Huter SGC 6000 Snowmill. Properties, Maintenance

Huter SGC 6000

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Reviews of Huter SGC 6000

Disadvantages: After 10-15 minutes of work loses productivity, stops driving and throwing snow! For a while heats up and eats well. Then stops again. Before that, I had a snow blade from another company for 9 years. I have lots of things to compare it to.

Comment: I’m not the only one with this problem. Only I already know us 4 do not advise to buy.

Disadvantages: Dung product! In the first 20 minutes of work a few small fasteners fell off. A little later stopped throwing snow. This is a warranty case, about a day after the purchase, I called the store (in Barnaul), I was advised to show it. I live 35 km from the city, drove with a trailer. Screwed it in, in the first twenty minutes of work unscrewed the adjusting screw of the auger drive cable and it stopped working. Thanks, people. Free, correct, etc. At home I worked with the snow for an hour and tuned it up, freeing it from the remains. Next day I started it up, drove to work, but the power was gone. A little later I look – the snail doesn’t spin.

Comment: folks, sorry, think before you buy. One Canadian has been working for me for 18 years and is still working. Wanted to find a replacement.

Advantages: powerful motor, large width and height of the shovel, through bike tunnel, snow blower is stable on icy surface, 6 speeds forward and 2 backward, there is a headlight to work at night.

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Comment: Pressed the lever on the right handle of the snow blower and it went. I turn on the snow blower by holding the lever on the left handle. The speed is controlled by the gearshift knob. The snow is pushed away from the clearing area at a reasonable distance. Fuel tank is enough for several days of snow removal.

Pros: Headlights, heated handles, productivity, lots of corridors

Comments: Cleans both old and thick snow. Powerful engine, starts well even after long downtime in a cold room. Can change the flash. Good treads, no slippage. Doesn’t actually warm the hands, but keeps the steering wheel from freezing and frostbite with gloves on.

Strengths: large clearance width. Deep tire profile, also does not slip on ice.

Comment: The snail is made of metal, reliable, proved itself well and survived the whole season about snow drifts well. Passed the test drive on removing icy and compacted dense snow. Honestly, didn’t expect to pull, as the snow blower is pretty compact, but also appeared to be sturdy enough for such a task. There is a headlight, which was very practical for cleaning in the evening and in the morning.

Advantages: Gasoline-powered, powerful four-stroke engine runs without fatigue or interruption. Handle width and height are very neat

. Squis is metal and equipment. The headlamp is more than appropriate, because it has to be removed at 8 am, which means working in the dark. As a nice bonus – heated grips (appreciated in the cold). The assembly is excellent: the details are well fitted and the material is good.

Comment: Worked almost every day this winter – the territory of the recreation center was rickety. Wires don’t tear, doesn’t produce any trash, starts up quickly.

Pros: There are lights that warm up the handles, cleaning width is pretty good.

Comment: At first I had a choice between the 4800 and 6000 model, I decided to take the helper one.

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Advantages: motor power, detection width. Heating pins.

Disadvantages: This snow blower is solid disadvantages. It usually hasn’t worked for more than a day since I bought it. It’s one thing or the other. Something is constantly wobbly. Wires get torn. The flash flash setting hasn’t worked since day one. The heater button broke in the second season, although it was pressed very rarely. Now it has stopped going, small wedge. Doesn’t work until you bump it into place. Headlight seems to be there, but doesn’t shine. RPM adaptation only depends on the weather. Can’t adjust the adjustment lever to make it move, have to agonize. Is very expensive, taking into account all the shortcomings, its price 10-15,000 rubles in my opinion.

Comment: Apparently this snowblower was designed by a German designer, whose relatives were killed in this way in World War II. He decided to take revenge on the Russian people and create it economically efficient. Would you want to buy a headache? It’s up to you to decide.

Detailed Specifications

Snow clearing system

Type of cleaning system two-tiered copy width 62 cm Coverage height 54 cm Metal material Adjustment of the snow guard manual

Review of the snow blower Huter SGC 6000. Description, instructions, owner reviews

Recommended: 100%



Model Huter SGC 6000 is a great option of snow blower for private use. Due to its properties, it is ready to work with snow cover of different heights.

