Huter BS-45 chainsaw. Specifications. Assembly, first run-in and running-in

Huter BS-45 chainsaw. Specifications. Assembly, first run-in and running-in

The basic package of this model includes a 2-stroke gasoline engine with a capacity of 1800 watts and a working volume of 45 cm3. The endurance of the engine allows you to maintain a constantly high speed of work in various domestic and construction works. Huter BS-45 chainsaw is used for logging large volumes of wood, removing small and medium-sized branches, felling trees with a trunk thickness up to 45 cm. In design, the model is suitable for cross and longitudinal sawing of logs.

The tool mount includes an improved anti-vibration system. It consists of 3 metal shock absorbers that evenly absorb significant vibrations from the engine. This allows comfortable use of the saw at heights and in the narrowest of places.

This Huter model is equipped with a fail-safe chain brake. The mechanism parts are made of hardened steel and will not break down under the influence of rust and high temperatures. This ensures that the brake works flawlessly in all conditions.

Features of this Hooter saw include:

  • The power of the standard internal combustion engine is 2.4 hp. С.;
  • capacity of the standard fuel tank – 550 ml;
  • the possible length of the branded bar used for work – 40-45 cm;
  • required chain pitch for cutting – 0,325 inch;
  • Weight together with the headset – 7 kg.

Solid power reserve allows you to use this Hooter saw for felling small forest trees and trimming limbs on their trunks.

distinctive features

This model belongs to the domestic class, that is, it should be used by non-professionals. Nevertheless, it is equipped with a powerful (2.3 hp) two-stroke engine, which develops enough high revolutions. Japanese carburetor – Walbro, has proven itself only from the good side.

The body is made of high quality plastic, which can withstand heavy loads, but can still break. There is chain breakage and rebound protection – this makes the tool safe. For safety, there is also a button that blocks accidental starting of the starter. The piston and cylinders are nickel plated to resist corrosion.

Unpacking and getting ready to use

When buying a Huter bs-52 chainsaw, we advise you to carefully inspect the tool for visible defects and damage. In addition, we strongly recommend that the seller perform a test run of the engine to make sure it is working properly.

The Huter bs-52 chainsaw comes assembled, the new owner must assemble the saw set:

  • Remove the side protective cover by first unscrewing the two mounting nuts;
  • Insert the saw bar shaft into the slotted seating;
  • Put the chain on the drive wheel and insert it into the guide bar grooves;
  • Install safety guard with inertia brake lever and secure with nuts;
  • adjust the chain tension;
  • Tighten the fastening nuts as far as they will go and check the tension of the saw chain;
  • After ten-fifteen minutes of work chain saw Huter bs-52 check the adjustment of the chain and, if necessary, adjust it to the right parameters.

Huter BS-52 chainsaw

Ensuring safety during sawing work

The saw is also equipped with a 350 mm long bar, which is set for more comfortable work in hard-to-reach places. A toothed stop ensures that the tool is securely fixed when sawing logs. Chain voltage is set with the special wrench included in the kit.

For increased safety the saw has an emergency stop device combined with a safety shield. In the event of an abnormal situation, the movement of the chain along the bar is blocked almost instantly by a slight forward movement of the guard.

carburetor adjustment

The Huter BS 45 and Huter BS 52 chain saws have a membrane carburetor that can be used to adjust the quality and amount of mixture. After purchasing the tool, it is recommended that the fuel mixture be easily injected to compensate for the stresses that occur during the piston grinding process.

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The screw (L) is responsible for the fuel mixture quality. To enrich the fuel mixture (increase fuel supply to the cylinder), turn the screw a quarter turn counterclockwise. After entering, return to the original position.

If the carburetor of the saw is fully adjusted, it is adjusted according to the following algorithm:

  • If the saw is inserted, the L and H screws are set 2.5 turns fully dressed;
  • The saw starts up and warms up for 5-10 minutes;
  • After warming up, slowly dial the L screw to find the maximum idle speed and then release the screw a quarter turn.
  • The H screw adjusts the engine at maximum RPM;
  • After setting the L and H screws, set the idle speed with the T screw. They should be set so that the engine runs steadily and the saw chain does not turn.

Important: The maximum speed must be adjusted with a tachometer. If there is no such a device, the screw is set to the moment when the engine starts to work smoothly and monotonously and easily gain speed

It should be remembered that carburetor adjustment should be carried out only after a complete diagnosis of the saw and the elimination of such irregularities as reduced pressure in the crankcase, air leakage under the spark plug and carburetor sealing.

advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of the BS 45 and BS 45m chainsaws is their cost, which is almost half that of the competitor’s chainsaws. You can check this by looking at offers from Yandex with approximate prices.

