Hyundai R170 W-7 excavator – description and features

Hyundai R170W-7 excavator. Specifications, price and variation

Excavator Hyundai R170W-7 Pneumo-Long is a representative of the series of earthmoving machines, which were released by the Korean manufacturer. This model was not so long ago offered for sale in the Russian markets of various special equipment, but in a fairly short time has gained great popularity. This is due to the fact that the machine combines excellent performance, ease of maintenance, ease of operation of both the movement and the working body, and modern machinery technology.

The manufacturer has conveyed all the basic data of the excavator in the model. If we take a closer look at what the R170W-7 means: The machine type is indicated by a capital letter, in this case it is R-excavator.

Behind the machine type are numbers that stand for an operating weight of 100 kilograms. However, it is worth noting that in some models this number is rounded off.

The last letter in the excavator index indicates the chassis used. W means pneumatic wheels.

Well, the last number indicates how many more excavators, series.

The excavator is equipped with one of the two diesel engines: Mitsubishi S6S-D or Cummins. Rated power of the first one reaches 86.8 kW or 118 hp, while the capacity of the second unit is 92.7 kW or 126 hp. Both engines are known for their high reliability and long service life.

Planned application

The main purpose of this excavator is to perform excavation work. The field of application of the machine is quite wide. It is capable of performing such works as developing quarries, trenches and pits and backfilling them, making decking in certain places, loading and unloading materials of different structures.

Hyundai R170W-7 has good technical properties with which you can also work with hard soil (stones, hardened tone, frozen ground). This model can cope with floors of the first, second, third and fourth category of density without preliminary loosening.

Non-mounted equipment

As already described above, the Hyundai P170V is a wide-cut machine and has an impressive number of attachments. The manufacturer has provided for the installation of the following attachments:

  • Land Cover. There are several bucket options that vary in width, volume and task type. This also includes a leveling tool and a trenching tool. All tools are mounted on the excavator arm without the use of a special mounting adapter.

Hydraulic Hammer

This equipment is used in both construction and demolition work, namely in the demolition of concrete structures and for removing asphalt layer from road sections. There are four versions suitable for this excavator model:

  1. Delta F15 version with a hydraulic hammer. The weight of this tool is 1400 kilograms. The minimum rate of fire reaches 450 blows per minute. The maximum rate of impact is 900 strokes per minute. The hammer uses 4,234 joules of energy for each blow, which makes it easy to deal with almost any hard material.
  2. The hydraulic hammer is a version of the Delta F15s. This unit is a kind of improvement of previous devices, namely with a special anti-noise housing, which allows to slightly reduce the noise level arising in the course of work. The minimum frequency of blows reaches 400 blows per minute. The maximum frequency of blows is 900 blows per minute. In this case, each blow of the hammer receives energy of 4234 joules.
  3. The hydraulic hammer version of the Hammer HB 140. The weight of this version of the device has a value of 1100 kilograms. The minimum frequency of blows reaches 500 blows per minute. The maximum frequency of blows is 940 blows per minute. The energy of each blow of this device is 5132 joules. The HB 140 can also be used on a construction site because it has several special tools such as spades, wedges and ropes.
  4. Impuls 300 Eco version hydraulic hammer. Unlike the previous units, this one has a low weight of 705 kilograms. In addition to the lower weight, the performance has been reduced: the minimum impact frequency is 450 strokes per minute; the maximum frequency is 800 strokes per minute. The energy of each blow is only 2441 joules. In spite of this, this equipment boasts its efficiency.
  5. Impuls 300S version hydraulic hammer. This model is fully identical in performance characteristics to the previous model: the minimum impact frequency is 450 blows per minute; the maximum impact frequency is 800 blows per minute. The energy of each blow is also 2441 joules. However, a noise shield housing was added to it, after which the weight of the structure increased to 830 kilograms.
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hydraulic drilling rigs