Snowplow Huter SGC 6000 is equipped with a 4-stroke gas engine rated at 8 hp It runs on high-octane fuel AI-92 or AI-95. The fuel tank is designed for 3.6 liters of fuel.

The maximum height of snow cover detection is 54 cm and width – 62 cm. These characteristics are enough to clean large areas.

This is a homemade model of Snowpock snow blower. The gasoline engine drives not only the pulley, but also the wheels of the Hute r-SGC 6000. It turns out a wide profile that can grab loose snow and not slip while doing so.

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In order to carry out snow removal in the evening, the Huter SGC 6000 snow blower has a headlamp.

There are 7 steps in the gearbox: 5 of them are designed for forward movement, and 2 – for movement. This is very convenient, as you can choose the optimal speed for any job.

The most important functional part of the snowplow ear is the auger. It consists of durable high quality steel, which is able to withstand heavy loads and grind not only soft snow, but also its blocks.

Features A-cylindrical knuckle mechanism
Four bars 8.0
Power (hp) Number of speeds
8 (6+2) 620
Snow coverage indicators by width (mm) 540
Snow height indicators (mm) 3.6
Fuel Tank Capacity (l) Displacement



When working with the Snowman Huter SGC 6000 snow blower, it is necessary to follow the safety rules.

The main thing is to be careful with the rotating parts of the machine and never touch them.

Also, be careful that snow is ejected from the unit so that it does not fall on a cleaned surface or toward the window. If a stone accidentally hits the pulley, it may break the glass.


All the levers of the Huter SGC 6000 snow blower are placed on the steering linkage and allow you to adapt the operation of the forward direction while driving. Specifically: Wheel and drive speed setting, channel position and gear shift.

There is also a heated pencil system to control the unit.

A gasoline engine is mounted below the control handle on the frame, and an auger, rotor, and snow exit slot are mounted on the front.

Owner’s Manual

Before you start, it is advisable to read the instruction manual of the device, otherwise the repair will cost more. It comes with the snow blower. If you for some reason have lost it, you can always find information on forums or download from the link.


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Before you start full use, you need to operate the snowmobile.

Many owners after assembly pour gasoline, try to work and forget about the oil. There are many testimonials about the fact that the machine appears sharp squeal without it being there. As a result, parts wear out and fail quickly. This is why it is imperative to fill up with oil.

Carried out I-i n-i n-one involves using the unit sparingly so that the parts match and reach each other. Replace the oil in the gasoline engine after the mileage is completed.

Changing the Oil

For the Huter SGC 6000 snow blower, it is recommended to use 5W-30 series oil. The optimal interval for changing it is 25 hours of operation. After that, mechanical contaminants will form in the oil, which filters and damages when it hits the parts.


  1. To keep your vehicle in service for a long time, you need to have it serviced regularly.
  2. According to the owner’s manual, the voltage of all screws should be checked before each trip to work.

The oil should be changed every 25 hours and the spark plugs and air filter should be cleaned.

It is also recommended that the valve traction be stopped annually and the accumulated fouling removed. This should preferably be done at specialized centers.

The main irregularities

The main problem with snow blowers is the constant jamming of the outlet conduit. As the snow gets stuck on it and the advancement of a new one for publication is difficult. This is not a critical malfunction and can be corrected by yourself. To do this, turn off the gasoline engine of the machine, separate the spark plug and remove the accumulated snow.

If the power tiller vibrates, check all connections and tighten them if necessary.

If the vibration remains, inspect the auger, which should be in one piece, if chips or deformations are found, it should be completely replaced.


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Here are some reviews of those who have already used the Huter SGC 6000

Vyacheslav writes the following review:

“An excellent solution in terms of value for money and quality. Has everything I need and more. A nice bonus in the form of heated grips and headlights. The width of the snow removed in one trip is enough for a hiking trail. However, it’s not enough for several. So I completely clear my construction site: from the house to the gate and even behind it. And to throw properly, I set the height and width of the throw with a lever.”

Here is Nikolai’s comment

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