Husqvarna review. Technical specifications. Features of use and safety equipment

Husqvarna 142 chainsaw – branded tool of the budget group

Husqvarna chainsaws are among the top three most popular models in Europe and the CIS countries. Husqvarna 142 chain saws are referred to the category of household group tools, but according to their characteristics they can be used for many works of semi-professional level.

The product is designed on the basis of a classic layout using modern mechanical engineering, assembly and mounting technologies. When developing the design of the model the emphasis was placed on improving the working comfort, extending the service life of critical parts and assemblies, and ensuring safety when performing complex types of work.

Husqvarna 142 chainsaw - branded tool of the budget group

Photo: Husqvarna 142 chain saw

Technical and technological features

To increase productivity, operational reliability and durability the chainsaw is made with materials of the highest quality. There are design solutions and experience in the successful use of previous developments.

Only by purchasing the original can you get full confidence in the strength and other properties of the Husqvarna Model 142 chain saw with cross, diagonal or longitudinal cuts of wood up to 30 cm in diameter.

  • These properties determine the suitability of the tool for cutting wood fuel, for sawing wooden structures, educational crowns of ornamental and garden trees.
  • Possibility to use the saw with shorter and more convenient bars for work in hard-to-reach places defines suitability of the tool for construction of wooden structures of special and purposeful purpose.
  • Working with the saw does not require professional qualifications, the necessary skills are quickly developed in the process of work itself.

Design advantages

Ease of use is made easier by the stable traction characteristics of the electric motor, economical fuel and consumables consumption. Comfort and safety of the tool are ensured by the housing design, comfortable handle configuration and balance.

The list of additional conveniences includes:

  • Easy start system;
  • Effective Vibration Wrench;
  • Access to mounting points for parts and components;
  • Convenient placement of controls;
  • Ability to work with alternative work kits.

Husqvarna 142

Guaranteed operational safety and easy start-up

The risk of injury in an emergency situation is minimized by the high process of the braking device, which is activated by a slight frontal movement of the upper shield.

A manual starter with easy start system, pump boost and advanced electronic ignition ensures successful starting of the power unit in extremely cold and high ambient temperatures.

The HUSKWARNA 142 saw is a very pleasant to work with, productive, reliable and durable budgetary tool that meets the requirements of modern technical and operational standards.

Information support

The detailed instruction manual contains information on the peculiarities of setting up the saws for work, maintenance, troubleshooting and troubleshooting.

Descriptions of the most common malfunctions help to quickly find the cause of a malfunction if the engine does not start or starts and does not develop full power.

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The tool is characterized by a well-established service. Spare parts and consumables are available in a wide range. If necessary, the owner of the saw can perform simple routine repairs with his hands.

Technical characteristics

Model HUSKWARNA 142 is characterized by a tight layout combined with easy access to the nodes of adaptation and cutting neck. The tool weighs 4.6 kg and is perfectly balanced and comfortable to hold.

Ergonomically shaped handles ensure a secure grip for demanding applications. Built-in anti-vibration system and low noise level promote a high level of productivity and keep the operator fresh for heavy-duty jobs.

model Husqvarna 142
Manufacturer Husqvarna
Manufacture (assembly) China
Birthplace of Brand Sweden
Saw usage household
Power, hp (kW) 2.6 (1.9)
Engine displacement, cm3 40.2
Chain pitch, custom 0.325
Chain thickness, mm 1,3
Number of links, pcs. 64
Fuel tank capacity, L 0.41
Volume of the oil tank, L 0,2
Tire length, cm (customised) 38 (15)
Warranty, years 1
Weight (kg 4,6
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The saw is equipped with an undeveloped air-cooled carburettor engine of 40.2 cm3 and a power of 2.6 hp. The power unit is characterized by flexible traction, optimal fuel consumption, easy start-up, easy maintenance and a long service life between repairs.

Fuel is a mixture consisting of gasoline and two-stroke ice cream oil, which is fed into the carburetor from the 410 ml internal gas tank.

In the design features of the electric unit:

  • The course wave is made of forged steel;
  • Wear-resistant chrome coating of the cylinder liner;
  • piston group with two compression rings and increased service life up to 5 years;
  • Easy access to air filter;
  • Reliable and durable ignition system;
  • Best-in-class Japanese Walbro carburetor.

Baur t-i n-Prime r-Pump provides fast engine starting regardless of ambient temperature.

Carburetor Adjustments

A separate section highlights the carburetor adjustment sequence. Proper coordination of the fuel system contributes to stable traction and economical fuel consumption.

Work is performed to completely clean the air filter and heat the consumed power to operating temperature. Propeller rotation, quantity and quality, the engine is brought to the optimum operating mode with good injectivity and stable idle speed.

When converting the tool to winter or summer operation, additional tuning may be required when converting to a different octane rating.


This assembly consists of a removable 15-inch guide bar, 0.325-inch pitch cutting chain. A drive sprocket and tensioner are also included. Smaller alternative offerings that are more suited to the task are available.

Chain lubrication eliminates overheating and accelerated wear. The system contains a variable capacity oil pump, which receives its operating fluid from an integrated 200 ml reservoir.

