Husqvarna LC 247sp lawn mower with mulcher. Model review, specifications, video and test results

Husqvarna LC 247sp lawn mower with mulcher. Model review, specifications, video and test results

The Husqvarna 247SP lawn mower is equipped with a 2.8 PS gasoline engine and was designed for mowing medium size areas such as parks, gardens, golf courses etc.

The grass is collected in a large 55-liter grass garbage can, which can then be easily retrieved and cleaned. As a result, there is no need to cross the area with a rake and collect the grass.

Basic equipment

Husqvarna 247SP lawnmower comes with the following kit: the machine itself, wheels, folding handle, grass catcher box, instruction manual and a set of basic tools.

Dust collectors prevent grass from getting in the operator’s face. Quick and easy operation in 2 positions.

Technical data

Cutting methods Grass catcher/rear emptying
Working width 47 cm
Cutting height (min/max) 75/20 mm
Cutting of cover material Compiled by
Working volume of cylinder, cc. 140 cm3
Fuel capacity 0.8 l
rated power 2.1 kW/2.8 hp
Sound pressure at operator’s ear 84DB (A)
weight 29 kg


  • The Husqvarna 247SP grasshopper has an adjustable cutting height from 20 mm to 75 mm.
  • The machine’s handle is also rubberized for ease of operation and a new anti-vibration system is installed.
  • The lawnmower can also be equipped with an attachment for mulching grass and fertilizing the floor.
  • The mower’s smooth running is guaranteed by the rear wheel drive and the large diameter wheels.

Easy and comfortable one-handed adjustment of cutting height. Folding handle for easy storage and transport. When the handle is locked in position, the operator can lift and carry the mower on the handle.

Application Functions

Visually check the fuel mixture and the Husqvarna 247sp gasoline lawnmower for abnormal deformation before each trip.

Before mowing grass, we recommend clearing the area of hard objects and rocks to prevent blunt blades.


The Husqvarna 247SP gasoline lawnmower does not run on pure fuel, but on a mixture. You must use the manufacturer’s gasoline and proprietary oil for preparation.

MAZ-6303 - description and specifications

It has been specially formulated for garden tools and helps prevent deposits from forming on the pistons, which greatly increases service life.

The oil and gasoline should be mixed in a 1:50 ratio.

Owner’s Manual

New owners of the Husqvarna 247SP lawn mower should be sure to read the owner’s manual.

It will help to understand the device and the functional principle of the technique.

Электронный вариант инструкции по эксплуатации доступен здесь—>

advantages and disadvantages

For the most part, this model has positive reviews.

Husqvarna 247SP has a robust design, low noise and vibration, easy operation, long service life.

Video advice on operation

The following video review demonstrates the device and appearance of the Husqvarna 247sp gasoline lawnmower:

Owner reviews

The following owner reviews can be found on thematic forums:


“Overall, the technology is decent and completely met my expectations. ICRH would have liked to be able to turn off the blades to heat the motor. However, this would have resulted in an additional price increase. Performance is good enough, even for heavily overgrown areas. “


“I have a small lawn in front of my country house. I rest there quite often, and it is my r azdel. The grass is always bold, the kids enjoy going barefoot. Works quietly, controls are simple and stands up to its task. Definitely recommend it. “

Husqvarna LC 247sp.

Before you buy Husqvarna LC 247sp at the lowest price, study the features, video reviews, advantages and disadvantages of the model, customer reviews.

Husqvarna LC 247sp video reviews

Husqvarna LC 247SP Features

General properties *
Special width 47 cm
Noise 96 dB
Grass catcher Soft capacity 55 liters
Type Self-propelled, rear wheel drive
Installation option Mulching nozzle
Mowing height adjustment There is a central number of levels – 6
Mowing height 20-75 mm
Grass output Back into the grass catcher box
Mulch no
Number of speeds 1.00
JCB 200 excavator - description and features
Engine *
performance 2.80 hp
Working volume 140 cubic meters
Fuel tank Up to 0.8 l
Manufacturer Briggs & Stratton
Engine brake Yes
Engine speed 2900
Engine type Gasoline, four-stroke
Rear wheel diameter 21 cm
Construction material steel
Diameter of front wheels 17 cm
Handle Height adjustable handle
Deck material steel
Number of bikes Four-wheeled
Bicycle material plastic
More info *
transmission Grass box, disk/blade
features Speed – 4,5 km/h
Dimensions *
Weight 29 kg

* Check with your dealer for exact specifications.

He was a fan of the Husqvarna brand. He had been using that brand of chainsaw for years and thought it was super duper. When it came time to buy a gasoline yu-saw, he bought it, despite the high price, bought it and was very disappointed. The design and performance of the grass catcher is worse than the cheap Chinese counterparts. The plastic frame of the grass catcher box is loose from the round metal sockets in its base. There is inconsistency and poor geometry of the grass catcher box. To prevent the grass from clogging under the grass catcher box, I had to drill a hole in the deck of the lawnmower and install a metal holder, under which I hand insert the end of the receiving step when installing the grass catcher box. And that’s for 33,000 rubles in early 2017. In 2019 the price is 38,000 rubles. I went over, looked – the design has not changed over the years. Nothing is fixed. And so it will be! And not long, something connected in the motor implementation mechanism, despite the fact that I use the lawnmower 4-5 times a year on a plot of 9 acres. In my opinion, marketers have made a miscalculation against Chinese manufacturers and are losing their target audience. For me, the Husqvarna brand is probably dead forever.

Overall, the mower completely lived up to expectations. Of course, I would have liked to disable the blade at idle to warm up the small engine, but this is an additional liability and an increase in price. The power is enough, unless, of course, weeds are not mowed (I have not tried, I go to the cat regularly).

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