Husqvarna ST 151 snow blower test. Description, instructions, owner reviews.

Husqvarna ST151 Snow Mill

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Weight (kg 44.27
engine LCT208CC
Fuel capacity, l 2.6
Max throw distance, m 8
Dimensions, mm 1041.4 x 533.4 x 1041.4
Engine type 4 tacts
Fuel consumption, l/h 1.9
Starter Manual/electric
Battery-powered electric starter no
Headlamp да
Motorcycle unlock no
Self-guided no
Snail system one
Type of travel on wheels
Performance, watts) 4000
horsepower) 5,4
Bucket, cm 20
Bucket width, cm 53
Heated handles no
Engine model 208cc
spark plug BPR6es
Tire size, cm 20.3
Engine size, cm? 208
Slide angle to snow removal, deg. 180
Rubberized snail да
Brush included no

Model Features

The Husqvarna ST151 snow blower is ideal for the space of narrow paths. Designed for clearing freshly fallen snow. Equipped with LED lights for nighttime operation. An effective rubber base protects the surface to be treated. It sinks the snow and propels the snow blower forward. Engine starting is facilitated by an electric starter.

Additional lighting LED headlights – for more comfortable work in the dark. Simple system Conveyor snail efficiently propels snow into the machine and then ejects it behind the pointer. Plug in the electric starter and start the engine at the touch of a button. The warmed-up engine simply starts with the starter handle. Easy mobility The Husqvarna ST151 has wheels for easy movement. Gentle cleaning of decorative surfaces Effective rubber base for powerful, gentle cleaning on all types of hard surfaces.

  • Folding handle for easy storage of the snow blower;
  • Bicycle profile that prevents snow buildup on the tires and thus improves traction;
  • Adjustable deflector for leveling control;
  • Height adjustment for improved ergonomics;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Fuel tank lid is easy to open;
  • Rugged snail case;
  • High quality power cord.
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Standard equipment

The manufacturer reserves the right to change features, appearance, product packaging and place of manufacture without notice to representatives. Be careful when buying!

  • Snow Milling;
  • Manual.


Reviews and testimonials

Check out the videos (above) and reviews (below), they are often better than text reviews. You can read other reviews or leave your own in the comments on this page. Thanks for your review or rating!


It’s a good model snowblower. Picked the snow blower for snow removal in the yard near the house and driveway. Cleans the snow well, no problems after 2 seasons. The main thing is to understand its skills properly.

Husqvarna ST 151 snow blower test. Description, instructions, owner reviews.

Husqvarna snow blower ST 151 – the best solution for owners of suburban houses and residents of the private sector. The snow blower cleans an area of any size, and the owner has no great difficulty in completing the task at hand.

The ST 151 is most effective when shoveling freshly fallen snow.

The Husqvarna ST 151 snow blower is equipped with a rubberized auger. If you’re working on slightly damaged surfaces, it leaves no scratches, allowing you to clean even sidewalk tiles.

Husqvarna ST 151 snow blowers

The Husqvarna ST 151 snow blower can remove layers of snow of varying sizes from five to twenty centimeters, and its compact size makes it easy to clean paths, garden and playgrounds. The snow does not linger. The gasoline engine and electric starter prepare the machine for work as easy as clearing the snow itself.

The Husqvarna ST 151 SNOW snow blower comes standard, including:

  • Wal k-Fehind snow blower itself.
  • Snowblower elements
  • Optional Kit


Snow throwing area up to 9 meters
Engine type gasoline
Engine manufacturer LCT
Working volume of cylinder, cm3 208
Rated power for working speed, kW 4,0 (3450 rpm)
Fuel tank capacity, l 1,4
Type of purging system Single
Working width of auger housing, cm 53
Working height of auger housing, cm 20
Type of travel Bicycle, not self-prepared
Type of transmission Skin drive
Wheel diameter, mm 203
Dimensions (HxWxH), cm 104x53x104
Weight (kg 44.3
Sound pressure near operator’s ear, dB (a) 82
Guaranteed tone power, DB (A) 105
Vibration at the handle, m/s2 3.46
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  • Handle size adaption for improved ergonomics
  • Unified positioning system, auger with auger efficiently feeds snow into the machine and then throws it through the deflex.
  • Robust auger body with one-piece steel frame for durability and stable operation
  • Fuel tank cover with light access
  • Adjustable deflector for controlling the direction of transmission
  • LED headlights for working in the dark
  • Quick-folding handle for easy storage
  • Radium step that prevents snow from getting on the tires, thereby increasing outdoor liability
  • Ratio of performance, noise and compactness. Performance is unaffected by the small size and lack of noise. The 5.5 hp is capable of clearing the place with high performance.
  • Regulation of snow throw. The owner himself chooses the direction in which the snow is blocked by the deflector. Additional comfort is achieved due to the fact that the snow is diverted to the back. Therefore, distances from one to eight meters are possible.
  • Unpretentious engine. When clearing snow, a frost-resistant engine is a must. Swedish manufacturers have taken this into account, the machine has an engine LCT with four jumps. Despite severe frost, the electric starter will start it without any problems.
  • No wheel drive, all movement and cleaning depends entirely on the propeller
  • Headlamp, an unnecessary thing at first glance. If it works in the dark, it becomes indispensable.
  • Folding ergonomic handle.

Video review

Owner reviews

Buyers often admire the low sound that the device emits. The speed of snow removal also pleases. The convenience of adjusting the publication of snow is defined, and it is indicated as one of the main advantages of the machine. Of the pluses also discusses the ease of operation.

Thus, this Swedish snow blower should leave only positive impressions.

You can also help other readers of our website with your reviews on this model. If you are the owner of this model snow blower and you have something to say, you can leave your evaluation in the following form or all your questions about this model in the comments.

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