Hyundai chainsaw. Overview, instructions, owner reviews

Hyundai chainsaw. Overview, instructions, owner reviews

Hyundai is a South Korean company, operating since 1947. The company sells its products around the world and is a national giant in machinery, gardening and parking equipment, and consumer products, including speakers, related materials, auto parts, ÖL and universal lubricants.

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Motor saws have a special place in Hyundai’s gardening equipment. These are functional devices that can be used in everyday life, without endangering the environment and their own health. Below in the test, we will take a closer look at this category of Hyundai equipment.

The best models of chainsaws Hyundai

Since the line of electric saws is represented by only three current models of the XE High Speed series, all of them are popular with owners. Positive reviews have been massively retained from such electric saws as the Hyundai XE 2400, which is used due to its increased productivity in sawmills and in the construction of wooden houses.

Hyundai XE 2400 chainsaw

All models come with the following:

  • Chain and bars;
  • A tire cover;
  • Allen wrench;
  • Instruction manual with warranty card;
  • Power cord;
  • Packaging – cardboard;
  • Saw body with motor.

Additional accessories are not included, they can be purchased separately.

Model range of chainsaws

Hyundai electric saws that are currently available in the manufacturer’s range:

  • Hyundai XE 1800 High Speed chainsaw, 1800 watts;
  • Hyundai XE 2400 High Speed chainsaw, 2400 watt capacity;
  • Hyundai XE 2200 High Speed chainsaw, 2200 watt capacity.

The XE range of electric chainsaws was introduced to consumers by the brand in 2016.

Hyundai XE 1800 chainsaw Hyundai XE 2200 chainsaw

Features of these chainsaws:
  • Use for domestic purposes (on a private plot, in the country house, in the construction of a wooden house, bath house, cottage, pruning of branches, cutting firewood);
  • Model Hyundai XE 2400 has an increased engine power.
  • A chainsaw with more power can be used for clearing public places, such as in parks, squares, on the territory of public utilities, etc;
  • Hyundai XE Series electric chainsaws are characterized by excellent quality of all parts, high cutting precision, durability and wear resistance;
  • The place of manufacture of Hyundai chainsaws – work in South Korea;
  • The main advantage of the electric saw is your safety, environmental friendliness combined with an affordable price.
The garden is a retreat in the spring.

Owner’s Manual

How to use your chainsaw correctly and safely:

  • Hold the saw with both hands and avoid contact between the end of the rod and the object being cut.
  • Always cut with the entire side of the blade;
  • Always work according to protective equipment recommendations – you should wear eye protection, a face mask, gloves, and closed clothing.
  • Make sure the unit’s cable is intact and the proper voltage is available.

Electric sore


Maintain your Hyundai chain saw:

  • Your chain saw must be kept clean, cleaned after each use and lubricated before sawing;
  • Replace the spark plug, chain, and carbon brushes as necessary;
  • Store your Hyundai electric saw in a dry place.

Main malfunctions and troubleshooting methods

Reviews about Hyundai electric saws confirm that the percentage of failure of these tools is very low. The most common malfunctions: This deterioration of the electric saw and their overheating.

Follow the recommendations for process breaks (10-10 mode, 10 minutes of operation, then a 10-minute break).

A drop in voltage can occur due to a mains voltage drop or insufficient contact between the plug of the electric cable and the socket. The cause of overheating is often due to the device being too long.

Video review

Checking the Hyundai electric saw

Reviews of owners

Ivan, Stavropol:

“Great electric saws! I recommend it to everyone. I use XE 2200 myself and I’m very happy with it. For such a reasonable price – ideal for villas, gardens, small private households. Advantages: price and quality. I have not high productivity, great build and requirements to work the tool more than 2 years. Disadvantages: I have not detected. “

Eugene, Chernivtsi:

“Electric saw – the best option for dacha and private home. In my opinion, a chainsaw is a technique for heavy work, but the electric. I am familiar with Hyundai saws not by hearsay, I had to work with them for a short time, but the impressions remained good. This option is very worthy in our domestic market, there are many analogues, but the Chinese files will not cope with the Korean. “

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Review of the Hyundai electric saw installation. Features of devices and reviews

Electric saws Hyundai came to our market from South Korea, which was the headquarters of the company Hyundai, which, as a manufacturer, inexpensive but popular cars Hyundai, garden and construction systems, lubricants and oils, spare parts, etc. Time has evolved so much that Hyundai offices and factories have opened all over the world, especially in Russia, India, America, China, Turkey, etc. ).

Hyundai chainsaw

An overview of Hyundai’s electric saws list

Hyundai electric saws are household tools that are used as needed in the home: sawing bread, tree trunks, clumps of branches, adjacent areas of wild drop. If necessary, Hyundai electric chain saw helps at the construction site (sawing logs), as it can be used not only in open areas, but also indoors. A prerequisite for using Hyundai electric chain saws is to create a power source.

The list is represented by the following electric units:

  1. Hyundai XE 2400 high-speed electric saws.
  2. Hyundai XE 1800 high-speed electric chainsaw.
  3. “Hyundai XE 2200 high speed electric chainsaw.

Hyundai XE 2400 high speed chainsaw

Type Electric
Engine layout Lengthwise section
Power, W) 2400 watt
Busbar length 45 cm
Tire groove width 1.3 mm
Chain pitch 3/8 “
Maximum chain speed 14 m/s
Soft start Yes
Engine brakes Yes
Chain brake Yes
Electronic motor protection Yes
Anti-vibration system Yes
Circuit closure voltage setting Yes
Strength type mains
Oil tank volume 0.125 l
Mains cable length 0.5 m
Chain 1 PIECE
Dimensions and weight
Height 25 cm
depth 22 cm
Wide 58 cm
Weight 6 kg
Color Blue

The weight of the budget Hyundai electric saw is 6 kg. In the longitudinal direction of the electric saw there is an electric motor with a rated power of 2400 W. The body is made of plastic, the tool is equipped with a system of careful protection (button), built-in protection against overheating of the electric motor with a display. To prevent accidental start of the saw, the manufacturer has provided a lock button. Connection to the power grid is made through a cable, so that the operator was comfortable to work with the device, the manufacturer has equipped the saw with a special cable holder, which fixes the cable in a certain position.

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For safety reasons, the electric saw has been equipped with an inertial chain brake, which protects the owner of the device from possible hiccups. For the convenience and safety of the operator, the chainsaw is equipped with a special tool-free chain tensioner SDS. It is recommended to use 45 cm guide bars and chains with 62 links. Chain lubrication is done through an automatic oil pump.

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