Huter BS-52 gasoline saw. Specifications. Assembly, first run-in and start-up

Huter BS-52 gasoline saw. Specifications. Assembly, first run-in and start-up

Huter BS-52 chainsaw is a fairly powerful hand saw, capable of sawing various types of wood in all directions (longitudinally, transversely).

This petrol saw belongs to the class of saws for domestic use. Since Huter 52 can operate autonomously and does not depend on external power sources, it is widely used in summer houses, country houses, for gardening, in the garage and for making firewood. With the help of this chainsaw you can easily make firewood for a private house or cottage for the cold season from the remains of furniture, various old buildings, felled trees and thick branches. Examples of the use of this saw, which belongs to the household class, can also be its use in small buildings, for repairs, bivouac arrangements, etc.

Huter BS-52 chainsaw is created according to the modern technologies by the specialists from Germany.

For this reason, this tool meets all the requirements of world standards for product quality and safety when working with it.

The homeland of the brand Technology is Germany. But now it is produced in China.

Manufacturer Huter (Huter)

Full title The homeland of the manufacturer is Germany. Over the years, the company has managed to gain unrivaled credibility among consumers, which has made it a leader among other organizations involved in electrical appliances. Back in 1979, the manufacturer first offered its products to the electrical market, and his creation appeared on the Russian market in 2004. The main activity of the brand is the production of garden and power generating equipment.

It is also worth noting that absolutely every product that comes out from under the machine of this manufacturer, meets all necessary highest requirements of international and Russian standards. In addition, all products undergo rigorous quality control in accordance with strict internal requirements, just before they hit the shelves of specialized stores.

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As a buyer of the Huter BS-52 chainsaw, you will see in the kit:

  • The chainsaw itself;
  • Tires;
  • Chains;
  • A protective cover for the blade set;
  • A container used to prepare the fuel mixture;
  • Passport, which contains Russian-language instructions for starting, working with the saw, and its maintenance, warranty card;
  • A set of additional tools that may come in handy when working with the chainsaw.

The following video is about what is the Huter BS-52 gasoline chainsaw and what is included in the kit when purchased:

Chain brake adjustment

The chain brake often doesn’t work because grease or sawdust clogs the brake band and the space under the cover. All parts should be free of the blockage. The belt may have simply worn out, then it must be replaced.

The function of the chain brake is restored by mechanical cleaning

Some chain parts wear out faster than others. These include the drive wheel, tires, chain, and anti-vibration elements. For quick replacement parts, it’s best to have them on hand at all times. Don’t neglect to sharpen the chain.

Technical Specifications

The Huter BS-52 has the following technical specifications:

  • Power 2.5 kW 03d 3.4 hp;
  • The division of the kettle is 0.325 inch;
  • The tire length is 50 cm;
  • Water capacity is 52 cm 3;
  • Tank capacity is 0.55 liters;
  • Anti-vibration system;
  • Chain brake;
  • Weight – 7.5 kg (mounted saw).
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Learn more about the chainsaw. The Huter B S-52 has a 50 cm long metal bar, vibration isolation, a braking device capable of stopping the chain instantly, a protective shield and a “gas” lock. This chainsaw is characterized by the presence of a two-stroke, air-cooled single-cylinder engine with a manual start that makes the device work. An easy-to-remove filter is installed on the sawdust. The fuel for this chainsaw is an oil-gasoline mixture in the ratio of components (oil – gasoline) – 1/25. The front of the body is concealed by a sturdy transverse handle that makes it easy to grip and hold the tool. The handle for the other hand is on the back of the saw, and it serves as the saw’s control panel.

Stable demand base

The undisputed advantages of this model:

  • Automatic lubrication and simplified adjustment of cutting chain tension;
  • Effective vibration dampers;
  • Emergency brake with safety device;
  • Locking speed adjustment;
  • Excellent balance and ergonomic grip with round handle on the front of the saw;
  • Combination design of rear longitudinal handle with control panel.

