Husqvarna 450e II chain saw review. Technical specifications. Features of use and safety equipment

Husqvarna 450e chainsaws: Features

Modern powerful chainsaw Husqvarna 450 E LL belongs to the class of semi-professional (universal) chainsaws, which, thanks to its own characteristics, are able to satisfy even the most demanding buyers.

Within the article, we will consider in more detail the technical properties and features of the chainsaw Husqvarna 450E, in order to form a clear idea about the tool before buying. In conclusion, we will reinforce the information with interesting videos and real reviews.

Design features

The Husqvarna 450e takes advantage of X-Torq engine technology, easy starting system, two-stage air purification, combined carburetor control, low vibration and noise during operation.

Ergonomic design and balanced body, the shape of the handles, suitable for strong recording, contribute to comfortable work in difficult conditions.

The tool is perfectly adapted for work in northern and southern regions of the country, so it will be the best helper in the workplace:

  • sawing fuel;
  • shaping the crowns of the tops of trees in accordance with the style of the landscape style;
  • Building wooden houses, fences, retaining walls and other exterior elements.

Block: 2/10 | Summer Numbers: 719 Source: 450e-poluprofessionalnyj-Polzovatelej-s-povynnymi-zaprosami/


The Husqvarna 450E II is a semi-professional tool for woodworking and long-duration sawing work on boards, large tree trunks, wooden beams and other wooden structures. Chainsaw is designed for long-term operation, has high productivity and excellent endurance.

Husqvarna 450e II chainsaw

The Husqvarna 450E II chain saw features an undeveloped air-cooled gasoline engine. Engine output is 3.4 hp (2400 watt equivalent). The engine volume of the chainsaw is 50.2 cubic meters. Approximate fuel consumption is 504 g/kW. Maximum output is achieved at 9000 rpm. The fuel tank holds 450 ml of gasoline-oil mixture.

A characteristic feature of the Husqvarna 450E II chainsaw is its economical gasoline consumption and reduced exhaust emissions. Such operation is ensured by Motor-Design-X-Tord technology. Star t-Smart mode ensures easy starting and starting of the chainsaw. For the operator’s convenience, the tool has a fuel window, through which the fuel level can be monitored.

Block: 2/8 | Summer Numbers: 1245 Source: 450e-iobzor/

Basic Package

The manufacturer of the Husqvarna 450e II chainsaw is Husqvarna, Sweden. Country of assembly Sweden. The warranty on the tool is 2 years.

Parts of the basic chainsaw package:

  • Husqvarna Pro 15 ‘0.325’ 1.3 64 model saw bar.
  • Instruction manual, warranty document;
  • Husqvarna X-CUT SP33G saw chain (64 stars);
  • Transport case;
  • Universal wrench.

The instruction manual is accompanied by a detailed diagram of the chainsaw, which shows all the main parts. The chainsaw is packed in a box.

Download the instruction manual of Husqvarna 450e II

Husqvarna 450e II costs

Official Husqvarna dealers in Russia sell this chainsaw model at a price starting at 19990 rubles. In Ukraine, the new original Husqvarna 450E II chainsaw can be purchased at a price of 16 000 hryvnia. The cost of the original chainsaw in the U.S. is $949.

Review of the HUSKWARNA 450e II chainsaw

Husqvarna 450E II semi-professional chainsaws are designed to cut all types of wood, including high density. This tool is indispensable not only in the private sector, but also in forestry and supply companies. You can fell trees, form crowns, cut branches, cut tree trunks and boards. The saw has longitudinal, cross and diagonal cuts.

