Huter BS-25 gasoline chainsaw. Specifications. Assembly, initial start-up and running-in

Chainsaw Huter BS-25 – a small domestic class model

German-made chainsaws attract customers with the traditional quality of the materials used, factory assembling and the duration of work life. In spite of the status of a household appliances, chainsaw Huter BS-25 is in demand at the level of semi-professional models.

The characteristics of the tool are designed for full mechanization of household works related to the preparation of wood fuel, construction of special and general purpose, pruning of fruit and ornamental trees.

Huter BS-25 chainsaw - a small domestic model

Photo: Huter BS-25 chainsaw

operating skills

The power of this model is enough for cross, diagonal and longitudinal sawing of wood of different density up to 250 mm in diameter.

Compact in size and simple in actual maintenance, the saw BS-25 is characterized by

  • low weight;
  • good balance;
  • reliable operation;
  • comfortable enough noise and vibration level;
  • Increased safety of sawing operations in unusual and emergency situations.

Technical Data

Weight of the tool is 3.8 kg. It differs from the similar models by a convenient design of the frame, small overall dimensions, tight arrangement of internal assemblies and units, which provides easy access to the fuel equipment, oil pump and chain tensioning mechanism.

  • The saw is powered by an economical air-cooled two-stroke carburetor with 25 cc capacity and 1.1 hp. The power unit runs 25:1 on a two-component mixture of gasoline and motor oil for two-stroke engines.
  • Quick cold engine start in sub-zero temperatures causes fuel priming. Additional convenience is provided by free air access to the air intake and an effective system of vibration damping.

Working headset

The tool is equipped with a standard 12″ guide bar, standard 3/8″ pitch chain, chain tensioning mechanism and lubrication system. Oil is taken from the internal tank by a pump and metered to the working area.

Lubricated chain is not subject to overheating and accelerated wear. After every 6-8 hours of operation, the bearing of the driven tire vehicle is individually lubricated.

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Safety is guaranteed by the Zeeper design. The device has a simple design and prevents injury to the operator in case of a chain slipping or breakage.

information support

The instruction manual defines the sequence of preparation of the tool for operation, time and scope of current and routine maintenance, troubleshooting. You will also find information on how to adjust the fuel devices and tension the cutting chain.

Features of the pile driver Fout Fout Four from the stack are numerous positive feedback from users, consistently high consumer demand.

advantages and disadvantages

Despite the medium-weight characteristics, the tool is excellent for sawing wood of all species in different directions.

  • The saw’s design combines a modern, small body design with easy access to the filling, air intake, and adjusting assemblies.
  • Comfort and safety of work are ensured by low background vibration and noise level, convenient configuration of handles, high reliability of emergency stop mechanism.
  • The efficiency of the standard egg and the presence of an automatic lubrication and cooling system of the headset contribute to optimal consumption of fuel and lubricants.

In the opinion of many users, the instruction manual needs to be improved. The translation is of poor quality, many captions do not correspond to the content of the illustrations. There is a false ending of the measuring container for the preparation of the fuel mixture.

In different regions of the country, the cost of the BS-25 Hutter chainsaw ranges from 5200 to 6000 rubles. You can get a significant discount during promotions and seasonal sales.


In the choice of imported chainsaws in terms of power and performance parameters, the models are identical – Patriot PT 2512, DDE CS2512 and Elitech BP 25/12m.

Reviews of owners

It took me a few hours to study the manual and prepare to work with the Fout Huter BS 25. I used the rest of the day to gain practical skills. The machine, in principle, is not bad, even without a little paging, which is called whip. Without load put an old apple tree and sawed the trunk of 200 mm in diameter for firewood. The engine runs steadily, the speed is regulated in a wide range. Anatoly Ivanovich

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Duty guard had to splurge a little to get the new saw ready for work, but now my baby works like clockwork. The instruction is kind of murky, all the necessary information on maintenance and methods of work had to look on the Internet. gene

HUTER BS-25 chainsaw. Review, characteristics, reviews

With a small weight and compact size, the Huter BS-25 chainsaw can help to perform quite complex tasks. Owners of the tool use it for cutting and sawing firewood, gardening and hedge maintenance. The BS-25 model is also successfully used in the construction and repair of homes and businesses.

