Husqvarna Chainsaw Review 236. Technical features. Characteristics of use and safety precautions

Husqvarna Chainsaw Review 236. Technical features. Characteristics of use and safety precautions

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Husqvarna 236 chain ships are a powerful model of a chainsaw of a Swedish manufacturer, which should carry out simple woodcuts, a cut and branches, all work with wooden arrays and a wooden board. It can be used to saw MDV, chipboard, fiber panels and other materials from pressed raw materials. The chainsaw also saw slightly dense wood as oak.

Chainsaw Husqvarna 236

A petro l-tw o-hub engine with air cooling is installed on Husqvarna 236. The engine power is 1400 watts. The engine volume is 38.2 cubic meters. Look at the scope of the chainsaw of the chainsaw, the tool is not designed for long loads because it has a moderate performance. For professional use, more powerful chainsaws with a motor volume of more than 70 cubic meters are recommended.

Basic equipment

The land of the assembly of chainsaw: Sweden. The country of production: Sweden. The basic configuration of KHUSKVARNA 236’s chainsaw contains the following elements:

  • User Guide;
  • a saw block with engine, fuel tank, control levers and brakes;
  • Cut part with a bus and a chain;
  • universal divorce key;
  • Protection cover for a saw screen;
  • Abbey – front, back;
  • Protection for the right hand;
  • Silencer.

A more complete list of details is given in the instructions for the operation of the chainsaw. There is also the device’s assembly.

The costs for a chainsaw are Husqvarna 236

The average costs of KHUSKVARNA 236 in Russia are 8 to 21,000 rubles (such a scatter is determined by prices and new models used). Such a chainsaw for 5000 UAH can be bought in Ukraine. And in the United States, the cost of the device is an average of $ 150.

Chainsaw Husqvarna 236

Technical characteristics

Technical features of the chainsaw Husqvarna 236:

  • The speed at maximum power is 9000 per minute;
  • Limit speed – 3000 per minute;
  • Type of spark plug – champion rcj7y;
  • Type of chain – H37;
  • The speed of the chain is 16.3 m/s;
  • Chainsaw weight 4.7 kg;
  • Noise level during operation – 113 dB;
  • The sound effect on the operator’s ear is 100.7 dB;
  • The vibration level on the handle is between 2.1 and 2.7 m/s;
  • The volume of the oil tank is 210 ml.

Usage characteristics

Follow the following safety rules to work effectively and safely with a chainsaw:

  • You can only start a chainsaw after a visual inspection and ensure that all components determine the correct assembly and the density fixation of all components.
  • It is forbidden to use a chainsaw without protective equipment and even start, including closed clothing, shoes, noise disposal headphones, ant i-vibration s-feasts, a protective mask;
  • If Burrs appear in the saw chain, they must be eliminated by a file, a deterioration in chain mobility can lead to malfunctions and increased injuries to the tool.
  • The operator himself performs the establishment of a chainsaw for the work. If this process is a difficulty for you, the setting information in the operating instructions is described.
  • a badly worn chain is not suitable for sawing and must be replaced;
  • Use the right hand guard included in the kit.
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Chainsaw Husqvarna 236

Maintenance instructions for equipment and tools

The mechanism of the Husqvarna 236 chainsaw is very simple and does not differ from the 240 and 235 models.

The main unit is closed by a cover under which a two-stroke engine, oil compartment, fuel tank and air cleaner are installed. The cutting part is represented by a rod and chain.

Servicing the Husqvarna 236 chainsaw includes the following actions:
  • regular daily check for damage to chain and saw body;
  • cleaning of sawdust and dirt residues every time after the end of operation;
  • timely lubrication of the cutting part, proper preparation of the fuel mixture;
  • Use only high quality lubricants and

The instruction prescribes the following: from time to time the muffler needs to be descaled for more efficient operation. Also, you need to remove carbon deposits from the spark plug, this will extend the life of the chainsaw.

Fuel and oil, lubricant for Husqvarna 236

Recommended oil for Husqvarna 236 chainsaws: for air-cooled two-stroke petrol engines, marked 2T. Recommended oil brands: husqvarna, partner. Fuel for husqvarna 236: AI-92, AI-95 unleaded petrol. The fuel mixture is prepared with a fuel to oil ratio of 40:1. The finished mixture is stored for up to 4 weeks. Do not leave a chainsaw that will not work for the next month with a tank full of gasoline and oil; Drain fuel during storage.

Use husqvarna or partner special oils to lubricate the chain and bar.

