Husqvarna LC 141c and 141li electric lawn mower. Description of operation, features, video, reviews

Husqvarna LC 141c and 141li electric lawn mower. Description of operation, features, video, reviews

The feature of this model is an electric drive. Husqvarna 141 should keep in order the areas with a total area of up to 1000 m2.

This lawnmower has two modes of operation: collecting the grass in a special tank or throwing it back.

The standard grass catcher box has a capacity of 50 liters.

Thanks to the electric motor, the manufacturer managed to achieve a minimum noise level, which allows the mower to be used near medical and educational institutions.

The manufacturer offers two versions of the lawnmower, which differ in their power source. The LC 141c runs on general electrical power, while the LC 141LI has a battery.

Basic configuration

The KHuskvarna 141c and 141li kit includes: lawnmower, large-diameter wheels, folding handles, grass catchers, user manual and a number of basic tools.

The folding handle is used for easy storage and transportation. If the handle is defined in the folded position, the operator can enlarge and transfer the mower with the handle

Technical features

engine Electric
Tension, C 220
Power, kW 1,8
Type of movement Pusher
Cutting width, cm 41
Cutting height (min/max), cm 2.5-7
Grass box volume, L 50
Sound pressure at operator’s ear 83 dB (a)
weight 22 kg


  • Grass height can be set in 10 positions.
  • The handle position is determined according to the operator’s height.
  • The Husqvarna 141c has high-quality decks that allow you to work even the most overgrown areas.
  • The rear tank not only collects grass, but also prevents dust from getting on the operator.

Application Features

These models are equipped with electricity and require a number of safety precautions during operation. The Husqvarna 141c lawnmower must make sure that the cable is complete and undamaged before starting work.

It must always be returned to the machine position while mowing the grass.

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If you have a 141li lawn mower, make sure that the battery is charged. Operation with a nearly discharged battery is unacceptable, as electrical parts may fail if you do so.


To maximize the life of your Husqvarna 141LI and 141C lawn mower, you must clean off dirt and dust when you finish working.

Owner’s Manual

This document will help new owners understand how to operate and maintain the Husqvarna 141 lawnmower.

The padded handle is angled for optimal comfort and ergonomics. Operator presence is integrated into the handle, enhancing comfort and user friendliness

strengths and weaknesses

If you draw a parallel with gasoline models, the electric ones are smaller and the technical features and work area remain the same.

These machines are made of high quality steel, the deck is designed for longer operation, low engine noise and ease of operation.

However, these are electric models that cannot be assigned autonomously because they are always connected to a power source.

Video review of work

Here’s a video review: How the Husqvarna 141 Lawnmower Works:

Owner reviews

On the forums about the Husqvarna 141 lawnmower write the following:


“The electric lawnmower is economical because it requires no fuel. The handle can be slightly folded during operation. The wheels are equipped with ball bearings. The movement is light but precise. It can be operated with one hand and all parts are close at hand. “


“This model is comfortable with its maneuverability. The electric motor does not produce emissions into the atmosphere. For me this was an important fact. The grass suggestion is easy to adjust, even at 0, even at an aesthetic 5 cm. There is no sound. I live with my parents, they are progressing and again this is important. Controls are done with minimal effort.

Electric lawnmower Husqvarna LC 141c: main parameters, price, customer reviews

Husqvarna brand (KHuskvarna) belongs to the Swedish society of the same name, which began its activities with the production of muskets, and at the time they were among the best in the world.

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Therefore, the company’s logo resembles a rifle scope, as such products have brought fame to the company.

Now Husqvarna produces not only gardening equipment, but also a wide range of other products.

One of the activities of Husqvarna is the production of various garden equipment, including lawn mowers, but the electric model, which is there, is presented in the only one – LC 141c.

Why to choose Husqvarna LC 141c electric lawn mower?

The main reasons buyers choose this model are:

  • Manufacturer’s review;
  • The main parameter;
  • Convenience of use;
  • Reliability.

Manufacturer’s Review.

Photo 3

Husqvarna has long had the reputation of a manufacturer whose everything is quality and therefore quite expensive.

This fully applies to the LC 141c. Despite the fact that it is produced in Chinese factories, the entire technological cycle is under the control of Husqvarna specialists, and the quality requirements are the same as in all other factories of the company.

Purchasing this mower, the buyer is sure that unlike many Chinese equivalents, he will not have to bring it to his mind himself to fix a factory defect or poor engine installation, all he has to do is assemble the mower and he can immediately start mowing the grass.

Basic parameter

Another reason is the basic parameters, that is, the mowing width of 41 cm and the synchronous (collector) motor of 1.8 kW.

These parameters provide fast mowing of lawn grass and possibility to cut relatively high (10-20 cm) vegetation.

