Huter SGC 4000 Snowblower. Features, instructions, reviews.

Huter SGC 4000.

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Reviews of Huter SGC 4000

Advantages: powerful engine, simple tax

Disadvantages: I have not noticed any significant yet

Comment: I have used this product for the first winter. Machine is stable even on slippery pavement, can be maneuverable, also easily copes with snow from hard-to-reach places and from as far away as six meters. Powerful, but enough fuel for an hour and a half, I have not yet had to add a working output. Works easily, dried in warmth after work – so nice to work next time.

Advantages: I have a lot of Hooter equipment, snow blower, trimmer and car wash! None of the appliances have failed! The wash is so superficial. I love it!!! I recommend the snail! Also normal equipment, especially for such a low price.

Disadvantages: There are minor drawbacks everywhere.

Advantages: Easy to start, low fuel consumption, fairly compact, makes a great snow thrower.

Comments: Bought it to shovel snow on the property. Never had a single failure over the years. Cleaned a total of 5 or 7 tomorrows with it, since the house, the yard in the garage and 150 meters to the street, picks up every bit of snow.

Advantages: Price, ease of maintenance, easy control of the snow removal enterprise, easy to start.

Disadvantages: No major downsides!

Comment: We have been using it for a very long time, in winter outside the city this vehicle is simply indispensable. It is very convenient to use, as it can be maneuverable itself.

Advantages: it is an excellent, powerful snowblower, my husband is satisfied.

Weaknesses: it has not been unpacked yet.

Comment: already recommended to friends.

Advantages: the engine is good, but that’s about it.

Disadvantages: The auger fence fell apart and can not be repaired

Comment: No part can be found or repaired!

Yenisei 1200 1nm harvester - description and features

Advantages: easy to move, stable, roomy tank.

Comment: A necessary thing for snow removal, I live in the countryside. Slightly maneuverable in a narrow area. The height is very convenient, I don’t have to bend down or stand on tiptoe. I recommend it.

Good points: Balanced, powerful engine, can cope with any snow.

Comments: A powerful snowmobile, which thanks to the inflatable tire negates the winter protection of icy and loose snow, it stays reliably on the ice. It is easy to adjust the direction of the snow. Very simple design and does not require much effort to work.

Comment: I bought it for my kitten, at first it cleaned perfectly, but after six times I couldn’t figure out what was broken.

Advantages: Easy to operate, economical


: not found yet

Cons: Heavy for one person, does not throw snow very accurately, can not cope with wet snow

Pros: Easy to start, maneuverable, stable.

Comments: N

An indispensable thing for the country house in winter. It works great with snow, both wet and dry. I clean paths, driveway to garage and fence. The whole job takes no more than an hour at a leisurely pace. With a shovel, it would take me half a day to shovel. One pass is just enough for the route, the snow is thrown to 7 meters, my snowblower is in a cold garage, but winds up the first time even in cold weather. Fuel consumption is economical.

Advantages: . Engaged in December 2017 – Area to be cleaned – small “flaps” with a total area of 100 m2. – Since the machine is not large, it is easy to operate on small construction sites. – Total moto-hours – 10 – Good value for money – Captures no more than a third of the bucket of wet snow and lifting the canopy at the end of the gully copes well with wet (not frozen) snow and throws 2 meters – Easy to start the boom launcher even in cold weather

Cons: – Due to poor air filter design, when snow hits the engine, steam forms, which gets into the air filter and then into the carburetor, where it freezes and revs start to float. Remedies by putting a cap on the engine (has nothing to do with the valve) or stopping snow from getting on the engine. – Ejector rattles.

Interskol SMB-650 gasoline snow blower. Design, work video and reviews

Pros: Performance, build quality, good value for money, light weight.

Comments: Does a good job on both wet and dry snow. The design itself is very powerful, high quality parts and assembly, you need to hit it on rocks or skim the concrete with it in order for the auger drive to break.

Pros: It throws dry snow well. Wet is a problem.

Cons: On the third sweep the auger drive belt failed. where to get shifter wedges.

Comment: Knowing the problems encountered, in a short time of use (three cleanings) would not buy

Pros: High performance, price.

Comments: Good snow thrower with the standard for such models LONCIN 5.5 hp engine. In a month I had to tighten the clutch cable twice (loses power, begins to throw snow weaker), even though I use it 1-2 times a week. When applying for a loan do not use the bank Setelem, they impose life insurance, which can only be obtained in the first five days, prepare a letter and send it to Moscow, which the representative of the bank does not mention.

Pros: not reliable, like everything made in China.

Cons: After 3 hours of running it started to run rough and torn, I had to adjust the valves. After 20 hours (10 times snow removal) winding cord became loose, I had to repair it. Ripped auger drive cable. After 25 hours completely failed worm gear. The gas tank lid is constantly unscrewed and loose. After I had to disassemble the actuator, the rubber clutch actuator ring came off.

Detailed features

snow removal system

Type of cleaning system two-stage working width 56 cm working height 42 cm material snow chute metal manual adjustment position of the snow chute

Test snow thrower Huter SGC 4000. Description, specifications, instructions, owner reviews

Huter SGC 4000 is developed in Germany. It is designed for snow removal in small areas such as: B.: Household areas, parking lots or walkways.

The Huter SGC 4000 snow mill is self-driven. This means that the motor drives not only the belt drive for cleaning, but also the wheels. Such a solution makes working with this equipment much easier for the owners.

The Huter SGC 4000 snow blower has a 5.5 hp gasoline engine that runs on high-performance AI 92 fuel. The volume of the gas tank is designed for 3 liters of fuel.

