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The 10 best chain saws Husqvarna

The first Husqvarna chainsaw was released in 1959. Since then, the device has undergone many changes, but the time-tested design has remained intact. Over the years Husqvarna power tools have not only become popular, but they also set the most important trends of today. It seems that during the years of research the device has already been brought to perfection, but even now the choice of a good model raises many questions. Our editors decided to find out which brands of saws break sales records and are most in demand by experienced users. The result was a popular assessment of the best chain saws Husqvarna, according to buyers and independent experts.

  • Top 10 best chain saws Husqvarna
  • 1. Husqvarna 395XP 4900 W/6,6 PS
  • 2. Husqvarna 365-18 3400W/4.6 PS
  • 3. Husqvarna 372xP-18 3900W/5.3 PS
  • 4. Husqvarna 61 2900 W/3,9 PS
  • 5. Husqvarna 353-15 2400W/3.3 PS
  • 6. Husqvarna 435 II (9671554-45) 1600W/2.15 PS
  • 7. Husqvarna 455e 2600W/3.5 PS.
  • 8. Husqvarna 440eii 1800 W/2.4 PS
  • 9. Husqvarna 135 Mark II 1600 W.
  • 10. Husqvarna 120 Mark II-14 1400 W/1.9 PS
  • What is the best chainsaw to buy

Top 10 best chain saws Husqvarna

Husqvarna chainsaws are considered the best among the competition in terms of price to reliability. If you need to buy a reliable device that will not fail under any circumstances, experienced craftsmen prefer this brand.

The advantages of the brand also include high ergonomics. The design of the saws has been tested for years, so long work does not fatigue the operator either in the country house or on a construction site.

Our editorial review includes models of different classes: from light to high-performance. The choice of the former is complicated by the fact that hobby saws often vibrate too much, and the engines are characterized by a simplified design. A common problem of productive and powerful units is working life, balance and comfort. If you use it intensively, the saw should cope with its tasks without causing symptoms. The experts of our editorial board have analyzed these factors and included in the list only the best models that do not “suffer” from common defects.

1. Husqvarna 395XP 4900 W/6,6 PS

Model Husqvarna 395XP 4900W/6.6HP

The most powerful chainsaw in the rating is a professional model for felling and sawing large forests. Although it is equipped with a bar with an already impressive length of 61 cm, the manufacturer allows installation up to 90 cm. The maximum torque is reached at 2/3 of the maximum speed, so there is no need to crank up to the chain ringing and burning. In terms of the technical component, the saw is also first-class. It has everything you need for comfortable operation and long life, from vibration suppression to the innovative Air Injection air purification system.


  • weight/performance ratio;
  • adjustable oil flow;
  • high quality of machining;
  • long service life;
  • Reliability;
  • Long maintenance intervals.


  • Working with the saw requires professional skills.

2. Husqvarna 365-18 3400W/4.6 PS

Model Husqvarna 365-18 3400 4.6HP.

Another all-purpose professional Husqvarna model in which users find the brand’s best developments. Considering the specifics of the operation, it offers the option to limit the oil supply, because in everyday conditions the consumption of expensive lubricant can cost a lot of money. To protect the operator from vibration, both handles are connected with spring brackets. And a centrifugal filter is responsible for clean carburetor air. Easily wins over the 395 model. Chainsaw due to its maneuverability. In addition, the saw will be a great helper in cases where the media market models are not suitable for the purpose – hardwood harvesting, professional construction and low temperatures.

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  • Easy start-up in all weather conditions;
  • Long service life;
  • high quality of machining;
  • Power reserve;
  • Comfortable chain tensioning.


  • Demanding on gasoline quality.

3. Husqvarna 372xP-18 3900W/5.3 PS

Model Husqvarna 372XP-18 3900W/5.3HP

The best mid-range professional chainsaw. According to customer reviews, this model has benchmark reliability and proven quality. Being one of the most acceptable, the saw in the work not every heavy tool in the class. At maximum rpm, it cuts through wood without straining and at an enviable speed. The saw is able to work effectively at medium RPM, because the thrust of the seventy-cubic inch motor with a bevel is enough even for 70 cm bars, which some owners use, and the blade is set larger than the manufacturer allows. The flip side of the coin was the price, which makes such a purchase appropriate only for professional activities.


  • good traction in a large range of speeds;
  • Tire length up to 70 cm;
  • Long service life and reliability;
  • Cursor shaft and pistons for extreme loads;
  • Energy.


  • High price.

