Husqvarna LC 356awd with full drive

Husqvarna LC 356awd 9614102-2 lawn mower

Reliable high-performance lawn mower with unique four-wheel drive. A great choice for mowing large lawns, uneven or sloped surfaces, and for cutting overgrown grass. The all-wheel-drive mower on this model allows you to mow grass in trenches. Durable welded deck made of high-quality steel, ergonomic handles with versatile control thanks to the innovative twincontrol system (mirror-like control lever) and Honda engine with overhead camshaft and simple start functions, characterized by high productivity and reliability 3 mowing modes: Grass cutting expansion, collecting in the basket or mulching

The crown mower blade has an innovative design for an unmatched clean cut and mulching quality.

Twin Control – dual wheel drive control, allows you to easily control the speed of the mower with both hands

Trioclip (3 cutting modes in one mowing deck). Three cutting systems combined in one garden tool. Choose from three modes: grass catching, bioclip (R) or ejection.

All-wheel drive (AWD) improves traction on uneven, wet and slippery surfaces and slopes.

BIOCLIP® grass is cut into small, fast-decomposing pieces and re-mowed as a fertilizer, making the lawn more resistant to dryness.

Folding handle. For easy storage and transportation. When the handle is locked in position, the operator can lift and carry the mower on the handle.

Extra-large grass collection basket. Allows this mower to be used to handle large lawns.

Ergonomic handle with padded grip. Soft grip handle provides optimum comfort and ergonomics. User-visit controls are integrated into the handle, enhancing user comfort and convenience.

Faucet for watering hose. Makes it easy to clean the mowing deck. Connect the hose, turn on the water, start the engine, and you have a clean deck. For best results, clean the deck immediately after use.

Powerful Honda engine with easy starting.

Height-adjustable handle creates a comfortable working position.

brand Husqvarna
Weight (kg) 39.5 kg
Engine type 4-stroke petrol
Grass box capacity in l 68
Cutting height (mm) 38 – 108
Front/rear cycle size 203 mm/203 mm
Cutting height adjustment Yes, central, 9 positions
Drive unit Full
Sound pressure level DB (A) 84
lever Folding
Engine manufacturer Honda
Mulch Yes
Mowing width (cm) 56
Lawn mower type self-propelled
Rated power for working speed, kW 02.
Cutting surface material steel
Connection for washing the deck from the watering hose Yes
speed 4,8 km/h
Attachment type mower
model LC356AWD
Case Material steel
Fuel tank (l) 0.9 l
Capacity (cm³) 166 cm³
engine Honda GCVX-170
Sage Yes
Grass catcher bag type Soft
Electric start at the touch of a button (electric starter) да
Engine power, PS 5
speed 4,8 km/h
Engine model GCVX-170
model LC356AWD
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Service is provided by qualified personnel. Whether you’re an amateur gardener, professional gardener, builder or building contractor, our global dealer network offers you worldwide support and service. In other words, if you buy a Husqvarna product you can be sure of getting the superior service you expect.

The warranty period starts from the date of manufacture of the product and is 12 months. For home (non-commercial, non-professional) use of your Husqvarna product the warranty period can be extended to 24 months. During this warranty period any defects caused by faulty manufacturing materials or faulty assembly caused by the manufacturer will be eliminated free of charge. The warranty comes into force only if the warranty card and cut coupons are filled out correctly. The clean product is fully accepted for repair.

Ongoing service minimizes the risk of sudden, expensive breakdowns. Our service includes a complete inspection. The inspection starts with the functional part; then the performance and safety system are checked. We use only genuine Husqvarna parts, which allows us to guarantee the quality and integrity of the equipment. Finally, we test and clean the unit before sending it back to you with a detailed service report.

Pre-sales preparation is performed to avoid assembly errors and to identify damage caused to the product during shipping, as well as to verify its completeness. After the pre-sale preparation at our company, you can start using our products immediately. Our specially trained service technicians prepare the pre-sale preparation quickly and efficiently.

Pre-sale preparation of any device is a paid service and includes:

Husqvarna LC 356awd 9614102-20 lawn mower

Husqvarna LC 356AWD 9614102-20 1 Lawnmower

The Husqvarna LC 356awd 9614102-20 lawn mower with Autowalk™ 2 CVT and all-wheel drive is ideal for mowing large areas.

It has a trioclip system (3 cutting modes in the mowing deck). It allows you to collect the grass in the grass catcher box, either to throw it away or to mulch it.

