Husqvarna 372-XP chainsaw review. Technical specifications. Features of use and safety rules

Husqvarna 372 XP chain saw – a reliable model for tough jobs

Professional chain saw Husqvarna 372 XP has a lot to offer in terms of safety, durability and service life. The tool is designed for tough conditions with high humidity, extreme temperatures and extreme loads.

Husqvarna 372 XP chainsaw - a reliable model of increased complexity

Photo: Husqvarna 372 XP chainsaw

During the development of the model, many technical innovations were implemented. First of all, these are:

  • An easy-to-maintain centrifugal air filter;
  • Oil pump with variable capacity;
  • The original solution of the chain tensioner;
  • The handles and controls are ergonomically shaped.


The scope of application of this model extends to logging, professional big-tree cases, mass cross-cutting and long-term sawing of commercially available softwood and hardwood.

This is facilitated by the modern features of the tool, built-in innovations and original technical solutions embedded in its design. Operator comfort is increased by the use of an effective vibration damper, reduction of the production noise level to 103 dB and excellent balance.

Husqvarna 372XP

Design and maintainability

The Husqvarna 372 XP saw is distinguished from comparable models of other brands by its combination of modern design, easier and less expensive maintenance, high performance, cost-effectiveness and affordability.

This model’s maintainability is aided by its simple design and reasonable price of consumables. Spare parts are available in a wide enough range to help you troubleshoot or repair the tool in a short period of time.

When the saw is working away from the service department, experienced sawyers practice adjustments, adjustments and quite complicated repairs themselves.

For private owners of a professional chainsaw, the instruction manual included in the kit becomes an aid in preparing the device for work, maintenance and troubleshooting.

How to distinguish the original from the fake?

Many branded chainsaws, including the Husqvarna brand, are copied with more or less success by small Asian companies.

It is quite easy to distinguish the original, even if the counterfeit appears on its own. The Chinese counterfeit differs from the basic model by the absence of a branded metal nameplate with a serial number, distorted writing of the logo and the lack of paint on the back of the body.


The tool weighs 6.1 kg and is characterized by compact overall dimensions, simplified access to the setting and adjustment points and fueling elements. The saw is equipped with a carburetor engine that runs on a 50:1 mixture of high quality gasoline and motor oil. The 70.7 cc engine develops 3.9 kW of power when running.

Engine advantages:

  • Gas reception and rpm stability in all operating modes and at idle;
  • elastic traction properties;
  • economical fuel consumption within the limits of 1,9 l/h;
  • increased torque reserve;
  • simple start-up system;
  • Possibility to work for a long time in the working mode without losing working time for cooling.
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The autonomous work of the saw is guaranteed by the fuel supply in the internal tank of 771 ml.

model Husqvarna 372 XP
Manufacturer Husqvarna
Manufacture (assembly) Sweden
Brand homeland Sweden
Type of class Specialist
Power, PS (kW) 5.27 (3.9)
Engine displacement, cm3 70.7
Chain division, customs 3/8
Chain strength, mm 1,5
Number of members, STK 68
Fuel tank capacity, l 0.77
Volume of the oil tank, l 0,4
Tire length, cm (in.) 45 (18)
Warranty, years 1
Weight (kg) 6,1
Manual Download

Working equipment

The workpiece consists of a 18″ guide bar, H42 cutting chain with 3/8″ pitch and a side tensioner. The universal design of the connecting unit allows the installation of alternative sets of connecting chains from 38 to 70 cm in length.

Chain lubrication and cooling is automatic. A variable displacement pump draws oil from an internal reservoir and delivers it to the working area at a rate of 4 to 20 ml/min.

Work safety is guaranteed by an emergency inertia brake which immediately blocks the chain movement in case of an abnormal situation. If the tire has a drive chain wheel, its stock is lubricated separately every 7-8 hours of operation.

Video: 372XP in action

pros and cons

Husqvarna 372 XP chain saw combines the advantages of a classic layout with modern design and construction solutions.

The low weight is complemented by a pleasant grip, good balance and minimal vibration compared to other professional models. Reduced fatigue gives the driver an obvious time-saving reserve in the 12-15% range.

Tool advantages:

  • increased reliability of parts and units due to special treatment of materials, application of wear-resistant protective and decorative coatings;
  • small amount of routine repair work;
  • Interchangeability of unified parts, kits and consumables of other manufacturers;
  • High degree of safety when performing felling and sawing work of high complexity.

Throughout the entire operating life of this model, no significant drawbacks have been revealed. The main problems are the lack of a priming pump and carburetor heating, the lack of visual control over the condition of the fuel stand and chain oil.

The Husqvarna 372 XP model is sold at a price of 33,000 rubles. For some time an improved version of the Husqvarna 372 XP X-Torq was produced in parallel with an average price of 41,000 rubles. Serial production of this version was discontinued for several reasons.