  • This type of equipment is designed for drilling various wells, both on the ground and in mining and quarries. It can also be used for loosening dense soil ridges. The range for the excavator includes several models of rigs, namely the following:
  • Impulse M30 model hydraulic drill. The mass of the hydraulic drill is 393 kilograms. Depending on the speed, the oil consumption varies from 80 liters to 170 liters. The maximum pressure is 240 atm. The torque consistently reaches 27005 Newtons per meter. The diameter of the screws to be installed varies from 300 millimeters to 1000 millimeters.
  • Impulse M50 model hydraulic drill. The weight of this unit model is 418 kilograms. Oil consumption per working minute depending on the drilling speed is 80 liters and 170 liters. The maximum pressure is 240 atmospheres. The torque of the device is kept at 43071 Newtons per meter. The diameter of the augers is selected depending on the type of work from 300 millimeters to 1500 millimeters.
  • Hydraulic auger model Delta RD-20. Weight of the equipment is 268 kilograms. The oil flow can be changed from 80 liters to 170 liters. The maximum pressure can also vary from 160 atmospheres to 260 atmospheres, depending on the force connected to the weapon. The torque range is from 13043 Newtons per meter to 19564 Newtons per meter. The spring is set in diameters ranging from 150 millimeters to 1200 millimeters.
  • Delta model RD-25 hydraulic rotator. The design weight of the hydraulic rotator is 269 kilograms. The oil consumption varies from 80 liters to 170 liters. The minimum pressure is 160 atmospheres. The maximum pressure reaches a mark of 260 atmospheres. The minimum diameter of the screws installed on the device is 150 millimeters. The maximum diameter of the installed screws is 1500 millimeters.

Technical characteristics

Dimensional data:

  • The length of the entire structure is 8510 millimeters.
  • Width by width – 2500 millimeters.
  • Height in the cab – 3150 millimeters.
  • Freedom of street – 375 millimeters.
  • Width of the front route – 1914 millimeters.
  • Width of rear route – 1,914 millimeters.
  • Rad base (longitudinal section) – 2600 millimeters.
  • Length of the boom – 5100 millimeters.
  • Boom height – 3610 millimeters.
  • Handle length – 2200 millimeters.
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Operational indicators:

  • Design weight of the machine – 17970 kilograms.
  • The maximum depth of the trench – 6320 millimeters.
  • The maximum height of discharge – 7140 millimeters.
  • Radius of rotation of the rear part of the platform – 2480 millimeters.
  • Speed of rotation of the platform is 11.5 rpm.
  • The maximum height of the trench – 9850 millimeters.
  • Maximum reach of the floor – 9450 millimeters.
  • Bucket capacity – 390 cubic millimeters to 1050 cubic millimeters.
  • The installed engine is six-cylinder, in-line Mitsubishi S6S-DT.
  • Rated power is 86.8 kW/118 hp.
  • The type of fuel injection system into the combustion chambers is electronic, direct.
  • The cooling system is medium-liquid.
  • Maximum speed of the excavator is 30 kilometers per hour.

Running gear:

  • Suspension – complex.
  • A tire 10.00-20-14pr is installed.

Total fluid content:

  • Fuel tank – 260 liters.
  • Cooling system – 30 liters.
  • Hydraulic system – 240 liters.
  • Hydraulic system tank – 160 liters.

Technical specifications and dimensions

Technical characteristics of the excavator Hyundai R170W-7 allow to highlight such qualities of the machine as high maneuverability and at the same time maintaining stability, the ability to effectively perform during work in given conditions. The weight of the equipment reaches 17.5 tons, and wheel formula provides 330 kg/cm2 pressure on the floor. The maximum speed is 9.5 km/h and rotation of the rotor circuit is 11.5 rpm. Technical features of the Hyundai 170W-7 also include:

Trench length. 8.69-9.45 m;
Height 6.35-6.62 m;
Trench depth. 5.42 m;
Bucket/handlebar load 108,6/85,2 KN;
Stick length 2.2 m;
Hand crank length 5.1 m;
Machine length 8.51 m;
Wide 2.5 m;
Height 3.61 m;
Capacity of standard working stock 0.39-1.05 m3.