Another positive point is the availability of warranty and re-warranty service. Hauter craftsmen are specially trained, so you can count on quality when repairing the saw.

From a technical point of view, the advantages of these chainsaws are high performance and long bars, with which you can easily cut thick trunks of trees.

Another plus is the availability of spare parts. If you are used to repairing the saw yourself, you will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that spare parts for the Hauter BS 45 and your modification are sold in almost all specialized stores for gas devices.

The disadvantages of these chainsaws are not many, but they are quite significant.

  1. The quality of assembly (you have to tighten the screws after purchase).
  2. The plastic parts are of low quality.
  3. Fuel and oil tank caps are quickly consumed and begin to slip (replacement is not difficult, but cumbersome and tedious).
  4. Low engine life due to the poor quality of the parts that make it up.
  5. Weight. The BS 45M (BS 45) chain is difficult to work with for a long time. Especially when it is necessary to saw small shoots.

All the disadvantages of a chainsaw are directly related to its cost. If they are eliminated, it will cost much more.

Problems of self-repair

The problem in many cases is complicated by the lack of complete information about the technology of repair. According to foreign manufacturers, after working out the saw should be scrapped, so the repairability of many budget models raises reasonable doubts.

To restore a professional-class chainsaw is much more difficult.

  • The problem is complicated by the high cost of spare parts.
  • It is possible that to restore the performance of individual nodes and mechanisms, in particular, you will need special equipment to adjust the fuel equipment.

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Replacement of expensive branded parts with affordable, but on the short list – Chinese analogues do not justify themselves in economic terms. Practice shows that these components develop a resource of 50-60% at best.

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Fuel and lubricant for Chauter chainsaws

Chain saw engine lubrication is accomplished with engine oil added to gasoline. Preparation of the fuel mixture does not require special skills and can be done at home:

  • Pour the required amount of AI-92.95 gasoline into a measuring cup;
  • Add motor oil for two-stroke engines using a medical syringe with air-cooling function.
  • Stir the mixture.

List of recommended chainsaw engine oils

  • HULER 2T;
  • Husqvarna HP;
  • oleo mac proskin;
  • Champion Jaso Fd.

The automatic lubrication system requires a high-quality chain oil that can protect the parts and components of the saw when operating in weather conditions. It is not recommended to fill the tank with diesel and transformer oil, it is strictly forbidden to use as a lubricant for pipes and spindle. The manufacturer recommends the use of adhesive oils from well-known manufacturers:

  • HUTER 80W90;
  • Husqvarna chain oil;
  • Oleo-mac polar grease;
  • mannol chain oil;
  • Liqui Moly brew-kindten;
  • Stihl Forestplus.

Chainsaw varieties and their technical capabilities

Each linear tool is unique in its own way, so the most popular samples deserve an individual rating.


Huter household saw BS-25 series is the simplest and smallest in its class. The tool weighs 3.8 kg and is powered by a double-supercharged internal combustion engine that runs on a mixture of manufacturer-recommended automotive sodaline and branded engine oil.

On the job, the 25-cm3 power unit produces up to 1.08 horsepower. The engine traction is enough to power a 12-inch saw unit and drive a pump pump.

  • Despite the small liter engine and budget cost, the Hutter BS-25 chain saw is equipped with a starter primer and a full-fledged vibrator.
  • The presence of a shoulder strap allows the tool to be used for tall jobs in construction and shaping the crowns of tall trees.


Domestic chainsaws BS-40 differs from the previous model by the increased power up to 2 hp. Power of the carburetor engine and more productive set, equipped with a 16-inch tire.

The list of undeniable advantages includes:

  • butt shape and body balance;
  • optimal vibration and exhaust noise level;
  • speed of the chain emergency stop system;
  • maintenance – easy access to the air intake filter.

Even with the upgrades, the price of a more technically sophisticated model has grown insignificantly.

Huter BS-45

Equipping this model with a more powerful 2.3 hp two-stroke engine has a positive effect on its versatility and productivity.

The working volume of the cylinder in 45 cm3 allowed to keep the torque reserve, which compensates for short-term loads when sawing viscous and frozen wood with an 18-inch headset.

The 7 kg tool is different from similar brand designs:

  • The location of the main and auxiliary controls on the handle;
  • ergonomic housing design and increased fuel tank volume to 550 ml;
  • The Huter BS 45 series saw has a more reliable starter motor and an easily removable air filter cover.

Huter BS-45M.

On the basis of BS-45 chainsaw there was developed a version that ensures higher reliability in harsh conditions. During the development of Huter BS45M chain saw the kinematics of the taximeter drive and the emergency brake system were improved. A number of measures were taken to increase the service life of loaded components and assemblies.

