Hyundai Bagger R260L C-9s – description and specifications

Crawler excavator Hyundai R260LC-9s specifications and description

At the present time on the Russian market a sufficiently large number of various construction equipment, including excavators. The most popular products are almost all products of Korean brand Hyundai. Very high popularity is due to fairly affordable price for both the technique itself, and for spare parts, quality build, ease of maintenance and easy operation. Often you can find Hyundai excavators in the construction of facilities (including roads) and in places where the machine needs to move the bulk or lumpy material.

Description and characteristics

This manufacturer has a fairly extensive model range, of which the crawler excavator Hyundai R290LC-7A is the most popular and in the top of the most popular models. Unlike most other machines, this excavator is made only on the Korean plant of the company, which had a positive impact on the final cost of the finished machine. Thus, if you compare Hyundai 290 with similar machines made in Europe and Japan, this model is much cheaper.

For Hyundai 290 there are practically no difficult and impossible tasks because the machine was developed exactly for work in enough rigid conditions. Threaded metric connections are used here because the manufacturer managed to achieve a high level of service and reliability, which in Russian realities is one of the most important parameters when choosing equipment. It is also worth noting that the main advantage of this excavator is the optimal price/quality ratio.

Hyundai R290LC-7A has a comfortable cabin equipped with a powerful heating system and air conditioning. The cabin also has a tubular steel frame, which greatly increases productivity and excellent visibility. Wide verification is also achieved due to the large glazing area, which is characteristic of almost all modern machines. If necessary, the side glass can be moved and the front glass can be opened.

Important features of the Caterpillar Hyundai 290 excavator are:

  1. Affordable price of spare parts compared to similar foreign machines.
  2. Reliable electronics from Toshiba brand is used, which, in addition to basic functions, provides automatic diagnostics of technological elements such as the power plant, undercarriage and hydraulic system. This greatly simplifies the maintenance of the excavator.
  3. The excavator is very simple and easy to operate, that even a fairly inexperienced operator can cope with the operation.
  4. The power unit used in Hyundai 290 demonstrates fairly high performance and low diesel fuel consumption.
  5. Engines used include American Cummins and Japanese Mitsubishi. Both engines provide high performance regardless of environmental conditions, and fully comply with Euro-2 environmental standard.
  6. A modern hydraulic system from the Japanese company Kawasaki is used. This hydraulic system boasts high performance, compact components and smooth movements.
  7. A large number of different attachments are available for the machine: various trays, hydraulic breakers, hydraulic shears, drills, rippers, crusher, hydraulic gripper and much more. All of this can be installed either independently or as an option when purchasing a new excavator.
  8. The metric system of measurement is used, which makes the machine more convenient and easier for the Russian market.
  9. All available versions, including the modified one, have a powerful heater and air conditioner, i.e. favorable conditions for the operator’s work in the cabin are achieved.
  10. The interval between replacements of lubrication elements and polymer seals is extended, and the warranty period of the machine is extended to 24 months.
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Crawler excavator Hyundai R290LC-7A is an indispensable equipment in construction companies, mines, mining industry and quarries. In addition, the machine is also used in industrial areas, for street repairs and demolition work. The excavator easily copes with such tasks as digging trenches and pits; creating embankments of earth and other bulk materials; quarrying; backfilling hard and soft materials; excavating; loosening hard floors or rocks; leveling loose soils; loading of different materials (both loose and inert); stripping of asphalt layer of road sections; complete disassembly of concrete or reinforced concrete objects; drilling of fountains of different diameters; as well as cleaning of rivers and reservoirs.


It should be noted that the Hyundai R290LC-7A itself is a modified version. Several versions were produced, such as Hyundai 290 LC, Hyundai 290 LC-7 LR, Hyundai 290 LC-7A, Hyundai 290 LC-7A LR and Hyundai 290-3. All listed versions are equipped with powerful heating and air conditioning, so the operators can create the necessary conditions for comfortable operation regardless of external climatic factors. Another difference is the power plant: some trucks are equipped with American Cummins engine and others with Japanese Mitsubishi engine. Otherwise, all the cars have much in common.

Technical characteristics

Features of the bucket

  • The smallest built-in bucket volume is 0.79 cubic meters.
  • The largest volume of the built-in shovel is 2.1 cubic meters.
  • Number of teeth on bottom cutting edge is 5.

Engine Features

  • The engine set type is single-row, diesel.
  • Mark of the engine installed – QSB5.9-c.
  • Engine manufacturer – cummins.
  • Number of cylinders – 6.
  • Total working volume of all cylinders – 5880 cubic meters.
  • Type of cooling system – liquid.
  • The volume of cooling system is 45 liters.
  • Volume of the palette – 4 liters.
  • Type of injection system – direct.
  • Supercharger – turbocharger with charge air cooling.
  • Rated power output – 159 kW / 213 hp (at 1900 rpm).
  • Nominal crankshaft speed – 1900 rpm.
  • The diameter of each cylinder is 102 millimeters.
  • Piston stroke – 120 millimeters.
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  • The construction length of the excavator is 10,700 millimeters.
  • The total width of the crawler platform is 3,200 millimeters.
  • Total width of the turntable is 2980 millimeters.
  • Total construction height – 3290 millimeters.
  • Total cab height – 3010 millimeters.
  • Rear Wenderadius of the platform – 3200 millimeters.
  • Length to trailing edge – 3120 millimeters.
  • Lowest ground clearance is 500 millimeters.
  • Track width is 2600 mm.
  • Distance between axles – 4030 millimeters.
  • Track shoe width (option 1) is 600 millimeters.
  • The width of the track shoes (option 2) is 700 millimeters.
  • The width of the track shoes (option 3) is 800 millimeters.
  • The width of the track shoes (option 4) is 900 millimeters.
  • Boom length (option 1) is 6250 millimeters.
  • Length of the handle (option 1) is 2100 millimeters.
  • Total height of the boom (version 1) – 3,590 millimeters.
  • Length of boom (version 2) – 6250 millimeters.
  • Length of handle (version 2) – 2500 millimeters.
  • Total boom height (version 2) – 3,470 millimeters.
  • Length of boom (version 3) – 6250 millimeters.
  • Length of handle (version 3) – 3050 millimeters.
  • Total boom height (version 3) – 3290 millimeters.
  • Arm length (version 4) – 6250 millimeters.
  • Length of handle (option 4) – 3750 millimeters.
  • Instructor height (option 4) – 3,500 millimeters.