The Huskvarna 450E II is an improved version of the previous Husqvarna 450 e chain saw. The manufacturer strengthened the reducer of the saw unit, added a swivel torque. The chainsaw of this modification was equipped with a primer (it is not present in the previous models) and pumped the mixture into the carburetor, which made it even easier to start the gas tool, equipped with a focusing system. The performance of the non-powered motor is 3.26 hp. С. The carburetor (choke) control is semi-automatic. The chainsaw is started by an inertia starter. The double air-cleaning system is employed, the filter life is doubled, the result is more complete fuel combustion, exhaust fumes reduction by 70%, fuel mixture expenditure reduced by 20%. A damping and anti-vibration system is installed in the integrated engine. A chain brake and a zipper are used to protect the operator’s hands. The chain voltage is instrumental. 38 cm long bars and chains are used for 64 links. Lubrication for the headset is supplied automatically. Chainsaw weight without equipment is 5.1 kg.

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Technical Data

model Husqvarna 450e
Manufacturer Husqvarna
Manufacture (assembly) Sweden
Birthplace of Brand Sweden
Saws class Semi-professional
Power, hp (kW) 3.2 (2.4)
Engine displacement, cm3 50.2
Chain pitch, custom 0.325
chain thickness, mm 1,3
Fuel tank capacity, L 0.45
Volume of oil tank, L 0.26
Tire length, cm 38 (15)
Number of links 64
Warranty, years 1
Weight (kg 5,1


  • Semi-professional modification;
  • Transmission is reinforced;
  • Primer is built in;
  • Semi-automatic throttle;
  • Light starting;
  • Reliability of assemblies and mechanisms;
  • High-performance power plant;
  • Braking system;
  • Vibration dampening system;
  • Automatics.
  • Two-phase cleaning of air entering carburetor;
  • Tool chain;
  • Maintenance;
  • Easy access to filter.
  • Low weight.

You can also check out the unit from this list, the Husqvarna 142 chainsaw.

Unit: 2/8 | Summer Numbers: 2381 Source: 450e-iii

Loan repayment and information support

All recent models are well-maintained. Thanks to consumers and brands available in a wide range, the owner can perform maintenance and routine repairs with their own hands.

In the content, the instruction manual is informative for the beginner to develop skills in preparing the tool for work, the correct adjustment of the carburetor and saw chain tension, determine the cause of failure and fix it in the shortest possible time.

The high quality of materials used in the saw’s design and factory assembly, long service life of components and systems can be confirmed by positive feedback from owners and service center technicians.

unit: 4/10 | Summer figures: 781 Source: 450e-poluprofessionalnyj-tlya-polzovatelej-s-povynnymi-zaprosami/


Two chainsaw modifications are available for sale: the Husqvarna 450 and the Husqvarna 450 E in a basic package with each saw.

maintenance steps

  1. Condition of bar, chain (timely sharpening).
  2. Condition of filter, its cleaning or replacement.
  3. Spark plug service.
  4. Check condition of sprocket and replace if necessary.
  5. Regularly cleaning tool from dust, oil and fuel residues.
  6. Technical liquids level control.
  7. Adjustment of carburetor.
  8. Cleaning oil passages to chain.

Unit: 5/8 | Summer Figures: 379 Source: 450e-iii

Angle cutter

The detachable cutting assembly is equipped with parts of its own manufacture. Standard listings include a 38-inch brndtube and a heavy-duty saw chain with a .325″ base pitch. The lubrication and cooling system consists of a 260 ml tank and a work area oil pump that dispenses the amount of oil.

The saw is designed with an emergency interlock. A double-acting brake stops the saw chain if the chain breaks off, runs back, or in other injury-prone situations.

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Kinematic design of the saw provides smooth start and stop with a shift, conveniently located controls allow the operator to pay more attention to the work process. Considering the possibilities of work, the tool can be operated with work sets from 13 to 20 inches long.

unit: 6/10 | Summer figures: 832 Source: 450e-poluprofessional-tlya-polzovatelej-s-povynnymi-zaprosami/


We suggest you watch an interesting video Review of the chainsaw Husqvarna 450. The author does not compare himself with the chainsaw Husqvarna 135, noting that despite the larger engine capacity of the 450, they weigh the same! Which is very surprising!

advantages and disadvantages

Even a cursory analysis of consumer reviews shows full compliance of the working parameters of the chainsaw Husqvarna 450E with the factory characteristics.

