Husqvarna electric saws. Husqvarna battery reviews, instructions, reviews

Husqvarna electric saws. List, specifications, reviews

Husqvarna electric saws are also produced in several plants of Husqvarna Corporation. They are located in Sweden, Germany and America. From its founding (1689) until 1970, the Husqvarna brand produced military instruments and weapons.

Husqvarna power saws

Peaceful vector of development, which was chosen by the company in 1970, has lifted it to the top of fame – the brand, conquered the world market and for a long time strengthened its position. Today Husqvarna produces gardening and parking equipment, tools and equipment for construction and much more.

Husqvarna electric saws come standard:

Universal chainsaw key instruction manual

Listing Overview

All power plants, which are produced by the well-known concern, are household tools, which means that the loads should be small and regular. Husqvarna chainsaws have a small, compact size and low performance.

Husqvarna power saws

Nevertheless, it is easy to cut a large tree trunk, cut branches, and even vacuum wood to the right size. Due to its environmentally friendly nature, Husqvarna electric mowers are often used indoors – they run on clean energy and have no toxic exhausts for the human body.

The brand produces two types of electric saws Husqvarna:
  • Electric chainsaws, which are powered by electricity from a mains cable.
  • Chainsaws with high-capacity batteries that can be used to cut for 15 to 30 minutes. Cordless electric chainsaws are mobile, but the battery itself is rarely included along with the charger, mostly they are bought separately and will add up to the new owner’s money.

Electric chainsaws

Characteristics from electric chain saws:

  • Low weight;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Longitudinal electric motor with power from 1600 to 2000 watts;
  • Window in oil tank for maintenance of graphite brushes;
  • Window in oil tank for visual control of filling;
  • Chain tension controller;
  • Inertia brake system;
  • Automatic grease supply;
  • Eco-friendliness.

Husqvarna 420l

The Husqvarna 420 EL chain saw is one of the most popular electric chainsaws, and in the best models. The permanent body has long had a 2000-watt electric motor that’s powered by a 220-volt mains supply. The longitudinal plan of the saws makes them more compact and comfortable, but less resistant to oncoming shocks.

Electric saw Husqvarna 420L

The power tool has features:
  • Brush motor overheat protection;
  • Soft start;
  • Locking start button:
  • Windows for quick replacement of carbon brushes.
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Lubricant supply to the chain mechanism is automatic, the oil tank is equipped with a viewing window for visual control of the lubrication bridge. The manufacturer recommends to use the original headset. The length of the tire is 40 cm. The chain tension system is a nerf. The safety system of the electric saw is represented by a chain brake, a protective shield and a reviver.

Husqvarna 418el

Another top-end modification, which differs from the previous model with a less efficient electric motor with brush control (located along the body) of 1800 W and the recommended length of the bar 35 cm, otherwise all functions are identical: oil tank with a sight hole, chain tensioning without tools, soft pass, ignition key, brake system.

Electric saws Husqvarna 418el

Husqvarna 321 EL

The electric motor, housed lengthwise in the impact-resistant body of the saw, is rated at 2,000 watts. The engine is powered from 220 V, has overheat protection and a soft start, the start button is lockable. The system of replacement of brushes through a special window.

Electric saws Husqvarna 321el

The oil tank is equipped with a viewing window for visual control of the oil level, lubrication through the oil pump. The length of the tour is 40 cm The chain is tensioned without tools. Safety of the operator is guaranteed by a brake system.

Husqvarna 320

One of the lightest chainsaws in the entire electric range (3.9 kg), longitudinal brush power 2000 watts. Smooth start-up, with a locking start button. Electronic protection of electric motor prevents overheating, inertia brake system protects the operator from injury.

Electric saws Husqvarna 320

The oil pump continuously supplies lubrication to the chain from the oil reservoir with sight glass. Chain tensioning is lateral without tools; 35- to 40-cm tours with matching chains are recommended.

Husqvarna 1600

The lightest electric saw in Husqvarna, it weighs 3.7 kg without headset and 4.5 kg with headset. Power of the electric saw’s engine is 1600 watts, the engine is located longitudinally. Smooth start-up, with a lockable start button.

Electric saws Husqvarna 1600

Chain tensioning is done from the side with a controller, the lubrication is automatic, the tank is equipped with a window. Guides have length from 33 to 39 cm (13-15 inches). Brake operates when fertilizer is delayed.