  • The gearbox has 6 positions: 4 for forward movement and 2 for reverse. The task of the operator is to choose the optimal speed and get to work.
  • Features of the Huter SGC 4000 snow blower:
  • It is a self-propelled device with winter tires. It has a wide and pronounced profile for easy movement over any layer of snow;
  • Owners can adjust the direction of the snow throw directly while driving;
  • The snail is made of high-quality steel that can shred snow and ice cream together without damaging the parts;
  • The frame around the snail is high, allowing owners to remove a thick blanket of snow. One handle is 56 cm wide and the maximum height is 42 cm;
  • The powerful four-stroke gasoline engine is capable of delivering Huter SGC 4000 snow blower performance in all conditions;
Overview of chain power units of the manufacturer Energia

Easily accessible fuel tank for easy refueling. Since refueling is a major problem with many such devices, the Huter SGC 4000 snow blower has a wide tank neck. As a result, you won’t be able to spill gasoline while refueling.

No additional devices or power sources are required. Operation of the snow blower is fully autonomous. Technical Data
model SGC4000
engine 6.5
4-stroke, single-cylinder Horsepower
Speeds 56
4 forward / 2 reverse 42
Bowl, cm 3.0
Height, cm Fuel tank capacity, l

Type of movement



 Vladimir writes:

The design of the gasoline snowthrower Huter SGC 4000 is simple and intuitive.

There are two levers on the rod, which push the wheels and the volute. The speed switch is a little lower.

The ejection is adjusted with the lever and can also be adjusted in the on-the-go position.

The functional principle of the snow blower is simple. The snail picks up the snow and brings it to the rotor, which rotates and ejects it through the ejection shaft.

If the snow is clogged, it can be removed with a special cleaning tool. It is supplied by default and attaches to the top of the bucket.

A brief overview of the Huter SGC 4000 snow blower can be found in the video below:

  1. Assembly
  2. In order for the snow blower to work long and properly, it is necessary to properly assemble and adjust it before use in accordance with the operating instructions. You should also know the components of the Pflug Huter 4000 snow blower in detail.

Huter SGC 4000 snowblower

Huter SGC 4000 snowblower device

Installing the roof channel for snow frame

Assembly of the control handle Fasten the control handle with the four screws on the body of the snow blower. This part consists of two parts. Therefore, mount the first part of the device to the body first, and then attach the second part to it.

Mounting the snow deflector shaft Mounting the snow deflector shaft is done by attaching it to the unit using screws. First of all, you need to install the bracket in the gutter. It is necessary for additional protection during operation. Then the gutter should be installed in place. Do not forget to lubricate the threaded connections before tightening.

According to the instruction manual, it is necessary to set the position of the shoes so that the drill does not reach the floor. When adjusting, the properties of the surface to be treated must be taken into account.

If you are working on uneven and soft terrain, position the unit at its maximum height. If the surface is flat and firm, set the minimum position.

Owner’s Manual

  • The Huter SGC 4000 Snowmill is commercially available without gasoline and oil!
  • These liquids must be poured into special containers before first use. Otherwise, there is a great risk of damaging the unit and it must be repaired before normal operation can begin.
  • For engine lubrication you must use 5W-30 series synthetic oil. The crankcase volume is DM 3. The oil level should be checked before each engine start-up.

The tire pressure should be the same. Otherwise, snow blower owners notice that the machine starts to go in one direction and that steering is difficult in this case. The recommended tire pressure is 1 bar.

Adjust the position of the boundary shoes according to the properties of the surface you are working on. Incorrect installation can damage the mechanism and must be repaired.

Lubricate the swivel caliper with Lithol-24 grease made according to GOST 21150-87.

Installing the swivel arm

Oil Change

The important point is to maintain the oil level in the crankcase at all times. It should be checked before each work, as well as changed after every 25 hours of operation. If you don’t do this and save money, repairs will become more expensive.

We recommend that you stick to the following maintenance plan: To change the oil, heat the snowblower so that the oil becomes more fluid and flows out more easily. Then pull out the oil tank shutoff device, put a container underneath to drain it and let all the waste completely drain out. After installing the locking device. The instruction manual recommends the use of fresh 5W-30 oil.

  • Comparison of Huter SGC 4000 and 4100 snow blower models
  • These two models belong to the same price segment. They are similar in design and features, but there are minor differences, namely:
  • The 4100 model has five forwarders. The 4000 model has four.
  • Huter SGC 4000 copes with snow to a depth of 42 cm, and 4100 – to 52 cm.

Accordingly, the dimensions and weight are different. Hut 4000 weighs 61 kg, and 4100 – 73 kg;

The volume of fuel tank is also different. The model 4000 has 3 liters, and model 4100 – 3.6 liters. This allows you to work longer without refueling.

Huter SGC 4100 snow mill in use:


Most often, the gasoline snow blower Hauter 4000 is used in the private sector, as it is not designed for professional and permanent snow removal. Here are some reviews of the happy owners of this model.

Stanislav writes:

“I use this device for a year and I can say the following. Of the minuses can be attributed unpleasant propeller control and insufficient speed of the machine. But everything else works great. The snow hammer is fast and high quality, just have time to guide the chute. Step forward is excellent. Deflects by about 5-7 meters, and makes no difference what state the snow is in. 3 liters of fuel is spent for intensive work in about an hour. Starts quickly and efficiently, never had any problems with it in spite of the frost. Haven’t adjusted or repaired anything, haven’t counted oil changes or lumps, but have tightened the belt a couple of times. I work with 4 acres of land, well I help the neighbors a little). “

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