Huter BS-25 chainsaw

Features of the Chamber BS-25 chainsaw:
  • Reliable high-speed engine;
  • Low weight combined with a compact, well-designed body;
  • Elongated lower part to protect your hands when working with the chain;
  • Effective vibration and rebound protection;
  • Non-adjustable automatic lubrication system for the working surfaces;


This chainsaw model is assembled in China, although Huter is a German company. The first products under the Huter logo saw the light in 1979 and for a long time was assembled in Germany. However, recently, due to the expansion of production, part of the production facilities were transferred to China. This fact has not affected the quality of the tools. All products have European certificates and meet modern standards of quality and safety.

Pleasantly surprising pricing policy – it takes into account the interests of all users, the line includes both expensive and budget models. On the official website, the HUTER BS-25 chainsaw can be purchased for 6,570 rubles.

The basic configuration of the Huter BS-25 saw:

Protective cover of the main tool of the fuel mixture tank

Advantages of chainsaw Huter BS-25:
  • Light weight and ergonomic body;
  • Convenient location of control tools;
  • Reliable high-speed engine;
  • reasonable price;
  • Walbro carburetors;
  • Electronic ignition system;
  • Chrome plating on the walls of the cylinder and piston.
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Disadvantages of chainsaws Huter BS-25:
  • Inconvenient design of the chain adjustment system;
  • Bad plastic on the oil tank.


Features Huter BS-25
engine displacement, cc 25.4
power, watt 800
bar length, cm 30
chain pitch 3/8
number of links, pcs 44
fuel tank capacity, l 0.23
weight (kg 3,8

operation manual

Instructions in Russian, a detailed description and technical specifications of chainsaw Huter BS-25 are available on the manufacturer’s website: your browser does not support frames. Download Huter BS-25 chain saw instruction manual.

chainsaw construction

The chainsaw is equipped with a two-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine. Engines of this type are lubricated with oil, which is previously added to gasoline. When operating the chainsaw the oil/gasoline ratio = 1/25 is used. During operation, the proportions are changed to 1/50.

Fuel mixing ratio

The fuel mixture requires high octane gasoline AI 92-95 and special engine oil for two-stroke engines.

Do not use gasoline with octane number lower than 92 or higher than 95. According to user reviews, this can lead to premature wear of the engine’s rubbing parts.

When mixing fuels, pour gasoline into a container first and then add oil. It is best to use a medical syringe for accurate dosing.

Do not pour regular motor, diesel or transformer oil, spindle oil or waste oil into the oil tank.

The performance of the saw depends largely on good lubrication of the working surfaces of the bar and chain. For this purpose, the device is equipped with an automatic lubrication system. It is filled with special chain oils with a high viscosity index.

Video review

Huter BS-25 chainsaw test report with rating

Rating from the Huter BS-25 store

A review for choosing the right chainsaw. Huter BS-25

Reviews of owners

Andrey Kopystin, 30, Murmansk region:

“Needed a compact chainsaw for small jobs at the cottage. I chose the Huter BS-25 because of its price and good performance. It is assembled in China, but the engine is reliable, easy to start, very economical. Okatka spent as described in the reviews on the forums, worked off the fuel at a ratio of 1/25, one tank of gasoline, and then poured the working mixture (1/50) and worked a couple more tanks in a sparing mode.

Types of herbs for the garden and not only

Evgeny Parshin, 43, Khabarovsk Territory:

“For felling trees I have another, more powerful and voracious saw, but for work around the house I chose the Huter BS-25. I use it for sawing firewood, built a sauna, it is indispensable for repairs. Pros: The Huter BS-25 is a compact, economical saw with excellent balance and anti-vibration system – my hands don’t get tired at all and my back doesn’t hurt. Cons: In three seasons of operation there were no quality defects – as long as all the original parts are still intact, there was no repair. I give it a good mark.

Ilya Kozhevnikov, 38 years old, Siberian Federal District:

“I bought a chainsaw Huter BS-25 for my father-in-law in the village. He is no longer a young man and asked for something not very difficult to maintain and not too heavy. The engine pulls well, does not consume extra gasoline, with the start-up also no problems. The situation is worse with clutch – after half a year of operation the saw ceased to work. I had to change the drive sprocket and the clutch. The local chain also did not impress – it sits down immediately, I bought Oregon.

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