The life of the Husqvarna 236 chainsaw

The Husqvarna 236 chainsaw, like other domestic models from this manufacturer, is designed for continuous operation of 30 or 40 minutes (without additional refueling, on one portion of the fuel mixture). If it is necessary to refuel and continue operation, you can turn off the engine, wait until it cools down and, after adding fuel, continue operation.

The main malfunctions of the Husqvarna 236 chainsaw and how to fix them

Consider the main malfunctions and their causes that the owner of the Husqvarna 236 chainsaw may encounter during operation. We remind you that a complex repair or a procedure such as adjusting a carburetor can be carried out in a service center while the tool is under warranty.

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Possible solution

2. If the unit cuts out intermittently, the cause may be a clogged carburetor.

1. Fill with fresh fuel mixture.

2. Disassemble, clean and, if necessary, adjust the carburetor.

Pros and cons of the Husqvarna 236 model

Like any household model, the Husqvarna 236 chainsaw has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Reviews about the chainsaw of this model are positive in the vast majority of cases.

The owners include the following parameters of the chainsaw among the advantages of the model:

  • high torque;
  • rare breakdowns and therefore less need for repairs;
  • interchangeability of spare parts (for a chainsaw, you can pick up consumables from other manufacturers, for example, Stihl);
  • convenient for use in construction, timber harvesting;
  • can start quickly even at low temperatures;
  • small, does not take up much space and is convenient to hold by hand;
  • Shutdown function in case of loss of control.

From the shortcomings of the Husqvarna chainsaw in their reviews, the owners note such characteristics:

  • In some models, oil leaking out of oil;
  • There is an opportunity to buy a Chinese fake, which at first glance is difficult to distinguish from the original, and therefore not as functional.

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Overview of the Khuskvarna 236 chainsaw

How the Khuskvarna 236 chainsaw worked and arranged

How to disassemble a Huskvarn 236 chainsaw

Reviews of the owners

Nikolai, Rostov:

“I am not satisfied with the purchase, during the warranty period the chainsaw rolled with me three times, although there were no prerequisites for connections. At first I started to stand, and finally, after a year of operation, the butt stuck him. After disassembly, it was found that the piston has a lot of bullying, changed a number of spare parts, and with all these repairs cost me twice the cost! I read Rainbow reviews and envied the boys. Apparently I was really just unlucky. Now I think the move is for parts only because we didn’t grow up with our working relationships with this chainsaw. “

Husqvarna 236 chainsaw – Swedish model of a moderate price range

The Swedish company Khuskvarna positions itself on the European market as a manufacturer of high-quality consumer goods. In the proposed range, light domestic chains Husqvarna 236 (14 inch) X-Torq is distinguished by an affordable cost, performance, reliability and durability.

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The product combines the advantages and classic layout of models of the legendary hundredth series with modern technical and operational solutions. In terms of performance, efficiency and reliability, the 236 Khuskvarna saws can serve as a standard for existing European standards.

Chainsaw Husqvarna 236 - Swedish model of a moderate price range

Photo: Chainsaw Husqvarna 236

The operational advantages of this model

First it should be noted:

  • excellent quality of materials used and high accuracy of processing components;
  • stable traction characteristics of the standard engine;
  • Ergonomic pin configuration and convenient location of controls.

Despite the budget value in designing the chainsaws, branded design developments were used.

  • The model is equipped with effective centrifugal air injection.
  • X-TORQ® technology reduces fuel consumption by an average of 20% and with parallel purification of exhaust gases from toxic components by 60%.
  • The saw construction took advantage of an effective anti-vibration spring suspension of the Lowvib engine.
  • The lack of vibration in the halyard helps reduce fatigue and maintain full user performance throughout the cycle of sawing work.

Structural Properties

The manufacturer took care of maximum operational safety. The saw is equipped with a double-acting braking device to stop the engine immediately in an emergency. To prevent injuries, the saw design is complemented by capturing the flying chain.

Spare parts and consumables are presented in a wide range, which allows you to carry out the entire volume of service, elimination of a malfunction or a small repair at home.

Technical characteristics

The saw of 236, 7.37 kg is perfectly balanced. Therefore, it is held comfortably in various workplaces without much effort.

model Husqvarna 236
Manufacturer Husqvarna
production (assembly) China
The birthplace of the brand Sweden
saw class Farmer/Household
Power, L.S. (KW) 1.9 (1.4)
Engine volume, cm3 38.2
The volume of the fuel tank, L 0,3
Oil tank volume, L 0,2
Tire length, cm 35
Holocaust revolutions, speed 3000
Maximum speed, speed 9000
Pase width, mm 1,3
The number of links 52
Noise level, DB 113
Tire length, customs 14
Chain step, customs 3/8
Dimensions, mm length x width x height 540 x 270 x 282
Weight (KG 7.37
instructions Download
Details Download


The saw of the saw – a petrol engine with a volume of 38.2 cm3, which develops a capacity of 1.9 hp.

