Husqvarna LC 348V lawn mower with Aftech ™ function. Properties, advantages, video, reviews

Reviews Husqvarna LC 348V

Professional experience is 10 years! There are no complaints, just twice changed knives! Start without problems! The curves were stable!

Only once mowed, the grass had a height of 35 cm, the month did not look. There is not enough strength to mow such a grass even though he raised it to the maximum. If the grass collector was completely blocked and this was not noticed, you have to clean the tube (apparently there is not enough experience, I have cleaned it every time), and above all you will simply not start when he takes off the clogged grass , although the knives clean, but winced very tightly (the girl is clearly unable to finish). By the way, it also stays with an empty grass collector when you walk down the thick grass, a weak engine does not stretch. The back does not work as it should, the lid closes too tight and the grass clogs the emission of the grass tube when it goes along with the thickness.

I think you can handle fine grass if you mow often. I expected more from such a mower, after a year I will be unsubscribed in more detail by reliability.

You will not find such functions that the engineers of the KHUSKVARNA developed for the convenience and efficiency of your work in models from other manufacturers. It fits easily into the trunk. Excellent quality of the mowing. The full capacity of the grass collector. Comfortable adjustment speed.

After a month of use, the lawnmower stopped driving, the gear flew. They replaced the guarantee. Only out of the service and started, the engine flew. In the service, they said the case was not a guarantee. And only thanks to the Khuskvarna representative office was able to hand over the Mitch to the shop again and return the money.

I probably only had unhappy before caught. And maybe the crisis of the quality of manufacture was affected. The neighbor also has a huskvarna LC356awd, a year later the gear flew. So if you come across a quality model, it is better not to find the coable for this money.

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Smooth adjustment of the speed of the course, a traction engine, convenient mas s-gatarite propertie s-not bulky and small

Adjustable button mounting nodes – from aluminum alloy, wheel s-spring node – of them. With careless operation, there is a high probability of breakdowns.

A normal and peppy mower, no need to hunt afterwards – I tied the stroke controller a little and held the course. After the first hours of work, you have to set the speed control cable so that the variator works smoothly and appropriately – everything is described in the manual. Only smooth speed regulation was a decisive factor when buying this mower. The presence of an aluminum protection horn (also known as the shaft) on the shaft was pleased – with a knife wedge he breaks on an obstacle, not on a crankshaft. The mower can be converted into LB348V by buying a knife and plug for mulching. More closely with the fastening elements of the handle – there is a chance of collapse during the inattentive operation. There is not enough additional handle (in the vertical level on the back wall) on the grass trip, there is not enough open state of the open state for covering the rear grass emission – when cleaning the pipe release (a merged cover), you must have yours Hold hands. There is not enough petting brake of the bikes – when transported to a car, the mower must be remedied with improvised agents. Well, in general I am satisfied with the technology. It starts with half a thousand, works steadily and quietly, take 650. Motor.

We mow the lawn from 4 tomorrow 2 times a week+ about 8 hectares weed every two weeks. It can be finished with a bang, you just have to monitor the filling of the grass collector. Otherwise it hears mowing and breaks only the grass, and the grass transports to complete it to complete it is not easy either. If you mow more often, mow. Then the grass doesn’t bother and the lawn grows better. I met in the blunt when you bump into the blunt, I thought that everything is Khana, but no, I started and it works a year later that the oil is easy to change. As soon as a season have to stretch out the visible fastening elements, they are relaxed before vibrations.

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We use two months. Compared to an old electric mower for 2T. Rubel, of course, better, faster and easier due to sel f-propellers. However, this is clearly not an additional 25,000 value. This was taken on the basis of the basis that the spouse could also freely mow and the speed of movement for himself. This. The function of the smooth speed adjustment was actually crucial. In fact, it turned out that there was no declared smooth adjustment! It resembles the coupling in machines with a mechanical control point – by pressing the clutch pedal you can of course set the speed, but keep this speed uncomfortable for a long time to say it easily. This. In order to achieve the desired speed, you have to absorb the most beautiful change when pressing the lever and try to repair it, which is not very comfortable when moving. In addition, there is practically no traction at low speed (3-4 km/h) and you already have to press it. In general, we were very regretted that we bought this special mower. There are other devices on the market for less money and with normal speed adjustment. They wanted to go back, but as it turned out, it was very problematic.

The mower has been in use since the start of the season. The overall impression so far is very positive. The first launch was amazing. I filled it with branded oil SAE-30 (the mower is delivered without oil), the second time it started with confidence. I expected a dance with tambourines) But everything is clear)) It is carried confidently on the lawn, the grass evenly clogs the grass catcher. The trunk, which users of the previous 48th complain about, is not clogged with grass. I am happy with the purchase. So far, no significant defects have been identified. The faucet for flushing the deck does not wash all the grass, if at all, it was connected to a line with a pressure of 3-4 atmospheres. Domyvayu then hose and sink. Compared to the previous MTD 48EM, the grass catcher felt weak. The quality of the haircut is good, the grass does not stay on the lawn. The wheels are medium, the grass is easily pressed. Drive control is smooth, helps in tight spaces. rear wheel drive. Basically a high quality device.

