Husqvarna LC 140s basic lawn mower. Technical parameters, benefits, instructions, video of work, reviews

Husqvarna LC 140s

Before you buy Husqvarna LC 140s at the lowest price, study the features, video reviews, pros and cons of the model, customer reviews.

Husqvarna LC 140s video reviews

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Husqvarna LC 140S Specifications

General properties *
noise level 94 dB
Type Self-propelled, rear wheel drive
special width 40 cm
grass catcher box soft volume 50 liters
Number of speeds 1.00
Mowing height adjustment Available central Number of levels – 10
Mowing height 25-75 mm
mulching no
grass output back into the grass catcher box
Engine *
engine type Gasoline, four-stroke
working capacity 125 cubic meters
fuel tank up to 0.8 l
engine brake available
performance 2,40 hp
engine speed 3000
Manufacturer Briggs and Stratton
wheel disc material plastic
Rear wheel diameter 20.32 cm
Desi material steel
construction material steel
Diameter of front wheels 15.24 cm
Handle Folding, height adjustable
Number of wheels four-wheeled
More info *
gear Grass catcher, disc/blade
Dimensions *
Weight 26,5 kg

* For exact specifications, please ask the dealer.

Great mower. price-performance. A woman learned how to mow the lawn.

Used to do this electric, but the lawn did not reach 50m of wire, the choice fell on the gasoline and Husqvarna, there was a dilemma whether to overpay for myself and whether I needed it – to be so – to be so Although when I (coincidentally out of the building) have not bought myself. The slope of the site is quite large, but even this is not an obstacle to the movement of her steering, although the drive cable is reduced as much as possible. Gas tank enough for 10 acres of lawn, subject to severe neglect and 2 passes (at maximum height and then at minimum) in a week 1/3 of the tank is gone in the same area, despite the fact that it is only 0.8 liters. SAE30 oil in summer and 10W30 in early spring and late fall. I’m happy with it and most importantly no wires!

Whitefly on houseplants

Hopefully it won’t be a hardship to work on.

No problems at the end of the season. Bought it in spring – it’s September now. Rear wheel was rustling a little, wanted to lubricate – turned out to be very difficult. The wheel on the inside is protected from grass – I slightly moved the protective cover and accidentally dripped oil) so there is nothing much to see. It seems to help. There is a nick on the knife – apparently from the steel wire I bumped into. My neighbor has the same one – he bought it a year before and was very pleased with it.

Didn’t expect to experience such pleasure when mowing!!! I have a gasoline trimmer and a walking tractor with a mower. But this thing on wheels is just a miracle. And the wife (skinny) and child of 12 is very easy and easy. The plot is not flat – and there are bumps and fluff. I turn on the ride, the height to full height…- and went. Or rather, rushed. Turn 4-5 acres into a lawn – elementary.

It ended with a g! The unit broke in half while the mower was still under warranty. Husqvarna refused to repair under warranty!

This product always has problems with consumables. There is a service center in every city. As with any machinery, you always need care. And I always recommend to read the manual, the manufacturer knows better than any wunderkind what and how.

Husqvarna LC 140s basic lawn mower. Technical parameters, benefits, instructions, video of work, reviews

I recommend: 100%


General information.

This lawn mower appeared relatively recently. KHUSKVARNA LS 140 features a simple design and can handle lawns with a total area of up to 700 m2.

The working width is 40 cm.

This lawn mower is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 450E engine, which is quiet and durable.

As additional features, it is possible to adapt the grass cutting height and install the bikes in the camps.

How do I change fishing line in my trimmer?

The rear tires have a large diameter, which increases the responsibility on the surface and improves the maneuverability of the machine.

Basic equipment

The Husqvarna 140S mower is factory-equipped with:

  • Owner’s Manual
  • The device itself
  • Grass catcher box
  • A number of service and troubleshooting tools for your Husqvarna 128R.

Central height adjustment for cutting height ergonomic handle

Technical Features

Mowing Gathering/rear emptying
Working width 40 cm
Number of cutting height positions 10
Cutting height adjustment Central
Cutting height (min./max.) 75/25 mm
Cutting deck material steel
Working volume of cylinder, cc 125 cm3
Fuel tank capacity 0.8 l
Rated power in power speed 1,8 kW
Rated power in rpm at operating speeds 3000 rpm
Sound pressure to the operator’s ear 94 dB (a)
weight 24.5 kilograms


The grass cutting height is adjustable with a lever on the rear wheel and has 10 positions.

The handle has an additional rubberized pad that improves control of the machine and prevents it from slipping out of your hands. The handle can easily fall off during transport and maintenance.

Handlebar height can be adjusted to the operator’s specific height using a special relay.

Application Functions

Before each use, the Husqvarna 140s lawnmower should make sure that the tool is in good working order and that the fuel mixture is available.

You have to be careful when mowing the grass, because the blades rotate at high speed and there is a great chance of rocks and other hard objects being deflected.

This is especially dangerous if you are throwing the grass back.

Manual mower height adjustment cladding folding handle


The Husqvarna 140 s lawn mower does not run on pure fuel, but on a mixture. You need to use gasoline and proprietary oil from the manufacturer to make it.

It has been specially developed for the garden tool and prevents fouling of the pistons, which greatly increases the service life.

Husqvarna 450e II chain saw review. Technical specifications. Features of use and safety equipment

The oil and gasoline must be mixed in a 1:50 ratio.

Owner’s Manual

Before starting, new owners should read the owner’s manual, which will help them understand mowing, starting and safe operation.

Электронная версия инструкция по эксплуатации приведена здесь —>

advantages and disadvantages

The sel f-driving lawnmower Husqvarna LC 140S is required because it can keep a mediu m-sized area in order, regardless of power sources, compact, easy to use and quiet.

Video review of the work

Here is a video review of how easy it is to clean a small area:

Owner reviews

Below are a few opinions from the themed forums to operate the petrol lawn mower Husqvarna 140S:


“I can feel the quality right away. Everything is clear, winds up cleanly, no jerks from one place. The construction is perfect. The operation is so simple that even my wife can cope with it. “ The sel f-driving lawnmower Husqvarna LC 140S is required because it can keep a mediu m-sized area in order, regardless of power sources, compact, easy to use and noise.

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