Evidence of the saw’s high quality level are European certificates, diplomas of famous international exhibitions and competitions.

strengths and weaknesses

According to its technical characteristics, the considered chainsaw is capable of cutting a fairly wide range of wood materials. These saws are characterized by the following advantages:

  1. Independence from external power sources works autonomously.
  2. The ability to cut large diameter trunks, as there is a long enough rod.
  3. High work speed thanks to good motor power.
  4. Ability to work with the saw for a long time. This advantage is made possible by the anti-vibration system, which reduces the impact of the working saw on the hands.
  5. Prevention of premature overheating and wear of the working part of the saw is guaranteed by the presence of automatic chain lubrication, which also serves to facilitate movement.
  6. Easy operation, easy handling of the saw due to the fact that the switches (one/off, throttle trigger – gas barrier) are conveniently located.
  7. Reliable chain brake that quickly activates from the front if the unit locks or is thrown violently.
  8. Easy access to air filter.

Analogue to

In the range of domestic level, a significant place is taken by the products of domestic manufacturers. These are inexpensive chainsaws of the popular brand Kalibr BP-2600/18U, BS-45M, ZPB-370 ZVR, Zenith BPL-406/2200 and Spets BNP-1735.

In steady demand are identical and serviceable imported chainsaw cutters RSG 38-16K, Patriot PT 3816, Champion 125T-10 and RedverG RD-GC45-16.

During the development and production of domestic chainsaws, foreign materials and new technologies are partially or completely used. Therefore, its performance only in some respects inferior to the characteristics of budget imported models.


Detailed information about the assembly, start-up, operation, maintenance, possible failures, etc. It contains the operating instructions that are essential for your chainsaw. The instructions describe every step in the operation of the tool.

Buyers of chainsaws note the simplicity and clarity of the instructions. Therefore, we will consider only a few special rules for using the SAW, which are also spelled out in the instructions and backed up by the experience of many owners of Huter BS – 52.

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Before using the saw, it is recommended to start idling until all the fuel mixture is formed. Then it is necessary to charge the tool, after which you can already start working.

Important! After using the chainsaw it is necessary to release the amount of fuel used. Storing the fuel mixture in the tank of the saw for 12 hours or more can affect the further operation of the engine.

An example of an engine malfunction after not following this rule is when the saw starts up smoking.

Note! When working with the saw, especially when drilling into the top of the tree, it is recommended that you wear special glasses to protect your eyes from wood chips.

The manual covers in detail the maintenance of the chain saw, the chain and bar lubrication system, cleaning the starter motor, etc.

Finishing the job

A number of models have the engine controls, starter block, and emergency stop system on the handlebars. It is recommended that you reassemble the chain saw handle after first cleaning the contacts of all electrical and mechanical connections.

Self-assembly of the chainsaw is a part of the repair work that requires special attention. The success of the final result is facilitated by the correct sequence of operations, a sufficiently high quality of parts, seals and other consumables.

Why do they stand?

The cam can stand for the same reasons as the other brands of gasoline saws. In this case, you should not immediately proceed to disassemble the device. First of all, it is better to check the chainsaw for more simple malfunctions.

Causes that can cause the saw stand to fail can be:

  • Incorrect or untimely drainage of the fuel mixture;
  • Dirty air or fuel filter;
  • Fill the spark plug when starting the saw;
  • Sapuna
  • Facepalm false functions;
  • Saw’s air intake;
  • Muffler clogging;
  • Failure of the CPG.

To find the reasons why the Huter BS 52 chainsaw stalls, we recommend reading the informative article on our website at the link.

Advantages and disadvantages of Gaspile technology brand Huter

Domestic and semi-professional chainsaws of this manufacturer from similar developments of other brands, differ in the optimal ratio of cost and quality.

  • The entire model range in terms of basic and secondary features meets the requirements of the current regulatory documentation, quality standards, reliability and operational safety.
  • The arriving chainsaws are adapted to increased loads, weather and climatic conditions on the territory of the country.
  • Economical consumption of fuel and lubricants, high reliability and constant resource of nodes of the saws of this or that class, positively influence the efficiency of its maintenance.

The list of the most frequently cited disadvantages include poor availability of brands in regional service centers, moderate quality of guide bar and saw chain components.