Cordless chainsaws

Features of Husqvarna cordless chain saws:

  • compact size;
  • very light tool;
  • guides up to 30 cm long;
  • brushless motor;
  • Soft start;
  • Motor protection against overheating;
  • 36.5 V rechargeable battery;
  • Battery and charger not included;
  • Eco-friendliness;
  • Housekeeping;
  • Working time of the saw – up to 20 minutes.
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Husqvarna T536LI XP

Compact and lightweight electric saw, equipped with a brushless motor (electronic protection), which is powered by a 36V battery, sawing time – about 20 minutes.

Husqvarna T 536LI XP Electric Saws

Battery charger and battery are sold separately. The electric saw is equipped with a chain brake, an oil pump, a tank with an inspection window and a tool-less chain tensioner. The cordless saw works with a 30 cm guide bar.

Husqvarna 120i

The device weighs only 3 kg in a full aisle with a 36.5V cordless motor. In a full aisle (45-member chain and 30 cm original husqvarna bar).

Husqvarna 120i Electric Saws

Battery capacity is enough for 20 minutes of work, batteries and chargers are purchased separately. The saw is equipped with an oil reservoir with an inspection window, chain catcher, inertia brake, electronic engine protection, comfortable rubberized handles, and a tool-less chain tensioner.

Husqvarna 436li

This cordless power tool weighs 2.7 kg (without headset) and operates on a 36.5V rechargeable battery. The battery and charger are not included. Continuous run time is up to 20 minutes.

Electric saws Husqvarna 436li

30-inch tires and original chains are installed. Chain tensioning is keyless, effective braking system, engine protection, oil pump and storage container with inspection window.

Owner’s Manual

The purpose of the manual is purely introductory. It explains how to assemble a chainsaw from Husqvarna, disassemble it, and put it in working order.

Electric chainsaw

The manual’s main components:
  • Husqvarna chainsaw design.
  • A complete listing of a particular modification.
  • Specifications for your Husqvarna chain saw.
  • Getting ready to work.
  • Safety precautions.
  • Working experience.
  • Maintaining your Husqvarna chain saw.
  • Possible malfunctions.
Safety precautions for working with your Husqvarna chain saw:
  • Work only in general, wearing safety glasses, gloves, earplugs, etc.
  • Make sure there are no bystanders in the work area.
  • Do not work in high humidity environments.
  • Make sure there is access to electricity.
  • Do not cut with the end of the tire – it is an injury hazard.
  • Work only with suitable tools.
  • Check cable integrity, mains voltage, plug and socket condition.

Getting Started

Prepare your Husqvarna electric chainsaw for first startup:

  • Assemble the unit on the saw, tension the chain.
  • Fill the oil tank with chain oil.
  • Check the power cord and the condition of the plug and socket.
  • Start the chainsaw by pressing the start button.
  • Check the brake system.
  • Check the chain lubricant supply.
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As with cordless electric saws, the battery must be charged and plugged in to prepare for operation, then the saw is started and the brake and chain oil supply are checked.


General rules for the battery and electric bars:

  • Cleaning of sawdust and oil stains;
  • Checking condition: integrity of guide bar; sharpness of chain; drive wheel of chain; power cord, plug and sockets (for chainsaws).
  • Chain sharpening/replacement.
  • Filling the electric saw with oil.
  • Charging the battery (for cordless saws).
  • Brush replacement (electric saw).

What to do and how to fix it

Power saw won’t start:

  • Cable is not connected to the mains;
  • There is no electricity in the mains;
  • The cable is broken;
  • The protection worked, the electric motor overheated;
  • The brush is worn out;
  • Start button is stuck;
  • Problems with the engine.

The battery saw will not start:

  • Battery is weak, please charge it;
  • The battery is not connected to the chainsaw;
  • battery not working;
  • Charger not working;
  • Electronic protection has tripped;
  • The electric motor has burned out.

Video review

Husqvarna 536li XP cordless chainsaw on the test



Husqvarna 321 tablespoon power saw in review



Husqvarna 420el electric saw in review



Owners reviews

Ivan, 40 years old:

“Bought an electric Husqvarna, I do not use it often, but I am satisfied with the result. Immediately got used to the cable, the quality of the chain is excellent, the saw is practical both on the construction site and indoors. It has rejuvenated the garden and did roofing work. Advantages: light, handy, good performance, easy to use. Disadvantages: I am satisfied with the product.