The tire and chain are lubricated automatically. The oil flow is interrupted during idling, which promotes economical oil consumption. If the chain is not lubricated at operating speed, sawdust will enter the oil pipe. The defect is easily remedied by cleaning.

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The safety of the sawing work is ensured by the emergency fall system. If there is a sudden jerk, the saw leaves the guide bar or any other abnormal situation, a braking device will instantly stop the tool. The switch is triggered by a slight forward movement of the top shield.

benefits of

First, it’s the high power and torque of the engine, which allows the chainsaw to be used as a semi-professional tool when performing labor operations.

Universal efficiently combines high output with moderate cost and good fuel, oil and consumables economy. The tool is designed with a high potential for reliability and durability, with consistent performance throughout the life of the tool.

Working comfort is increased due to the use of the SmartStar t-Smooth soft start system, effective Vibr o-GAP, precise balancing and comfortable grip, minimal noise level, which is within 98.5 dB.

Disadvantages and malfunctions

According to the unanimous opinion of owners and operators, the Husqvarna 142 saw has no pronounced design flaws. This is evidenced by the large number of positive reviews and appeals to service repair centers.

Many failures and malfunctions are the result of illiterate, untimely and incomplete maintenance, the use of low-quality fuel and lubricants.

In particular, replacement of proprietary chain oils with cheap substitutes leads to failures and malfunctions of the oil pump, to reduction of the life of replacement equipment. The characteristics of the tool are negatively affected by unskilled repairs, the use of counterfeit parts and consumables.

The Husqvarna 142 saw has been discontinued, so

A larger selection in the used tool category. Saw in good condition and with moderate development can be bought at a price of 6-8 thousand rubles.


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Owners reviews

Over 9 years of trouble free service after replacing the starter and clutch spring. The car is very decent in its capabilities. The drawbacks include the high cost of brand name oils. My saw uses up chain oil twice as fast as gasoline. As far as I know, this phenomenon is typical for many budget machines. A check replacement of a new oil pump did not work. I found a suitable analogue, a TAD-17 reducer, and the situation stabilized. Among other things, the lack of a complete set of stops to securely hold the saw when cutting a circle, the lack of visual control of the fuel level and chain oil is not very convenient to rearrange the chain. Alexander

I liked the saw, lightweight, easy to work with, quite powerful and easy to maintain. I have been using it for almost 7 years, processing 50-60 cubic meters of firewood every day. The length of the tire is enough for the role of old trees. Bought an expensive carbide chain for the oak saw, now big problems with sharpening. The engine reacts to fuel quality and sudden changes in air temperature. In some cases I have to compensate with additional carburetor adjustments. At one time I bought this tool for only 8,000 rubles. Now I wish I had bought two at once. The service said that the production of cheap chain saws had been moved to China. In this case, you can expect that the resettlement will inevitably affect the quality of the product. Dimon

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Husqvarna review. Technical specifications. Features of use and safety equipment

We recommend: 100%



Chainsaw Husqvarna 142 – model for domestic use – is focused on use in the home, cutting small tree trunks, boards, repair work, can be used in the construction of baths, wooden houses and is highly reliable and performance characteristics.

The Husqvarna 142 chainsaw is among the most popular saws for home use. The manufacturer completed the production of this model in 2011.

Husqvarna 142 chainsaw

As a modern counterpart to the model, the Husqvarna brand produces such chainsaws as the Husqvarna 140 or Husqvarna 135.

The chainsaw Husqvarna 142 is equipped with a two-stroke gasoline engine. The engine capacity is 2.6 hp. The engine cylinder volume is 40.2 cc. Fuel tank capacity is 410 ml, oil capacity is 200 ml. The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty on the original product.

Basic configuration

The principle of operation of the chainsaw Husqvarna 142 contains the following elements:

  • saw fire with a fuel and oil reservoir;
  • The saw blade with a chain;
  • Protective feed for the right hand of the operator;
  • A universal wrench;
  • Instruction manual for the chainsaw, warranty on the device;
  • Handles – front, rear;
  • Gas lever;
  • A screw for tensioning the chain.

The HUSKWARNA 142 chain saw can be assembled (according to the instructions) in such countries as Sweden, the USA and China. The producing country of the model: Sweden.

The cost of HUSKWARNA 142 chainsaw

At the moment, new models of the Husqvarna 142 are not produced. The manufacturer offers an alternative on the official website in the form of Husqvarna 140 and Husqvarna 135 tools.

The cost of original used chainsaw in Ukraine (country of meeting USA) is on the average 3600 UAH, a copy of Chinese or Polish production offer to buy for 1600-1800 UAH. In Russia the original Husqvarna 142 can be purchased at a price of 12 to 14 000 rubles.

Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics of the chainsaw Husqvarna 142:

  • Chain pitch – 0,325 inch;
  • Thickness of a chain – 1,3 mm;
  • Number of links – 64;
  • Fuel tank capacity – 410 ml;
  • Oil tank capacity – 200 ml;
  • Length of bar – 38 cm;
  • Weight of chain saw – 4,6 kg without saw.
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Husqvarna 142 chainsaw

Features and Safety Precautions for Working with the Husqvarna 142

Design features

  • Cylinder is made of forged steel;
  • Cylinder coating is chrome-plated, wear-resistant;
  • Piston group lasts 5 years;
  • Easy and quick access to air filter, easy replacement of air filter;
  • Ignition system that quickly responds to startup;
  • Walbro carburetor is the best in its class.
  • Built-in primer;
  • Quick-start feature at any ambient temperature.

Safety Precautions for the Chainsaw

  • From the outset, do not lean the end of the bar (sprocket) against objects – this can cause serious kickback and injury to the operator.
  • When working with the chainsaw, you must hold the unit with both hands.
  • Do not forget protective equipment for the right hand – a special shield is included with the tool.
  • Chainsaws are dangerous because sparks can easily fly out of the muffler or tire while you are working.
  • Do not smoke near your chain saw, fueling area or fuel mixing area when it is in operation.
  • Keep children and animals away from the working area of the chainsaw;
  • If you notice any burrs on the chain saw, carefully file them off with a file according to the recommendations in the instruction manual.

Husqvarna 142 chainsaw

Design, Service Instructions for the Tool

The Husqvarna 142 chainsaw is designed as follows:
  • body with fuel tank;
  • hoop with a chain consisting of 64 stars;
  • blade guard;
  • right hand guard;
  • Two pins – front, rear.

Husqvarna 142 maintenance rules

  • Change the fuel mixture after running-in, that is, after 5 hours of using the tool, and then as the fuel consists;
  • The oil change is also done after starting and then every 40-50 hours of operation (about once every 90 days).
  • Air filter change time is every 50-100 hours.
  • Muffler cleaning – every 50 hours;
  • Carburetor adjustment – every 100 hours (every six months);
  • Exterior inspection and cleaning – daily after finishing work.

Fuel and oil, lubricants

Recommended oil: Husqvarna HP 2-stroke oil. Recommended mix ratio: 50:1. Type of gasoline for refueling: AI-92, AI-95.

Husqvarna oils are recommended for chain and tire lubrication. Lubrication frequency: Always keep the chain and bar lubricated while the chain saw is in operation.

Chainsaw operating hours

The average running time of a Husqvarna 142 chainsaw with a full fuel tank is 30-40 minutes. Depending on the intensity of work, the fuel mixture consumption increases or decreases. The storage time of the ready mixture should not exceed 4 weeks. It is recommended to mix the right amount of fuel just before work.

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Table 1. Huskvarna 142 chainsaw body


Possible cause

How to get rid of the problem?

Pros and cons of the model Husqvarna 142

If you carefully study the reviews of the owners of the chainsaw Husqvarna 142, you can find out that the advantages of this model are the following parameters:

  • lightweight, the hands do not get tired while working;
  • easy to handle, with non-slip handles;
  • It is enough to remove the chain, there is a mechanism for protecting the tire;
  • It also starts well in cold weather when working in freezing temperatures;
  • Fast start-up;
  • Effective vibration system;
  • The possibility of replacing the pi l-cuts with similar ones (from other manufacturers).
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Based on the reviews of owners, we can conclude about the following disadvantages of the chainsaw Husqvarna 142:

  • All chainsaws of this manufacturer work most effectively on a fresh fuel mixture and good original oil, on “fake” oils some models do not want to start.
  • expensive components.

Video review of the Husqvarna 142

Husqvarna 142 chainsaw assembly and disassembly video

Husqvarna 142 chainsaw owner video – how to do maintenance and lubrication work

Adjusting the carburetor on a Husqvarna 142 chainsaw

Owners reviews

Grigory, Zhitomir region:

“Seven years of using the chainsaw. I bought it in 2011. There were no repairs, there was maintenance. The tool paid its price in the first year of use. Before Husqvarna 142 I had two chainsaws, I don’t even remember the first one, the second one was made in Belarus, I don’t want to mention the brand, because the review was about Husqvarna.

Plusses: productivity, inexpensive price, there is a mechanism of chain protection.

Cons: the tire for hard rock is not suitable here, only for home use, that is, to replace it, for example, on the tire “cooler” is not very convenient, you need the original Husqvarna spare part.

Vasily, Shostka:

“I bought this saw in 2010, it works for me for almost eight years without any problems! To say that I’m just happy – it’s nothing to say. It really is a great chainsaw! When I bought it, I had no idea it would work so well.

I’ve used Husqvarna 142 to build houses, I’ve cut planks, built roofs, ceilings, put up fences, and I can’t list everything. Even in the freezing cold when working in the winter, the chainsaw starts without problems, does not stall if you use good gasoline and oil. I will not describe the properties in the review, just not to waste time. Who bought it, he already knows what this thing can do.

Pros: Never had it repaired, used it carefully, at first trembled a lot about it, but then I realized that it works great, you just have to use according to the instructions. No wonder it was written for each individual tool. From a technical point of view: Of course, the plugs have been replaced, the air filter has also been renewed. All in all, a great machine at a great price!

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