4. Husqvarna 61 2900 W/3,9 PS

Husqvarna Model 61 2900 3.9 HP

The Husqvarna 61 2900W/3.9 PS is a saw for those who need a quality and productive tool for regular use. It doesn’t stand up to logging operations, but it costs half the price of the no-strings-attached models. As a rule, it is not necessary in the household, construction or small production. However, as user reviews show, it is not inferior to you in the maximum diameter and cutting speed. And this is actually true. After all, the 3.9 hp engine, half-meter bar and 3.6 Newton-meter thrust are the properties of a knotty but professional life-size chainsaw.


  • Wide bar;
  • Performance;
  • Well-designed ergonomics;
  • long service life;
  • Composite plywood;
  • Winter mode.


  • Expensive original filter.

5. Husqvarna 353-15 2400W/3.3 PS

Model Husqvarna 353-15 2400W/3.3HP

One of the most popular utility and household saws combines the performance of a professional tool with the right size. With a weight of 5 kg, its engine develops more than 3 hp and 13,000 rpm. Such power allows the tool to cope not only with sawing birch for firewood, but also with more complex tasks. According to the buyer, it saws 50-60 cm of a tree trunk without a special string. After reliability, the saw does not cause any symptoms. If you do not use oil and gasoline of low quality, the service life of the piston group will be reduced. Otherwise, expensive repairs are inevitable.


  • Quick access to the air filter;
  • Low weight for its class;
  • Easy start system;
  • Low oil consumption;
  • Good traction at low speeds.


  • Equipped with a fine-toothed chain.

6. Husqvarna 435 II (9671554-45) 1600W/2.15 PS

Model Husqvarna 435 II (9671554-45) 1600W/2.15HP

Husqvarna brand, which produces dozens of already proven models, does not forget to inspire fans of the brand and modern high-tech novelties. One of them is the 435 II model, which is based on American-made components. The chainsaw was not developed from scratch, but was taken as the basis for the 135th, which has undergone a complete modernization. First of all, a system to reduce fuel consumption and emissions in accordance with the eco-standard was introduced. This, in turn, allowed the muscle up to 2.15 hp. Without increasing engine weight or volume. The vibration system, air cleaner and engine also starts in cold weather.

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  • Fuel consumption is reduced by 20%.
  • Rapid cylinder access;
  • Advanced anti-vibration system;
  • American-made components;
  • Comfortable chain tensioning.


  • Costs of original consumables.

7. Husqvarna 455e 2600W/3.5 PS.

Model Husqvarna 455e 2600 3.5 HP

One of the best Husqvarna chainsaws is also a continuation of the previous model. By getting a new engine with X-Torq technology, the saw is more economical, now consuming less than half a liter per HP. And the engine itself puts out a near-record 13300 rpm in this class. Consequently, it allows you to do the same job, but with significant time savings. But the reliability and high service life are inherited. Customer reviews about this tool also testify to the highest quality of the Swiss brand. The chainsaw is not capricious and does not require maintenance.


  • Convenient, combination control;
  • X-Torq engine;
  • High performance;
  • Good value for money;
  • Reliability.

8. Husqvarna 440eii 1800 W/2.4 PS

Model Husqvarna 440eii 1800 2.4HP.

Relatively cheap chainsaws due to their origin from America. However, the great popularity of this model is not only due to the country of assembly and low cost. Practicality adds a successful design with an unlocked chain, convenient operation and more modest by the standards of professional devices dimensions. For home or occasional construction work it will be better to choose something better. Experienced users recommend understanding the tool with a bar, the maximum permissible length of which is 45 cm. Then it will be possible to twist trees with an appropriate diameter. Before buying, however, it is worth paying attention to the function of this saw – like all American machinery, it is very picky about fuel quality.


  • wide pulling area;
  • moderate price;
  • easy maintenance and adjustments;
  • almost no vibration;
  • Tool-less chain.


  • Bad gasoline leads to breakdown.

9. Husqvarna 135 Mark II 1600 W.

Model Husqvarna 135 Mark II 1600W

Rather popular model of chainsaw with an excellent price-quality combination is a universal option for purchase. Its working capacity and power is enough not only for cutting firewood, but also for felling small trees. In the best traditions of the brand, the model is very comfortable to use – almost no vibration, good balance, very easy to start. Also, users noted the cutting speed, the absence of oil leaks and, in general, in various conditions. To the model can not find any complaints, even a slightly high price does not embarrass buyers – 135 Mark II is unanimously recommended for purchase. However, experts pointed out the high oil consumption.


  • wide range of use;
  • effective anti-vibration system;
  • side chain tensioner;
  • fast cutting.


  • Oil consumption is slightly above average.

