HUTER BS-40 chainsaw. Specifications. Owners reviews

HUTER BS-40 chainsaw. Specifications. Owners reviews

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The 2 hp engine allows you to use the Huter BS-40 chainsaw for felling small diameter trees, sawing firewood, as well as medium repair and construction work. This tool is useful in the garden, when shaping crowns of fruit and ornamental trees, as well as when taking care of hedges.

Owners of chainsaws in their reviews of the model Huter BS-40 note its reliability and quality of assembly. We can add from ourselves that the tool meets all European quality standards and includes a number of interesting features:

  • Easy and undesirable maintenance;
  • High-quality, easily removable air filter;
  • Automatic chain lubrication system;
  • Ergonomic housing;
  • Effective vibration and rebound protection.

basic equipment

HULER is a German brand whose first products entered the gardening and agricultural equipment market in 1979. At that time, the company focused on the production of mini-electric power plants and electric generators. Soon the range of products, including chain saws, significantly expanded.

Today, the main production facilities of concern are located in China, which has not affected the quality of tools at all. All Huter machinery is produced under the control of German engineers and designers in strict accordance with internal quality standards.

Huter chainsaw has high quality at very reasonable prices. Today the BS 40 model is sold in Russia for 5,560 rubles. In Ukraine, such a tool costs about 2 500 – 2 600 hryvnia.

The basic configuration includes:
  • engine and body;
  • Saw bar (400 mm);
  • Protective plastic case;
  • chain (57 links);
  • Wrench and screwdriver;
  • Warranty card, description and operating instructions.

Technical specifications

To read the chain saw’s specifications and service and instruction manual package, click here:

Fuel and Lubricants for the BS-40 Hutter Chainsaw

To extend the life of your chainsaw, we recommend using only high-quality fuel and lubricants.

2t Huter Chain Oil

The fuel mixture should consist of a high-octane gasoline AI-92, AI-95 and a high-quality oil for two-stroke air-cooled gasoline engines (the manufacturer recommends Huter 2T). For the saw it is necessary to prepare fuel on the basis of 1/25 proportion. During operation, the proportions change to 1/40, unless otherwise indicated on the oil package.

For filling the automatic lubrication system it’s better to use HUTER 80W90 or other high quality oils.

carburetor adjustment

Very often the carburetor adjustment malfunctions with heavy loads or with a small amount of fuel mixture. You can fix this malfunction in a special workshop or repair it at home. How to turn on the chainsaw carburetor at home, see here:

Advantages and disadvantages of the HUTER SP 40 model

  • A reasonable combination of price and quality;
  • Ergonomic housing;
  • Reliable engine;
  • Convenient location of the control buttons;
  • Metal toothed stop;
  • Effective vibration damping system;
  • Requires high quality power and lubricants;
  • There are complaints about the quality of the chain;
  • Unsuccessful starter motor design;
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Chainsaw test video

Introduction to the Huter model:

Huter BS-40 chainsaw reviews:

Huter BS-40 VS Stihl 180 comparison:

Owner reviews

Dudenin Victor, 33, Novgorod:

Long decided, read reviews and bought by accident – for 5,000 rubles. Never regretted it: a working beast. After buying, tightened all the bolts and nuts, filled with normal fuel – no problems. Someone wrote about bad plastic – nonsense, normal material, no burrs. No problems so far. The chainsaw Huter is worth its money, and if you don’t like it, buy other brands for 15 000.

Grishin Dmitry, 37 years old, Altai region:

Bought a Huter in the village. A year and a half, I have it almost no rest: I cook and saw firewood, built a bathhouse, there is work on the construction site. Economical in consumption, reliable engine, starts up well in any weather. Did not require repair – a couple of times adjusted the carburetor. I am satisfied.

Reviews Huter BS-40.

Wanted to buy a chainsaw for a long time and saw it here at a normal price. It looks nice, assembled competently. Stops easily in any weather, almost always right away. There’s a chain brake. Maintenance is simple, I add chain oil and gasoline. Gasoline consumption is not big. I’ve been using it for six months now, it hasn’t let me down, I’ve cut two trailers of firewood. I like using it, I like your job.

Best saw for the money. Good workmanship has an adjustable oil flow to the bar, very practical feature, saves money on oil and consumables in the future. Easy to start.

Took it in May, sawed everything that could be sawed in the yard. Not as much in the fall as 3 cubes per bath in the spring. In all the time changed the spark plug twice and washed the air filter from wood dust. In general, the purchase is very satisfied, I recommend it to everyone.