With the Twincontrol system, you can regulate the speed of the machine with both hands.

The Honda GCVX-170 easy-start engine is reliable.

The folding handle allows you to store the unit compactly.

With the Husqvarna LC 356awd 9614102-20

Clean cut The innovative design of the crown blade provides a clean cut and mulch quality.
Two-handed adjustment The twincontrol system is a versatile control for turning on the wheel drive. You can easily adjust the mower’s speed with both hands.
Suspension operation All-wheel drive improves traction on uneven, wet and slippery surfaces, as well as on slopes.
3-in-1 cutting system The mower has three cutting modes: grass catcher box collection, ejection and mulching.
BioClip® cuts the grass into small, fast-decomposing pieces and returns them to the lawn as fertilizer, which also makes the lawn more resistant to drought.
Handling large areas The mower has a large grass catcher box for handling large lawns.
The comfortable handle is angled and has soft grip handles for optimum comfort.
The folding handle for storage and transportation makes the Husqvarna LC 356awd 9614102-20 easy to store and transport.
The powerful gas generator is equipped with a powerful Honda GCVX-170 engine with an easy start, which features high performance.
Decker definition Having an adjustment for the water hose makes it easier to clean the cutting deck after work.
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Technical features of the Husqvarna LC 356awd 9614102-20

The weight of the mower expresses the weight of all the devices that are fixed in one body.

The greater the weight of the lawnmower, the harder it is to move it out of the way if it is not necessary to do so. A heavier device has a negative effect on a soft, loose floor – it compresses the floor and prevents access to oxygen, and can damage the root system of plants.

Lightweight devices are maneuverable, easier to operate, and easy to move or carry. Lightweight and thick tools are especially recommended for small areas, as well as users who are contraindicated from physical exertion. The disadvantage of lightweight mowers can be considered the risk of colliding with an obstacle.

Length, width and height parameters are specified for lawnmowers.

The size of the body affects several parameters at once. The total weight of the product depends on the size, the bigger and wider the mower, the more it weighs and the more difficult it is to move it around the site, if it is not self-propelled.

If the size is compact, it is a maneuverable device that can be used not only for lawns, but also for small flowerbeds and for garden plantings, where you need to treat the surface between trees. These mowers weigh less and don’t take up much space in the wintertime.

The overall dimensions are influenced by: the location of the engine, the width of the cutting element and the deck, the size of the wheel, the height of the handle.

The width of the gas mower is characterized by the length of the cutting element (knife) and the size of the deck. The longer they are, the larger the area can be processed when moving in a circle. Models are available in widths from 30 to 58 cm.

When the area of the plot is large, the lawnmower makes more passes at a small mowing width. Consequently, the device accumulates working time while performing tasks of a larger width.

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Small mowing widths are effective on small lawns and when bringing them to an area with a complex landscape structure. Such devices are more advantageous for gardens with a combination of lawns and woody array, as they allow more maneuvering between trees and bushes to change the movement near the paths.

Mulching is the process of recycling grass clippings and shredding them. The product, mulch, is then used to fertilize the soil, which compacts the lawn.

Having a mulch function is not necessary, but is recommended to ensure proper maintenance and restoration of the soil. Thus, mulch is a natural part of humus, which is necessary for the development of vegetation on the site, and also protects the surface of the floor from drying out. At the same time, covering with shredded plants helps to maintain the moisture regime, reduce the need for watering and loosen the soil.

The use of mulch helps in the fight against weeds – thanks to an even covering of a few centimeters unwanted plants do not get enough light and nutrients to grow.

The type of self-propelled/non-self-propelled mower determines whether or not there is a need for constant control by the user. The principle of organization of such a device is the rotation of the wheels and the cutting blade due to the energy of the lawnmower’s engine. Control, locking to set a certain direction is carried out by a handle. Thus, the user of the lawnmower can only set the trajectory of the machine and monitor the presence of obstacles in its path. The self-propelled mowers are more expensive.

Non-self-propelled mowers require the user to make a constant effort to move around the area.

Having a grass catcher box allows you to collect the grass clippings for later use as compost fertilizer. In addition, the mowed lawn looks much more neat and tidy without scattered grass clippings.

Lawn mowers can be front or rear wheel drive. The advantage of front drive is better maneuverability. This is especially important when mowing lawns with lots of beds, bushes, and trees.

