Husqvarna ST 268EP snow blower test. Description, instructions, owner reviews

Husqvarna ST 268 EP Snowmill

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Technical Specifications

Weight (kg 107
engine Briggs & Stratton Snow Max (1450 series)
Fuel tank capacity, l 3
Maximal throw distance, m 15
Dimensions, mm 1300 x 720 x 1200
Auger diameter, mm 305
Engine type 4 tacts
Starter Manual/electric
Battery-powered electric starter no
Headlamp availability да
Unlocking the motorcycle да
self-steering да
Snail system two-stage
Type of movement on wheels
Performance, watts) 7100
horsepower) 9,5
Bucket, cm 58.5
Bucket width, cm 68
Heated handles no
Engine model Snow Max (1450 series)
spark plug BS-OHV
Tire size, cm 41×16
Engine size, cm? 305
Screw metal
Rubberized snail no
Brush included no

Model Features

Husqvarna ST 268 EP 9619100-38 gasoline snow blower is a self-propelled device for clearing medium to large areas of various snow densities. It has an electric starter for quick starting and a powerful engine for dependable operation. A metal snail shreds even icy snow, while an impeller carries it up to 15 meters away through the ejection shaft.

Additional lighting for more comfortable work at night – the snow blower is equipped with a halogen headlight. Shovel height adjustment With height-adjustable skids, you can set the height of the shovel above the floor. Good buoyancy The aggressive tire profile provides reliable traction and good buoyancy even in icy and snowy conditions. Efficient operation The powerful metal snail of the Husqvarna ST 268 EP 9619100-38 gasoline snow blower knows stuck snow and ice.

  • Heated handles make work more enjoyable;
  • Flap can throw snow up to 15 m;
  • Electric starter ensures reliable and fast engine starting even at low temperatures;
  • There is a tool on the back of the snail’s body for cleaning the shaft;
  • Spacious bucket – for quick removal of large amounts of snow;
  • Wheel release makes turning the snow blower more maneuverable;
  • With several speeds, you can choose the optimal mode of operation depending on the density of snow;
  • The ejection shaft is controlled by the control panel.
Lawn after winter

Standard equipment

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the properties, appearance, packaging, and place of manufacture without notice to representatives. Be careful when buying!


Testimonials and reviews

Check out the videos (above) and reviews (below), they are often better than text reviews. You can read other reviews or leave your own in the comments on this page. Thanks for your review or rating!


Good model snow blower. Picked the snow blower for snow removal in the yard near the house and driveway. It cleans the snow well, no problems after two seasons. The main thing is to correctly understand its features.

Husqvarna ST 268EP snow blower test. Description, instructions, owner reviews

The Husqvarna ST 268EP snow blower is a machine that will last you for many years. First of all, you should pay attention to the rugged snail body. Thanks to it, the efficiency of snow removal increases several times. The auger itself is made of durable material and copes with any snow, even frozen and wet.

snow blower”Рабочая ширина машины довольно большая, да и сами габариты пугают при первой встрече. Кажется, что снегоуборщик будет неудобным и сложным в обращении. На самом деле, как только начинаешь движение, сразу же ощущаешь обратное. Устойчивость и маневренность на высоком уровне. Справляется со всеми типами снега. Практически полное отсутствие вибраций во время работы” width=”450″ height=”407″ />

The machine is also built to last; metal skids increase strength, carrying capacity and stability with the ST 268EP Snowplow.

The snow thrower is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 1450 series engine. The differential can be unlocked for increased traction. Noteworthy is a special tire tread pattern, it increases the passability of the snow thrower.

All snow blowers in this series are equipped with a two-stage snow throwing system. That is, the impeller becomes the next stage after the auger, and after it the snow is thrown through the bell.

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The Swedish manufacturer has thought about management. The snow thrower Husqvarna ST 268EP is equipped with an amplifier that allows the operator to choose the leading wheel and increase the maneuverability of the device.

Improved electric starter allows you to start the engine at the touch of a button.

The Husqvarna snow blower ST 268EP comes with a manual, a warranty card, a set of spare shear bolts and a pair of ignition safety keys.

The peculiarity of the Husqvarna ST 268EP snowthrower modification is the hydrostatic system on the tracks. Crawlers have an unlimited number of speeds and, unlike the wheels, are more passable and have no fixed speed positions, which makes it easy to control.


Engine manufacturer: Briggs & Stratton
Engine model: Snow Serios Max 1450OHV
Working volume (cm³): 305
Engine power (hp): 9.6
Fuel tank capacity (l.): 3
Engine start: Manual + from mains (220 V)
Bucket width (cm³): 68
Bucket height (cm.): 58
Number of speeds: Variable speed drive
Transmission: Friction
Differential lock: available
Headlamp: available
Heated grips: available
Dependent locking lever worm drive: available
Snow chute material: metal
Discharge direction control (right/left) control knob on the control panel
Discharge distance control (up/down): control knob on the control panel
Type of gear: aluminum
Snowblower shovel blades: metal
Snowblade breaker: no
Wheels: 41×17
Weight (kg.): 107


  • Briggs & Stratton engine, designed for long and hard work in various weather conditions;
  • Electric starter, starts the engine at the touch of a button and keeps it warm, for starting in extreme cold;
  • Silencer, reduces noise, also with anti-corrosion coating.
  • Hinged handles are height-adjustable and heated;
  • Propeller housing, rugged and hard-wearing;
  • Cable, frost-resistant, made of durable material;
  • Spotlight, handy for working at dusk. Turns on automatically when the engine is running. The higher the speed, the brighter the light;
  • Servo is installed, allowing you to select the drive wheel and unlock the differential.
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Video review

owner reviews

On the forums, positive reviews predominate. The power and smooth running of the snowthrower surprises every owner. In case of breakdown, any spare part can be easily found and replaced.


“The working width of the machine is quite large, and the dimensions themselves at the first meeting are striking. It seems that the snow blower will be uncomfortable and difficult to handle. In fact, they immediately feel the opposite as soon as they start driving. Stability and maneuverability are at a high level. Copes with all types of snow. Virtually no vibration during operation


“I would also like to mention the comfort with which the work takes place. The heated handles are very comfortable and, given the ease of operation, cleaning with this device is a fairy tale. I cleaned my neighborhood with them last season and had no complaints.” “

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