10. Husqvarna 120 Mark II-14 1400 W/1.9 PS

Video overview” width=”619″ height=”294″ />

Kamaz 6560. Main engine parameters and general technical characteristics

This is a good chainsaw of high quality at a reasonable price, which by its technical parameters is ideal for household tasks and work on the garden plot. The innovative X-Torq gasoline engine is the central feature of the device, which has reduced exhaust emissions by 70% and fuel consumption by 20%. And the air-injection control system carefully took care of the cleanliness of the air filter. According to reviews, thanks to the primer, the saw starts up immediately. The power of the chainsaw is enough for various works on the site. It is not suitable for large construction and logging, but the device is not designed for such loads.


  • Easy starting;
  • Low weight and compact dimensions;
  • Minimal vibration and comfortable design;
  • Disadvantages;
  • Eco-friendliness;
  • The design is borrowed from the professional line.

What is the best chainsaw to buy

The main criterion in choosing a good chainsaw is the operating conditions and the amount of work to be done. Experts recommend being guided by the following factors:

  1. Amateur-class models are designed for occasional use at home or at the cottage. Working resource is usually enough to perform pruning from firewood, felling and pruning small trees, chopping and dismantling uncomplicated household buildings. The main characteristics of the class are low to medium power, a small bar, low weight and compactness.
  2. Professional models are designed for heavy and intensive loads. They are suitable for felling trees, major construction. For such tasks, the models are equipped with large 45 cm tires, powerful and durable engines. As well as additional functions, for example, regulating the oil flow.
  3. Semi-professional chainsaws are technically between the professional and amateur class. This is a universal option for domestic use, when the front of work is higher than the occasional cutting of firewood.

The rating is made for those who are looking for the best chainsaw from the brand “Husqvarna”. The models presented have been praised by experts, experienced craftsmen and amateurs with home appliances.

Description of the model range of chainsaws Husqvarna. Owner’s manual, owner’s check

Husqvarna – a Swedish manufacturer of chainsaws, which produces complex equipment for gardening, dacha, tools and high pressure washers. Husqvarna chainsaws are considered some of the best in the world. This is confirmed by the numerous positive reviews of the saws from owners all over the world.

Currently, the company’s range includes the following equipment:

  • chainsaws;
  • Electric saws (brushcutters), trimmer, brushcutters;
  • Mower;
  • Grasshopper; Grasshopper;
  • Riders;
  • Garden tractors;
  • Cultivation;
  • Fan;
  • Boter;
  • Battery equipment;
  • High-pressure laundry;
  • Snow Tooling;
  • Spare parts and accessories that accompany the entire range of devices and tools.

With the help of KHuskvarna equipment you can work not only in the garden or on lawns, but also in the woods, on sawmills or protocol areas.

Standard warranty on Husqvarna devices and tools is 1 year. An extended warranty of 3 years is also available to Husqvarna product owners.

There is a separate category of saws – counterfeit Hooskvarna saws of Chinese origin. These chainsaws have nothing in common with the originals. It is easy to distinguish a Chinese copy: the price of such a tool is several times lower than the original, the quality of plastic and all parts is much worse than that of models from the USA or Sweden.

Kamaz 4350. Main parameters and technical properties. Video reviews and reviews

372xp-20 on the genuine Husqvarna chainsaws, you do not write on the stickers of genuine Husqvarna chainsaws that you do not write the power

Genuine Husqvarna chainsaws are sold at major construction appraisals or at authorized dealers in online stores.

How much does a Husqvarna chainsaw currently cost?

Regular saws cost from 11 to 16 000 rubles, universal saws can cost from 15 to 30 000 rubles, powerful ones cost from 27 to 40 000 rubles, and the professional series – from 24 to 60 thousand rubles.

Scope of application of chainsaws Husqvarna

The manufacturer divides them into ordinary chainsaws, universal, powerful models, professional series and a line of saws for trees.

Regular chainsaws

    1500W; , 1400W; 1500W;
  • KHuskvarna 140 (set, 1600W).

The task of such a chainsaw is easy work on a site that cuts wood. Their main advantages are simple, uncomplicated operation, but a powerful engine.

Husqvarna chainsaw 135 Husqvarna chainsaw 140 Husqvarna chainsaw 240.

Reduced emissions.

All-purpose chainsaws

    (Discontinued, 1600 W); 440 E-series II (1800 W); 445 E-series II (2100 W);
  • Husqvarna 61 (2900 W); 450 E-series II (2400 W);
  • Husqvarna 455e, 455 E-series Rancher II (2600 W).