It has high quality workmanship, low weight, medium price, makes it comfortable to work with, nice to hold, quick and easy to start, minimal vibration.

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, and I didn’t regret it one bit when I bought it. It is a pleasure to work with it. I have many things to compare it with. My previous saw was difficult to start, it vibrated a lot and was too heavy. With this one it was the opposite. All winter, I saw wood in the fireplace every day. Never once let me down. This model fit me 100%.

My hands are easy to hold, my arms don’t get tired after the work and there is almost no vibration. I start it easily, from 1 to 3 times. At regular intervals I have to tighten the chain. Includes file and all-purpose wrench. The body material is plastic, but it turned out to be quite durable, and it has not broken during the use.

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I did not buy it again, but it is in good condition. I noticed the forty centimeters long bus at once. Feels that it is very easy to start and works without any problems. All carburetor settings and oil supply are well accessible. Light weight and sufficient performance are very well combined in this saw. Gasoline consumption is not very high, lightweight and comfortable. The only inconvenience is the off button, it is next to the thumb and sometimes gets caught and blocked while working. But overall, it is a decent saw for its price. The chain has proven itself well, I have used it for more than two years.

The gas tank is unprofitable small 0.3 liters. I did not like the quality of processing very much. The manual is not clear for me. Very sorry that there are no spare parts for such a saw. If only one company business.

The chain broke after three times of use. Gasoline came out of the gas tank. Conclusion: The chainsaw is idle and being repaired

With the appearance of a chainsaw in the household, the problem of wood shortage in the bathroom has disappeared. Thanks to the 40 cm bar, large branches and small trunks are no problem. My hands do not get tired after the work, this is an important point. I liked the new helper throughout the winter season. The main thing is to keep an eye on the chain and tighten it in time.

Necessary in a private home. Bought for making firewood and trimming thick branches of trees. The length of the bar 40 cm, thick trees does not take, but for the household device is suitable. Immediately after purchase handed all the screws. The handle is convenient, all the buttons are in place. The chain is lubricated automatically, I use special oil. There is a small tank for the preparation of the working mixture. In the first week of work, the chain is tightened regularly. Usually it starts with 2-3 times. I have been changing the chain for 2 years. The brand chain is sharpened better, I’ve hardly ever tightened it. The housing that protects the air filter comes off easily. Includes a universal wrench and file.

I bought it for the countryside, for making firewood for the bath and for gardening. I was satisfied with the measuring tank and the removal of vibration, the necessary tools for maintenance are also included. Gasoline consumes little in general a good machine for small amounts of work.

I have spent two hours trying to start it up. After 15 minutes of work, let it smoke for about 10 minutes and I couldn’t start it anymore, I drove it in the middle, put it on, worked as a legacy, cut the cord, drove it in the middle again, didn’t have much time to trouble with it, it whistled again. Needed it again two weeks later, came out the cover fixing screw, put a washer in, then the stopper handle fell apart, then the cover that covers the chain melted. Brought it to the center, waiting. 3 weeks.

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Owned this machine for 2 years, at first the chain was tearing, but when I posted the tire from my broken partner and the chain from him, also gone. Second post of this saw at Anstarter-the cord ripped out and then the fuselage itself replaces the starter champion because the natives are gone and now the saw can’t be found) Garden, countryside. Lightweight, frost starting, comfortable not difficult

Long chose online, wanted to buy a more expensive one. In the end, the store saw 5000 and bought it, started the second time. (The first with a suction, and the second without). I have absolutely no regrets, two days of uninterrupted work – normal flight that worked in two hands. The chain was put on once (from the reviews, you would think that other manufacturers chains do not stretch). Read about the plastic housing some nonsense, regular plastic. Be sure to read the manual and tighten all screws and nuts. This is a normal process with new units from the store.

I took the saw for the house, not for construction, so the criterion was simple – why a saw for 15 000 rubles. If you need to saw wood and other small things for the house, and the budget is very limited, but you need to saw)). After assembling it started with the third push, entering the fuel tank. Warm start great. Grips: Did not lubricate the chain (put the oil pump lower screw), was very high engine leakage speed (again, adjustment), while the saw is satisfied, as defects (if any) are determined here. After 5 liters of gasoline. Idle RPM sagged, and so much so that the saw idled only on suction. 10 minutes to adjust, and back in the ranks. No complaints about fuel consumption, nothing licks, starts and etc. (although here I have to use a manual fuel pump, but not more than 2 clicks).