In the foreground are declared:

  • wide functionality of the tool, economical consumption of fuel and engine oil;
  • high reliability, durability of components, parts and assemblies;
  • minimum for its class vibration and noise during operation;
  • Availability of innovative technical solutions, making it easier to start the engine in difficult conditions, complete air purification, guaranteed safety of sawing works with increasing complexity.
  • In particular, thanks to the effective operation of the vibration damper, rubber pads on the handles, ergonomic positioning of the gas barrel, accidental start lock and combined carburetor choke control – comfort during long hours of work is significantly increased.

According to the unanimous opinion of the users, no significant technical and operational disadvantages are stated in the design of the tool. Indirect disadvantages can be considered a relatively high price for consumables and spare parts, as well as a relatively large amount of oil for the chain when stored for quite a long time.

Block: 7/10 | Summer Numbers: 1228 Source: 450e-poluprofessional-tya-polzovatelej-s-povynnymi-zaprosami/


Within the framework of the article, we considered all the advantages of the semi-professional chainsaw Husqvarna 450, its modifications, technical features and backed it all up with the reviews of the owners. From all of this we concluded that chainsaws are ideal for people who need not only chop wood in the bath, but also a reliable, powerful “friend”, if necessary, is able to saw more than one car without stopping, And from the trunk of a tree to build a house from a bar.

In the representations at the official dealers, the cost of the Husqvarna model 450E has stabilized at the level of 19,000 rubles. According to experts and ordinary users, the specified model 100% corresponds to the quality and performance skills of SEMI – professional tool of the increased performance category.

Block: 8/10 | Summer figures: 321 Source: 450e-poluprofessionalnyj-Polzovatelej-s-povynnymi-zaprosami/.

Owner reviews

Vadim, Amursk:

“Before the Husqvarna 450 I had a chainsaw, which I was also very, very happy with. But over time I wanted to buy more devices. I even argued with my neighbor, whose saw would be sharper, he also has a Husqvarna when working with a frying pan. In general, Sweden won, I bought a 450 to replace it, especially since I could not find a single bad review about it. Compared to my previous saw, the Husqvarna chainsaw burned less gasoline and produced significantly less exhaust. Now, 5 years later, nothing has changed, works as reliably and without complaints.

Advantages: Electricity, has fuel mixture level, cubic footage of wood at the gas station, which compared to another manufacturer’s saw. Filter cover is quick to remove, you can tighten the chain a bit or solve if necessary.

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Disadvantages: high oil consumption, especially when the oiler is clogged with wood saws. Have to clean it all the time. “

Dmitry, Ramenki:

“Advantages of the chainsaw: durability, performance, breaks little, easy to wait.

Disadvantages: Expensive parts and it does not like bad oil, does not work well if you try to pour bad cheap oil.

I have something to compare it with, I have worked in Poland, exactly with Husqvarna saws, the original ones. So I will tell everyone that for me these saws are the best in the world. Even on a passing inspection, quality assembled, powerful and reliable equipment, the plastic housing is very strong and resistant to impact. I don’t know what it takes to make it break, honestly! Before you write an assessment of how bad it is, read the manual.

Pretty compact chainsaws, especially compared to the old Dom or Belarus chainsaws. All in all, I can only recommend these chainsaws! Buy a Husqvarna and it won’t feel like working with any other equipment after that. “

Block: 8/8 | Summer figures: 1914 Source: 450e-iobzor/

Analogous to

Developments from the best-known manufacturers in Asia and Western Europe compete with chainsaw equipment from the Husqvarna brand with varying degrees of success. The same in electricity, cost and performance skills on the Russian market are represented by the models Stihl MS 230-14, Echo CS-350TE-12 and Oleo-Mac GS 44-16.