Regardless of which of the two mowing options you choose, rear or front wheel drive, either way it is much easier and more comfortable to work with a self-propelled unit than a non-self-propelled one.

Most of the modern gasoline lawnmower market is represented by models with manual start, which means you need to start the lawnmower engine by pulling the cable and turning the handwheel manually. Recently, however, more and more manufacturers of lawn mowers are equipping them with an autostart. The engine of such a device does not require any physical effort from the user – it is enough to press the button and start mowing the grass.

Ventilation of the lawn in the spring

The passability of the lawnmower depends directly on the diameter of the rear wheels. This property is especially relevant for owners of “difficult” lawns with various sinks, hills or long-unused, densely overgrown lawns. The bigger the wheels, the easier the mower moves, the more maneuverability and therefore the faster the site can be worked on. Large wheels also leave hardly any marks on freshly mowed lawns.

Adaptive mode – setting special cutting height positions for a certain type of vegetation. The number of modes can vary from 2 to 11.

Changing the cutting height is necessary if the unit has to switch from mowing lawn grass to mowing weeds and grass. This adaptation also allows you to create unique looking lawns.

Depending on the number of adjustment modes, a softer, gentler transition of height between mowing objects is possible. Some models may require you to stop the cutting unit to make adjustments, and modern mowers are also available with the ability to change the mowing level directly during operation.

The type of grass catcher box is a property of the container material for storing the mowed grass. It can be soft, hard, soft with a hard cover.

Hard grass catchers are mostly made of durable plastic. Fabric and polymeric materials can be soft.

The hard grass catcher box is more bulky and adds weight to the mower, but it holds mowed plants well and is impact resistant. A soft grass basket is more flexible and weighs less. However, at the same time, damage, fractures are possible, requiring repair or replacement. Usability is determined by each user individually, but a hard tank is considered easier to empty.

Hard-bottom and soft-bottom shovels fit snugly and firmly into the mower body and combine the main advantages of the leading types.

The maximum cutting height indicates how high the stalks of the plants are cut. The parameter varies from 50 to 91 mm.

This is the maximum level to which the blades can be adjusted so that the mower can work without danger for the cutting element and without any loss of performance.

Knowing the mowing height is an advantage if the work is not on a well-maintained lawn, but on an area where various plants are gathered. By choosing the mowing height, the user determines the appearance of the landscape, the intensity and frequency of maintenance. The greater the mowing height, the greater the scope of the device. However, the heights require a certain uniformity of the vegetation ceiling on the level, so that the unbuilt areas with sloping tall trunks are not conspicuous.

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The minimum cutting height is the smallest possible adjustment of the cutting element of the lawnmower and therefore the cutting height of the plants that the lawnmower can produce. Variations from 10 to 35 mm

The minimum value is important for the high quality care of lawn grasses that do not grow on their own. When treated at a low mowing level, this produces the most precise and cleanest results. Such lawns look the best maintained.

At the same time, mowing at minimum height for high-growing plants means that the cutting element passes over the thickest point of the stem, which can affect performance. In this case the cutting height must be set to the optimum value.

The body material is steel, metals, plastic, polymer, polypropylene, aluminum-based alloys and pure aluminum. Depending on which material is chosen, you can assess how deformable and shock resistant the device is. Metals have the most strength, plastic the least. But so is weight. A steel body weighs much more than a plastic or aluminum body.

The advantage of synthetic materials is their corrosion resistance and sensitivity to moisture. Metal housing has a high safety room, does not react with sunlight, but requires anti-corrosion treatment. Aluminum case equipment is one of the most expensive.

The grass catcher is necessary for the disposal of mowed grass. It is available in volumes from 5 to 90 liters.

The larger the volume of this part of the mower, the more grass you can put in it and the less often you have to stop to clean the overflow hopper.

The large grass catcher box is an advantage for large areas. It is designed to fill completely with cuttings, while eliminating recirculation of stems or dust particles. If the area is small, you can use devices without a grass catcher box, but in this case the cut stems will be scattered around the perimeter.

Speed is mainly a feature of professional self-propelled machines, as well as mini-tractors with lawnmower function. Depending on the speed, you can determine how quickly the unit will traverse the entire u200bu200bt area and, accordingly, what time it will take to get the job done.

High-speed mowers require caution in operation, as hitting an obstacle or getting rocks, debris while driving into the housing or cutting element will result in deformation and sometimes the need to replace the tool altogether.

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