Japanese steel coated with Teflon. The aluminum handles are covered with thermoplastic rubber inserts.

It is expedient to work as a planter, but there is a disadvantage. In order to lock the blades in the closed position, you may need a handle, a teenager or a woman can do such a task.

Summary: handy and reliable pruning shears with a working diameter of up to 24 mm.

Fiskars Powerstep

At the end of our selection is a professional secateurs, the cost of which starts from 1800 rubles. It is designed only for pruning dry branches, they can also work in front of the SAP stream.

The tool is made in Finland and has the following functions:

  • Three-sectional Archety n-Mechanism;
  • Stainless steel cutting blade;
  • Comfortable soft plastic inserts on handles;
  • Plastic ear cushions;
  • Lightweight up to 140 g.

Claimed working diameter is up to 24 mm. The shape of the handles is such that they are equally comfortable for both left- and right-handed people.


Summary: Expensive but reliable secondary securities with a high level of durability.


There are no universal rules for choosing a good garden jail. There are only recommendations, but otherwise you have to be guided by your own feelings. The tool should lie comfortably in the hand, smoothly and easily open and close, reliably detect. The blades should be sharpened at the factory, it is difficult to do it yourself without experience. The presence of Teflon coating will be a plus. As for the price – for 650-800 rubles you can buy a reliable and high-quality model, which will last for many years with careful attitude.

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