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The Hyundai R170W-7 excavator has several distinctive features:

The cab of the vehicle is quite spacious. Great visibility opens up due to the large area of glazing, both the front window and all others from the operator’s workplace. The cabin is also characterized by a minimum noise level, excellent working conditions and increased comfort achieved through the use of various heat-absorbing and noise-insulating materials. The levers as well as the operator’s seat are fully adjustable. Combination panels are easily removable or hinged for easy access. A toolbox, large glass dust brush, ashtray and lockable door were also installed in the cab.

The excavator’s operating elements are controlled by a special joystick installed directly on the operator’s hand.

For further maintenance, the manufacturer has provided the machine with a rather large hood that provides full access to almost all engine components when opened. The entire design also provides great service life and availability of spare parts, both in search and cost.

The handle has a special mechanism that allows for quick equipment changes.

The basic equipment is rich in devices, as it has a defroster, electric pump, radio, powerful heater, air conditioner, cold start system (useful when operating in hot climates), optional engine heater (designed to work at low temperatures) and electric horn. All of the above ensures comfortable operation regardless of various factors for natural products.

Hyundai Robex 170W-7

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Mitsubishi S6S-DT engine 126 hp / 2100 rpm
engine size 4996 cc
length 8510 mm
height 3150 mm
Wide 2500 mm
Trough (max) 5100 mm
Digging power on bucket 108,6 kN
Digging force at the arm 85.2kN
Bucket volume 0.39 to 1.05 m3 (standard 0.76 m3)
Boom length (Mon) 5100 mm
Stick length 2200mm
Main pump (Kawasaki, Japan):
Tandem axial piston pumps with variable displacement
Working pressure 330 kg/cm2
Chassis pressure 360kg/cm2
contour seal 40kg/cm2
Nominal hydraulic consumption 2х220l/min
Rotary Engine Speed 11,5 rpm
travel speed 9,5/30km/h
Fuel consumption – nominal 85 g*hp/hr at 2100 rpm
battery 2 x 12V x 100ah
Starter Nippon Denso (24V-5.0KW)
alternator Delco Remy (24V-50amp)
Business container:
fuel tank 260L
oil, engine 16.5L
cooling system 30L
h/motors 5 л
hydraulic tank 160L
hydraulic system 240L
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The cab is made of steel for weather conditions and complies with international ISO standards:

  • The windshield and windshield windows are made of non-flammable glass and provide excellent all-around visibility.
  • Windshield wiper;
  • lockable door;
  • toolbox;
  • ashtray.
  • Computer-controlled engine power system 3 modes of operation, 2 power modes, 2 user modes
  • Automatic increase in rpm when load is reduced
  • Automatic engine warm-up mode
  • Automatic overheating control system
  • Power boost system (short-term up to 10% more power)
  • Self-testing system.
  • Central control panel for monitoring parameters
    • Engine temperature indicator
    • Oil pressure indicator
    • Battery charge indicator
    • Engine overheat indicator
    • Liquid level indicator
    • Clock counter
    • Air filter cleaning indicator

    Name Handle 2200 mm Handle 2600 mm Handle 3100 mm
    А Maximum grave length 8690 9030 9450
    А’ Maximum grave length at the ground 8480 8820 9250
    В Maximum depth of the grave 5420 5820 6320
    В’ Maximum depth of the grave at 8 feet 5200 5610 6130
    С Maximum depth of grave when digging a vertical wall 4890 5240 5540
    D Maximum height of grave 8990 9110 9220
    Е Maximum height of pouring 6350 6480 6620
    F Minimum radius of the platform 3180 3180 3180

    Capacity Wide Weight (kg. recommendations, MM
    5100 5100 (with adjustable interpreter angle)
    PSCA, M3 CECE, M3 Without side cutter, mm With side tool, mm 2200 2600 3100 2200 2600
    0.39 0.34 620 740 410
    0.50 0.44 760 880 470
    0.64 0.55 920 1040 510
    0.76 0.65 1060 1180 570
    0.89 0.77 1220 1340 610
    1.05 0.90 1400 1520 680