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On the used machinery market there are separate offers for the sale of chainsaws of both models, used category. Priced from 20,000 rubles.


In the domestic market of professional chainsaw equipment products Husqvarna brand successfully competes with the models of the leading manufacturers, identical in characteristics of the company-Oleo-Mac 962-18, Stihl MS 361-18 and Echo CS-620SX or STIHL MS 660 Price is about 50 000.

Owners reviews

In Canada, I had to work with different brands of professional chainsaws. For me personally, all the Husqvarna models are in good agreement. Powerful engines, moderate weight, easy starting and stable engine operation regardless of weather and temperature changes. I should note that I have seen one make and one model abroad that differ from ours in the best quality of materials and perfection of the factory assembly. Victor Tikhonovich.

I bought a 372 XP for nothing, but I would have to invest heavily in restoring it. The costs will be recouped gradually but surely, for such a machine there is work both in winter and summer. I do a small business on the felling of old trees, when I do not agree the main work is cutting firewood. For pruning branches I am considering a lighter and more convenient bough made in China, but the main work is done by a professional tool. valentine’s day

Husqvarna chainsaw

About Sawing

Unbreakable saw. Works great. Always starts well, regardless of the time of year. unpretentious. I have been using it for seven years now. There are a lot of saws.

I work with this machine on a professional level and I have to say that. The machine is 2012 With the X-Torq engine, there is no fear. The exhaust is really a lot less. Imagine the situation – morning, quiet weather, and he’s felling a thick tree in a swampy area surrounded by tall and dense grass. When the 365 was doing this operation, I often had to give it up on the breath. There is no such thing on the 372. When I took it in 2017, I thought the seals had dried out due to downtime on the counter – but nothing like that. The first two days, as expected, it didn’t give a full load. And then the setup and load was a hundred percent. As soon as I switched from the 365 to the 372, I immediately noticed the difference in power – this one gave more power. A lot of people write that it saw a lot. That’s not a problem – two weeks of use and you’ll get used to it. I did indeed drink fire. In incomplete two years sawed more than 7000 cubic meters of wood, while my colleagues on 365s did not saw 6000, so their bearings and crankshafts did not go down. The crankshaft in this saw is really very good. Now for the problems I encountered on the 372. 1. Failed bureaucracy – replaced under warranty. 2. The pipe was stretched between the bureaucrat and the top cowl. 3. Throttle cable housing was thrown out. 4. Ruined the piston – a piece of soot in the last window fell out (this after 7,000cc due to using cheap oil) 5. Crankshaft bearings failed – most likely natural wear and tear (well, and cheap oil helped). Crankshaft itself was still in good condition. 6. Worn starter. 7. Only one shock absorber replaced. Now I have a few tips for owners. 1. Use only original gasoline oils .2. Clean the process filter (I wash it once a week and that is enough, but if it is very dirty and more often) 3. Cure the spark plugs from fouling. 4. Lubricate the cylinder intercylinder space. 5. If using non-original gasoline oil, it’s 30-35g per 1l. 5. If you use non-original petrol oil, it is 30-35g per 1 litre of petrol. No more is needed – danger of fouling. 6. At the new saw tighten all threaded connections – but without fanaticism. If you have a choice-365. or 372-yayu take 372-yu. You give a little overpayment, but will win more and save on repairs. Proven!

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……… burned 20 liters of Husky Benz 372 = got a new one from the officers = burned 3 ignition cats.(Experience with Husqvarna = 20 years. Husqa 25 4-and now like clockwork …) Repair and convertible … But. -To replace the fuel hose, you have to disassemble half the saw …. Stamps – castings are ok – plastic – plastic is reliable – but snotty can’t be bought out …. Power – nine … …. Eats – uninhabitable ……. Weight – not for the soft … … . Not seen for the house. For that kind of money … and yet = …. Mines for fabric muffler fall – . и … comes back with fiery sparks. Very fiery. ..:

Husqvarna 372-XP chainsaw review. Technical specifications. Features of use and safety rules

Recommended: 100%


Model Description

Chainsaw Husqvarna 372-XP belongs to the class of professional tools designed for intensive loads and capable of working in active mode for a long time. The intended purpose of the chainsaw Husqvarna 372-XP is cutting large and medium-sized logs, trimming large branches, making firewood for the winter, and construction work that requires cutting large cubes of wood.

Husqvarna 372-XP chainsaw

The Husqvarna 372-GR chain saw is equipped with a two-stroke gasoline engine. The power of the unit is 4100 W, which is 5.6 hp. The engine cylinder volume is 70.7 cc. It can be seen that the model is one of the most powerful in its class and is very popular due to the durability and quality connection of internal components.