Valery, 37 years old:

“I have a cordless saw. Dear Sir or Madam, I bought the battery separately, but I am happy with the result. The saw turned out to be practical and at sea – for two weeks we went like wild. Power enough for 15 minutes, almost does not take up space in the trunk, very light. Advantages: lightweight, small, handy. Disadvantages: expensive, the battery and charger are purchased separately.

Oleg, 46 years old:

“I’ve been using an electric Husqvarna for five years. I do construction work near the end, I have to work on the territory. No problems with the tool, I regularly change the brush, I bought an additional set of headsets. Advantages: durable, excellent quality, good power. Disadvantages: high price, expensive consumables. “

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Husqvarna chain saws applications. Owner’s Manual.

HUSQVARNA ELECTRIC Jigsaws are a separate category of tools that are characterized by their absence of harmful emissions, high performance and ease of operation, as well as easy maintenance. The main advantage of this category of chainsaws is the absence of fuel indication and the presence of batteries in the model area.

Husqvarna 436LI cordless saw

Electric saws do not emit exhaust fumes, which is convenient for long-term operation. Husqvarna electric saws are environmentally friendly, durable, and equipped with wear-resistant replacement parts.


Husqvarna installation is shown directly on electric saws and cordless models of various capacities.

Huskvarna chainsaws

  • KHuskvarna 120i (battery voltage 36.5 V, 30 cm bars, weight 2.95, battery charge 20 minutes);
  • KHUSKVARNA 436 Li (battery voltage 36 V, tires 35 cm, weight 2.4 kg, charging 20 minutes);
  • KHUSKVARNA 536 Li XP (battery voltage 36 V, 35 cm bars, weight 2.6 kg, charging for 20 minutes);
  • HUSKVARNA T 536 Li XP (battery voltage 36 V, bars 35 cm, weight 2.4 kg, charging for 20 minutes).

Husqvarna T 536 Li XP electric chainsaw Husqvarna 120i electric chainsaw Husqvarna 536 Li XP electric chainsaw.

Chainsaw weights are listed excluding chain, bars, and batteries.

KHuskvarna electric chainsaws

  • Husqvarna 321/321 EL (200 W power);
  • Huskvarna 1600 (power 1600 watts);
  • Husqvarna 420 tablespoon (2000W power);
  • Husqvarna 418 EL (1800W power).

The weight of these tools is listed without items (chain, bars).

Husqvarna 418 el electric saw Husqvarna 321 EL

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Top models

Among the top positions are such models as ::

  • Husqvarna T 536 Li XP (wireless has a wide range of functions, advanced design);
  • Husqvarna 420 tablespoons and 418 tablespoons (popular due to their high performance, some owners especially appreciate working from the mains rather than the battery).

Operating instructions and safety rules for working with the tool

Let’s look at the rules of operation of a Husqvarna electric saw, using the Husqvarna 420 EL model as an example. All information is taken from the instruction manual. This manual is included with the model. A guide bar cover and hand plate may also be included in the basic package. Original Drrailly assembly: USA, manufacturer: Husqvarna, Sweden.

Electric saw Husqvarna 420L

Highlights of the Husqvarna 420 EL chain saw

  • Windows for checking oil level;
  • Low weight;
  • Handle with comfort;
  • Inertial chain brake.

Maintenance Manual

  • Check the brake handle and brake operation before each use.
  • Keep an eye on the cooling system and make sure the saw motor is not getting hot.
  • The circuit and duct are checked before each use.
  • Every six months, remove the oil tank, wash and dry it, and then continue to operate the electric saw.
  • Every three months, blow out the vent grille slots with compressed air;
  • Do not disassemble your Husqvarna electric chainsaw while it is still under warranty; this should be done by specialists.
Safety rules for Husqvarna electric saw operators:
  • Protective equipment (goggles, mask, headphones) must be worn when operating a Husqvarna chainsaw.
  • Do not allow bystanders to come near your chain saw while it is in operation.
  • If the power cord is broken or damaged, unplug it immediately.
  • Hold the tool with both hands by the respective handles before you start sawing.
  • Do not leave the Husqvarna electric saw in the rain or leave it to decay unnecessarily.

Main malfunctions and troubleshooting

Husqvarna electric saw malfunctions and remedies




Video evaluation of operation

Owners reviews

Andrey, Chernigov:

“At the cottage periodically use Huskarna 536 Li XP. The quality of parts is impeccable, as well as the work of the device. No complaints, my warranty is over, but with proper careful use it is unrealistic to break them at all. “

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