    Applicable for floors with a density not exceeding 2000 kg/m3 – Applicable for floors with a density not exceeding 1600 kg/m3 – Applicable for floors with a density not exceeding 1100 kg/m3 – Applicable for floors with a density not exceeding 1100 kg/m3


    The Hyundai P170B mobile excavator is equipped with a six-cylinder Mitsubishi S6S-DT diesel engine. All cylinders of this engine are arranged vertically in a row and have a diameter of 94 millimeters. Piston stroke is 120 millimeters. The total volume of all cylinders has a value of 4996 cubic millimeters. The rated power output is 86.8 kilowatts or 118 horsepower. The estimated speed of the crankshaft is 2100 revolutions per minute. In one working hour, this unit consumes about 85 grams of fuel per PS, which is a very good figure when it comes to economy. The cooling system is a liquid cooling system. The fuel injection system is an electronic direct injection system.

    Newer vehicles are equipped with another engine, namely a six-cylinder Cummins diesel unit. Its rated power output is 92.7 kW or 126 hp. The cooling and combustion chamber fuel systems are the same as in the previous engine.

    Price of new and used

    Currently, the cost of a new Hyundai R170W-7 pneumatic excavator on Russian special equipment markets starts at four million and ends at five million Russian rubles. Compared with counterparts of the same class, this model is quite an affordable machine.

    Supported units, which were produced in the period from 2007 to 2008, cost from two to three million Russian rubles. The price usually depends on such factors as the version (modified or basic), the number of hours worked, technical condition and installed equipment.

    Mobile excavator Hyundai R170W-7

    Mobile excavator Hyundai R170W-7 is equipped with pneumatic wheel drive, has large dimensions and is used in quarrying, excavation, loading and unloading. On the basis of preliminary loosening it is possible to operate construction special vehicles with floors of category IV.

    The peculiarity of the Hyundai R170W-7 excavator is its ability to work in cold seasons without loss of efficiency. It enjoys great popularity both in the producing country and among Russian consumers.

    Features and benefits

    When developing the technology, the latest innovations in mechanical engineering were taken into account, as well as the use of innovative technology. The advantages of the machine include reliability, long trouble-free operation, high productivity, easy maintenance, accurate and fast operation. In addition, the manufacturer claims the following advantages of the Hyundai R170W excavator:

    • the price corresponds to the quality of the equipment;
    • operating temperature i s-40/+50 degrees;
    • convenience and comfort when working in the cabin;
    • high travel speed and stability;
    • the main components are made by world brands;
    • ability to work in difficult conditions;
    • economical in terms of fuel consumption;
    • use of metric system of measurement;
    • high quality of assembly.

    Technical specifications and dimensions

    Technical characteristics of the Hyundai R170W-7 excavator allow you to highlight such features of the machine as high maneuverability while maintaining stability and the ability to work effectively in all conditions. The weight of the equipment reaches 17.5 tons, and the wheel formula provides ground pressure of 330 kg/cm2. The maximum speed is 9.5 km/h and turntable rotation speed is 11.5 rpm. In addition, Hyundai 170W-7 specifications include:

    Trench length. 8.69-9.45 m;
    Height 6.35-6.62 m;
    Trench depth. 5.42 m;
    Bucket/handlebar load 108,6/85,2 KN;
    Stick length 2.2 m;
    Hand crank length 5.1 m;
    Machine length 8.51 m;
    Wide 2.5 m;
    Height 3.61 m;
    Capacity of standard working stock 0.39-1.05m3.


    The Hyundai R170W-7 is equipped with a Cummins engine. It is a liquid-cooled, direct-injection, in-line four-stroke diesel engine with high emission quality and fuel efficiency. The number of elements contained in it has been reduced by 40%, which increases durability and simplifies maintenance. The weight of the engine is much less, and the power is 126 hp. Another option for Hyundai R170W-7 wheeled excavator is Mitsubishi S6S-DT with power of 118 hp.