Block: 9/10 | Summer performance: 323 Source: 450e-polupuprofessionalnyj-polzovatelej-s-povynnymi-zaprosami/

Number of blocks: 21 | Total number of characters: 17569 Number of donors used: 4 Information about each donor:

Husqvarna 450E II chainsaw. Review, specs, reviews

The Husqvarna 450e II chainsaw is a semi-professional tool that is produced by the famous Husqvarna, which has been producing construction tools and equipment, gardening and parking equipment since 1970. In previous years, the company supplied the local Sweden with all kinds of weaponry. The transition to peaceful products was so successful that within a few years the company went international and firmly established itself there.

Husqvarna 450E II chainsaw

Husqvarna 450E II semi-professional chainsaw is an updated version of Husqvarna 450E chainsaw. The company’s designers have installed a more powerful gearbox on the device, through which the torque has been increased. Another improvement is the installation of a manual fuel pump (Primer), which helps to start the cold chainsaw.

Husqvarna at work

Purpose of Husqvarna 450E II chain saw is long term cutting (especially odd and cross cutting) of different types of wood with loads. This bank tool is in demand in agricultural, municipal and forestry organizations. It is in demand by dacha owners, owners of huts and villagers.

Husqvarna 450e II chainsaw set:

Case for chain saws universal key counteracting handheld


The chainsaw is equipped with a 2-stroke carbon ice pick with a rated capacity of 3.26 liters. C. The X-Torq technology used in the engine of these chainsaws allows to achieve maximum combustion of the fuel mixture in the chamber, which positively affects the quality of the exhaust gases (the content of harmful substances is reduced by 70%) and reduces fuel consumption by 20%.

Thanks to the integrated Air Ingeskshn air cleaner, the service life of the air filter is extended.

Intelligent start system has a manual starter and a primer that pumps fuel to the carburetor. Ignition is contactless. The Huscovarna 450e II chain saw provides protection from injury and vibration.

Protective features include the following devices:
  • Dampers, rubberized pads – vibration protection;
  • Chain brake, Zeeper, safety pad – protects the operator from injury during rebound, chain breakage.
Pond in fall and winter

The devices are installed with a special universal screwdriver. Original guides are recommended 38 cm and saw chains of appropriate size. Specially installed oil pump automatically supplies oil to the chain and increases your service life.

Benefits of the Husqvarna 450e II chain saw:
  • High power.
  • Engine with X-Torq technology.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Economical fuel consumption.
  • SmartStart.
  • Air purification “air inksnisch”.
  • Vibration protection “Low Vib”.
  • Priming.
  • Inertia brake system.
  • Reliability.
  • Automatic headset lubrication.
  • repairs.
  • Durability.
  • Compactness.
  • Lightness.
  • More powerful drivetrain.

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Disadvantages of the Husqvarna 450e II chainsaw:
  • High cost of the Husqvarna 450e II chainsaw.
  • High cost of consumables and replacement parts.
  • Intoxication in the workplace.


performance 2.4 kW
engine volume, l 50.2 cc.
bus length 33-50 cm
fuel tank capacity 0.45L
Oil Tank Capacity 0.26L
weight 5,1 kg

User guide

This manual comes with every Husqvarna chainsaw that leaves the factory. This document helps the owner of the chainsaw to become familiar with the features of the tool and to learn all the necessary skills. This is essential when working with a gas tool and during its maintenance periods.

Chainsaw construction

Sections of the tour:
  • Husqvarna chainsaw design and assembly.
  • Performance table for the 450E II.
  • Equipment package list.
  • Safety.
  • Principles of sawing.
  • Preparation and start, workshop period.
  • Service work for the gasoline tool.
  • Problems, their causes.
Safety precautions when working with the Husqvarna 450e II chainsaw:
  • Refueling the chainsaw away from the workplace.
  • Do not smoke near the power tool or in the work area.
  • The operator must wear personal protective equipment at work: uniform, goggles, earmuffs, gloves, comfortable shoes, etc.
  • The operator is obliged to make sure that there are no unauthorized persons at the place of sawing work.
  • Do not use any tools that are out of order.
  • Do not disassemble the saw while it is in operation.
  • To reduce the risk of kickback, do not trap the end of the guide bar behind the guide bar.