Bought a new saw, have to constantly tighten the chain. On the second day of work, the chain came off, badly hurt my hands and feet. If you pull hard on the chain, the saw barely pulls, loosen the chain – it slips. So far I could not unscrew the spark plug, it is not clear how they screwed them in, screwed them in such a way that it is impossible to unscrew. Starts on the 5th attempt, if you are lucky.

How to ensure the correct shape of the crown of ornamental trees in winter?

Quality plastic n a-15, while screwing it flew off the engine and body shock absorbers, but then the bolt unscrewed and blocked the rotor.

Overall, the saw cuts well. Starts up fine. The next day the tank went through the intersection. Since the saw was bought 500 km away from home, I couldn’t do anything under warranty. Looked for the tank in the stores. They said that there are no spare parts for such a saw and said that they are disposable and cannot be repaired. Suffled, tried to solder or braze the tank – it’s impossible. There are so thin walls of brittle plastic everywhere that it doesn’t make sense to solder. And the glue doesn’t stick to certain plastics. Anyway, this brand of saw is abandoned to the back of the garage. Of course, I regularly saw when I need to cut something, although the tank leaks gasoline. Went and bought a Partner 340S the other day. There is no other grade for it. As long as it’s in the box.

In two years of owning this chainsaw, I managed to work three times and then a maximum of 15 minutes, and I gave up five grooves for repair, two of them under warranty. Result: in my oven.

Bought it today. The seller filled it with gasoline. With Interscol oil. Took Echo oil when I bought it. Worked in Interscola for about 20 minutes and started sneezing and panting. Started sneezing, got gasoline shortly and again. Seems to be nothing, but is afraid of horizontal saws, although in the village sawing dust. Vertical saws. In short – if you use it only in the village, it is enough. But if in more difficult conditions, I do not advise.

Light and compact. Petrol eats little. Loves to drink. Easy start – usually from the second or third time. Costs pennies.

Eats little gas though, 0.3 liter gas tank is too small. The first few weeks I had to constantly tighten the chain. The switch on the saw is near my thumb – several times I accidentally turned off the saw. Uninformative manual.

I bought it for the country house and trips to the countryside. Lightweight and handy, takes up little space in the trunk. At first it saws like a knife – butter. But after it was sawed into a few dry poplars, the Dacha was not so good. Smart people said the poplars had sand in them because they were springy, and the chain was stupid. Starts easily, but had trouble starting hot after a short break in the heat. Probably need to adjust the carburetor, but the manual is silent on how to adjust. The manual in general is very modest in terms of service description – you can tell that you live near a service. The saw has flaws, but all dominated by a very low price. P.S. To add after two years of use: The new chain is much better – it does not stretch so quickly and cuts perfectly. In my country house I cut into chips a poplar tree more than 60 cm in diameter. The nice thing is that even after half a year of stone in the garage, you can take the saw out and it starts to run! Even on the old gasoline.

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Bought it to clear the site of small shrubs and trees at 10 am, and at 1 pm already returned the Chinese hope meeting. In the store it started right off the 6th the salesman took a long time to throw out the old gasoline. The gasoline immediately started spinning the tire holders, the price was cheap, Benz, which had already been bought at home, started good oil from the beginning, with the first of which I went into the section for 30 minutes

The quality of the case materials. The handle of the starter, as well as its cord and spool. Build quality. Problems with starting it hot. Instruction manual as it is. Never understood whose production (seller called Germany, but then I found no confirmation of this and on the box is a Russian barcode).

I bought one for the countryside – loose wood, which is used to clean the orchard from old fruit trees. Seems to work, but. Ergonomics is poor – the grip of the starter is uncomfortable, and since the saw does not start even with the fifth time, the Mazol wiped on my finger the first night. While working, I often put my finger on the ignition switch, it is very impractical. Starts sometimes unreal, hot with hot, 20 minutes break and starts like nothing happened (from 4 to 8 times). In a week of work for 2 hours a day 3! The cord broke. Caused by burrs in the sockets that are hidden in the starter handle – they grind up the cord, which also kind of limps. The plastic trigger reel was already decently tinned, having to cast a new one along with the cord. All in all, the look was killed. For example, one of the suspension springs is starting to just rub off in use. This is a complete verdict on the positives. Huter was surprised by the presence of a canister for making fuel mixture, there is also a screwdriver, a set of six and six, a small screwdriver and even a special one. A file for sharpening the chain. Well, no matter what, it still offered. For that kind of money, I have a saw for other money and all these drawbacks are removed. So take your time. Look at something else.

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