    The machine is equipped with a special system that allows controlling the performance. It has the following features:

    • Increased performance by 10%;
    • Elimination of unacceptable temperature increase;
    • Troubleshooting system;
    • When the load is reduced, the system also reduces the speed of the wave;
    • activation of the engine heater if necessary;
    • Three modes of operation and two performance modes.

    fuel consumption

    Hyundai 170W-7 fuel consumption averages 85 g/hp or 14-15 liters per hour. Fuel tank capacity is 260 liters of diesel fuel.


    The system is equipped with a robust bent-welded profile load-bearing part. The vehicle can travel autonomously at a speed of 32 km/h. Standard equipment includes 10.00-20-14PR tires.

    Gearbox of Hyundai 170W-7 excavator is extremely simple, which allows for quick maintenance and reduced downtime.

    hydraulic system

    The excavator is equipped with a two-piston hydraulic pump of variable volume. It has a capacity of 336 l/min. Fluid volume in the hydraulic system is 240 liters, and a hydraulic tank Hyundai 170W-7 holds 160 liters of hydraulic oil.

    driver cabin

    The body is made of high quality steel, which has a long service life. Safety is due not only to compliance with production technology, but also the installation of large panoramic windows. The material for them is safety glass. The sealed cab of the Hyundai 170W reduces the development of noise inside, and vibrations are absorbed by special pads.

    The driver’s seat is fully adjustable for comfortable working conditions. The instrument panels can also be moved within the cab space. A toolbox, windshield wiper, ashtray and lockable door are standard. The roof has a sunroof, and the headlights are designed to work in the dark.

    Control System

    The Hyundai R170W-7 is controlled by an innovative system that interacts with a hydraulic pump. The main body is a joystick, which guarantees high control accuracy.

    The buttons activate the hydraulic power booster and speed reduction mode. The instrument panel displays information about the most important announcements about the operation of the machine. The operator can control fuel consumption, productivity and engine speed. There are several operating modes to achieve maximum efficiency:

    • complex;
    • default;
    • Hydraulic.

    Easy operation and maintenance

    The Hyundai Robex R170W-7 is easy to use and wait on. A hood cover is provided for access to major functional units and the engine compartment. Comfort also offers extended service intervals and the ability to install spare parts from world manufacturers (Mitsubishi, Kawasaki, Toshiba, Cummins).

    Non-mounted equipment

    The price of Hyundai R170W-7 depends on the options and additional structures that come with the equipment. In order to simplify the installation of hydraulic devices and increase their efficiency, there is a system of quick exchange of organs.

    The most popular models are:

    • Category 3-4 hydraulic fountain drilling and floor loosening equipment;
    • hydraulic hammer;
    • shovels for moving soil of different sizes, configurations and purposes.

    What is included in the delivery set?

    The Hyundai R170W-7 excavator comes standard with:

    • electric buzzer;
    • Starting heater;
    • System for starting the engine in winter;
    • Air conditioning;
    • Heating system;
    • Car radio;
    • Electric pump of fuel system;
    • Detector.

    This car can be operated in Russia with maximum efficiency.


    There are two modifications – 7a and 9s, where 7 and 9 are series indices, A and S are engine indices. The first specifies models with the Euro-3 emissions standard, if it is not in the name, it corresponds to the Euro-2 quality. Tank volume of Hyundai 170W-7 does not change depending on the modification. It is set as standard for all versions of excavators. The name can also contain other indices:

    • D – used in construction projects, equipped with an extended arm and mechanism mechanism, application;
    • LR – installed extended boom and bow;
    • HS – high ground clearance, increased cross-country ability.

    Cost of new and used

    In the eyes of consumers, low technology costs make them as attractive as possible. A new car costs about 4-5.2 million rubles. A used Hyundai R170W-7 can be bought for 2-2.7 million rubles.

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