Huter BS-62 chainsaw. Specifications. Assembly, first run-in and start-up.

Chainsaw Huter BS-62 – an efficient model with a reasonable price

Chainsaw Huter BS-62 occupies an intermediate position between the categories of household and semi-professional models.

The tool is focused on the mechanization of a considerable part of domestic works related to:

  • wood processing;
  • clearing the territory from old trees;
  • Construction of wooden objects of residential and special purpose.

In construction, the saw is a powerful universal tool that allows you to cut any type of wood up to 50 cm in diameter in one pass.

Huter B S-62 chainsaw - a productive model with an inexpensive price level

Photo: Huter BS-62 chainsaw

Technical and design features

The tool differs from the same-type developments by the reference quality of the factory assembling, typical for the German chainsaw appliances, a combination of performance and efficiency, increased autonomy and comfort of work.

  • Despite the moderate cost, the construction of the tool contains high demands on the quality and durability of the used materials, technologies of their processing and installation. Evaluations and wishes of users and specialists of service organizations have been productively implemented.
  • According to the main working characteristics and operating safety Huter model BS-62 saw corresponds to the standards of semi-professional class.

Considering its performance, reliability and easy maintenance, the saw belongs to the equipment of tourist groups, scientific expeditions and professional rescue units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Hütter BS 62

Technical characteristics

The weight of the saw 7,8 kg, typical for high-performance models, is partly compensated by a good balance of the tool, a reliable grip, ergonomic shape of the body, convenient location of the speed regulator and other controls.

  • Saw Huter BS-62 is set in motion economical and durable two-stroke unit with a working volume of 58 cm3 and a capacity of 3.94 hp.
  • The saw’s carbureted combustion engine runs on high-octane automotive gasoline with a precisely metered engine oil ratio of 25:1 for two-stroke engines.
  • The fuel mixture is fed from a 560 ml reservoir in the housing into the float chamber of the carburetor.
  • The engine is started with a recoil-activated manual starter. Fast and reliable starting of the internal combustion engine is ensured by professional adjustment of the fuel system, fail-safe electronic ignition system and timely cleaning of the inlet air filter.
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Traction characteristics of the power unit are stable in all operating modes, regardless of external influences, and the torque reserve is sufficient to compensate for short-term overloads.

model Huter BS-62
Manufacturer Guardian
manufacture (assembly) China
brand homeland Germany
visual class semi-professional
Power, hp (kW) 3.94 (2.9)
Engine displacement, cm3 58
chain pitch, inch 0.325
chain thickness, mm 1,5
Number of links, pcs. 76
fuel capacity, l 0.56
Oil tank capacity, l 0,3
Tire length, cm (in.) 50.5 (20)
Noise level, dB(A) 114
warranty, years 1
weight (kg) 7,8
Instruction manual Download from


The 20-inch guide bar and 76-member cutting chain with a 0.325-inch division are categorized as removable equipment. The universal holder makes it possible to install a smaller, more convenient work set of shorter lengths.

For lubrication and cooling of the chain a special oil is supplied under pressure to the working area, which is taken from an internal reservoir of 300 ml. The tire-driven chainwheel bearing is lubricated separately every 8-10 hours of operation.

The harness is also equipped with a chain tensioning mechanism and a device for stopping in abnormal situations. The emergency brake is activated by moving the sign toward the tires. Work safety is enhanced with an accidental start locking mechanism.

advantages and disadvantages

First of all, we should emphasize the excellent workmanship, wear resistance and durability of the materials used to manufacture the design.

Advantages of this model:

  • Power and torque reserves that allow you to work with difficult wood in optimal operating conditions;
  • Perfect balance, effective vibration damper and exhaust gas absorber contribute to increased comfort, slow fatigue, good feeling when working long hours with short breaks;
  • Affordable price for a wide range of customers, availability of a wide range of spare parts and consumables.

Hütter BS 62

When buying a new Huter-Saämmodell BS-62, you can focus on the price range of 6 to 7 thousand rubles. The difference in cost is explained by the overhead costs for storage and transportation of goods to remote regions.

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In the same performance class as the Huter BS-62 chainsaw, branded models compete with greater or lesser success – Makita DCS6401-50, Husqvarna 365, Echo CS-620SX-18 and Union PTS-99452T. It should also be noted that these proposals differ significantly in cost and level of technical equipment.

Reviews of owners

At first glance, the machine is heavy, but unfolded, the hands quickly get used to the location of the knobs and throttle lever. Starting the engine went well, including in a short time, up to 3 minutes, sawed a few hardwoods with a diameter of about 30 cm.

After buying a new chainsaw, it wasn’t difficult to refresh old skills. The engine starts confidently on the second or third try. The chain stroke is smooth and soft, but at the first opportunity I will try to raise the bar to 18 or even 16 inches. Stepan Romanovich

Huter BS-62 chainsaw. Review, instructions, features, reviews

The manufacturer refers to the Huter BS-62 chainsaw to the category of household appliances. Thanks to its high performance, these chainsaws can be used for quite complex tasks.