Base package, assembly and production site Husqvarna 372-XP

The components of the basic set of the Husqvarna 372-XP chainsaw:

  • Chainsaw body;
  • Owner’s manual;
  • Warranty document;
  • Two hex wrenches;
  • oil syringe;
  • bearing grease;
  • Tires;
  • Chain;
  • hand shield;
  • cardboard packaging.

The Husqvarna 372-GR chainsaw is assembled in a U.S. factory. The official manufacturer of all chainsaws is the Swedish company Husqvarna.

How can I tell the difference between a genuine chainsaw and a Chinese copy?

An original Husqvarna 372-GR chainsaw differs from a Chinese knockoff in several ways:

  • Chinese fakes can also be sold in small construction stores, markets, original Husqvarna chainsaws are sold only in large construction documents and stores.
  • The Chinese copy may have a number “20” in the name of the tool, for example.
  • The cost of the original chainsaw is three times higher than the cost of the Chinese fake.
  • The original chainsaw contains a metal plate with the product serial number, which is entered instead of the manufacturer Husqvarna. You will receive technical information about the unit.
No wires and no exhaust. Lawn care with batteries

372xp-20 on genuine Husqvarna chainsaws, they do not write on the plates of genuine Husqvarna chainsaws that do not write power.

The cost of a Husqvarna 372-gr chain saw.

The cost of original Husqvarna 372-HR chainsaw in Russia is about 49 000 rubles and above, the Chinese copy of such tool is sold at a price of 5 to 8 thousand rubles. In Ukraine the original Husqvarna 372-XR costs about 22-24 thousand hryvnias. The cost of chain saw in the U.S. is about 550 dollars.

Technical characteristics of Husqvarna 372-XP

Technical characteristics of Husqvarna 372-GR chainsaw:

  • noise level – 119 dB;
  • Handle vibration – 4 to 5,4 m/s²;
  • Weight of the saw without guide bars and chain – 6.6 kg;
  • Recommended bar length for optimal functionality – 38 cm;
  • Maximum bar length – 71 cm;
  • Chainsaw crankcase made of magnesium and aluminum;
  • The air filter cover is quickly removable;
  • The oil pump regulates the oil flow for more efficient operation.
  • There is a side chain tensioner.

Chainsaw features and safety precautions for working with the tool

Features of the Husqvarna 372-GR chain saw:

  • Three fake crankshaft parts increase service life;
  • Aluminum-magnesium crankcase that allows the chainsaw to operate at maximum speed for long periods of time.
  • Quick-release fine filter – protects engine from fine chips, wood dust;
  • original patented air-cleaning system;
  • Special dampers remove vibrations that occur during operation.
  • A pump regulates the necessary amount of chain lubrication, so the chain saw is always ready for use.
  • A side tensioner saves the chainsaw owner time and allows the chain to be tensioned quickly when the chain is loose.
  • The starter cord is easy to pull and provides no resistance when starting.

Device, tool expectation instructions

The Husqvarna 372-GR chain has a simple design, reminiscent of the designs of the manufacturer’s less powerful Husqvarna chainsaws. The body of the tool has two handles, front and rear, and both handles are non-slip with a coating that promotes vibration. The chainsaw body is made of anti-slip plastic. The part consists of the bar and chain.

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Use the Husqvarna 372-GR according to the instruction manual:
  • Daily – check the condition of the chain and bar, the body, remove any dirt from the body, and lubricate the cutting surface of the chain saw;
  • Monthly – check fuel filter and clean air filter if operated frequently;
  • Every 100 hours of operation, adjust carburetor.

Fuel and oil, lubrication

Your Husqvarna 372-X chain saw is ideally lubricated with genuine Husqvarna engine oil. To fill up the chainsaw, a fuel mixture (50: 1 – gasoline/oil) must be prepared. It is recommended to give preference to semi-synthetic oil for two-stroke air-cooled engines.

Main malfunctions and troubleshooting

Disadvantages of the Husqvarna 372-gr chain saw Table 1.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Husqvarna 372-XP

Advantages of Husqvarna 372 XP:

  • Professional tool for long hours and heavy-duty work;
  • Capable of working with large tree trunks, ideal for forests;
  • Moisture-resistant internal mechanisms;
  • Environmentally friendly model with patented filtering system of harmful substances in the exhaust gases;
  • Light turns on even at temperatures below freezing;
  • High performance, reliability, endurance;

Disadvantages of the Husqvarna 372 XP:

  • Rather tangible weight (6.6 kg);
  • High price.

Video evaluation of work

Husqvarna 372 XP original model review

How Husqvarna 372 Log

Husqvarna 372 XP chainsaws work in freezing temperatures

Owners reviews

Andrey, Cherkassy:

“Cool saw, but complicated! Its weight may be the only disadvantage, but you always need to make an effort for a good result. And if you always want a lighter chainsaw, buy other Husqvarna models with less performance. If you have a small house in the country or a modest dacha with a dozen trees, you generally do not need such a saw. But for a professional it’s a super option! “

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