The cost of the new crawler excavator Hyundai 290 starts at four million rubles and reaches six million Russian rubles. The decisive factor for the final price of the machine is the year of manufacture, version (basic or modified) and equipment package (including additional and attached equipment).

You can also buy a used car, the cost of which ranges from two million rubles to four million Russian rubles. The cost of this option also depends on the year of manufacture, overall technical condition, built-in attachments and running time.

This equipment can also be rented. The cost of such services is 1500 rubles per hour.

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Excavator Hyundai R260LC-9S

Hyundai R260LTS-9S: technical specifications and price. Detailed assessment of the Robex 260LC-9S excavator with photos.

Hyundai R260LC-9S is a modern high-tech excavator built on a full swing crawler platform with an increased track width and a special polygonal tunnel for safe movement on soft ground.

This modification is also available in R260LC-9SH version that has operating weight increased to 27.8 tons.

Hyundai R260LC-9S

The design of excavator is made in the style of all models of 9S series. The neat contours of the body create a picture of a practical device that provides a comfortable environment for daily work and quick maintenance. All lubrication and fueling points are accessible directly from the ground and enclosed by compact hatches, and the engine compartment is enclosed by a thigh-high hood that provides easy access to all engine parts that require waiting.

Hyundai R260LC-9S

The exterior of the cab is somewhat more modern. Into the rounded contours of the all-welded frame Koreans integrated panoramic glazing, wide-opening door-clip and a hatch integrated into the roof. The interior is mainly designed in the European style and offers improved ergonomics compared to the previous generation cabins. For driver’s comfort, the R260LC-9S has adjustable seat with comfortable seat and armrests, adjustable steering column, high-quality controls and multifunction onboard computer with color display that will help to quickly control changes of R260LC-9S units and assemblies.

Hyundai R260LC-9S in cab

To facilitate work in the evening and at night, the excavator is equipped with a high-quality lighting system consisting of the one installed in the cab and two lights mounted on the boom.

The total length of the excavator in transport position does not exceed 9920 mm. The track width is limited to 3180 mm, the tool height is 3220 mm. For the undercarriage is allocated 4640 mm, while the wheelbase of the tracked machine is 3830 mm and track width is 2580 mm. Ground clearance of the R260LC-9S is 480 mm.

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The operating weight of this model is 25 200 kg.

The basic version of the Excavator Hyundai R260LC-9S is equipped with a boom length of 5850 mm. However, the length of interchangeable arm is 3050 mm, and a bucket with a capacity of 1.27 m³ is attached to it. The maximum digging radius at ground level with the basic equipment reaches 10,190 mm, while the excavator can go to a depth of 7000 mm and unload the bucket at a height of 6630 mm. The digging force of the R260LC-9S on the bucket is 178.5 kN. Specific ground pressure is 0.51 kg/cm².

The Hyundai R260LC-9S is equipped with a Cummins B5.9-C inline six-cylinder direct injection turbocharged diesel engine with a displacement of 5,880 cm³. Maximum engine power is 163 hp and maximum torque is about 708 Nm. The engine works with 2-speed transmission, which allows to accelerate excavator up to 5.5 km/h, climb slopes with an angle of inclination up to 35 degrees and provide up to 21,600 kg of towing power.

Like other models of 9S series, Hyundai R260LC-9S is based on a chassis that has an all-welded frame with X-shaped arrangement of support beams to accommodate a turntable. The platform rotates at up to 12.5 rpm and is driven by a hydrostatic drive with planetary reduction gears and an axial piston pump. The undercarriage has 600 mm wide tracks with integrated tensioners, two drive wheels, two driven wheels, and nine support wheels on each side.

The excavator hydraulics is controlled by two variable displacement axial piston pumps with intelligent adjustment of operating parameters to optimize performance in different operating modes of the equipment. The excavator brake system is based on multidisc mechanisms with an oil bath.

The price of the new Hyundai R260LC-9S in Russia, according to the data for 2018, starts from mark~ 8,100,000 rubles.

In the list of basic equipment Hyundai R260LC-9S Korean manufacturer includes: halogen optics, cabin heating, air conditioning, heated outside air, safety belts, self-diagnosis system, engine optimization system, the system of fixing the position of the boom and arm , track and frame protection.

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As an option can be installed: rotating beacon, heated seats, air conditioning, rear view camera, remote monitoring and control system Hi-Mate, coolant heater, fuel filter heater, fuel pump, and advanced cab protection.

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