Huter BS-62 chainsaw

Thanks to the powerful (2.9 kW) engine and a long (50.5 cm) bar, the chainsaw can be used for non-professional tasks, for cross-cutting and long sawing wood. The versatility of this model is noted by utilities and forestry workers, who found it useful for trimming bushes and landscaping.

Features of Huter BS-62 chainsaw:
  • Powerful high-speed engine;
  • Convenient location of administrative tools;
  • Multipoint protection against vibration;
  • Inertial brake for an instant stop the chain;
  • Ergonomic, well-balanced body;
  • Folding tires with drive chain wheel.


The German manufacturer Hauter has been present on the agricultural and garden equipment market for about 40 years. During this time the company has achieved popularity both in Europe and in other parts of the world.

Huter BS-62 chainsaw at work

Its equipment is notable for its perfect quality, stylish design and extensive network of service conditions for warranty and post-warranty service. Due to the significant expansion of production Hauter opened its own production facility in China where the BS-62 chain saw is produced.

All machinery manufactured in China meets domestic quality standards and the manufacturing processes are controlled by German engineers and technologists.

The model BS-62 is the most powerful in the company’s catalog. Accordingly, its prices are higher than other tools of this type. Today it is possible to buy Huter BS-62 chainsaw for 7,400-8,000 roubles.

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Huter BS-62 chainsaw comes with a package:

fuel mixing tank set of basic tools protective cover

Advantages of BS-62 chainsaw:
  • Reliable and powerful engine;
  • Well-thought-out ergonomics of the body;
  • High productivity;
  • Effective air cooling system;
  • Reasonable price and high quality of the tool.
Disadvantages of BS-62 chainsaw:
  • The Huter BS-62 chainsaw has an impressive weight (7.8 kg);
  • Unfortunate design of the chain tensioner;
  • It is necessary to consider the high quality of fuel and lubricants.


Features Huter BS-62
Engine capacity, cc. 58
Power, W 2,9
Tire size, cm 50
Chain pitch 3/8
Strong left, PC 76
fuel capacity, l 0.56
weight (kg) 7,5

user manual

Each buyer of the Hooter chainsaw receives a package of documents with the necessary information about the device and operation of the device. In addition, you can get acquainted with the technical features of the model and the functions of its operation on the manufacturer’s website or by following the link: Your browser does not support frames that can be used to download the BS-62 Chainsaw Service Manual

Maintenance of the Chater BS-62 chainsaw:
  • Keep screws and screw holders secure and check and retighten them regularly.
  • Prevent problems from occurring if necessary
  • Do not use improper gasoline or oil. This leads to a significant reduction in the life of the saw.
  • The Huter BS-62-IS is not a professional tool and should not be used with an industrial forest effect.
  • It is forbidden to operate the gasoline-driven power saw near sources of open fire, as well as in snow and rain.
  • Personal protective equipment such as safety shoes, goggles or face shield, gloves and ear protectors is recommended;
  • Do not fuel the chain saw while the engine is running or hot. Doing so may cause the fuel to ignite and impair the operator’s ability to work.

The Huter BS-62 chainsaw has a two-stroke gasoline engine that is lubricated through a fuel system. This means that the operator has to add oil to the gasoline – these are the two ingredients that make up the fuel.

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Fuel mixing ratio

For air-cooled two-stroke engines, high octane Ai-92-95 gasoline and motor oil should be used to make the mixture. When the chainsaw goes out, fuel is mixed at the ratio of 1/25, in the working mode prepare the mixture based on the ratio 1/50.

It is forbidden to use transformer and diesel oils, disgusting and waste fluid as a saw lubricant.

Note that the bar and chain must be lubricated at all times. The chainsaw is equipped with an automatic lubrication system for this purpose. For refilling, you should use universal chain oils that work well at both high and low temperatures.

Video overview

Huter BS-62 package and assembly review

Reviews of owners

Anton Smolyaninov, 43, Khabarovsk region:

“I use these saws for logging and sawing firewood, as well as for longitudinal sawing of tree trunks. The Huter BS-62 engine runs quietly, doesn’t sag at high speed, saws the entire length of the bar and starts up well in any weather. I have not noticed any particular disadvantages in the chainsaw. Yes, it is heavy, but the anti-vibration protection partially compensates for its weight and thus reduces strain on the back and hands. “

Maxim Dubyanze, 37, Novosibirsk region:

“I use the Huter BS-62 chainsaw for the third season. I mainly prepare and cut firewood. First of all, it is pleasant to take in hands: the handles are rubberized, the saw is comfortable and well controlled. I had no problems with the engine. It is quite economical for its weight and dimensions. But the chain tensioner is poorly located – for me its use is impractical.

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