Husqvarna 435 chainsaw Husqvarna 440 chainsaw Husqvarna 450e II

Husqvarna multi-purpose chainsaws are easy to maneuver, easy to implement and have low emissions. There is a fuel pump with automatic return, a function of quick start.

Mighty chainsaws

    (2400 W);
  • Husqvarna 545 (2500 W);
  • Husqvarna 555 (3100 W); (3400 W);
  • Husqvarna 365h (3400 W).

Husqvarna 353 chainsaw Husqvarna 365 chainsaw Husqvarna 372-XP chainsaw

The main tasks of powerful chainsaws are long-term use, complex tasks both in the home and in the professional sphere. Such saw can be used in the workshop, at the sawmill and at home. Distinctive features of chainsaws are high performance and design reliability, protection of all parts from wear.

Professional chainsaws

    (3900 w);
  • Husqvarna 965 (4200 w);
  • Husqvarna 395 XP (4900 w).

The professional series are very powerful, reliable devices that can be used for a long time. Compact, relatively light weight. Accomplish your tasks quickly and efficiently.

Tree care chains

    (1500 w);
  • KHuskvarna T540 XP (1800 w).

BASILBEL for trees realizes such tasks as forming crowns in deciduous and fruit trees, pruning branches. With such a tool is easy to work with and even climb the tree.

The best models of KHuskvarna chainsaws

The best chainsaw models according to user and owner reviews contain the following:

    (2400W), a versatile saw that is suitable for professional and domestic use;
  • Husqvarna 257 (long model, beloved by users, power 2700 watts);
  • Husqvarna 555 (3100 W).

Of course, other representatives of the HU X-Model range are also popular, mainly due to the excellent technical characteristics, assembly and performance of good quality.

The features of the chainsaw Husqvarna are as follows:
  • Recognizable appearance – the design of the entire line of chainsaws is about the same;
  • The product weight in the instructions does not include the chain weight, mature;
  • All tools currently manufactured by Husqvarna meet European requirements for noise and environmentally friendly operation.
  • Many models have a side chain tensioner, which means the saw does not need to be disassembled to tension the chain.
  • Almost every saw has an air filter that can be removed with a single push of a valve.
  • Filling the fuel is convenient;
  • The number of stars on the chainsaws differs from chainsaw to chainsaw;
  • It is recommended to use only original spare parts for chainsaws. The use of analogues worsens the performance of the device.
  • It is also recommended to buy good quality fuel. The higher the quality of the fuel, the more reliable and durable your chainsaw will work.
  • A chainsaw’s operating speed can range from 9,000 to 12,000. The idle RPM is about 2,700 per minute.
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Operating instructions and safety precautions for your tool

The basic rules for operating a Husqvarna chainsaw:

  • The fuel for chainsaws is high-degree gasoline;
  • The saw runs on a mixture of fuel and oil, the fuel mixture occurs at a ratio of 50: 1, this ratio has the best effect on engine operation. Do not change the ratio of the components of the fuel mixture!
  • It is recommended to take these types: KHuskvarna HP for 2 engine, semi-synthetic;
  • Prepare the combustible mixture in the required proportion in a special mixed tank. Under no circumstances should you dilute good gasoline.
  • It is also forbidden to dilute one type of oil with another.
  • It is recommended to pour the fuel of the source of fire.

Rules of operation and safety when operating a Husqvarna chainsaw:
  • Always guide the chainsaw from top to bottom or sideways over the entire surface of the tree trunk. If you only drive the saw with the edge of the star, you can achieve a strong kickback of the tool and multiple times the saw.
  • If the saw does not want to start, make sure that all components are assembled and installed correctly and then try to determine the cause.
  • Do not use the unit when it is raining near sources of fire.
  • Do not use the chainsaw without protective equipment (headphones, masks, goggles).
  • Do not remove or disassemble the engine yourself while the machine is under warranty.
Filling station – KHuskvarnas chainsaw:
  • Chainsaw body;
  • Instruction manual;
  • Warranty;
  • saw part;
  • Accessories;
  • universal wrench;
  • Hand sign, guide bar cover (not for all models).

The main chain saw deformations and ways to fix them

Why does the chainsaw Husqvarna not work? The main causes of malfunctions and ways to fix them are shown in the table.



Fixing method

Working assessment video

Husqvarna 140 chainsaw video

Video on how to start your Husqvarna chainsaw correctly

Reviews of owners

Ivan, Cherkassy:

“I am the owner of the model Husqvarna 965.

Good chainsaw, best in its class. I am involved in the construction of wooden houses and I would not trade my saw for anything. Powerful, can cut wood of any species and degree of hardness.

Pros: All the features. To understand it you need to work with it at least a couple of hours.

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