The peculiarity of the Power Unit:

  • Compactness;
  • Reliable and simple start at low temperatures;
  • Easy maintenance and low food;
  • Economic consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • A considerable torque, a lifespan of long overhaul life.
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The construction of the chainsaw ensures the supply of fuel through the built pump and the combined control of the carburetor gas. The fuel tank capacity is 0.3 liters for the engine 2.5-3 hours.

Work equipment

The tire of 16 inches is made of wear steel. By reducing the width of the groove to 0.05 mm, the saturation of the chain with a step of 3/8 inches with horizontal saws of the wood with an increased diameter is excluded. The KHUSKVARNA 235 model differs from the same type of analogue with a comfortable and reliable device for the voltage and fixing the chain in the working position.

The number of chain members for the 1 4-inch tire is 52 PCs. The technology of special processing guarantees lon g-term resource cutting edges, but the exhausted stretched chain is subject to the timely exchange.

Husqvarna 236

Carburetor adjustment

A properly set carburetor is the key to the stability of traction parameters and fuel savings. Change the parameters is only advisable with a strong difference in the air temperature. For no reason it is not recommended to change the quality and quantity of the carburetor.

When the oil flows out of the tank, you have to clean the blocked bacon and make sure that the tightness of the oil tank cover. When the engine begins and sets, the cause can be a water capacition in a carburetor, a faulty candle or no n-infected fuel.

In order to remove the errors characteristic of ICE, you can use the recommendations of the attached operating manual.


The high quality of KHuskvarn products applies to the entire selection of household and professional chainsaws.

Model 236 Perfectly establishes itself in every respect:

  • in work on the role of the old trees and the harvest of firewood;
  • When building wooden block huts;
  • In the installation of wooden elements of landscape design and the circumcision of trees.

Users highly evaluate:

  • Excellent for its powerful category of performance;
  • Characteristics of comfortable and safe management;
  • hig h-quality assembly;
  • Exchange of uniform spare parts and consumption materials with the same brand models.


In this section, the users find that recommended, sufficiently expensive lubricant must be used, which are delivered extremely irregularly in individual regions.

According to the design and work skills of the chainsaw, practically lacking criticisms.

The cost of the new chainsaw of KHUSKVARNA models 236 in different regions was stabilized in 11,000 rubles. The lack of deficiency does not contribute to the stability of the demand for used saws, hence a technically maintained product of category B.U. With half of the operational resource you can buy 5-6,000 rubles.

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A worthy alternative is the popular chainsaw of the same type in terms of engine performance and costs-Bosch AKE 35-19 S, Hitachi CS33EB, Oleo-Mac 937, Makita UC4051A and other models of leading European and Asian manufacturers.

Domestic analogues are represented by cheaper brand saws – Zenith, energy and granite. Budget models in relation to sales prices are identical to foreign counterparts, but are significantly inferior to material quality, operational safety and service life.

Reviews of the owners

There are six imported chainsaws of various brands in forestry, i.e. more than enough material to compare quality and performance. For home use, I bought a less powerful but rather reliable Swedish Husqvarna saw, model 236. The power of the machine is inferior to a professional chainsaw, but their skills are more than sufficient for the household. Calculating engine lessons is difficult, so I determine the operating time by the number of tank processes. Without a single failure or a malfunction, I have already burned almost 100 liters of gasoline. The performance reserve of this saw is relatively low, I will buy the next model with a stronger engine in the range from 2.2 to 2.5 hp. Anatoli Iwanowitsch

Each device should have an owner, which is why my father has probably transferred all the work to the preparation of the firewood and the maintenance of the Husqvarna chainsaw bought for the courtyard. The first impression is that the machine is created and balanced, the hands do not tire even after several hours of uninterrupted work. The engine is not heated, the thrust is stable. Two years of operation had practically no influence on the appearance and performance of the saw. Nicholas

A chainsaw was required to build a wooden frame for a new bathhouse. I didn’t like anything of the domestic models, so the choice fell on the imported Husqvarna. I remember the trademark of this manufacturer under the name of a racing motorcycle. The new saw has not deceived expectations. Quality and reliability do not need to confirm who has worked with imported models knows that. The fuel consumption is less than with a lawn mower, the revolutions are stable at every temperature and in all modes. The tire is still on its own, the native chain was exchanged in the second year of operation. Oleg Dmitrijewitsch

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