Huter BS-52.

The semi-professional status of BS-52 saw is defined by the powerful 3.4 hp engine and the powerful 50 cm sowing unit. In the working load conditions the tool can work for a long time to cool the unit.

The saw is focused on effective mechanization of complex and voluminous sawing operations with wood up to 400 mm in diameter.

  • Comfortable noise and vibration levels;
  • Good balance;
  • Easy operation and simple routine maintenance.

Huter BS-62.

The Huter semi-professional chainsaw BS-62 series completes the review of the model range. In the list of general advantages it should be noted economical and traction stability of the usual 58 cm3 internal combustion engine with the power of 3,94 hp.

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According to the design features the saw is identical to the previous model, which allows using the unified spare parts and components for repairs.

Design advantages

Attention of the user:

  • Ergonomic handle configuration for a secure grip on the tool during demanding jobs.
  • Effective emergency brake and easy access to chain tensioner;
  • Moderate, in the range of 7 kg, weight that allows the worker to maintain high productivity throughout the entire work layer.

The good maintainability of the saw makes it possible to fix failures and malfunctions in the factory without involving the service department. The enclosed instruction manual contains information to help avoid mistakes in setting up the fuel system, functioning headsets, and other systems of the tool.

Interference with the fuel system must have a good reason. In most cases it is the switch of the tool to winter or summer operation, switch to fuel with a different octane number, noticeable changes in the traction properties of the engine.

A correctly adjusted carburetor promotes quick engine starting, stability of its tractive properties in all operating conditions and economical fuel and oil consumption.

Brand, manufacturer

Homeland Huter is the German city of Nordhausen, the company itself was founded in 1979 and originally engaged in the production of lighting equipment, diesel and gasoline generators. The real fame of the manufacturer reached at the end of the last century, after the expansion of the product range. Due to the expansion of production and the desire to optimize the cost of equipment, a factory was soon opened in China, where Huter BS 45 chain saw is produced.

It should be noted that the Chinese assembly is of high quality, many parts and components for chainsaws are supplied from Western Europe and Japan. The owners of Huter BS 45 chain saws emphasize their endurance and versatility in their evaluations. Long overhaul and high maintenance. The high popularity of Huter products is determined not only by their high quality, but also by their very affordable price.

Owners reviews

Konstantin Kupnikov, 52 years old, Omsk region:

“I have been running the Huter BS-45 chainsaw since the third season. Before this experience of using such a tool was not – there is nothing to compare with, so only facts. Starts up in any weather, it is only important to recharge the batteries. The cut is even, the speed remains normal, the chain is always in oil and does not overheat. I haven’t noticed the consumption of gasoline – it suits me fine. No accidents so far. “

Alexander Kruchinin, 37 years old, Khabarovsk district:

“A good chainsaw is indispensable in our area. Huter BS-45 was chosen because of its reliability, versatility and high performance. In a few days I manage to make 10 meters of firewood, and in a day and a half I can cut it into wedges. The engine starts well, in e-23 temperatures it had some problems, but it starts anyway. I would like to note the quality of the anti-vibration system, thanks to which the arms are not tired and the back does not hurt.

The BS 45 Hauter chainsaw. Basic equipment, features. Instructions for use and maintenance

Huter BS 45 is a quality chainsaw from the German manufacturer. The tool is designed for home use and can be used for all types of work. With the help of this chainsaw, you can prepare firewood for the winter and cut into small wedges, you can repair the house, shed, garage and other living and household premises. The device is powered by a very powerful 2.3 hp gasoline engine, which is equipped with a guide bar with a length of 45 centimeters and a saw chain with 72 coils. It should be noted that some of the components, in particular the carburetor, are supplied by Japanese manufacturers, which has a positive effect on the quality of the chainsaw.

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The only significant disadvantage of the tool is its large weight – more than 7 kilograms in the equipped state.

Features of Huter chainsaw:

  • Huter BS 45 chainsaw is manufactured in the factory on modern equipment and meets European quality and safety standards;
  • Extended warranty up to 36 months;
  • Information support from the manufacturer, wide network of service shops.

Brand, manufacturer

Homeland Huter is the German city of Nordhausen, the company itself was founded in 1979 and originally engaged in the production of lighting equipment, diesel and gasoline generators. The real fame of the manufacturer reached at the end of the last century, after the expansion of the product range. Due to the expansion of production and the desire to optimize the cost of equipment, a factory was soon opened in China, where Huter BS 45 chain saw is produced.

It should be noted that the Chinese assembly is of high quality, many parts and components for chainsaws are supplied from Western Europe and Japan. The owners of Huter BS 45 chain saws emphasize their endurance and versatility in their evaluations. Long overhaul and high maintenance. The high popularity of Huter products is determined not only by their high quality, but also by their very affordable price.