Customer reviews

One of the authors of reviews about the BS-52 chainsaw writes: “The chainsaw is convenient because it starts with problems, there are no easy adjustments. Even the woman who “tried” the saw said I liked it! “

Another author left this review: “The target group for this chainsaw is gardeners, amateurs in the use of such devices, but not specialists. Without overstating expectations, it’s a good option for use in the cottage for soot harvesting. “

You can find more “praise” reviews about the saw: “The saw is great! The price is great! I’ve been using it for 2 years and it hasn’t let me down yet. The main thing is proper and timely maintenance. I can see everything, even looked for a World War II ball in the woods. If you take it, you will not regret it! “

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However, if you read different reviews, you can see negative ones. Some write that the saw, as usual, does not start well. Others talk about the breakdown of the starter.

However, after studying the many reviews of buyers of this chainsaw, you can come to the conclusion that there are more positive reviews about it.

Huter BS-52 chainsaw in action When sawing protocols can be shown in the following short video by Dmitry Dronenko:

The Huter BS-52 chainsaw is an economical option for domestic use. The saw has a number of advantages, but, of course, and some disadvantages. However, if properly serviced and cared for, the chainsaw will last a considerable number of years. The answer to the question “To take or not to take a hut BS-52” will be more positive.

Warranty and service – the official warranty in the service center

description of

Features and benefits

Huter BS-52 chainsaw can help due to its technical data to perform a fairly wide range of works related to logging. If you summarize its description, some of the functions can be specified separately:

  • Autonomy. The device can be used regardless of the availability of external power sources.
  • Thanks to a sufficiently long bar (about 50.5 cm), it is possible to perform complex work, for example, with cutting from large-diameter trunks.
  • With the chainsaw engine generating 2.2 kW of power, work can be done at quite high speed.
  • The anti-vibration system between the bar and the drive reduces the impact on your hands and allows you to work longer.
  • Automatic chain lubrication facilitates movement and also prevents premature overheating and wear on the working part of the tool.
  • The ignition cup, gas key and its lock are positioned so that you can manipulate them without loosening the tool with your hands.
  • Availability of a reliable brake on the quapi, which is easily activated by jacking up and jerking the tool.
  • Easy access to air filter.

Chainsaw construction

Chainsaw repair with your own hands can be performed, using a simple construction of the tool. The main elements of the device are the following:

  • power point
  • clutch.
  • oil pump.
  • chain transmission.
  • chain retainer and brake system.

Depending on the brand, there may be some changes in the design of the tool. For example, the motor can be positioned horizontally or vertically. The second option is most often used in professional saws. Due to the horizontal location of the power unit, the dimensions of the tool are significantly reduced, which is important for home use. Knowing the device of the device, you can quickly understand how to disassemble the chainsaw.

Huter bs-52 chainsaw. Basic equipment, parts and specifications.

Huter BS-52 chainsaw is positioned as a household tool, although by many operational characteristics it can be attributed to the semi-professional class. The device runs on a powerful 3.4 hp engine, which allows you to install a 20-inch bar and a saw chain with 76 links. This engine power and the size of the saw headset allow for non-professional tree felling, logging and chopping wood with brushwood, home construction tools and appliances.

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Features of chainsaws:
  • Informational support from the manufacturer and a warranty of up to 36 months;
  • High quality of assembly and components;
  • Modern design and good body balance;
  • Acceptable cost.

brand, manufacturer

Hüter Elektro Technik GmbH (later Huter) was founded in 1979 in Nordhausen, Germany. Initially, the company was engaged in the production of Miniep stations. Then the product range was significantly expanded to include the production of electric and chain saws.

At the beginning of this century, part of Huter’s production capacity was moved to China. The latter circumstance did not lead to a decrease in the quality of equipment. All production processes are carried out under the constant control of German engineers and in accordance with the internal quality and safety standards of the company. Hutter chain saws Tanosomotor are certified in many countries of Europe and Asia, which is confirmed by the relevant documents.

Excellent performance and high quality products are combined with their reasonable price. Today, you can buy a Huter BS-52 chainsaw for 5,730 rubles.

Operating principle of BS-52 chainsaw

  • Instruction manual in Russian, product passport and warranty card
  • Cardboard box in a branded style;
  • The body of the saw with a gasoline engine;
  • guide bar (20″);
  • .325″/76 link saw chain;
  • Protective case on guide bar;
  • Fuel mixture container;
  • Set of universal wrenches.