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Photo compared to the old one)

Detailed specifications

General properties

Type self-propelled lawn mower, rear-wheel drive Cutting width 48 cm Blade speed up to 2950 rpm Fixed grass catcher, volume 60 l Noise level 94 dB


Mulching No Cutting height 25-75 mm Cutting height adjustment yes, central, number of stages – 5


Petrol engine, 4-stroke Power 3.20 hp Displacement 190 cc Engine brake Yes Engine speed 2900 1.2 liter fuel tank Manufacturer Briggs and Stratton


Height-adjustable folding handle Deck material Steel Body material Steel Number of wheels Four-wheel Front wheel diameter 21 cm Rear wheel diameter 21 cm Rim material plastic

Husqvarna LC 348V lawn mower with Aftech ™ function. Properties, advantages, video, reviews

Thanks to the innovative AfTech system, this lawn mower delivers excellent mowing results.

The special design of the cutting blade allows you to first lift the grass with air and then just mow it.

The AfTech technology is also positively reflected in the volume of the grass catcher. Thanks to the air flow, the weed fills the tank more densely.

This significantly increases the working time without interruption.

Husqvarna offers two petrol lawnmower options: LC 348V and LB348V. The first of them has a grass collector, and the second is used exclusively for mulching grass or throwing it to the side.

AFTech™ The specially designed knife lifts the plants and its blades create air currents that carry the weed into the container. The ReadyStart Easy Start System eliminates the need to manually prime the carburetor and operate the choke. It also reduces the resistance of the starter rope by 30%, making the mower very easy to start.

basic equipment

The Husqvarna LC 348V and LB348V lawn mowers come with the following kit:

the machine itself, wheels, folding handle, grass catcher box (for the first model), operator’s manual and a set of basic tools.

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Technical characteristics

The working volume of the cylinder, cu. cm 163cc
fuel tank volume 1.2L
rated capacity 2.6kW
cutting modes Collection/rear discharge
BioClip® kit Available seperately
working width 53cm
Number of cutting height positions 5
cutting height adjustment Central
Cutting height (min/max) 75/25mm
Sound pressure at the operator’s ear 84dB(A)
weight 38.4kg

A wear-resistant stainless steel bumper protects the front of the mower. The steel cutter deck is galvanized for increased wear resistance. The powder coating protects the deck from corrosion and increases its lifespan.


  • Husqvarna 348 self-propelled lawn mowers are characterized by their cutting deck. It is made of high quality galvanized steel.
  • The off-road capability of the Husqvarna 348 is ensured by rear-wheel drive and wheels with an aggressive profile.
  • The cutting height is adjusted with a single lever.
  • The wheels are equipped with a double pair of ball bearings, which minimizes the transmitted vibrations.
  • The Husqvarna LC 348V and LB 348V self-propelled lawn mowers have a maintenance compartment that is accessible by removing the rear cover.

The speed control lever lets you switch between using your right or left hand for smooth speed control. Easily adjust the driving speed to suit your needs and lawn conditions.

application features

Before each ride, visually inspect the fuel mixture and the Husqvarna 348 V petrol lawn mower for abnormal deformation.

At the end of the work of removing grass clippings, connect a watering hose to the fitting and turn on the engine. This will completely clean the deck.


The Husqvarna LC 348V and LB 348V lawnmowers run on petrol. SAE 30 brand oil is used for engine lubrication.

It was specially developed for garden tools and helps prevent deposits from forming on the pistons, which significantly increases their service life.

The downward airflow directs noise and dust down away from the user for a more comfortable working environment. Allows the lawn mower to operate in BioClip ® mode (mulching), which cuts the grass several times, after which very small pieces of grass remain on the lawn, quickly decompose and return to the soil as fertilizer.

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User Guide

New owners of the Husqvarna LC 348V and LB 348V lawnmowers are strongly advised to read the owner’s manual.

Оно поможет разобраться с устройством и принципом работы техники. Электронный вариант инструкции по эксплуатации доступен здесь—>

advantages and disadvantages

Husqvarna LC 348V and LB 348V have gained great customer trust due to their thoughtful design and great features:

  1. The exiting airflow is directed towards the floor;
  2. The incline height is adjusted with a lever;
  3. folding handle;
  4. Easy-to-clean grass catcher box;
  5. Quality mulching.

This is a high-quality device designed for continuous use in parks, private lawns, golf courses, etc.

Video review of work

Below is an example of using a Husqvarna LC348V petrol lawnmower:

And here is an example of mulching with a self-propelled Husqvarna LB348V:

owner reviews

The following reviews can be found on thematic forums by Husqvarna 348 V owners:


“After a month of work I can say that the lawn mower is powerful, high quality and easy to use. I have a 5 acre lawn. I go about twice a week. Sometimes more often. Also, weeds are still growing behind my house. You should change the oil regularly, after that the course will be smoother. Expensive but worth the money”


“I own a small country golf club. To keep the lawn in good condition, I needed quality equipment that would work almost every day. I stopped at the Husqvarna 348. The impressions are positive. Workers have never complained about the outage, but for me the lawns are fine. Advantages: High-quality and durable equipment. Cons: Haven’t found it yet

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