Husqvarna LC 353V dependent air-assisted lawn mower. Advantages of the model, its features, videos and reviews

Husqvarna LC 353V

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Before you buy Husqvarna LC 353V at the lowest price, study the features, video reviews, advantages and disadvantages of the model, customer reviews.

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Husqvarna LC 353V features

General properties *
Type Self propelled, rear wheel drive
Grass box There is a rigid grass catcher box 60 l
Knife speed Up to 2950 rpm
Noise 98 dB
Special width 53 cm
Grass output back into the grass catcher box
Mowing height adjustment There is a central number of levels – 5
Mulch no
Mowing height 25-75 mm
Installation option Mulching nozzle
performance 3,60 hp
Manufacturer Briggs & Stratton
displacement 161 cubic meter
Engine type Gasoline, four-stroke
Fuel tank 1 liter
Engine speed 2900
Bicycle material plastic
Diameter of front wheels 21 cm
Deck material steel
Number of bikes Four-wheeled
Rear wheel diameter 21 cm
Handle Height adjustable
More info *
pinion Grass catcher, disc/blade
Dimensions *
Weight 41 kg

* Check with your dealer for exact specifications.

Excellent network. Setting the speed, mowing height. Big grass-collector, powerful four-stroke engine.

Works the second season, starts up with half a turn, the power allows you to mow a lot of grass. I change the oil before the season and check the air filter once a month. I bought a knife and a fork for mulching, I forgot how to collect the grass. I recommend it to everyone! Other manufacturers are resting gently!

The dignity of the engine – B&S Self-repair engine costs 10 t rubles. Better is not a virtue. Cube only cadet gasoline and oil.

I mowed 20 acres of unused land in the Ulyanovsk region to keep it from overgrowing. Two years earlier I mowed with a Husqvarna 128r gasoline trimmer, but I got tired of waving my hands, and it was obviously more time-consuming. The important condition for the choice is the maximum cutting width of 53 cm. Initially I only wanted a 353 of previous generation with Honda engine and side discharge. How I blame myself now that I was too lazy to look for it in the camp, but there were options. The official dealer refused to take them, citing a lineup swap and showing an official letter from Husqvarna asking for the older model. I thought for a couple of days and looked for options from other manufacturers, ended up taking + a canister of B&S brand oil. Poured oil on the dipstick, gasoline, started on the third try, had a little smoke and was taken to the lot on it. The first mowing consumed about 3.5 liters of gasoline. After a few mowing trips I changed the oil. Changing the oil is a real entertainments, and frankly speaking, it’s not convenient to do it alone (there is a syringe for pumping, I’m thinking of buying it). Poured in new oil and continued mowing. Oil does not go away, but quickly becomes dirty, does not lose its oily properties, can still decant. Gasoline consumption gradually dropped to 1.2 liters. It’s important to note here that mowing is not without steering skills and tactics. Rear ejection is not Camille, all shoes are grassy, because you have to walk on the mowed and mowed grass at the same time, to do the side ejection if possible. By the way, rear-wheel drive is much more comfortable than front-wheel drive, I compared – it’s definitely a good solution, but you may not need four-wheel drive. The variator is done by sliding the belt over the timing pulley, just like on a tractor with a staggered engine. You will never need a mulching kit – the output is practically shredded grass))) Summary: No one will ever tell you a story about this mower that you’ve used it for 10 years, only filled up with gas and occasionally checked the oil. If someone resets the warranty without incident, I sincerely envy you, I could not))))

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Husqvarna LC 353V dependent air-assisted lawn mower. Advantages of the model, its features, videos and reviews

Recommendation: 100%


General Information

This lawn mower delivers superior mowing results thanks to the latest AfTech technology. It lifts and flattens the grass before mowing with an air stream.

The result is a perfectly smooth lawn.

The cuttings are channelled into the grass catcher box. Thanks to the air flow, it fits much more densely, which increases throughput.

The LC 353V lawnmower was manufactured with high quality components designed for a long life.

The manufacturer offers three variants: Husqvarna 353V, 353VI and 353B. They differ in the starting system.

basic configuration

Husqvarna LC 353V lawnmower comes with the following equipment:

The machine itself, wheels, folding handle, grass box, instruction manual and a set of basic tools.

Height adjustment of folding handle for maintenance

Technical Data

cutting modes Grass catcher/rear emptying
working width 53 cm
Cutting height (min/max) 75/25 mm
Cutting hood material Zinc steel
Cylinder displacement, cc 163 cc
fuel tank capacity 1.2L
power rating 2.6 kW
Sound pressure at operator’s ear 84 dB(A)
weight 29 kg

Stainless steel bumper Galvanized steel mower deck


  • Changes have been made to the mower deck. The blades are now made of galvanized steel.r
  • The wheels of the Husqvarna LC353 V have an aggressive plastic profile that provides excellent traction.
  • As an option, you can install a mulching attachment that shreds grass into small pieces and leaves them as a fertilizer.
  • The auto pick-up function makes it much easier to control your ground speed.

Central cutting height adjustment. Irrigation hose connection.

Fertiliser function

Check the Husqvarna LC353 V gasoline lawnmower visually for any abnormal deformation before each trip.

At the end of the job, connect the watering hose to the faucet and turn on the engine to remove any grass residue. This will completely clean the deck.

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The Husqvarna LC 353V gasoline lawnmower does not run on pure fuel, but on a mixture. You must use the manufacturer’s gasoline and proprietary oil for preparation.

It has been specially formulated for garden tools and helps prevent deposits from forming on the pistons, which greatly increases service life.

The oil and gasoline should be mixed in a 1:50 ratio.

Owner’s Manual

New owners of the Husqvarna LC 353V lawn mower should definitely read the owner’s manual. It will help to understand the device and the functional principle of the technique.

Электронный вариант инструкции по эксплуатации доступен здесь —>

advantages and disadvantages

Husqvarna LC353 V lawnmower has won the trust of buyers due to its thoughtful design and excellent functions:

  1. Exhaust air flow is directed to the ground;
  2. Height adjustment is made with a lever;
  3. Folding handle;
  4. Service flap provides access to the mower motor;
  5. Easy to clean.

This model has no drawbacks and is often used by landscapers and supply companies.

Operation video tutorial

The video review below demonstrates how the Husqvarna 353VB lawn mower works:

Owner Reviews

The following reviews from owners of the Husqvarna LC 353V lawn mower can be found on thematic forums:


“I’ve been using this machine since the beginning of the season. The first startup was easy and smooth. Makes the lawn with confidence. Uniform filling of the crawl space. Despite the rear drive, the stability is good. I’m satisfied with my purchase.

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