Instruction manual, detailed description and technical specifications

You can find the technical specifications of the Huter BS-52 chainsaw and other documents of interest here:

Unpacking and preparing for work

When buying a Huter BS-52 chainsaw, we recommend that you carefully check the tool for visible malfunctions and damage. In addition, we strongly recommend that the seller require a test run of the engine to verify that it is in good working order.

Important: Most warranty claims on your chainsaw are due to improper use of the tool. Carefully read the instructions, study the device of the saw, its technical and operational features and only then act in accordance with its assembly.

The Huter BS-52 chainsaw is delivered assembled. The new owner only has to assemble the saw headset:

  • Remove the side protective cover, first disarming the two fasteners.
  • Install the saw bar shaft into the factory socket on the slots;
  • Put the chain on the drive sprocket and guide it into the guide grooves of the bar;
  • Clean the protective guard with the inertia brake lever and secure it with nuts.
  • Set the chain tension;
  • Set the fasteners on the stop and check the tension of the saw chain;
  • After ten to fifteen minutes of operation of the chainsaw Huter BS-52, check the chain tension and, if necessary, adjust it to the desired parameters.

Important: When adjusting the chain, make sure that the cutting edges of the teeth rotate while the driven sprocket rotates. Note that when the chain is properly tensioned, neither limb sags under its own weight, and the chain on the bar rotates under light hand pressure without stopping or making excessive noise.

Gasoline and Oil for BS-52 Chainsaw

The chamber chainsaw is equipped with an incomplete combustion engine, the frictions of which are lubricated by heating oil. The fuel mixture is made at home on the basis of AI92-95 grade and engine oil for two-stroke engines with air cooling function. The mixture should be used at an oil/gasoline ratio of 1/25 when the engine is running. After one or two tanks are made, you must mix the fuel at a 1/50 ratio and then use only that fraction unless another is indicated on the oil package.

ECO CSP-234 chainsaw: description, characteristics and rules of use

It is recommended that special adhesive oils be used to prime the automatic lubrication system of the saw unit to ensure reliable protection of the working surfaces under weather conditions, whether hot or cold. Do not use diesel or transformer oil as lubricant, and it is not recommended to fill the tank with forceps or waste fluid.

Main advantages and disadvantages


  • Powerful, reliable engine;
  • Effective vibration system, comfortable, ergonomic handles;
  • The body of the saw is made of high-quality plastic;
  • Walls of piston group are coated with chromium-based electrolyte.
  • Convenient location of controls.


  • Many users complain about the quality of the chain supplied in the basic package.
  • Poor quality plastic on the oil and gasoline tanks.

Video review of the Hauter BS-52 chainsaw

Making a Huter BS-52 in the cold:



Preparing the fuel mixture and the first start of the Huter BS-52 chainsaw:



What do you talk about on forums?

Zakhar Ilyinsky, 49, Primorsky Krai:

In our backwoods it is impossible to live without a good chainsaw. First of all, we heat with wood, and secondly, all the buildings are made of wood, and they need repair. Once I had a Druzhba, then some kind of a Chinese noun, but now I bought a Huter BS-52 and do not regret one bit. I drank, though it is assembled in China, but it looks very solid, and was assembled to the conscience. On the work also no remarks. The engine is unpretentious and starts up in any weather. The tool doesn’t seem to be light, but thanks to the successful layout and good shock absorbers, the fatigue is not felt, my back does not hurt and my arms do not hurt. During the year of exploitation I haven’t had any breakages or critical defects.

Victor Drozdov, 37 years old, Vologda region:

I use the chainsaw for cutting and sawing firewood, as well as for my personal plot and other household needs. In principle, it is a good tool: the engine is reliable, I saw the clutch – it is also well made, there are no special complaints about the assembly. However, nothing is perfect. After half a year of operation I paid attention to the oil tests. A detailed examination revealed a crack in the tank. The chainsaw did not fall, I think the plastic sighed and cracked in the cold. The native chain has already written about its quality: Changed after a week.

Pros: Reasonable cost, balanced body, good placement of controls, effective vibration system;

Cons: Oil tank in the cold, poor quality domestic chain.

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