The device works only in the rear ejection mode, but it is possible to connect a grass catcher box. There is no side discharge mode and for mulching you need to buy an additional Bioclip® kit, i.e. a mulching blade and a special wedge.

Here are the additional parameters:

  • Mowing height 25-75 mm (10 positions, adjustable with the lever);
  • Combined grass catcher box (hard plastic frame, soft fabric bag) with a capacity of 50 l;
  • Folding handle with the possibility of adapting the height (change of inclination, 2 positions);
  • Wheels available;
  • Steel construction;
  • Weight 20.5 kg;
  • No wheel drive.
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User-friendliness (operation)

Photo 2

The main complaint of most users of cheap Chinese lawnmowers was the lack of normal handle height adjustment, so Husqvarna engineers provided a change in the angle of the handle.

They also replaced the awkward motor lever with a much more convenient bracket, making the mower very comfortable for people of all heights.

By installing wheels on bearings instead of brass bushings, they drastically reduced the resistance that occurs when the device moves over the site, so it became convenient to work with the mower with both hands, no matter right or left.

Changing the cutting height with the lever above the rear wheel is not very convenient, and moving it to the mower deck would add weight to the machine and make it more expensive.

However, the wide adjustment range of this parameter allows you to adapt the mower to any lawn and is especially useful when you need to keep the height of the grass after mowing.

To put the machine in mulching mode, the BioClip® kit, i.e. the H. mulching blade and the wedge covering the rear outlet, must be installed.

Once the wedge is installed, the grass does not fly out, but remains in the mower, constantly colliding with the mulching blade blades, and if the chopped fragments are smaller than the distance between the blade and the inside of the mower, they fall to the ground.

At the end of the season the mower is cleaned and put away for storage, so the folding handle greatly reduces its size and prevents loss of parts (it is not uncommon for bolts stored separately from the mower to disappear somewhere by spring). With the new season, all you need to do is to fold the handle back into its working position and adjust its height, and you can then start mowing young grass.

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Photo 4

A comfortable carrying handle allows easy transport of the device when folded or ready for work, as the mower is rather heavy.

The grass catcher box is equipped with a carrying handle, so it can be easily transported to the place of collection or disposal of the cuttings, despite the large amount of grass.

At the end of the season, the piece of cloth is detached from the rigid frame and shaken or blown out to remove residual vegetation.

The lack of a wheel drive somewhat limits the ease of operation of the mower, but this feature is not necessary when mowing well-maintained grass on a level surface. Finally, the wheels are mounted on bearings, and the large wheels with plastic tires roll easily over low grass.

Therefore, a wheel drive is necessary for machines used for mowing large areas or tall grass. Even physically handicapped people can mow effectively with the Husqvarna LC 141C, if you help them get the machine to their place of work.


The Husqvarna LC 141C electric lawn mower is intended solely for mowing lawns, as it is explicitly stated in the owner’s manual. For this reason, it is only possible to assess the reliability of this mower in the conditions specified by the manufacturer.

If the device is used only for mowing well-maintained grass, and the engine operation mode is observed (operating time and cooling), the service life of the mower, even with frequent use, will exceed 5 years.

If you use it for work that should be done with gasoline lawnmowers or trimmers, the engine or transmission will most likely fail the first time you use it.

Cost and main competitors

The cost of this device is about 24,000 rubles. The main competitors are:

model Performance. KW motor See. Weight (kg Mulching mode. Wheel drive Cable volume. L Price in thousands of rubles.
Oleo-Mac G 48 PE Comfort Plus 1,6 46 25 option no 60 25
Stihl RME 443 1,5 41 19 Yes no 30 25
Wolf-Garten A 400 EA 1,7 40 26 Yes Yes 55 31
Stihl RME 545 1,6 43 20 Yes no 60 31
Stihl RME 339 1,2 37 14 option no 40 22
Oleo-Mac G 44 PE Comfort Plus 1,5 41 20.5 Yes no 40 22
Stiga combi 48 es 1,8 46 29 option Yes 60 28
Spring is the beginning of the summer season


Objectively consider and take into account the mower can be after a certain period of their use, as well as taking into account the factors affecting their work. Therefore, we recommend that before choosing a mower, you carefully read the reviews of those who already use it, and form their own opinion about this machine.

Here you will find links to the most up-to-date resources with reviews of the LC 141C:


We present a video review of the electric lawnmower Husqvarna LC 141c with a detailed description of its parameters:


Husqvarna LC 141c is a good tool for the care of lawns and various landscape areas of small areas. Under the conditions of use, the mower will last for many years, as it is made with traditional Swedish quality, although in Chinese factories.

The lawnmower has no wheel travel and no side discharge. Therefore, it is not suitable for all lawns, but if the rear exhaust is sufficient, it is very efficient.

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