First start-up

The manufacturer recommends that you use freshly-blended fuel only for the Husqvarna 450E II. The fuel mixture is prepared before starting the tool.

Husqvarna oil

We take 1 liter of high-quality 92-grade gasoline and 100 ml of domestic Husqvarna oil for 2-stroke power units. ½ of the gasoline is thoroughly mixed with the engine oil, then the rest of the gasoline is added to the container – again everything is thoroughly mixed, the mixture is ready. Boiled fuel is stored for no more than one month.

Before you start working with a chainsaw you will need:
  • The chainsaw is assembled, all that remains is to pick up the headset and properly tension the chain.
  • The chainsaw is refueled in two steps: fuel is poured into the appropriate tank; chain oil is poured into the tank.
  • The operator checks that all the fasteners are secure.
  • The chainsaw is ready to work – start-up is performed.
  • Before starting, it is necessary to check how the following systems work: shifting brake; chain lubrication; neutral.
  • The operating time begins immediately after starting. It lasts 10 hours, the tiller works in soft mode at half its power. Models and mechanisms are worked out, the life of the tool increases.
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Maintenance includes:

  • Like any tool, the power tiller needs to be cleaned.
  • After cleaning, lubrication is performed.
  • The carburetor periodically requires readjustment.
  • The chainwheel blunts over time and must be resharpened or replaced if worn.

Main malfunctions and troubleshooting

The Husqvarna chainsaw will not start:

  • If necessary, check the abundance of fuel in the fuel tank, separate the fuel mixture:
  • Drain the substandard fuel mixture and refill with freshly prepared fuel mixture.
  • Clean or adjust carburetor;
  • Clean or replace spark plug;
  • Check that chainsaw starts correctly.
  • Check clearance between electrode and spark plug.
  • Check magneto, set ignition.
  • Check that the high voltage wire is connected and not broken.
  • Clean the air filter, replace it with a new one if severely worn;
  • Remove the head, check the condition of the piston with wear – discard the rings or replace the piston.

Engine loses rpm:

  • Check carburetor condition, adjust carburetor.
  • Check the operation of the spark plug.
  • Check that the air filter is in working order and clean.
  • Drain the old fuel, pour in freshly made fuel.
  • Make sure that oil is poured into the oil tank.
  • Check the condition of the passages through which oil can flow and clean them.

Video review

Husqvarna 450E II chainsaw overview



Owner reviews

Vasily, 48 years old:

“Bought the Husqvarna 450 for construction work – put my son’s log house, there is a bathhouse and outbuildings. I have to work for 4-8 hours with a chainsaw, this model does a great job. It is true I want a longer bar, but you can buy and put a big one. No problems with starting, the chain is not great. Advantages of Husqvarna: powerful, reliable, excellent chain. Disadvantages: not detected. “

Nicholas, 33 years old:

“I work in the municipality, often have to crush trees, remove branches and clarify garbage. I work with the Huscar Saw 450e II. The effort is not bad, the saw has also been good with the company. Been working for about 2 years because the Stihl is 7 years old, the saw is noble, but costs more than the Husqvarna. The saw is great to repair without involving service. Mostly I had to clean the carburetor and adjust it. Advantages: quality, reliability, power, light. Disadvantages: expensive. “

Alexander, 37 years:

“Bought a chainsaw Husqvarna 3 months ago. Sawed the material – firewood a day, saw great experience. The first time I did not start right away, but then I figured out what and how, and the work went on. In my place took out two trees, branches and tribes for firewood for the fireplace and bathtub. I am very satisfied with the purchase. Advantages: performance, durability, quality. Disadvantages: none. “

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