Today the manufacturer offers to buy Huter BS 45 chainsaw for the price of 5 460 rubles.

Basic configuration of Huter BS 45 chainsaw

  • Cardboard packaging in Huter brand style;
  • Instruction manual in Russian, a pass on the device and warranty card;
  • Chainsaw housing with gasoline engine;
  • Set of universal assembly wrenches and a screwdriver for carburetor adjustment;
  • Leader bar (18″);
  • Protective guide bar cover for storing and transporting the saw;
  • Saw chain with 72 limbs;
  • Clear plastic measuring cup for fuel preparation.

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Operating and technical features of the Huter BS 45 chainsaw

When you buy a Huter BS 45 chainsaw, each new owner receives a package with accompanying paper documents, technical properties of the tool, its details and maintenance instructions, however, can be found on the company’s website:

Instructions for use and service

  • Before you begin assembling and operating your Huter BS 45 chainsaw, read the instructions carefully. Remember that most tool breakdowns are due to improper operation and maintenance during the warranty period.
  • Assemble the saw system, paying special attention to the correct assembly and adjustment of the chain.

Important: When assembled correctly, the cutting edges of the saw chain teeth face toward the drive pin. The chain is set so that neither limb is sagging under its own weight, but at the same time the chain should rotate easily on the guide pin.

  • Carry out a thorough visual and tactile inspection of the tool. Make sure that all parts and assemblies are securely fastened and that all fastening screws and nuts are tightened as far as they will go;
  • Prepare a fuel mixture of gasoline AI92-95 and engine oil for internal combustion engines with air cooling system.

Important: Owners of the Huter BS 45 chainsaw recommend operating the unit with a 1/25 ratio of fuel mixture. After creating one or two tanks at idle with mandatory intervals, the 1/50 ratio can be switched for 35-30 seconds.

  • Fill the chainsaw engine with fuel, pour chain oil into the automatic lubrication system of the Huter BS 45 chainsaw;
  • Carry out a thorough visual inspection of the body of the device for gasoline and oil stains. If any are found, find the cause of the leak and repair it;
  • Engage the chain inertia brake and start the engine as recommended in the manual.
  • Observe the safety regulations when working with the BS 45 chain saw and wear personal protective equipment: eye protection, gloves, sturdy shoes and ear protectors;
  • Make sure there are no bystanders or animals in the work area.
  • Take breaks every 45-50 minutes.
  • After stopping the engine, move the mechanical brake lever to the operating position.
  • When you have finished working, thoroughly clean the housing and motor of the BS 45 chamber of debris and sawdust. Remove the air filter and clean it.
  • At the end of the season, it is recommended to drain the remaining fuel mixture and oil and lubricate the tool.
  • If necessary, sharpen the saw chain and adjust the carburetor;
  • Keep the chainsaw in a dry, well-loaded area.
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Major advantages and disadvantages


  • Spray chromium on the walls of the piston group parts;
  • Adjustable carburetor from Walbro;
  • Multi-point anti-vibration system;
  • Protection against accidental engine starting;
  • Convenient control tool layout.


  • Unreasonably heavy weight;
  • Poor quality plastic on the fuel and oil tanks;
  • It is equipped with a chain of poor quality.

Video review of Hauter BS 45 chainsaw

Quality and smooth saw – Huter BS 45 chain test:



Instruction for refueling and starting the chainsaw



What do you talk about on forums?

Vyacheslav Poznyakov, 32, Ulyanovsk region:

I live in the countryside, it is impossible here without a chainsaw: and you need to make firewood, and repair, and the garden to stir up. I have been using this model for four years. I can say that Huter BS 45 chain saw consists of high quality components, has an effective anti-vibration system and a reliable engine. I analyzed the clutch – all parts are made of high quality materials, the drive star remains native, there are no special developments. Of the disadvantages – too much weight, even taking into account the power of the engine.

Ruslan Nikonov, 38, Altai region:

Bought a chainsaw Huter BS 45 and realized that I am buying a Chinese, albeit from a well-known brand. In general, my hopes and fears were justified. The tool is made quite well and has a good engine, though it does not have all the features I expected. The body of the saw is well balanced, but the weight is too much. The saw is fairly flat, the bar is of good quality, but the chain is quite weak – I threw it away after a month. In addition (as I understand, this is the source of this model), I had oil leaking from the oil tank – the quality of the plastic does not stand up to criticism.

Advantages: price, good build, reliable motor, quality vibration system;

Disadvantages: weight, weak chain in the set, poor quality plastic on the oil tank, the motor is required all the time.

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